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Yamamoto was busy arguing with Isshin as they came up to the room where Ichigo and the new ruler of Los Noches had been placed. It had been two days since the Winter War had ended and in that time, much had been done. Karakura town had been returned to the world of the living, Aizen had been locked up, it had been discovered that Gin Ichimaru had been spying on Aizen for Kisuke Urahara and he was pardoned for his efforts. Kanome Tousen's body had been discovered amougst the wreckage. It was obvious that Aizen had got to him first, as his body was completely drained of rieryoku. And all of the mess left in Hueco Mundo had been started on.

And the whole time Yamamoto had been dealing with and overseeing everything, he had had Isshin yelling at him. Except for the brief time that Unohana-Taicho had grabbed him and pulled the ex-Taicho off to be healed. Yamamoto really needed to send the woman a basket of expensive chocolates as a thankyou.

Approaching the door, and trailed by the Taicho's that weren't on other duty or out healing, Yamamoto was surprised to see Hanataro leaning against the wall with his legs stretched out into the hallway and his head tilted to one side, his bag of healing supplies clutched on his lap by one hand. Coming closer, Yamamoto could hear faint snores coming from the timid, but knowledgable, healer. Halting, Yamamoto loudly cleared his throat to be heard over the grumbling Isshin and was immediately pleased to see Hanataro spring to his feet, even though is was obvious that the male was not completely awake yet.

Looking downwards, Yamamoto noted that there were copious amounts of healing supplies that hadn't been touched, as evidenced by there sealed state.

"What is the meaning of this? Have our guests not recieved a healer's touch yet?"

Hanataro paled and ceased rubbing at his eyes.

"Um, th-they were...s-seen too on the...um, fi-field, So-Taicho. I b-been waiting h-here to...try and t-tend to them. I haven't b-been able to en-enter the...r-room yet."

"And why not? It is just as simple as reaching out and sliding the door aside."

Yamamoto fitted his actions to his words and he had just started to slide the door open when, through the crack, moans, accompanied by a wet slapping noise, could be clearly heard. Shocked, Yamamoto let go of the door and watched as it slid closed again.

A stunned silence fell on the hallway and all eyes turned to Hanataro, who blushed under all the attention.

"Um...th-that's why I'm st-still out here, So-Taicho. Everytime I've tr-tried to enter, I k-keep hearing that."

The only thing to break the ringing silence was the thud Issin made as he fainted.

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