Megamind was seated in his big leather chair, thinking and frowning.

In his Lair, you ask? No, in the mayor office, after he had won the city, by destroying Metro Man.

He was surrounded by wad of banknotes, gold's bar, famous works of art and other things.

For example, the Mona Lisa, the Arc of Covenant, a videogame named "Face Melter", a yellow scooter, a red Ferrari and other things.

The alien watched in a pensive manner an executive plastic toy: a bird dipping his beak into a glass of water.

"I know. I know. Always thirsty, never satisfied. I understand you, little well dressed bird. Purposeless, emptiness. It's a vacuum, isn't it? It's... What's your vacuum like?"

In that moment Minion bursts in the room with the Venus de Milo statue, holding it like a guitar, singing "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train, Sir!"

"Hey, hey, hey, hey! Not now, Minion! I'm in a heated, existential discussion with this dead-eyed, plastic desk toy," Megamind responds, taking away some banknotes from the spikes on his gloves.

Minion had a preoccupied face. "Is something wrong, Sir?" he asked.

The alien fish knew that something wasn't right from a few days. It seemed like his ward was tired of something.

"Just think about it. We have it all, and we have nothing. It's just too easy now," Megamind said with a sad tone.

Minion glanced at him with a puzzled expression. "I'm sorry. You've lost me Sir."

"I mean, we did it, right?" Megamind declared always with that disconsolate tone, turning around the chair.

Minion answered, "Ah, yes, you did it Sir, You've made that perfectly clear."

"Then why do I feel so…melancholy", the blue alien answered back, sighing.

"Melancholy?" Minion said, confused.

"Unhappy," the Evil Overlord explained, sulking.

"Oh! Uh, well…what if…tomorrow we kidnap Roxanne Ritchi? That always lifts your spirit!" Minion suggested happily.

Megamind smiled at the idea, but then sulked again.

"Good idea, but without him, what's the point?" the alien said, referring to Metro Man, watching his statue near the Museum.

The ichthyoid raised an eyebrow, and said, "Him, Sir?"

Megamind sulked again, and said, "Nothing," not wanting to explain at his friend that the life without a hero to fight was boring.

"Ok, all right. We'll just…that's something to consider…and…well, I think I'll just power down for a while, then," the fish said, pressing a button on his suit.

A castle emerged, he squeezed into it, and the castle went into the "chest" of the suit.

Later on, Megamind changed in his pajama with hazardous sign, cape on and a pair of bat slippers, watching a report made by Roxanne on a big screen TV, frowning sadly.

She was near the Metro Man Museum.

"He was always there for us, dependable. Maybe we took him for granted, you know, maybe, we never really know how good we have until it's gone. We miss you, Metro Man. I miss you. And I have just one question for Megamind: Are you happy now? This is Roxanne Ritchi, reporting from a city without a hero. Coming up next, are you ready to be a slave army? What do you need to know," she said with a sad face.

Megamind was sad too, and he had the answer: No, he wasn't happy, that's for sure.

He thought of something, staring at the Metro Man statue, and he took his decision: blow it up, to not be so sad watching it.

He called the brainbots, asking them to take several barrels of nitroglycerine from the Evil

Lair, telling them to place them under the statue.

Then he walked into the museum, to "talk" to the statue, to express his worries.

"I've made a horrible mistake. I didn't mean to destroy you. I mean, I meant to destroy you, but I didn't think it would really work," the alien said at the statue, like he was talking to Metro Man.

He was sure he was alone, and he didn't know that Roxanne was also "talking" to the statue, from the other side of the banister.

"What are we supposed to do? Without you, evil is running rampant to the streets," she declared.

From the other side, Megamind said, "I'm so tired of running rampant to the streets. What's the point to being bad, when there's no good to try to stop you?"

Roxanne spoke back, "Someone has to stop Megamind."

She jumped in surprise, when she heard a dull voice behind her saying, "Hey, we're closing soon."

She turned around, to see the curator of the Museum, rolling a cart of Megamind-related books down the banister.

"Oh, you scared me, Berry, right?" she said

"Bernard," the man said in a lifeless tone of voice.

"Bernard. I was just, well, I was just talking to myself. You probably think that I'm little bit nuts," Roxanne said.

"I'm not allowed to insult guests directly," he answered always with that emotionless tone.

"Thank you. Just…Bernard, I'll just be another minute," she said.

The curator sighed, continuing to roll the cart, and Roxanne was watching the statue.

Megamind, on the other side, continued his speech: "I had so many evil plans in the works: The illiteracy beam, typhoon cheese, robosheep. Battled we will now never have."

Roxanne heard the echo, and her curiosity made her leave the place, to see whom it was.

Megamind was oblivious at her approaching, and he continued talking: "You know, I never had the chance to say goodbye. So it's good that we have this time now. You know, before I destroy the place."

Then he dug into a bouquet of flowers he was holding, and took a remote control, setting to three minutes, throwing it from the balcony together with the flowers, down, where it was taken by a brainbot.

"Nothing personal, it just brings back too painful memories," he said, and he was going to leave, when he heard, "Hello?"

