Clary Fray was a ball of fire itself as she burned her way through the drunken crowd of her cousin, Kyle Garroway's house. She was alight brighter than the disco balls and stage lights that coloured the grand ballroom at the back of the mansion, in her golden lace dress with sparkles and sequins attatched to every centimetre of the material. The sequins reflected a glaring light that made her look like a dangerous planet about to crash and spit flames at anyone who got in the way. People stopped to stare as she passed them and the girls slapped their dates whose jaws dropped at the red haired girl ushered past. She didn't take the attention in her stride, but instead twiddled with her fingers and tugged at her necklace instead of focusing on the looks of envy she was getting.

Get me out of here, she thought silently as the bass grew louder and louder through the huge speakers that hung from the roof. It blasted in one of her ears and out the other, making awfully hard to hear herself think, and impossible to hear the ringtone coming from her bra as her mobile tried to say she had an incoming call, tucked away in her short, tightly woven dress. As the lights grew darker and turned a deep amber, Clary let out a breath she hadn't even noticed she was holding. The lights did the opposite to her hair and dress now. Instead of making her a burning star, she blended into the crowd. So as she relaxed and let loose of her tense muscles, Clary's hips starts to swing from side to side almost naturally and her hair swung with them, tickling the back of her neck like mad. The crowd of River View High students laughed with her, drinks in their hands. They still looked at the girl with that judgy, snobbish look that they always carried, but it wasn't as focused and concentrated as it always was. Of course, it was a party. So why was Clary the only one not having fun? The chatter and out-of-tune singing that floated around her head made her dizzy, and the crowded room was making her feel claustraphobic. Maybe she should have listened to Simon... He would be at home playing video games and trying to beat the high score Clary had set on Halo, eating junk food and wearing yet another one of his game tee's.

"We have thirty seconds before Aline comes over here to ask for a dance, so make the greeting quick, little cousin," a large, gentle hand came to rest on Clary's shoulder and Kyle's breath on the back of Clary's neck made the hairs stand up on end.

A huge grin broke out on the girl's face and for the first time that night, she felt genuinly happy. As soon as she was encircled in the boy's arms, she felt safe. Not insecure about the dress that Maia had put her in, or the glares that she was receiving from the neurotic, plastic Barbie doll girls. Just warm and happy. Clary's face moved up to look her cousin in the eye. He looked stunning, as always, in the way that all the girls desired their boyfriends to look at. The dark, shaggy hair and deep brown eyes, the strong arms and body swirling with muscles and biceps. They looked nothing alike. Clary and her short, thin, fragile body and flaming red hair and green eyes were nothing compared to Kyle.

Even with their tight relationship, it didn't stop Clary from wishing they could be best friends instead of relatives. She'd stopped counting how many times she had been introduced to people as 'Kyle Garroway's cousin' or 'A relative of Kyle's'. It wasn't Clary. It was never Clary. Not even Clarissa or 'The exceptional art student.'

The girl went down from her tip toes as he released her and looked up at him once more with a beaming smile.

"So, Clare Bear," Clary cringed at the old nickname, "you're running out of time to congratulate me on my party."

"That would be a lie. I hate parties, you know that."

Kyle let a sly smile spread across his features and nodded in understanding. "I see it now. You just came to see me! Can't stay away, I guess. Not many girls can resist this," he gestured to himself and winked.

Clary pulled a face and pretended to gag. She raised her voice to speak over the music. "First of all, ew. As your cousin, I'm going to pretend you didn't just say that. Secondly, is it too cheesy to say I missed you? Spain for a whole four months, while I've been here suffering without anyone to entertain me, only receiving the briefest email. Which, might I add, each had a photo of you and a different girl standing infront of the same place. You know, Aline wouldn't be too impressed with your fifty one-night-stands."

"That's why we're going to keep those girls our little secret, okay Clare?" Kyle placed a hand on her head in an affectionate gesture before ruffling in up and creating new tangles. He was gone in a time span of seconds, probably running somewhere else to hide from his bitch of a girlfriend.

