Now in the academy, we can see how Naruto was chatting with Hinata, Haku and Shizuka. Since they first joined the academy they've become they become quite popular in the academy for their looks, skills and power; and while they were polite with their classmate; the fact that more than one ended up in the hospital after the say how they were better than the "demon boy" was solid proof about how much they care for their friend.

That and the fact that they always sit with him to make sure that none of those noisy fan girls try to get close to the nephew of Tsunade was plain obvious to everyone except the young Senju.

"I can't wait to finally been a real Ninja" said Naruto.

"I know how you feel, personally, I have already heard enough lectures from Iruka to last me a lifetime." replied Shizuka, while Naruto grinned at that.

"It wasn`t so bad." said Haku.

"Are you sure about that Haku-chan?" asked Hinata.

"Think about this, if his lectures weren`t so boring, Naruto wouldn`t have any excuse for his pranks." was the reply of Haku that earned the laughter of her friends.

But while the group was enjoying their last day on the academy, they didn`t realize that there was someone looking at them with dark feelings in his heart. Sasuke Uchiha was looking at the new Senju heir with growing hate in his soul, the reason for that was a little talk that he had with his former teacher Mizuki, for some reason the academy teacher had renounced one day but what he told him was the reason of his hate against Naruto.


It had been a week after the new girl Shizuka had joined the academy, and what happened with Haku and changed Hinata to become popular. But none of that matter to the Uchiha, until one day when he was training after class that the silver haired teacher showed up.

"It's good to see that at least one student is serious about being a ninja, but of course you can expect nothing less from an Uchiha." said Mizuki to call the attention of Sasuke, who only ignored him. After seeing the attitude of the boy he keeps talking.

"Talking about the Uchiha clan, didn`t you realize how ever since the village learned that that dead last is related to the first and second Hokage, and Tsunade, it is like they just forgot about the Uchiha clan, I mean everybody knows that the Uchiha clan was the true power behind the birth of Konoha." When he saw how Sasuke started to react he continued.

"And not only that but look at the girls that his aunt gathered to be close to him, all of them will become powerful Kunoichi, just looks at them, that Haku girl can created and control Ice, that Shizuka used to be the princess of her village and can create chakra weapons, but the big prize is that former Hyuga now a Senju, Hinata" with the full attention and now interest of Sasuke the evil teacher continue. "It is said that somehow her Byakugan has changed and now have the characteristics of not only the Byakugan but also the Sharingan, all of this girls should be used for the noble goal to restore the Uchiha clan, but they are with that loser and it is just because his aunt Tsunade that wants to restore her clan and erase from the history the Uchiha's, did you know that she made Hinata named her new blood line Senjukan, it is like she is trying to erase the identity of the Uchiha clan from the history."

Turning around, Mizuki left the training ground satisfied with what he had just done.

End of the flash back.

At first Sasuke tried to ignore the words of the academy teacher, but the longer he thought about Naruto and the girls the more he believed that what Mizuki had told him was true. The fact that from time to time he would keep telling Sasuke similar things until the day that Mizuki never showed up to the academy, didn't help it with the mind state of Sasuke.

Iruka just told the class that Mizuki was assigned to a long term mission and for that he has to stop being an academy teacher. Little either Sasuke or the others students knew that the real reason was that Jiraiya decided to stay in the village longer in order to find any other spy that could be still be active in Konoha, and discovered that the silver haired teacher was a spy for that snake bastard and had the ANBU take care of the traitor.

Returning to the present Sasuke still believes in the words of his teacher and from that he tried to get close to the girls in the last years. Unfortunately the idea of courting and being nice for the last Uchiha was to order them to come with him on a date. It is pointless to say that the girl didn`t react to well to that kind of invitation and reject him on the spot.

That didn`t sit too well with the ego of the avenger and for that he tried to force them to realize that he was the best and that they should be his and not Naruto's; so every time that they have the physical lesson he did all that he could to show them the superiority of the Uchiha clan.

What Sasuke didn`t know was that since Hinata, Haku and Shizuka chose to be with Naruto and be part of his clan; Tsunade have allowed them access to the secret Senju clan library. Since the condition and powers that they bound with Naruto had given them had no previous record she hope that the library that her clan created by gathering knowledge since the time of the sage of the six paths may give them a clue about how that happened or at least how they could better use it.

