First Chapter.

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This just means I'll do this every now and then until I at least finish the Demilich one; don't think this is going to get updated any time soon though…and yeah, my muse really gets me with the drama. I repeatedly hit her with a spoon after what evil plot she pushed into my head. This story is always Naruto verse, but it's more, damn more, dramatic.

The blond haired young boy of four knew that his name was monster. It was either that or demon. Actually, considering the damp, cold and smelly place he was in at the moment, he was sure this was the lair of a demon: him. The elderly lady had told him that he was a worthless monster, who simply had to stay put and get kicked and punched by the other boys and even the girls of the orphanage, they slept in beds, because they were humans. He was a monster, and thus he had to sleep in the cellar. It wasn't that bad, at least if he was thirsty he'd just have to lick some water off the walls, sure, it was freezing. Sure, he had to give his scraps of food to the mice: it was that or his fingers you know. He was just lucky he was able to mend his bones by sleeping all night, and more than sleeping he couldn't do anything else in there. Recently the headmistress had decided to directly shackle him with a chain in a corner of the cellar, because he had learnt how to actually walk, and not crawl on the ground. He had watched a mouse stand on his two legs, and had tried to imitate him, after all, the mice were his only, well friend would be farfetched, but still, they were his only willing living beings that lived with him. Furthermore they didn't even hit him, or yell things at him.

He shivered, not for the cold, never for the cold, he was used to that, but because of the songs outside. He recognized it, it was the same song that was sung for the festivity of the defeat of the Kyuubi, the nine tailed beast, the monster who had attacked the village the same night he was born. That was what the story told, he had been born and then puff, the Kyuubi had attacked, so it was his fault. He didn't know what to think of it, though if he actually had done that, he wasn't sure he could repeat the feat, he had tried, whispering the name of that beast for a while, thinking that if it ever attacked again, at least he'd have a chance at a normal life, and maybe, maybe, they'd give the fault to someone else born on that day.

He shook his head, it was an evil thought, giving the fault to others. Everything was always his fault after all, he was sure of that, the headmistress had told him that personally. He had one day of happiness though, it was the day the Hokage, known as Minato Namikaze, came to visit the orphanage, on that day he was first severely beaten in the morning, then dressed, and he was told that he was to be a good boy and say he was happy there then he'd be given a piece of cake by the end of the day. The piece was always small, less than a thumb wide and an index long, but it was still cake. He had to be quick though, because once the Hokage left he was undressed of all but the bare essential, thrown in the cellars again, and he had to grab the flying piece of cake before any mouse could get to it. Sure, they liked it too, but they didn't share like he did!

They had told him that the Hokage had defeated the Demon once, and that, had he not been good and silent, he would kill him too, after all, to defeat the demon, the third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, sacrificed himself in the fight. Still, he was glad for the Hokage's visits, because every now and then he'd come with some candy, not that he'd get any, as the headmistress would always grab it before anyone, and then *share* it at dinner, with the rest of the kids.

So, he was shivering and waiting the usual beating.

That's when the cellar's door opened, and the Headmistress came down, a plump lady with bright pink hair, Haruno something. She was really important in the council, and she even said that if she wanted, she could have him killed because he was evil.

"Now, now, Monster…" she spoke with spite, always with spite and anger, "today is going to be special."

He closed his eyes, he knew it, he was going to get beaten, and it was better to keep his hands down, otherwise they'd kill him for defending himself. That's when he heard the chain strangling his neck coming loose, and he looked with surprise at the lady.

"Off you go. Go outside and have fun…now." He slowly crawled into a crouched position, but since he was too slow, the headmistress simply yanked him upwards and with strength held his right arm in a grip. It hurt, but he simply whimpered, if he started crying it would be worst. His legs were too short to actually keep up the fast walk of the Headmistress, so he was simply yanked every now and then with strong pulls that hurt a lot.

He was at the door, and could see that outside, there was already a mob forming. He gulped down nervously, looking with a glint of fear at the headmistress' face, who was grinning with a wicked smile. Then, he threw him outside, in the middle of the mob, and closed the door of the orphanage behind her.

He closed his eyes once more. The pain began when something sharp hit him on the back, then kicks, punches, someone slashed at him with something, another one pierced him with a pitchfork maybe, the taste of blood came into his mouth, as he was taken away from the orphanage, and into a back-alley of sorts, to teach him a nice lesson.

