The boy in blue

The dorms were eerily calm this morning. All of the usual scallywags were deep asleep and the light from the torches were blown out. Erik got up from his bed, slipped on some shoes, and made his way to the common room. It seemed no one was up, and with reason, Erik noticed. The emerald colored light that usually illuminates the room during the day was but faintly present and the torches were once again blown out. It was still dark out.

That was Erik's hard luck that morning that he woke up and found himself unable to go back to sleep. He took a shower, ate, read a book, but nothing could shake that itching feeling that something was wrong. A stroll through the corridors could help clear his mind. He could make the excursion to the Astronomy Tower and watch the sunrise with a bag of Bertie Bott's beans. Yeah, that sounded like a plan.

After nearly falling to his death by tripping over an x-box controller, Erik decided it might not be too bad to light a few torches. Boys made a riot yesterday, Call of Duty marathon and wizard liquor. They could have cleaned it up. He lumosed first to locate the torches and tapped gently at them murmuring incendio.

In nothing but pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt, Erik made his way to the halls, making sure to grab a blanket on the way. It was chilly outside. October had just recently set and Scotland's reputation for all-year coldness made itself ever present. He knew Filch was asleep at this hour so he knew the classes would be unguarded. He also knew he'd be alone.

He took his time, sometimes chatting up quietly with the ghosts and the paintings that were up. He felt alright, not good nor bad, just... confused, confused as to why today was a no-sleep day. He figured his brain must have thought it was a school day and misplaced the fact that it was currently the weekend but that would not explain the reason why he woke up at four in the morning. Usually, his no-sleep days were at very specific times; his parents' deaths' anniversary, pretty much the whole month of February, stress periods and such. Today was no special date and it most certainly wasn't stressful.

When he finally reached the last few steps to the Astronomy Tower, he felt something was out of place. A quill tip, ring, metal binder; someone was in there.

Erik slithered stealthily across the wall, not making a sound, and sought across the small balcony with his eyes. What he saw was a boy in blue.

A boy with short dark floppy hair was sitting in a chair facing outside. He was holding a quill in one hand and some parchment in the other. He was writing to a soft blue light emanating from his wand rested atop his ear. Suddenly, the boy's head snapped up and he slowly turned. But Erik had made sure to make no sound, how could the boy have known he was there?

"Who are you?" ,the boy shouted.

Erik came out of his hideout hands and wand in the air.

"I come in peace and mild annoyance. I'm Erik Lehn―"

"Erik Lehnsherr, I know you. We have potions, DADA and charms together, don't we?" Erik recognized the boy. Boy who was not a boy; as a matter of fact, this guy was a fifth year like himself.

"I think so, yes." Erik was still a bit befuddled. Out of all the people he could run into, he ran into him? When did this guy grow a rebellious streak?

"I'm ―"

"Charles Xavier. Everybody knows you. God, I'm sorry I startled you, I feel like such a tit."

"No trouble, friend. What are you here for?" Charles inquired.

"Can't sleep. I've come to see the sunrise."

"Ah. Much like myself. Why don't you grab a seat?" Charles pushed a chair in his direction as he settled back into his.

Erik took the offer and sat right next to the boy in blue. He'd just now noticed that the boy's clothes were Ravenclaw pyjamas and as he was wearing his house pyjamas too, he might as well have dubbed himself the boy in green. The boy in blue, what was he thinking, a mystery novel title?

"How did you know I was there?" Erik broke the silence once again.

"There was a very steady stream of stealthy-notasound-whoisthis-peek-stealthy." Charles couldn't help the smirk on his face at the other boy's adorable confusion.

"I don't... understand...?" Erik asked, after a silence.

"I'm a telepath and you were basically shouting your thoughts across the room."

"...You can... read my thoughts." Suddenly, the air changed and Charles didn't feel as easygoing and comfortable anymore.

"I'm sorry I peeked. I―I shouldn't have." He stuttered.

"No, it's not your fault. I'm the one who... shouted." Erik offered.

"Theoretically speaking." Charles huffed out a small chuckle.

"Yeah..." Once again, a comfortable silence set itself in the room. But chatty and restless, Charles couldn't help but ask.

"So, Lehnsherr, not a very English name." He inquired shyly.

"My family was originally German, my grandparents moved to England after the muggles' Second World War. I'm Jewish, you see. I'm also a muggle-born."

"Do you speak German?" Charles asked, fascinated.

"Yes. I speak Yiddish, French, Spanish... I traveled for some time." Erik offered a small smile at Charles big blue eyes, round in admiration.

"Oh really? Where to?"

"France, Russia, Switzerland... It's complicated."

"Oh. I lived in America for seven years." Charles presented, dumbfounded and a little bit silly.




And with that last word, a scarlet glow appeared in the horizon as the sun, greeting the sky as it did every morning, was slowly waking the world.