Unfortunately the only thing that they could find was that the power's Shizuka used to create chakra weapons, which was recorded only once in history. The user was a young man that was say to be as powerful as any war lord or clan head (The villages still didn`t exist) and the last time that he was seen was in the territory where Shizuka's village use to be.

This caused them to believe that Shizuka may be his descendant and that whatever the bond process with Naruto did, it awakened that bloodline. It would be years before they knew that it was all the work of that old fox.

However they couldn`t find any record about their ability to share they bloodline between them as long as the original bearer of blood line was close to them.

But on the positive side, they were able to find a scroll with Justus and fighting styles that would help them to achieve their goal of being powerful Kunoichi in order to protect their new family and loved ones, but also to help Naruto to find his mother.

It was thanks to what they learned from those scroll and the personal training the they receive from Tsunade, Jiraiya and all their other teachers and friends; that even if Sasuke try to beat them on the sparring with all his strength that the girls never lose and the sparring ended on a draw.

"Not this time." thought Sasuke as he watched how the girls were happy around Naruto, thinking that soon the will be his and Naruto will be under his feet.

"Ok, everybody pay attention" Say a young Chunin, whom they all recognized as Iruka-sensei and with that the class stopped talking to pay attention to their teacher for the last time.

"First of all I want to say how proud and happy that I am for the chance of have been your sensei. Today you will face your first challenge in your road to be a ninja of Konoha. Whatever will happen here today if you move to the next level as Genin or if you will have to try again you must always remember that a true shinobi never gives up" Said Iruka as he observed his students. "Now with that said we will start with the graduation exam, we will have the written part now and after the lunch break we will move to the practical portion of the exam." And with that the test started.

While all this happened on the Hokage tower there was a meeting that will decide the future of the young students that will become Genin in case that they pass the test.

"You know that there has never been a team like the one that you are proposing Jiraiya" said the Hokage as he was shocked from his students idea just like many other Jonin that were present for the assignments of the new team.

"I know that, but you know the reason behind this idea." was the reply of the white haired pervert.

"Excuse me Jiraiya-sama but what could be that reason? I was hoping to Have Hinata on my team and the other Jonin sensei's were hoping to get one on them on our team, to place Naruto, Hinata, Haku and Shizuka on the same team will be very unusual by having an extra member." said a red eyed Kurenai.

"I know that some of you are wondering the reason behind this decision and now that the kids are going to be Genin of Konoha; you as the Jonin of the village are about to learn the secret behind these kids." Said the Hokage attracting the full attention of every one present.

"As all of you already know when Naruto was a kid he awoke the Mokuton, this event lead to the revelation of his blood relation with the first Hokage; but what you didn`t know is that the girls that have been living with Naruto for a couple of years now have developed some very unusual and unique skills." said the old Hokage.

"What kind of skills?" asked Kurenai, but before he answers the questions the door opened to reveal Tsunade and Tokiwa after her.

"Tsunade-sama, what are you doing here?" asked Asuma.

"This meeting will be very important to the future of Naruto-kun and my girls, so it is obvious that I must be here, now let us continue"

"I was about to tell them about the bond they have and why it is so important that they remain on the same team, but now that you are here maybe it would be better if you explain this unique situation" said the Hokage.

Tsunade really didn`t want to say anything about that subject; especially after she saw how many spies Jiraiya manage to find inside the village but she knew that this was bound to happen and that it is better to reveal this info in a controlled manner.

"Over the time that the children have been under my care, something completely unknown happened. For some reason they can share their bloodlines between them" said that slug Sannin, shocking everyone on the room.




"SILENCE" said Tsunade to the Jonin so she could continue with her explanation.

"How this happened is unknown" said Tsunade who didn't want to reveal the incident of the bites. "But we have manage to find that this bond as they call it; does not give each one of them the bloodlines of the others, but it allow them to use the bloodline of the others as long as they are less than two miles away from each other, also the fact that they have the capacity to use each other bloodlines doesn`t mean that they will be able use it like magic, they still need to train and practice like everyone else, also in order to use the bloodline of the others they need twice the chakra that they would need in order use their own ones which is a limitation." Finished Tsunade leaving all the Jonin speechless.

"As you can see this is a complete unprecedented situation that requires unprecedented solutions." said Jiraiya.