On another road, a happy family of three was smiling and looking through the stalls, people stopping to congratulate the Hokage, Minato Namikaze, for his job of protecting them against the beast. On his right stood his beautiful red-haired wife, Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, and in the middle stood their little princess, Katsumi Namikaze, she had red hair like her mother, but clear blue eyes like her father. She wore a pretty pink kimono, just like her mother's, while Minato was wearing his Hokage's outfit.

His thought for once went to his other son, the one he had failed to protect, and he couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt, as he looked at his wife, who had, her too, a sad smile on her face, hidden to her best ability, for their daughter, Katsumi, Kushina was thinking about the children she had lost that night, years ago.

When the Kyuubi attacked, Minato had to seal his chakra into a new born baby, and, as fate would have it, Kushina had managed to push out both of the twins from her belly, a boy and a girl. He had to choose, and a choice he actually made. Knowing full well how a weakened birthing mother was, and still hoping for grandchildren, he had grabbed the boy, thanking Kami that Kushina had fainted after birth, and wasn't there to watch him. Had he stared into her eyes, at that moment, maybe he wouldn't have done it.

He would have wanted to do it personally, as the Jutsu required would have taken as a toll the life of the user, but Hiruzen had preferred to go there personally, and after knocking him out, had done it himself.

Minato looked at the statue of the third, carved from a marble block and placed straight in the middle of the square of Konoha, and couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt, looking at how the statue held a bundle of cloth in his left hand, and his right hand was placed in the *Tiger* symbol, the one generally used for fire jutsus.

He remembered when he had gone to the council, after having woken up, with the bundle of clothes and the small child that was Naruto, his whisker marks and his blue eyes. He had sat down at his place in the middle of the council, with on his right the civilian council yelling for blood, with the headmistress of the orphanage Haruno Karusa first line, after having lost her youngest son, and on his left the important clan's heads and the Anbu commander, plus Danzo.

"I say we must kill the demon!" Karusa yelled; her fist landing on the wooden table of the council.

"Yeah! She's right!" was the general consensus of all those who had lost a relative, or a business, in the area of the city where the Kyuubi had attacked.

"This is troublesome…you really want to kill a child?" Shikaku Nara muttered.

"Why should we kill him?" Danzo rhetorically questioned, "Let's bring him into the ANBU, there he will be trained, and kept under check: afterwards, he'll become a great resource for the council, and the city."

"He'll become a mindless weapon, you want to say, to be used by who trained him." Hiashi's white pearly eyes looked straight into Danzo, who, half bandaged, didn't seem to give much of a damn.

"I say, let's put this to the vote, I've got a dinner to go to!" Choza Akimichi, muttered, as he had tried for the past hour to eat something, only to find the stares of Inoichi Yamanaka and Shikaku Nara to prevent him from doing anything.

"Fine," Minato finally spoke, "Those who wish to have the boy killed?" his heart cringed inside, but he was a Hokage, he had to do what was best, or the civilians might just as well have him removed.

To his relief, only the civilian side raised their hands, barring them thus from the majority of votes.

"Who wants the child to become a mindless weapon?" this time, nobody raised his hands, well, except Danzo and Homura Mitokado, swiftly followed by Koharu Utatane, the previous team mates of the sandaime.

"Why haven't you voted?" Minato queried the clan's head, in hope for an answer.

"If I might suggest…why not having the child placed in an orphanage, then, if he shows any aptitude, have him trained in ANBU? He'll get around his peers, and then he can become a weapon, while keeping some of his mind." Hiashi's suggestion was a middle ground, but still Minato couldn't help but cringe.

"Anyway, the kid's parents are dead, right?" Shikaku queried, "It would be a drag to get their permission".

"Y-Yes, I took him from the hospital's newborns, from those who would have been sent to the orphanage later on." Minato lied, he had to, he was sure that had he told the truth, that this was his son, he'd end up being taken immediately by Danzo, just to use him as a puppet against him, and, if he wasn't going to, there were always the Iwa ninjas or anyone who'd prefer to try and steal a children of the Hokage from an orphanage rather than from the Hokage's mansion.