"Roxanne!" he said, panicking, watching what he was wearing. He went to the Museum in his pajama, and he didn't want her to see him like that.

He ran in the opposite direction, away from her, and he bumped into Bernard's cart.

He slammed so hard into the cart, that was bumped away, and he landed on the glassy pavement, banging his head, and getting a little dizzy.

When he regained consciousness, he heard Roxanne giggling, and Bernard saying something along the line "What a tasteless costume."

He went up, and watched angrily the curator, and Roxanne, which was trying to hold the giggles.

Massaging his gigantic cranium, he said, "Ouch, my giant blue head!"

Then he watched with a worried expression the holowatch, seeing that the bombs were going to explode soon.

He took quickly a decision.

"Roxanne, and you…hum…I don't know your name…we have less than thirty seconds to go, before this place blow up. Let me help you, please!" the alien said, whistling.

Some brainbots came, and he ordered them to take all of them, and make it quick.

Ten seconds. The little cyborgs descended from the balcony, but not so quick.

The bombs exploded, and they were all violently pushed away by the blast, onto the plaza.

The statue went down, and the brainbots tried to drag them away from it.

They succeeded, and Megamind was the first to get up.

He seems to be skinny and weak, but in fact he was stronger than it seemed.

He watched around, and gasped when he saw Roxanne onto the street, with a bleeding cut on her head.

"O my god! Roxanne! Roxanne! What I've done! Brainbots! Check the signs of the other man, please!" he ordered frantically.

The cyborgs checked the condition of Bernard, and they saw that he was unconscious, but alive.

They reported to the alien that he had a bad concussion.

Roxanne was in a very bad shape too, and Megamind was terribly worried.

He had had always a crush for the reporter, and he couldn't forgive himself if something bad happen to his favorite kidnappee.

He took a decision, even if he was going to pay for it.

"Minion, come here at the Metro Man Museum with the car, and make it quick! It's a question of life or death!" he said through the holowatch.

Then he held Roxanne with delicacy, trying to see if it was a mortal blow.

With all that blood covering the wound he wasn't sure, but he was sure that there wasn't time to lose.

Minion arrived with the car, and gasped at the sight.

"Oh my goodness! What happened? Never mind, you can explain that later. We must go at the Metro Hospital, quickly!" the ichthyoid said, taking Bernard and placing carefully into the passenger seat.

Megamind took Roxanne, and he seated into the backseat, holding her head.

Minion sprinted like crazy, but carefully, toward the hospital.

When they arrived there, there was only some nurse and doctors, and all gasped at the sight of the Evil Overlord and his henchfish rushing into the hospital.

"Please, don't panic! I'm not here to destroy the place, but for searching for help! Help those two, please! They got a nasty hit, and it's all my fault!" he said with an authoritarian tone, but also pleading, and almost on the verge of tears.

One doctor and some nurse saw his demeanor, and they believed him, so they took two gurneys and the two alien placed Roxanne and Bernard on them, following the group.

The doctor made some analysis, while Megamind didn't watched.

That place made him uncomfortable, and he didn't want to show that at the group.

Some time passed, and the doctor took the two patients into two separate rooms.

One of the nurses, a younger one, saw the alien's distress, and she wanted to comfort him.

She took some courage, and walked gingerly toward him.

He was seated onto a chair, and he was breathing hard, trying to not cry.

Evil Overlords or supervillains didn't cried.

He almost jumped in the seat, when he sensed someone putting a hand over his mantled shoulder, and asking, "It's all right…mh…Mister Evil Overlord?"

He took a shuddering breath, and looked who had the courage to talk to him, even touching him.

He cannot fight the tears, and he started to cry, clinging to the young woman.

Minion, which was near, saw that, and he went near the two.

"What happened? What did you say to him? Answer me!" the ichthyoid said with panic in his voice.

His role was to protect Megamind, in every meaning, especially his spirit, which was already heavily wounded.

The nurse jumped at the aggressiveness of the fish. She knew that he was almost always gentle, and so she was scared by his behavior.

"S-sorry, I only asked him if it was all right. Sorry if I've done something wrong. I…I'm Angela, by the way," she said in a confused manner.

Megamind was still crying onto the nurse, and she had the courage to pat him on the back.

Minion relaxed a bit, and he felt guilty.

"Hum…sorry for the outburst, but I'm supposed to protect him, and when I saw him crying like that, I thought that you gave him terrible news. Speaking of which, how is Miss Ritchi and…mh…that man? He is the curator of the Metro Man Museum, by the way," the space fish said awkwardly.

Angela kept stroking Megamind's back.

"Sssh…it's all right. Miss Ritchi has a very bad concussion and a nasty cut in her scalp, and with some days of recover she would be all right. Same for Mister Smith. We will put them into different rooms, so they can rest well. If you two want to talk with the doctor, he's there," the nurse said in that comforting tone to the two aliens.

Megamind was calmer now, thanks to Angela, and he said, "Sorry for my behavior. And you can call me Megamind. I…don't want to be the Evil Overlord anymore. Not after what happened. My gosh, I almost killed them. I…I will go to talk to the doctor!" he finished stammering, and going toward the man.