PROLOGUE: Memories

I remember myself being a small boy, not yet four years old; weak and scared in the clutches of my so called uncle. Being tossed around and treated like a punching bag for nearly two hours; and feeling so relieved when my daddy finally arrives to save me. But that feeling doesn't last long. I see my dad being beaten up to a pulp, lying on the ground, while that vile man stands over him, crushing his ribs. I hear my dad's agonizing scream. He is clearly in so much pain, but I can't do anything. The feeling of powerlessness is so overwhelming; too much for a three year old to withstand.

I look into my father's eyes; I see how those big kind eyes fill with tears. I see my dad, my hero; the strongest man in the universe, cry and beg for my life.

Not his life. Mine.

I feel rage filling every fragment of my body, and power, oh so much power, gathering in my fists. Then nothing... Sort of like a blackout...

Then I was drowning; trying to stay afloat and gasping drastically for air. A strong hand grabbed the back of my shirt and flung me towards land. Dazed I stood on my two feet asking for my father. But instead I got my dad's arch nemeses, the evil Demon King Piccolo, towering over me.

He told me the news I was dreading. "Your dad is dead." He said without any trace of emotion on his green face. The words churned over in my mind, they didn't sound plausable. My father, dead?

I didn't understand the statement at first; I thought it was just a joke, like those I have seen on many prank shows. But my dad did not jump out from behind a bush yelling "Gotcha!"

I cannot describe the feeling of emptiness that filled my tiny, three-and-a-half year old, body.

I cried, but instead of a sympathetic pat on the back, I got slapped through my face. I was told that it was weak to show any emotion besides confidence. I swallowed back my tears, not wanting to get hurt again, but a few dropps still escaped. I looked down so he wouldn't notice.

He started blabbering on about Saiyans and locked potential, but I didn't listen; quite frankly, I didn't care. He grabbed my attention again when he said my father was going to be revived in a year's time. I got excited; my eyes lit up. In one year I was going to see my father, and we could be a family again. I wanted to go home, running to my mother; wanting to tell her about what happened today.

But I realized that that wasn't going to happen anytime soon...

I was left in the wilderness to fend for myself; alone. I learned the hard way about this cruel world; about how the weak has to die for the strong to thrive. I managed; and six months later Mister Piccolo officially made me his pupil. To say it was brutal, is an understatement. But his methods worked; I was moulded into a promising young warrior, my power at age four-and-a-half rivalling that of most of earth's Z-fighters...

My power grew far greater than he or I had expected, not nearly as powerful as Piccolo's, but still very impressive for a kid. I smiled. I don't think Piccolo realized this at the time, but we became friends. Good friends. I knew from the start that Piccolo wasn't evil.

We trained and trained until one day...

Two massive ki's appeared out of nowhere, not too far from our location. I have never felt powers like that before; pure evil. I shuddered. They demolished an entire city in the blink of an eye and were headed in our direction. I was scared.

Krillen, Tien, Yamcha and Chaitsu joined our little army, strong and determined after their training on Kami's lookout. But I had this feeling; I can't explain it, but I knew something bad was going to happen.

Shortly after the arrival of the gang, they appeared. They casually floated down to the landscape, as if they weren't planning on destroying our planet, just here for a chat and a cup of tea.

One of the men was big, bulky and bald. He wore strong armour on his upperbody, but just some weird kind of underwear, that didn't leave much for the imagination, on his lower body. The other one was short and lean with very big and eccentric hair, kind of resembling a pineapple. They both had tails like I had. Their fuzzy ends curled securely around their waists.

To the naked eye they didn't seem that much of a threat, but their power levels were astonishing. Even the ever confident Piccolo looked worried.

At first they didn't battle us directly. The bald one, apparently Nappa, grew some strange looking green aliens, by dripping some liqued goo held in a scientific tube on the ground. I was baffled when they started to grow like lima-beans from the ground, tossing away the knowledge I have obtained about science thus far.

Yamcha was brave enough to take on the first alien, by himself. He didn't pay much attention to the fight; he was too busy pulling funny faces at us and claiming that the fight was too easy for a high-class fighter as himself. The alien took advantage of that and self-destructed on him, when he had his back turned, catching the Z-warrior completely by surprise. He was dead on impact. His cockiness and overconfidence lead to his death.

That was the first death I have ever witnessed. From afar it looked as if he were in a peaceful slumber, but when I got a closer look, I saw he was definately deceased. There was blood everywhere, gushing out of his limbs, eyes, ears and nose; dripping to the ground, creating a daunting puddle. His clothes had burned into his flesh and at some parts of his body, like both his legs, bones were sticking out.