He also had to admit, that he was doing this for their other child, and for Kushina, she'd certainly kill him, if she knew what he had done to one of their children, without considering what he would have done to himself too, he'd have to lie to her, he did lie to her: out of the twins, one had died.

"Still, there will be no repercussions on the kid," Minato muttered, he didn't want to use his real name too much, he might get attached…who was he kidding, he already was, he was a father not a lump of rock.

"And he should be treated as a Hero for what he was subjected to, not a demon."

The rest was noise in Minato's remembrance, still, he recalled with dread how some Shinobis and Kunoichis had tried to kill the newborn baby in the crib repeatedly, after he had given the announcement, and thus he had been forced to pass the information that Naruto was the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi on an S-level secret.

He went to visit him once a year and he didn't seem in a bad shape, certainly not too bad for being in an orphanage, and he had given the Headmistress a monthly allowance to care for the child, and the woman had even said that he was the perfect boy, quiet, who ate little, and who took almost no space at all.

"Dad! Can you buy me this!" Katsumi's eyes shined brightly, as she pointed at one of the toy ANBU masks that a stall was selling.

Minato smiled, well, today was her birthday: it wouldn't be a birthday without one more gift.

Returning to the Monster, he had finally been left to crawl in the dirt of the back alley, he was covered in grime and filth, but he was already feeling his bones crack back into place, as the wounds had begun closing up. The more he got wounded the more he healed, and the mobs always hit him hard.

He was just a monster though, so it was obvious, now he'd have to crawl back to the orphanage, sleep out in the small dumpster behind it, and wait the morning to be brought in, to be thrown in the cold water taken directly from the well, to be splashed at him. That was the drill, his drill.

This time, however, it went differently.

A girl, no more than fifteen, was carrying back something big and white, rectangular too, with both her hands. She made a small *eep* sound, seeing him, but Monster said nothing.

He simply stood there looking at her, with long brown hair tied in a ponytail and brown eyes, and said nothing, he was half expecting to be beaten, hard, with that strange white thing, which in truth was merely a take-away ramen carrier, when there were home-deliveries to make.

Ayame had just finished making the deliveries, when she had taken the back alleyway as a shortcut to get back to her father's ramen stand. That's when she found the beaten boy, who stared at her with really sad eyes.

She didn't know what to say, so she simply ran off, she had to get her father's approval first, that she knew.

Monster looked at her darting away, leaving him there, and said nothing, his cold gaze slowly faded away as his eyelids closed, his final thought was that, at least, there wasn't so much humidity in that small street.

Monster woke up with the sun hitting him on the face, but it took him a while before understanding what was going on. He felt something on his chest, something strange, warm even. Maybe he had been taken to the hospital? He had gone there once, only, to be checked and have his blood taken. There he had to give his full name only that time: Naruto. It was all. He had been tempted of using monster, even there, but the headmistress had warned him through his beatings that he had to keep feigning being human, even if he was a monster, to the outside world.

He slowly opened one eye, being very careful of his surroundings: he wasn't in the streets, and he wasn't in the hospital, and certainly he wasn't in the orphanage's bunk beds. He was in a small room, in a pretty blue colored room: there was a drawer, and a dresser, and a chair and even a desk. He stared at those things without saying a word, not knowing what to do, and actually not knowing what to do in the bed of someone else. He knew that he shouldn't trouble people, because he was a monster. So he silently moved the bed sheets out of the way, and slid down, before putting them back as they were, or at least, as he managed to put them. He cringed inside as he was sure he was still going to get punished for not having placed them perfectly as they were before.

Still, that didn't stop him from looking around, he was naked, that much was certain, but then why was there an orange jump suit on the chair, with clean, clean! Underwear? Was that actually a shirt? Still, was that stuff his to take? What if they accused him of being a thief? It was chilly still, being the morning of October Eleventh.

His birthday had just passed, and now he was five. At least, if five was the number that came after four.

He wasn't quite sure about that, but between that and three he preferred the sound of five better.

Monster decided to test his luck, and, worst possible case, he'd have to give them back, still, they did *steal* his clothes from him! Even his dark hue had been replaced with a fair one, did someone wash him? Why would anyone wash a demon? Did he end up in a cultist house? He was going to be sacrificed to some strange god, he knew it! He did his best with the clothing he had, realizing how baggy they actually were didn't matter to him: those were clothes.