And she was alone again, trying to blend in again before the lights decided to change themselves to a bright green. Clary groaned and tried to stumble over to the drinks table to shelter from the hideous effect that the light had on her dress and hair. If amongst the crowd of drunken teenagers, an elbow was brought backwards, right into the girl's stomach, making her bend over and stumble backwards coughing and clutching her body as sharp pains radiated through it. She cursed under her breathe and took another step to steady herself, wincing as an even deeper, splintering, stabbing pain pounded against her rib cage. She almost thought that the injury from the person's elbow was what made it feel as if her back was being pushed against, until out of the corner of her eye, she spotted another body against her own that was tilted over a bowl of grapefruit punch and holding an almost-empty glass of pink alcohol.

"I – I'm so – so – so sorry!" Clary stammered as she caught grip of the person's shirt and waited for the room to steady itself. At first there were eight eyes. Then six. Then four. Then two. Then one. And then, finally, two came into focus. Two large, rounded, flickering, amber eyes covered by long, blonde eyelashes. At first she was mesmerised by the eyes and clutched on to the boys shirt for a moment longer, not blinking, not breathing, not moving at all. Until she finally looked at the other features. The high cheekbones and golden hair. The scent of vanilla and... Jace. Jace Wayland. She'd seen him, heard of him. He was an icon at River View. All the talk. It was Jace Wayland and nothing but Jace Wayland. But never before had she touched him like this or spoken to him. He was in Clary's classes, but sat up the back flirting and joking with his slut of a girlfriend, Kaelie something. He walked the hallways between classes, stopping to nod and wink and the girls who stopped to stare. He played football every Friday night on the school field. Truthfully, Clary wasn't impressed. And she didn't hesitate to show it to everyone who so mentioned him. She despised the boy and his cocky, arrogant, douche-bag attitude. But after having five-too-many cups of cheap alcohol, the only kind Kyle was able to smuggle from his father's collection, the kindled, raging thoughts of her hatred for the boy were fading away just as quickly as the flame that lit her candle was being blown out.

"Not to worry," he said, gesturing down to his now-alcohol-stained shirt that had been pure white minutes ago. "I've always wanted a pink shirt," Jace shrugged and ran his hands down the sides of his body. "Makes me look more manly, don't you think?"

Clary bit the side of her lip and tilted her head to the side to study him. "I was thinking the total opposite actually. But, you know how it is; whatever floats your boat, Blondie."

"So we're already past the stage of friendly gestures and smiles, and right into making nicknames for each other? I don't see why everybody insists on Blondie! Personally, I think if I'm to have a nickname other than Ultimate Sex God, it should be Baron Hotschaft Von Hugenstein. Way more original," the boy nodded, agreeing to his own statement.

Clary choked back a laugh and pretended to be lost in thought for a moment before looking directly into the amber eyes of Jace and shaking her head slowly. "Nah, I like Blondie, and I'm sticking to Blondie."

"But I'm not blonde, my hair is the colour of pure golden radiance given from the Angels above. So remember, golden, not blonde," Jace said. "But because you insist on Blondie, you shall be Ginger."

"I think I'm more red than ginger," Clary frowned and studied a lock of her hair, looking away and focusing on a finger nail instead when the multicoloured flashing lights started to give her a headache. She noticed almost every single other girl in the room giving her dirty looks as she continued to pout and bite her lip, twist her hair and ultimately flirt with Jace Wayland. And really, it seemed to be working. There was no stop in conversation or awkward moment.

"What's your real name then Ginger?" he asked more seriously.

"Clary Fairchild."

"Ah, Kyle's cousin. He talks about you a lot," Jace nodded in understanding.

Clary rolled her eyes inwardly and smiled innocently. "The one and only."

"I'm Jace."

"I know," the boy looked at Clary puzzled. "Every single time you pass a girl, they immediately drop all their school books and start drooling over you. Surely you notice."

"Yep," he said, popping the 'P'. "But I try to ignore it, being the modest person I am and all."