It. Was. Gruesome.

I wanted to vomit and hurl my lungs out, but I was too afraid to make a move or sound.

In what kind of world do we live in, that a child, a mere toddler, is exposed to this level of violence?

I flinched when Krillen snapped abruptly next to me. It was so sudden. He started powering up like mad. He released a magnitude of blasts at the creatures, vaporizing all of them in seconds. I was surprised. I didn't expect such power from him.

Unfortunately he missed one. It rushed directly towards me. I was stunned. I didn't know what to do. I was shaking; terrified. I braced myself for a hit that never came. I opened my eyes to see Piccolo blasting the creature to oblivion. I smiled, thanking him; he just looked down at me with a grimace, disappointment apparent in his features.

I felt sosmall.

All the creatures were destroyed now, leaving only the two Saiyans for battle. I expected the pineapple-haired warrior to fight first, but I was surprised to see that the large one stepped closer. It seemed like the small one was the leader; maybe even more powerful. Good things come in small packages I guess.

Nappa was really strong. He killed Chaitsu and Tien like they were little insects ready to be squished and Krillen was rendered immobile after just one of his kicks.

I swallowed my fear and attacked him with all my might, not wanting to disappoint my mentor again. It actually did some damage, and he flew straight into a nearby mountain. I got my hopes up, thinking I ended him, but he emerged in a matter of seconds, charging his power and sending a ferocious blast my way. I froze. I knew that I was going to die.

I was surprised to see that Piccolo was rushing towards me, screaming my name. I was glad I made a friend like him, I thought.

He planted himself in front of me. My eyes widened. The blast connected with Piccolo's body, consuming him. Not a single spark landed on me though. The smoke cleared and Piccolo was still miraculously standing. But I spoke to soon; he fell to the ground, face first, breathing hard.

I raced to his side, trying to help him. But it was all in vain. He told me that I taught him about what it truly means to have someone who cares about you. He said that I was the first and only person to ever care about him, I was like a son to him he claimed. He died in my arms. My best friend died in my arms.

I have never felt despair like thatbefore, not even when I heard about my dad's death. I lost it, rage filled my entire body and I started charging my energy, energy I didn't even know I had.

I don't know what happened, darkness descended once again as I lost myself in rage. When I came to, I saw my dad, standing protectively in front of me. I didn't recognize him at first. Sure he looked the same, but there was something different in his attitude, in his aura, but I couldn't put my finger on it. It was as if he had more confidence than ever before.

I saw his eyes scanning the battlefield. He flinched with every dead body his eyes rested upon. He gave Krillen and I each a sensu bean to restore our energy.

He walked bravely towards Nappa. My heart stopped, I need to warn him!Was all that went through my mind, but my energy-levels were dangerously low after my outburst. I watched helpless as he walked over to Nappa, staring up at him, straight in his beady eyes; his confidence never faltered. One punch later, that was so quick, that my eyes didn't even register the motion, Nappa was doubled over, gasping for air. My mouth fell open as Dad beat Nappa, the person that we thought was untouchable, to a pulp in no more than two minutes.

Nappa fell defeated to Vegeta's feet. Vegeta was disgusted with his partner's weakness and killed him on the spot. He was a beast. If he can do that to his own comrade, just image what he will do to us!

Dad instructed us to go home as he readied himself for his biggest battle yet. We begrudegingly agreed after some protest and flew in the opposite direction. But we didn't get far. I couldn't leave my dad alone with that monster.

Dad wasn't doing so great when we arrived at the scene. Vegeta had somehow transformed into a gigantic gorilla and was crushing the life out of my father. His yells echoed off the mountains; but he still didn't care for his own life. He was shouting at me to run, but I was done running. My fears lead to the death of a close friend, and I am not going to make the same mistake with my father!

I distracted Vegeta while Krillen was charging one of his techniques. It did not work, Vegeta saw right through out little scheme; and yet again, Krillen was rendered useless after one punch. The beast let go of my father, but was heading towards me instead. I couldn't help but whimper, but I remembered what Piccolo once told me about weakness. I swallowed my fear and got into a fighting stance; but to my surprise, Vegeta was turning back in his normal form.

I got a little hope; maybe we can win this after all.

Vegeta raced to my side, so fast I didn't even see the motion. He punched me over and over and over. The pain was mind boggling, but after a while I didn't feel it anymore and I was tossed to where my father lay like a ragdoll. I didn't care about the pain; my father lay just a few inches away from me. I was happy. Dad told me that he loved me and how proud he was of me. I smiled; I haven't heard him say that in such a long time. But that sweet moment was cut short by Vegeta.