Downstairs, Teuchi was serving ramen to the Hokage's wife, a habitual client.

"Itadakimasu! Your ramen is the best Teuchi-san!" as Kushina smiled, her Anbu mask on the back of her head, her green eyes stared at the warm noodle soup with a grin visible on both of them. She happily dug in, as Teuchi already readied another pot, as he was pretty damn sure five servings wouldn't have been enough to satiate the hunger for ramen of the Hokage's wife.

Next to him, his daughter, Ayame, looked fidgety between Teuchi and Kushina, like she wanted to say something, but couldn't.

"What is it Ayame-chan?" Kushina hadn't been in Anbu because she was a dense airhead, the fact she had mistakenly signed for the Anbu corps instead of the Jounin's was just a coincidence, a coincidence she'd have to pay for with the three years of obligatory service.

"Otou-san…" Ayame cringed as she spoke the name looking at her father, who sighed and took the ball.

"We found a kid no more than five yesterday night," Teuchi spoke slowly, "he had been pretty badly roughed up, but was otherwise fine, if we don't consider the mess his clothes, and his body, was."

"I see: where is he now? I might as well bring him to the Uchiha police force to have them question him about who the attacker was," Kushina replied, her mind darkening a bit, who'd hit a five year old child?

Somehow, half of Konoha's citizen sneezed.

"He's upstairs!" Ayame replied, "thank you Kushina-sama!"

"It's Kushina-san for you, Ayame, and Teuchi, make another ten bowls of ramen while I'm speaking with the victim upstairs." As Teuchi nodded, and sighed seeing how the Anbu redhead had managed to devour with ease two pots worthy of Ramen, Kushina moved to follow the brown haired daughter of the ramen stand upstairs of the two story high house, that had on the front the ramen stand, on the back a bigger kitchen, and the rooms above used by the member of the house.

"He was still sleeping in my…kyah!" Ayame gasped, as Kushina, with her years worthy of being a Ninja, swiftly moved the young girl behind her, and looked around, to see…nothing.

"There's…nothing? Ayame-chan?" she queried, puzzled, but as she saw Ayame enter, she was pretty clear that the reason for the gasp was the lack of the boy in question, as the eyes of the girl were actually looking around, surprised in not finding the boy.

"I…I don't know Kushina-sama, he was there, sleeping in the bed!"

"I know…he's still here too, as the only way to exit is through the front door." Kushina made a small smile, as she slowly got down on all fours, and looked with her head under Ayame's bed, her green eyes meeting blue ones. She nearly gasped, as, hadn't she brought Katsumi personally to the Ninja kinder garden, she'd be damn sure she was under the bed. Plus, that was a boy, and not a girl. He had deeply gushed in cheeks, like one who hasn't eaten much in the last few months, his eyes were blue, but also utterly scared of her, like, really scared. He was completely paralyzed in fear, and Kushina had to think something fast, because it was like watching a rabbit ready to die of fear.

Monster was sure this was the end of the line. He knew the mask on the back of the woman's head, it was an Anbu: the headmistress had told him that, if he had been bad, an Anbu would come and make him suffer once and for all. He wouldn't be killed; monsters do not have that mercy: he would just suffer until he'd beg for death, but then he wouldn't get it.

"Hey…" the woman spoke softly, "everything's right, kid. Nobody wants to hurt you anymore."

Monster didn't move. This was the first trick, it worked for the headmistress for a while too, she would tell him that everything was fine, and that he wouldn't get hurt, he'd get brought upstairs, and just when he was about to reach the table with the other kids he'd be taken, hit for some strange reason, and brought back down in the cellar, once it was because of the feet being not perfectly symmetrical, another time because he had given a smile to one of the attendants in the orphanage, once, he remembered, he had just taken a step outside, but the headmistress had told him that it should always be with the left foot, and thus had closed his right foot with the door.

He wasn't going to fall for that.

Kushina pouted for a moment, that wasn't going to work.

"Ayame-chan, would you mind bringing one of my ramen bowls up here?" Ayame nodded, leaving swiftly.

"Hey…how about we talk a little then? You must be hungry, right?" Monster didn't say a single word, still looking at her with scared eyes.

"Oh come on, you're not fun. Well, my name is Kushina, you can call me Kushina-san, okay?" The wife of the Hokage sighed: there was still no reply from the boy, just what had he been beaten with? Maybe he had some brain damage, and that was why he wasn't replying to her most gentle and soothing tone!

