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As for a pairing I would loooove a Starkk/Ichi OS with a nosebleeding lemon, where in the end Ichi ends up preggers with Starkk's pup(s)
You can write it in the style you feel most comfortable with, but I would love it if it was something like Yamamoto taichou ordering that Ichigo saves Starkk at the Karakura battle. That is when they discover he's the primera, and Yamamoto decides he's to be saved because like that the Hollows will have a new leader to rule over them, and to be able to rule properly he needs a mate (thus Ichigo comes in action). It's for the balance of the worlds. (It's ok to use time skips ;-))

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It will be my own take on the ending, since I will need to, to make this idea work out. Consequently, Ichigo will keep his powers.

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Captain of the 1st Division and Captain-Commander of the Gotei-13 knew that a new way of dealing with the inhabitants of Los Noches had to be found. It was, after all, the Traitor's fault that the Espada were formed and because of the way Aizen had done so, they were more like cousins to the Shinigami than a true Arrancar. As he stood back and watched the fighting, Yamamoto analyzed everything and everyone. He was able to give subtle signals to his forces that way and save some of the ones that they were fighting against, hiding the defeated with the aid of one of Mayuri's many devices and making it look like they were killed instead. It was when Shunsui and Juushiro were going up against the lanky, passive Espada that Yamamoto found what he was looking for.

Starrk was the Primera Espada which meant that he was powerful enough to control those underneath him. He also did not like to fight and had to be goaded into it, either by the bullying of the child he referred to as Lilynette or by seeking to aid one of the other Espada. It was Yamamoto's best choice for a leader for the other side and he was going to take it.

Sending out a pre-arranged message with the slight press of a hidden button, then sending one of the subtle signals out to his two Captains, Yamamoto watched as Juushiro and Shunsui fought against the powerful Espada until Yamamoto's attention was drawn into his own battle against Wonderweis.


As Ichigo ran the last bit of distance inside the Garganta until he could exit, he pondered at the orders Byakuya had given to him. Orders Byakuya said had come directly from the Captain Commander. He wasn't sure what he could do with them, but he would keep his eyes open for the Primera Espada and offer what aid he could. Why he needed that injection from Mayuri before he was able to leave was puzzling though. Just as he began to think about the injection again, there was a flare of light, signaling that it was time to focus on the orders he was given.

"Defend the Primera and let no harm come to him once you find him."


Starrk lay amidst the rubble, fading in and out of consciosness as the waves of pain rolled over him, finding comfort in the quiet voice of Lilynette who was once again apart of him and was speaking to Starrk out of the depths of their soul. The fight against the Shinigami had not gone as expected and his broken and battered body was the result. During his moments of lucidity, Starrk was very cognizant of the battle raging around him, then the pain would overwhelm his senses again and he would fade out of touch with the world around him.


Ichigo felt lost as he flash-stepped his way around and though the battle. He had been given his orders and was trying to execute them, but he couldn't find the person he was told to guard. Looking down into the rubble of yet another destroyed building, Ichigo was shocked to see Aizen standing over what appeared to be a crumpled pile of fabric. Moving closer, Ichigo could make out that what Aizen was standing over was, in fact, a man. And not just any man, but the one Ichigo had been in search of!

As Ichigo quickly made his way down to the two, he was alarmed to see Aizen draw an unknown blade from the sleeves of his hakuma and hear him speak.

" is a bit dissapointing that you are the only one I've been able to find alive, but at least you are the one with the most power. This will only hurt for a moment when I draw that power out of you with the blade I had Sayzel develop. Of course, he thought it was to be used on Shinigami, but your body and powers are close enough."

Ichigo was just able to thrust his sword foward in time to deflect the descending dagger. Quickly pulling his mask on, Ichigo Hollowfied and went on the offensive, hoping to drive Sosuke back from the injured Espada. As they battled, Ichigo noticed that his body began to heat up. Feeling like he was burning alive from the inside, Ichigo was pleased when Yamamoto and Urahara showed up and joined in the fight. Once the other two were fully engaged in battle, Ichigo dropped out and went to stand guard over the unconscious Espada and tried to ignore the liquid fire running thoughout his veins.