I could hear how my dad's bones were being shattered under Vegeta's knee. His face twisted in agony and he uttered a silent scream. My heart broke. I just got my father back and this monster wants to take him away from me again?!

I don't know where I got the energy; but in a flash Iwas the one punching and kicking Vegeta so hard that he fell to the ground, squirming and gasping as the pain settled in his body. But as fast as the power came, it vanished, like an explosion. The tables turned yet again, and I was beaten to a pulp by Vegeta; then I saw it: a giant ball of pure energy heading straight toward me.

I instinctively threw my hands out in front of me; trying to send the energy in the opposite direction, but that seemed unlikely. The ball had more power than I had, but I had to try at least. To my surprise, it worked and the energy ball was headed towards Vegeta, it collided with him and he was sent into space. After a few minutes he fell to the ground, severely damaged.

We thought he was dead. But our happiness was short-lived; he opened his eyes with a start and walked menacingly towards us. My dad ordered me to stare at a gleaming sun-like thing in the sky. I did as he said and started to feel strange. My heart was beating like crazy in my chest and for some reason I couldn't look away. The glowing star seized my attention. Then I blacked out again.

I awoke in the hospital, covered in bandages. My mother was standing over me with tear soaked cheeks. When she saw that I was awake, she hugged me so tight I couldn't breathe. But I felt so comforted with her love and warmness I almost cried.

I realized the room was filled with people, some who I recongnised and some who I have never seen before in my life. They are probably all just here for my dad; the only person who came for me was my mom, how sad.

I was relieved to see that my dad and Krillen were still alive. I asked Krillen if Vegeta was dead; he glumly shook his head. Apparently Dad let him go as an act of mercy, he just had to apologize.

I sighed, Dad will never change.

I learned that I was apparently the one who defeated Vegeta; I turned into a massive gorilla, like he did before, and stomped the crap out of him, he cut of my tail and I, as the 3000 pound monkey, fell on top of him, crushing him. I felt proud of myself, even though my furry alter ego was the hero.

Krillen, Dad and I stayed weeks in the hospital, our bodies taking their dear time to recover.

A creepy-looking genie visited us in our third week of this purgatory. He claimed that there was a way to revive all our friends that were lost in the battle; there was this spaceship which can transport us to a planet Namek, the planet where the Dragonballs originated from. Being that our Dragonballs disappeared when Piccolo died.

I was excited; that means that Piccolo could be saved! Bulma, one of my Dad's childhood friends, volunteered to repair the spacecraft because she wanted to have Yamcha, her boyfriend at the time, back in her embrace. It took her only two weeks to figure out the complicated machinery; she was a genius.

Krillen and I got released and after lots of begging and compromises, Mom allowed me to accompany them to Namek; after all, it was my fault that Piccolo died.

Mom forced me to get a terrible potty cut hairstyle though... I cringe at the thought of that mop.

Our journey from Earth to Namek lasted almost a year. We had to go through tons of obstacles to reach our true destination. First we encountered another spaceship, with a crew of only kids. Their planet was destroyed by an evil entity named Frieza; their parents sacrificed themselves so their children could escape safely. We helped them by giving them coordinates to a safe location; so they wouldn't roam space aimlessly for the rest of their existence.

After a few more months we finally reached Namek, or so we thought. We were tricked by two ghastly shape shifters on a desert-like planet, but we quickly put a stop to their devious schemes and escaped Scott free.

Finally, after two weeks, we arrived at the realplanet Namek. I was surprised to learn that it wasn't that much different than earth: the sky was green and the grass blue. I found that laughable.

We found shelter in a cave and Bulma made herself properly at home.

Krillen and I went to work immediately. We got the dragon radar from Bulma, and were pleased to find out that five out of the seven Dragonballs were all together. We decided to get them first. We flew to that location, but when we got there we saw that the town had been destroyed. We hid behind some trees and learned that the villain, in a floating chair, was called Frieza; the tyrant who destroyed those kid's home planet.

We lowered our power levels so we would be undetectable; they also had those blasted scouters Vegeta and Nappa had.

Frieza tormented the chief of the village for the drangonball, but he wouldn't budge; he refused to give it to Frieza. Frieza ordered one of his minions, a big pink blob, to kill his children. The chief immediately gave the ball to Frieza, not wanting harm to go to his children.

But that didn't stop Frieza; he gave orders, to the pink blob, to kill the chief, in cold blood, snapping his neck. He turned around smiling at the children, not a hint of humour in his ugly face. He blasted a beam at one of them, killing him instantly.

I lost control.