"So…I told you my name, how about you tell me yours, it's the polite thing to do, you know?"

Monster cringed: the polite thing to do is to die in a corner, that's what the headmistress said.

"M-monster." He stuttered.

Kushina raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"Would you repeat?"

"I'm…Monster." He muttered once more.

"Nonsense, nobody has ever been called *monster*".

"D-Demon?" Monster tried again, maybe he had it all wrong from the beginning, and his name was demon, while his surname was monster.

"…no!" Kushina exclaimed, but mentally cursed herself for that, as the boy simply moved further back. He didn't cry however, he simply moved backwards, and his eyes, they were hardened like those of the adults who knew the world was filled with horrors.

Ayame entered the room with a bowl in her hand, with the ramen, and a pair of chopsticks.

Kushina thanked the girl, and then brought it down on the ground, starting to blow on it in the direction of the scared boy.

Monster knew it was the second trick, food. Still, he was hungry, and he was tired of staying tense down there, maybe he'd manage to get a bite if he was swift enough?

"Come on, if you come out, I'll give you some Ramen."

Monster didn't know the name, but still, he slowly crawled out of the bed, but he was still wary about the woman, and the girl? Ayame was it? Well, he was out now, he was sure hits were going to come out any time soon. Maybe as the red haired woman hands him over the bowl? No, he managed to get it in his hands fine, it was kind of warm.

So it was when he tried to drink it? He didn't know what those strange wooden things were after all, so he supposed they were decoration, as trying to chew on them, except making the girl…make a strange sound in her mouth? Didn't work at all.

Kushina couldn't help but stare: in her gaze there was a mixture of amazement, but also anger. The boy didn't even know what chopsticks were! The more he looked at the boy, the more it resembled her own daughter, Katsumi, she couldn't help but feel a tinge of pain in her heart, when she got back home she'd be sure to hug her own daughter well, double time.

"So…you like it?" Kushina asked the boy, who looked at her perplexed, and hesitant.

"Warm." He muttered back with a nod.

"Well, duh, it's ramen!" Monster looked at her with a puzzled look.

"You never had warm food before?" Monster shook his head.

"So, now you feel like you can tell me your name?" Monster looked at her with uneasiness.


"No!" Kushina snapped back, "It can't be Monster, Demon, or anything of the sorts! Your name, what your mother calls you!" there, she did it again. The boy started weeping.

Monster had no mother, mother had abandoned him with certainty, he had been brought to the orphanage and left there, because, as the headmistress had told him, his mother couldn't bear to be with a monster as a children.

"Ehi…Ehi…" Kushina hugged the boy, who simply cringed more, "I'm sorry okay? I'm sorry: I didn't mean to yell at you."

After a moment she managed to actually calm the boy down, patting his head gently.

"Good, now, how about you thank Ayame-chan for having helped you, and then you come with Kushina-san to find out what happened?" Naruto looked puzzled, as he stared for a moment at the girl who had *helped him*.

The silence was embarrassing, actually, but, after a brief moment of hesitation, Monster said.

"T-Thank you."

"It…It was nothing." Ayame replied, with a bit of a smile.

"Then hop," Kushina said while grabbing the young boy's hand and pulling him back on his feet.

Naruto cringed, trying to make himself little, during the trip to the Uchiha compound, especially because some of the stares of the people were on him.

Kushina wanted to actually snap out at the people around her, because, being an Anbu, she did have a keen hearing. The murmurs were starting to get on her nerves, and Kami had to help her because she was going to gut the same civilians she should have been protecting!

She stopped in front of the Uchiha compound, as a masked-nin appeared from thin air straight in front of her.

"Kushina-san." The masked figure wasn't more than twelve, maybe thirteen?

"Itachi-kun, would you mind getting your father Fuguka-san, for me?"

"Not a problem." The masked-nin stared for a brief moment towards the small boy next to the Hokage's wife, but said nothing, and disappeared from view.

"Good, now…"

"Kushina-sama! We're going to be late!" Kushina bit her lower lip, looking to the group of Anbu that had appeared just then.

