Pristine white lilies fell from her delicate cradle. The sound of wailing sirens pierced through her sensitive ears. She fell into a stupor. She couldn't move. She couldn't see. She couldn't breathe. Nothing matters to her anymore.

The world around her played like a broken television– flickering, slowing, and stopping in mid air. God must have hated her, because it was such a cruel thing to do to a child. She was staring at something that can steal a life in seconds or bring such better news in a blink of an eye. She was staring at her house, fire gnawing at every wood and every detail.

This was such a cruel thing to do to her. She would rather hear the news from a stranger than see it right in front of her eyes. She would rather hear her family gone for good than know that there might still be a chance to save them.

She didn't know what made her run so fast like that. Maybe it was the small epiphany she had. Maybe it was her senses coming back together. Maybe it's something. Maybe it's nothing. But one thing is for sure, the fireman wasn't there in time to stop her from sprinting into the burning bungalow.

She coughed and squinted, fire already licking every part of her body. In her dying moments, she thought that fire was something else entirely. It was not just an occurrence that can bring a building down, but also a powerful thing that sucks out the energy from your body.

She was growing tired by minute. She couldn't breathe and see properly. Her arm already found its way on covering her line of vision. She was walking in circles. She was lost in amidst the burning chaos and falling wooden debris.

She saw a flicker of life move a couple of feet away from her and she immediately felt hope. She continued forward. That was when she heard the loud conversation even the roaring fire could not drown.

"Ready to give up?" The voice couldn't possibly belong to a child. It was full of malice, so venomous that it can make snakes curl up in their sleep. She felt a shiver ran down her spine in the midst of burning hell.

"I would never join you." The voice came out determined, hopeful, and defiant. She knew where that voice belonged to.

"Daddy?" She tried to shout but it came out as a cough. The two males paid no attention of her cries.

"Then you would never see the light of day again." The child's voice came out sinister and angry.

There was a struggle a few feet away from her before ending into a single thud. She was slightly afraid that it was her father who fell. If that child could cause something like this fiery monstrosity, then he can surely defeat her father.

"What have you done?" There was another shout again. This time it came from her older brother.

"NO!" She could hear the two whipped around, the wind making such a strange and alarming sound. She immediately found her way around.

"Who's that? Another loved one of yours?" Her shout made herself known to the killer. She wanted to slap herself from not taking control over her own voice.

"Don't you dare touch my sister!" Her brother growled at the instigator of all of this. The child merely laughed at his empty threat.

"Maybe if I kill you, I could force her to join me." There was a loud crash and she saw a shadow tackling a small figure to the floor. She could hear punches being thrown.

She tried her best to approach but she found herself imprisoned by charcoal black wooden boards. She maneuvered her way around. She was small. She could easily crawl into little spaces if it weren't for the fact that her arm is protecting her eyes from getting mauled by the fire.

"Insolent fool." The child growled and pushed her brother away. She heard a loud thud and a deafening crack.

"Burn them, Spirit of Fire." The command scared her. Maybe it forced some adrenaline pump into her because she found herself jumping over burning furniture and debris.

She obviously didn't make it in time. Maybe she shouldn't have ran because right in front of her eyes were the deaths of her loved ones. She could see the life fade away from their eyes while there was a sadistic glint in the murderer's ones.

"Look who's here, Spirit of Fire." She knew she was going to die, but she paid more attention at the creature's name the boy had summoned. It sounded so familiar, like she called something that before.

And a brick of realization hit her in the head.

"Spirit of Wind." She muttered under her breath.

The murderer stared at her in alarm. "You…" But the boy couldn't finish his sentence. She was surrounded in a ball of delicate air, and she didn't feel suffocated anymore. The fire slowly dissipated around her and the child backed in alarm.

"How can you control one of the Elemental Spirits?" But she didn't understand a word he was saying. She thought that there was no such thing as control. She thought that Elementals are her friends, her allies, not a monster that you control.

The child decided to change his tactics. Instead of cowering away, he smiled a devious smile.

"Well, little one. You seemed to be very strong. Why don't you join my team?" She was not an idiot. Her father and brother died refusing. But she would still say no. She has a protector by her side. She can defend her 6-year-old self.

But when she spoke, the voice didn't belong to her. "Be gone, Star of Fire. My mistress does not serve you." This voice came out rough, somehow ancient, and authoritative.

"Impressive. You can speak through your Shaman." She wondered how such in a time like this, the child came out simply impressed.

"She will be of great use to me, S.O.W. We will meet again and she would join my team. You cannot deny her decisions, Elemental Spirit." The child looked smug and powerful, as if he knew that everything would still go according to plan.

"Farewell, fools." The child hopped on a tiny red creature and they flied away.

She felt the ball of air disappear around and she fell to the floor, unconsciousness creeping up to her.