I couldn't allow him to hurt that poor innocent little Namekian. Ignoring Krillen's pleas, I flew from our hiding spot with incredible speed and kicked that pink monster across the face, grabbed the Namekian and flew in the opposite direction, followed by Krillen. He was angry with me, for compromising ourselves like that for someone we didn't even know, but I didn't care. After some effort and one of Tien's techniques, the Solar Flare, we managed to escape.

Dende, the little Namekian we saved, told us everything. The evil tyrant, Frieza, heard about the Dragonballs through the scouters from earth and wanted to use them for his own selfish reasons and wish for immortality.

I cringed. We were partially responsible for this...

This encouraged me. I am going to do anything humanly possible to end the sufferings of these kinfd green folks.

A lot of things happened on Namek: we met the Namekian Elder, Guru, who unlocked Krillen and my potential; we tricked Vegeta and then teamed up with him, never thought that I would say that... We encountered Frieza's flamboyant elite fighting squad and they were picking us apart; except for Guldo, a three-eyed time stopping creep, Vegeta beheaded him just before he could kill us. Who would have ever thought that Vegeta, the man that tried to end our existences just a year earlier, would save our butts?

My dad arrived on the planet shortly after. He was stronger than ever; the Ginyu Force were inferior to his newfound power. Every member of the force were wiped out, except for Captain Ginyu, who became a frog when his own body-swapping technique was used against him!

All the Dragonball were in our possession now. We used two wishes to bring Piccolo back to life and transport him to the planet. The four of us, Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillen and I, pawned Frieza in his first three transformations, each one more ugly than the next, but had trouble to conquer his fourth and final transformation.

Dad, like he always does, arrived just in time to save our necks yet again. He fought with the tyrant for a while, it seemed like they were equally matched and Vegeta claimed that Dad was the Legendary Super Saiyan Frieza was deathly afraid of, the reason he wiped out the entire Saiyan race... His observation was the cause to his death; Frieza pierced the Saiyan prince's heart with his death beam.

Dad buried Vegeta before he continued his fight with that monster. At one point Dad delivered a devistating combination of blows to Frieza, which embedded him inside the planet. We thought for a moment that he was dead, but that was not the case. He made his grand reappearance by piercing Piccolo's heart, in the same fashion than Vegeta, but he was still miraciously alive.

But Krillen wasn't as lucky. Frieza used his ki to shoot the bald man into the sky and ultimately made him explode.

Dad transformed into the Super Saiyan just after Krillen's murder; his hair and aura were bright gold and his usual chocolate brown eyes turned teal.

He and Frieza embarked on a battle on the exploding planet, and of course, being Goku, he ordered me to evacuate the planet with the remaining survivors. But me being me, couldn't just leave him there, I returned to the battle scene, after I made sure Piccolo and Bulma were safely situated in our spaceship. Motivated that I could save my dad for once, not the other way around. My instincts were correct and I fought Frieza once again, but failed dramatically.

Dad saved my butt once again and I was teleported to earth via the earth's Dragonballs, leaving my father alone on the dying planet...

Another year of agony went by, not knowing if my father was alive or not.

Dad returned and the same day of his arrival, we met a mysterious man, Trunks, who claimed to be from the future. And of course Dad barely greeted me before we started training again; this was becoming a tragic habid of his...

The Saiyan from the future warned us about the Androids, future villain that were going to attack us in three years time. And we had to prepare, so I was robbed of another three years of my life. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy training and getting stronger, but as a six year old, I just wanted a normal childhood with a normal dad who was there for me every time I needed him, not just on yearly intervals. But I couldn't complain; at least I was spending some time with him again.

Three years went by in a flash and we met the androids...

Vegeta also unlocked the secrets of a Super Saiyan and baffled us all with his newfound strength when he fought Android 19 and 20.

Dad got a heart virus, just as Trunks predicted and fell down in his battle with one of the androids. Thank goodness the boy from the future gave us a cure for it. He was hurried home immediatly.

After about two weeks Dad was on his feet again, but we had a new threat: Cell, also an android, but one that was not mentioned in Trunks' timeline.

He was so powerful that Dad suggested we use the Hyperbolic time chamber to get stronger. We trained for a day in the special room, which was approximately a year in the chamber. I also became a Super Saiyan in there, the youngest thus far.

We learned that Cell was still at large and more powerful than ever as we got out. Who knew so much horror can happen in one day? He apparently absorbed android 17 and 18 due to an arrogant Vegeta, and was now hosting a tacky tournament called the Cell Games, where he challenged all earth's greatest warriors to a fight to save our planet. And this is where I am now.

I am Gohan. And this is my story...