"…listen here, boy." The red haired woman looked at the four year old, "you wait till Fuguka-san gets here and you two." Pointing at the two guards in front of the compound, who stiffened, "keep an eye out for the kid, and tell Fuguka-san that this boy was attacked last night and he'd better take his eyewitness." Then, when both the guards nodded, she kneeled in front of the boy and said, "Now you wait for a man to come here, and then you tell him everything that has happened, got it?"

Monster nodded, he was sure he'd be kicked out the moment she'd be gone, but still, it wouldn't matter much, he did get to put something solid under his teeth.

"Good, when I come back, I'll meet you at Ichiraku's and you'd better come with your real name around."

Monster nodded again. He'd have to find another word as a name, if Demon and Monster were out.

As the red-haired woman left, with four Anbus, Naruto waited for the kick. He was sure it was going to arrive sooner or later, but it didn't. In fact, the two guards simply waited, not caring in the slightest. Sure, they wanted to kick him out for being a monster, but they couldn't: especially because it had been the Hokage's wife to bring him there, and, while they did hate the demon boy, they were Uchiha, not complete idiots.

Monster waited for a while, before seeing a man simply dash in the street and stopping in front of the Uchiha compound:

"The Hyuga heiress! They have kidnapped her!" there, Monster was sure they'd fault him for that too.

The guards outside swiftly entered to warn the others, and, lo and behold, Fuguka-san was the first to have the situation explained by the Hyuga. Monster stood in a corner of the street, waiting, until an explosion far off caught his attention. The Uchiha, and the Hyuga, darted off in that direction.

He, on the other hand, waited.

Then, finally, the kick came. One of the remaining guards saw the monster waiting out of the compound, and nervous for the reason the boy was there, decided to teach him a lesson.

Monster would have smiled, if his bones hadn't been so broken, and he hadn't been so miserable, staying there, once more in a dirty back alley. His orange jumpsuit was torn and thrown aside, covered in blood, his blood.

The Uchiha had done a number on him, must have made him proud to have so thoroughly punished the demon boy, he was going to make sure everyone knew his prowess in defeating such a monster.

Thankfully for the ears of the bar visitors, he never had the chance to, as a Kunai passed through his throat, leaving him on the ground, dead. Naruto's vision was blurred, but he did see a masked ninja grabbing him.

The Headmistress was right once more…the ANBU come for the bad guys, and he was bad, evil, and a demon.

*One Year Later*

"Assassinate the target." The message came crisp into his ear, and Monster nodded mentally. He smiled to the elderly Granny, who had just finished her talk of how he looked like her grandson, and the next moment, the lady was dead and he was no longer there.

"Assassination confirmed." The voice came once more in his ear, what did he expect? That he'd fail killing an old woman?

"Monster, report to Tree." Another voice, more coarse, came through.

"Tree, here Monster, Assassination executed: mother of the civilian counselor of Oto no Kuni completed, Kunai through the neck with symbols of Iwa, assassinated during her stop between villages," The voice came back monotone, without hint of emotion.

"Good, go back to ROOT hideout, wait for orders."

The hazel haired boy, with spiked hair, said nothing, it was the first kill he had done, but it had come easy to him. All that waited for him now was to be covered with seals and taken into custody by Danzo-sama as his personal apprentice. He just had to say that it was what he wanted to the Hokage, and then he'd be a full- fledged ROOT-nin.

He had been given no equipment but a kunai with the Iwa symbol on it, and he was now wearing black cargo pants with a green and brown jacket, his hair had been covered in grime and dirt and had later on been dyed, to make him look someone else. His eyes had been given colored lenses, to make them look brown too, and now he was heading to the hide-out of Root in Oto no Kuni. He liked Root, he was told his name was Monster, so he had been right on that, and he was told that he would no longer be hit by mobs if he obeyed. He had done so, and no mob had no longer hit him, or thrown things at him. He hadn't walked outside the village for over a year though, and even when leaving the fire country, he had done so through a set of hidden underground passages, so no-one would had seen him leave, nor would they see him come back. He was jumping from tree branch to tree branch, when a noise made him stop.

"Yoh! I move like a butterfly and sting like a bee,

This is your sensei, Killer Bee!"

"I don't think using the same word twice counts as a rhyme, sensei!" Monster looked downwards, yep, Ninjas.