Clary snorted and this time didn't stop herself from letting her eyes make a full circle.

As the fast, up-beat song came to an end, another one took it's place. One Clary recognised from the car rides with Simon where he would sing out-of-tune at the top of his lungs.

"Wanna dance?" Jace yelled over top of the bass of the song, holding out a hand and looking down at Clary intently.

She just shook her head and focused her eyes on the alcoholic punch bowl, resisting the urge to grab another cup. "Wouldn't want to upset your girlfriend."

"Who, Kaelie?" Jace let out a loud laugh, tilting his head back and flicking a few strands of loose 'golden' hair out of his eyes. "I'm pretty sure she was playing a little match of tonsil hockey with your dear cousin near the chocolate fountain a while ago. She won't miss me."

Clary ignored the feeling to smile in gladness at the fact that Jace dismissed the Barbie doll in a second and instead refused once more.

"Come on, Ginger. I love this song. And don't you feel the tiniest bit of need to make everyone envious of you by dancing with me?"

"Fine," Clary sighed in exasperation. "Just one song and then I'm leaving."

And both of their bodies were clamped and pressed tightly together in every place possible and Jace's hands started to roam higher and lower than her waist, travelling over her chest, firmly, but gently. Everything in the room went from warm to hot and sweaty and Clary was suddenly gasping for breath, even in her short dress that would be a top on anyone taller than her. She fidgeted with her necklace again as she noticed Jace's eyes on hers, his hands all the way down to her upper thight, the lowest his hands could reach without having to bend down.

"Am I making you nervious, Ginger?" he asked, laughing as Clary took a step backwards and tripped over his foot in her five-inch heels that Maia had 'insisted' she wear because they made her look 'totally damn hot'. "You're not very good at the whole dancing thing," he observed.

"Lucky I have such an amazing partner then, right?" Clary replied sarcastically.

"Amazing, not just in dancing, but in the looks department, and the charm. See? You're already getting lost in my eyes."

"Ever heard of the saying that goes something along the lines of humble being an attractive trait?"

"Only on ugly people, my dear Ginger, only on ugly people."

The bodies moved together as Clary tried to keep up with the beat, ending up falling over once more, Jace's arms the only thing supporting her clumsy body. So much easier to dance by yourself, she thought.

"You are a lot more coordinated on the hockey field," Jace muttered. He pulled her body straight back up as if she were no heavier than a leaf.

"You've seen me play hockey?"

"Everyone has, but no one has the nerve to mention it to you. Probably scared you'll whack them with your stick. You're the best on the team, Clary. Dammit, probably the best girl player I've ever seen. Small, but deadly."

"That's the first time you've called me by my actual name," she whispered, ignoring the compliment about her sporting skills.

As the song game to an end, she found herself not ready to let go of the only thing keeping her standing. She clutched on to Jace's arms desperately as the overwhelming feel of the five cups of alcohol she had had rushed over her. It had that effect on her small body, the way the burn flooded her veins, making it hard to her to think clearly. She tried to clear her mind as Jace shouted her name, and when she turned to look at him, there was only a moment to think before their lips were together and pushing on each others forcefully. It wasn't gentle or kind, it was need. Need to be closer. And suddenly their lips weren't enough. Clary's hands tangled themselves in the boy's soft, golden hair and his hands explored her body from her chest, all the way down to her hips, to the small of her back, pushing her so every inch of them that could possibly be touching at that moment, was touching.

"Jace," she breathed his name against his mouth.

When they both came up for air, they were breathless and high from the new energy. "It's suddenly way too hot in here," the boy said. "I know where Kyle's bedroom is, if you..." He let his voice trail off.

The thoughts of being with this boy she had never spoken to before, in her cousin's bedroom, with an overflow of too much alcohol and no limits to where this could stop, didn't even worry her. The drinks were making her crazy, too crazy to weigh the possibilities of where this could end, or how it would end.

She didn't want to think. Just for one night, she didn't want to think. So she didn't. Instead, she opened her mouth and spoke.

"Lead the way."

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