No one could said anything about what Jiraiya had said because they knew it he was right.


"Thank god that was our last written test" said a happy Naruto.

"It wasn`t so bad" said Haku.

"True, but I still agree with Naruto" said Shizuka.

Before they could said something else they hear how some ones were coming to them.

"Hinata-neechan" said a happy Hanabi that come with Konohamaru and his group.

The younger Hyuga come closer to the group; just as she did since she joined the academy that year. Her father thought that at least on the academy Hanabi and Hinata will have the chance to be together as sisters and for that they have been having lunch together since them.

"Hanabi-chan it is good to see you" said a happy Hinata, "How are you?"

"I am fine but a little sad that today will be our last lunch together" replied a sad Hanabi.

"Don`t worry Hanabi-chan, whenever we are in the village we will come to have lunch with you as often as we can, besides you already have some good friends to keep you company, ne Konohamaru-kun" said Hinata.

"She is right Hanabi-chan, we are friends after all, but also she is right we will be a little sad after all of you graduate."

"Come on it is not the end of the world, this only means that you need to train harder in order to become powerful Shinobi by the time you join our ranks" said Naruto.

After they continue to enjoy their lunch until it was time to return to the classes and the last part of the test.

The start of the target test was Shizuka that using her bloodline to create chakra weapons was while spinning on her axis hit all the targets on the center at the same time.

Haku, Hinata and Naruto also did great just that Haku used senbon and that they didn`t use any spectacular move like Shizuka.

The next part of the test were the combats between the students and so far there weren`t any surprises as the way that the sparring always goes with a few exceptions. Ino and Sakura wanting to prove to their beloved Sasuke that they are the best, one challenged the Senju girls as some of the kids on the academy call them; but of course that didn`t bother them. But to the fan girls the fact that they were the only ones that the last Uchiha ever show some interest but still preferred to be with Naruto was a great insult for the Uchiha fan club.

In the end Ino ended up facing Haku and Sakura faced Shizuka on the fights, if you can call what happened a fight. When both Haku and Shizuka just avoid every attack from their opponents like it was a child play and then with no problem at all they just knocked out the fan girls with a single hit.

On each match the different between the Senju girls and the Uchiha fan girls was evident more to the discomfort of Sasuke that still hear the words of Mizuki on his head.

Little he knows that one of the reason behind the power of Hinata, Haku and Shizuka was not only the hours of hard work that they dedicate to their training but also that inside the Senju library were scroll with the secrets of some of the more advances Taijutsu style that the Shinobi world had ever seen. Those style based on the elements of the user were so unique that the only ones that have ever been able to use only the basic of this styles were the first and second Hokage, not even Tsunade was able to learn any of those styles fact that force her to develop her own style base of her chakra control and super strength. Is for that reason that when she saw her child were Natural with s style that even his grandfather and granduncle never could mastered was a big surprise and made her believe more on the prophesy that her old perverted toad friend told her when the girls developed their powers just after they swore to be with Naruto always.

Another surprise comes when they were finding out the elements of the girls when they decide to start their training. Using the chakra papers they got something unbelievable.

When Hinata channel her chakra on her paper this one got so wet that even gushed out water from it, something that have only happened with the second Hokage, but them the paper also wrinkled itself a little, showing that she also have a minor lightning, which mean that she could learn the water style with the sub style that was part of the fire style.

On the case of Haku there was not surprise when her paper show that she have wind and water affinity because her bloodline meaning that she could learn the Water and Wind style.

On the case of Shizuka it was show that she has wind with a minor of fire with allow her to learn those style.

But the big surprise come when Naruto wanted to try the chakra paper too, even though Jiraiya and Tsunade believe that with his Mokuton he will be just like Haku and only have the elements base on his bloodline, but any way they allow him to try because they knew that he will not stop bothering them until he also could try it.

So you could imagine the surprise when they saw how the paper show that he not only have the water and earth affinities but also wind and as strong as the other two.

Now with the knowledge that will her them to train the kids better they started with their training with put realizing that this will be the beginning of a legend.

Now on the academy we can see how the next one to fight are Kiba and Naruto.

"This is my lucky day. Ne Akamaru, I have the chance to show this pretty boy who is the alpha of this group." Said a confident Kiba.