Starrk wasn't that pleased to note that Aizen was standing over his body the next time he re-gained consciousness, holding a dagger over him and saying something about taking and absorbing power. Starrk, knowing how weak he was at the moment, resigned himself to his fate as he saw the blade begin to swing downwards. His attention was so focused on watching the descending blade that he never noticed the other person in the area until the descending blade was blocked by another's zanpakuto. Letting out a soft sigh of relief, Starrk was fascinated to watch the substitute Shinigami lead Aizen away by battling against the former Shinigami-Taicho. It was obvious to Starrk's eyes that Sosuke had the greater skill and experience, but somehow the subsitute was more than able to hold his own in the battle. As the reiastu flared around the two as they fought, Starrk was given insight into how the inexperienced Shinigami was able to stand against such a foe. It was simply because the younger male was much more powerful than almost any other around, and he was still developing!

As Starrk lay there in the rubble, he could feel his body working on healing the injuries he was suffering from. He wasn't gifted with high-speed regeneration like some others that he had heard of, but he could heal somewhat faster than normal thanks to some help from Sayzel. He was just about ready to try getting to his feet when he noticed that the youngling, what was his name?...Ichi...Ichiru? No... Ichigo!, was finally having some help as he fought against the lying, power hungry, back stabbing bastard that Aizen finally revealed himself to be. Starrk snorted to himself as a thought crossed his mind.

'Once one turns his coat, it is always easier to betray again. Will have to make note of that for the future. If I'm going to be lucky enough to have one that is.'

A breeze brought a hint of an unexpected scent to Starrk's nose, drawing him out of his thoughts. Sniffing around cautiously to begin with, before throwing caution to the wayside and inhaling the different scents around him frantically, Starrk was stunned to note the air was carrying the faint, enticing scent of a Beta entering a heat cycle. And that the intoxicating aroma was increasing in strength, rapidly, meaning that the Beta was in the middle of a courting fight and trying to attract his or her mates attention by showcasing his or her prowess in battle. Looking around, Starrk could only see the three Shinigami as they battled Aizen.

He had just turned his attention back on the fight when he saw that the youngest Shinigami, Ichigo, had peeled off from the battle and was making his way back to the rubble Starrk was currently resting in. As the flame-haired male came closer to where he lay, Starrk was shocked to find the heat phermones in the air increasing in intensity. When Ichigo came to a stop on the ground before Starrk, with his back to the Primera so that he could keep an eye on the battle raging off in the distance, it was all Starrk could do to ignore his instincts that were insisting that he take the Beta, immediately, and claim him as his mate. When the phermones suddenly spiked, Starrk could no longer fight them off, especially when his deepest instincts were telling him that the Beta had fought to defend him while he was injured, had fought impressively against a worthy foe, and, espeicially, that the Beta was unclaimed by any other Alpha.

If Ichigo had been able to tear his eyes off of the fight Yamamoto and Urahara were having with Sosuke and glance back at his charge, he would have been alarmed to see the way Starrk's eyes were glowing blue as his spiritual power, exhausted from his own battle, began to rise enough to let Starrk at least mark the powerful, extremely desirable Beta standing in front of him. Starrk knew that it wouldn't be a complete mating mark, but with at least a claiming mark on him, other Alphas would leave the young, powerful Beta alone, even when he was in heat like he was now. Putting a claiming mark on Ichigo would also keep the Beta in a state of heat until Starrk was healed enough to properly claim the submissive and, hopefully, impregnate him. Rising quietly to his feet, Starrk cautiously made his way over to the Beta, hoping that he wouldn't be noticed. He was aided in his efforts to keep from Ichigo's attention when a purple-haired female suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stabbed something into Aizen.