The headband marked them as from Kumogakure, apart from a hulking brute with tanned skin, and who was wearing colored shades, there was also a young man with short blond hair and dark eyes. He was wearing a sleeveless black shirt, the always present forehead protector, black elbow-length arm guards, and the red and white Kumogakure shin-guards. There was also a girl, with blond long hair tied in a ponytail, who was wearing a black and purple outfit that made it a sore sight in the middle of the green and brown forest.

The last one was a dark skinned man with white hair, so much that for a moment Monster was starting to think he was an elderly man…just how did you manage to end up with white hair? Did he stress himself out? He had a kind of laid out attitude, though.

"We're in the land of sound, sensei, we shouldn't be too loud." The young blond man spoke, as he closed his eyes.

"If there's anything, I'm sure you'll catch it C,

Since it's sensorial that…that…ya see!" the guy, Killer bee, said, as the blond man pointed to the branch where Monster was.

"Crap," was all he could say, before a damn, literal, lighting fast second afterwards, he got himself a new set of kunais and shurikens…in his chest.

He fell down without as much as a thought, as his consciousness drifted away.

"C! You hit a CHILD!" was the last thing Monster heard, coming from a female and worried voice.

*Five Years later*

Naruto woke up, panting from the nightmare he had been in, where the mob of people hit him with stones and people wanted him to kill other people, and then he was killed by his friends for being useless. He looked at the clock and sighed in relief. He still had time to get to the academy and get his forehead protector.

He dashed downstairs, fist bumping the tanned man that came out of the door on the left of the corridor without much thought, as it was a daily occurrence, the two of them being late. He looked like a mini-tornado, as he made his way through the kitchen and out of the door, after giving a quick hand-wave to Darui, who was, most lazily, drinking tea with ease.

The end of his dash was straight into his class, were a really angry woman stood, in wait, nervously tapping on the floor with her right foot.

"Yugito-oneecha…" Naruto would have wanted to say he was sorry, but the chalks flew into his mouth until he had no more space to even speak.

"SIT Naruto! You're late for the exam!" as Naruto spat out the chalks, and the class laughed its ass off, he managed to make his way to the back row, were a written exam was waiting just for him.

Naruto swiftly managed to get through the majority of it with ease, thanking Kami that Yugito-oneechan was weak to his fabled jutsu, the puppy-eyes of doom, and had most kindly told him, just in general and just because she was thinking to herself, some of the general areas where the quiz would have ended up on.

As he finished, he gave a wide grin at Yugito, who rolled her eyes over and grabbed the tests from the students.

"How do you think it went? Did we pass? Is fate going to…" Shiganori Yugoro was one of Naruto's friend, the only problem being that he was the fate-type of person. Did a rock soar through the sky to hit his head? Fate. Never mind him using *fate* as an excuse to pick-up girls, he stood tall, with raven hair and clear green eyes, and an impeccable white smile.

"Oh, shut your trap." Fujimoto Shoko muttered without as much as trying to keep her cool. Yugoro had asked her out once, and Shoko had stupidly accepted. The next day, Yugoro had all his face as red as red could become, and Shoko had all but decided to make sure no-one ever fell for Yugoro's *fate-talk* ever again. She had her blond hair tied in a crook, and a pair of thick glasses on her face, which nearly hid her violet eyes.

"Ladies should be refined." Ichigawa Saya, the epitome of being refined packed into a kimono. How she actually managed to move in a kimono or fight in it was a mystery, but being a Genjutsu user, most probably she wouldn't survive in a Taijutsu spar. She was the example of what a refined wife would be, with dark hair, brown eyes, little of stature, her skin pale. The only problem was that she packed a worst character than Shoko on her worst days, and Shoko had given a new meaning to *worst*.

"Silence in the classroom!" Yugito yelled, she had accept to be a teacher for this class more for the sake of a fellow Jinchuuriki, than because she actually enjoyed being a teacher. Sure, the brats had grown on her, but it didn't matter. She was glad it was going to end with this class. She looked for a brief moment, her gaze softening, when she saw the kid smile and make her a *victory* gesture.

The first time they had met, she was still a student of B, not a Jounin-sensei, but she was the Jinchuuriki of the Nibi, the two tails, Matatabi, and had been put under the training of B, who was the Jinchuuriki of the Hachibi, the eight tails.