"You know all this years all you had been talking about is about the alpha this and alpha that, but so far you haven't done anything to prove your point and each time that you try to force the matter on the girls you always ended on the hospital fearing what you mom will say when she finds out why you are on the hospital. You have the talent to be a great shinobi but first you need to mature." Said a serious Naruto.

"Stop talking like that just because Tsunade-sama is your aunt, I will prove to everyone here that I am the only alpha of the group." And with that said the Inuzuka heir launched his attack against the blond boy.

Like a leaf moving with the wind Naruto dodged all the attacks of the Inuzuka boy, thing that enraged the dog ´user that tried to intensify his attack just to have the same result when Naruto change of style by moving his arms with great fluency deflecting the attacks of Kiba without problem.

"ARRG, stop dancing around and fight me like a man." Said an angry Kiba.

"It that is what you want, then I have no problem with that" Said Naruto as one again chance of style, but this time it was a style with strong and firm moves that chance his stand to the attack that Kiba could avoid by the share of power of his attack that ended the combat when a powerful kick made target of the stomach of Kiba and send him out of the ring.

"That is enough, Naruto is the winner" said Iruka as he got closer to Kiba to see if he was ok.

After Naruto leave the ring so they could continue with the exams; the rest of the combats were very normal until the final match come.

"Hinata Senju vs. Sasuke Uchiha" Said Iruka so the students could start the last combat.

Both students went to the ring and waited for Iruka to give the signal to start the combat but before he could do it Sasuke started to speak.

"It is time for you to recognize that your place is at my side, you and your friends will be the main pieces in the rebuild of the Uchiha clan".

"That is what you think, that we are so objects to be used just because you said so." said a serious Hinata.

"Like if that stupid Senju didn`t do the same with all of you, to revive his clan, then why not join the greatest of all the clans?"

"That is what you believe, that Naruto-kun force us to join his clan, he never did that, we all agree to be with him because he is our friend and care for us and you only saw us a object to be used just because you said so." was the reply of Hinata.

"I will make you see things my way" said Sasuke before Iruka give the signal to start the combat.

That is how the combat started and from the beginning if prove to be the most intense of all the combats that had taken place so far. The intensity and velocity of the attack of the last Uchiha against the agile and graceful movements of Hinata were of first class.

But after a while because Sasuke continuously attacked hoping to get a fast victory to prove his superiority to Hinata, but because Hinata was avoiding all his attack he was getting tired on each second. It was on that moment that without wasting time Hinata counter attacked before Sasuke had time to recover his energy and after a moments the attacks of the once shy girls started to pass his defense and made impact on his body, just to finish him with a double palm strike that send his out of the ring.

"Sasuke-kun" cry the fans girl after they saw him lose the fight. To later start to complain about how Hinata mush have cheating to win against their Sasuke; Until Iruka told them that it was a fair fight and that Hinata won on a fair way.

After that part of the test was over, the class returned to the classroom to finish the last part of the exam so they can be considered Konoha´s Genin. To many this was the beginning of their adventure life, other believes that they would find fame, fortune or their charming prince. But to Naruto and the girls this is just the beginning of a search that hopefully will reunite him with his mother. Little he know that when that day finally come the result wouldn`t be like he has dreamed.

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1. The kumo ninja didn`t died and was arrested by the Anbu. Even if the Hyuga clan wanted his dead, the Hokage use him to expose the plan of Kumo and when they tryed to deny what happened and claim compensation; the Hokage threat them that he will send a report about how a kumo diplomatic kill a mother and tried to kidnap her child before been arrested with a copy of all the evidence. The Raikage seeing that he will lose a lot of business choose desist and allow Konoha to punish the diplomatic. As result the father of Negi will live and he will be different.

2. After seeing how their mothers sacrifice her life to save them Hinata and Hanabi (if you decide to make the twin plot) started to believe that if they shall been stronger her mother would still be alive so they focus on their training; also they developed a great hate against Kumo. Because of their power and cool personality they are call the "iron maidens".

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When the twins hear that they regret how they treated Naruto, but because their Hyuga pride they don`t know how to apologize with him, So they start to not been so cool with him like they were with the others, and also start to follow him and by that they fell in love with him but couldn`t gather the courage to tell him because they deep inside are still shy and don`t want to hurt each other by admit that they love the same boy.

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