Ichigo was completely focused on the fight and the flame-like sensations coursing throughout his body and never noticed when as Starrk came up behind him until the tall, lanky Espada was pressed up against his backside. Stiffening in shock at the unexpected feeling of another's body lined up against his, Ichigo was stunned when the other body let lose a growl, causing his body to release its tension. Hearing another deep growl, Ichigo instictively dropped his head back and off to the side, offering his throat to whoever was behind him. Confusion filled his mind as the person behind him bent down and began to sniff along the column of his neck. Ichigo wanted to lash out at whoever was doing this, but found that his body was unable to move and that he was actually having to repress shivers of desire from rolling over his body as the obviously masculine person, as the hard length pressing against his backside testified to, sniffled against his neck.

Stark couldn't believe his luck as he pressed against the lithe form of the smaller male. The little one was responding perfectly to him. From the first growl that caused the Beta to relax, then the next growl that had the Shinigami baring his throat to him, Starrk would be hard-pressed to say that the male before him was not an Arrancar. Sniffing over the pale, exposed column of the smaller male's throat, Starrk was hard pressed to hold back the need to take his soon to be mate here and now in the rubble. His little one smelled so pure that Starrk felt his loins tighten in anticipation of being the first, and soon to be only, one to have Ichigo. Gently sniffing down the neck, Starrk came to the junction of Ichigo's neck and shoulder and couldn't stop himself from licking in the hollow where the two joined. Groaning as the taste of his almost mate exploded in his mouth, Starrk could wait no longer: he had found where the Beta's phermones were more concentrated, indicating that that spot was the best place for Starrk to place his mark. Growling again, Starrk bit down hard on the pale flesh that his tongue had so recently had the pleasure of tasting and began rocking his rock hard erection into his mates delectable backside.

Ichigo was shocked when the other male licked him, but he was even more stunned when he realized that his body was reacting to the other male's action by increasing blood flow to a certain body part. Ichigo was so focused on what his body was doing in reaction to the other male, that he failed to hear the growl. He did notice when the other male bit him though, as it sent a jolt of pleasure thrumming thoughout his body and straight to his groin, causing him to harden to such a painful degree that Ichigo thought that if he didn't achieve relief soon, he might be forced to cut off a certain body part. When the taller male began rocking and thrusting his own erection against his backside, all while never once removing his teeth from the bite on Ichigo's neck, Ichigo thought the pleasure was almost overwhelming. And when a long arm brought a large, calloused hand around to rest on Ichigo's rock, hard length, Ichigo lost all trace of coherent thought and merely concentrated on feeling as he began to rock back and forth between the hardness nestled against his backside and the warm hand that was cupping his cloth-covered erection.

Starrk was lost in his instincts as the warm blood of Beta filled his mouth. He was only vaguely aware as his mate's thrusts sped up. Feeling his orgasm rapidly approaching, Starrk grabbed at his mate's hardness and began pulling at it though the cloth covering it. Just a few seconds after he had done so, Starrk could feel his mate stiffen in his arms before yelling his competion to the world. Starrk only lasted a few more thrusts before achieving his own orgasm. Feeling his mate suddenly go boneless in his arms, Starrk finally released the hold he had on the Beta's neck and raised his head up so he could take a good look at his new mate.

Glancing down, Starrk was pleased to see that the claiming mark was the size of his palm and was well formed: all the delicate swirls that made up the mark were clearly visible and distinct from one another, none of the lines were blurry or running into one of the other lines, and they all glowed with the deep, pulsing blue of his spiritual power. Feeling exhaustion begin to close over him, and blackness pull at the edges of his vision indicating that he was far from healed, Starrk lay back down on the rubble with his new mate unconscious in his arms and waited for someone to find them. Hopefully it would be someone who would aid the both of them, and not just one of them and kill off the other.

I will be continuing this fic with another chapter to get to the lemon that was requested as well as some explinations about Yamamoto and what Yoruichi, the purple-haired female, did. I thought this was a good place to stop and this way, in case I get removed from the site for having lemons, I can re-post this chapter and at least have something up.