"I *must* stress the importance of taking this second part seriously. We will use live weapons for the first time." Naruto feigned dozing off, "obviously, if you trained with them at home, or with stupidly idiotical and bulky morons," Naruto grinned in his feigned sleep, "then you're pretty much set. Now let's go to the training grounds."

Naruto would have sleep-walked till there, had he not been taken by the ear by Yugito herself.

"Since you think it's easy, then you're going to go first!" she snapped at him, as he whined about the unfairness of such a treatment. The moment he reached the throwing area, he grabbed the ten shurikens in one hand, and the ten kunais in the other, and threw all of them without even watching. A set of dull noises later, and all targets had their heads hit, precisely in the eyes.

"…Show off." Was the general murmur, as even Saya, for a brief moment, felt compelled to actually act unlady-like and tell him a piece of her mind.

"Jealous? My, a fair lady such as yourself should know that fate…" a fist in the face later, courtesy of Shoko, it was everyone else turns to show their skills.

The final part was the basic display of jutsus, but as Yugito couldn't stress enough, if, by chance, some moronic over-muscled freak idiot had trained them in the use of destructive ones, then, by all means, it was polite to warn the senseis before so that they could avoid destroying a classroom.

The three examiners watched Naruto enter with a wide grin on his face, and all three sighed.

"Fine, what did that dumb idiot teach you this time?" the one to speak was a red-haired dark skinned woman, known as Karui, who perfectly knew and respected Killer B, but still thought of him as an idiot.

"You'll see, Karui-sensei!" after a set of hand symbols, Naruto clapped his hands together while yelling:

Fūton: Reppūshō! (Wind release: Gale Palm)

Darui, who was the second sensei for the evaluation, looked unfazed, as the sheets which held the overall results, or had notes on the participants, began flying through the room.

Yugito, who was the third and final sensei, looked on the verge of having a nervous breakdown, but managed to grit under her teeth.

"F-Fine. You pass. Get the damn forehead protector and get out of here BEFORE I TEAR YOU TO SHREDS!" Darui, no matter how unfazed he looked, threw a Kumo forehead protector at Naruto, who caught it with a smile and started running off, avoiding just narrowly being *scratched* by Yugito's elongated nails who growled at the agility of the boy, that and the fact that she was being held by Karui, who was shooting accusatory glances at Darui, especially because he wasn't helping at all.

"Sorry about him. Grilled meat tonight?" Darui suggested, once Yugito finally calmed down.

"That Baka will probably prefer Ramen at Hakkaku's; just to eat and make ME fat." Yugito pouted back, earning a chuckle from Karui.

"What's so funny, flat board?" as Yugito muttered that, a large vein started bulging on Karui's forehead.

"Better flat and thin than having fat on the …back side."

Darui coughed, "Sorry for your outbursts. Should we get on with the exams, before the sun sets?"


Minato clenched his fists, and hit the wall of the Hokage's office with strength. He repeated that motion once more, then again, and again, and finally he started doing the same with his head.

"Hey boy! What's your problem now?" the familiar voice of his sensei made him turn around, in surprise.

"Jiraiya…come in." the toad hermit was standing halfway inside the office, and halfway outside, being in the middle of the window.

"Nah, I'm fine here boy." The man replied, shrugging as he sat down and took out his notebook, ready to jot down some new ideas for the new book. Icha-Icha violence! He felt a nice feeling: it was going to be a success.

"It is of the utmost importance." As Minato said that, Jiraiya nodded, closing the window behind him, and as Minato activated the privacy seals in the office, he pulled the window's curtains, stopping the light from entering the room.

"If this is something kinky, my answer is no Minato, you know I'm straight!" Jiraiya joked, but suddenly, he felt it, a nervousness and uneasiness he hadn't felt in a while.

"What's the problem boy?" he asked once more, seriously.

"You were right on Danzo: he no longer had Naruto with him." The voice was sad and riddled with guilt.

"I told you! So, where did he bring him to train! You don't have to worry, I'll go grab him and make him my apprentice, so he'll be safe and sound."

"He didn't bring him anywhere." Minato replied, his voice trembling.

"You can't tell me you believe him!" Jiraiya was angry about this, fooling Minato once, pass, but twice? Was Minato losing his senses?

"I had both Ibiki and Inoichi have a round with him, and while he was a tough nut to crack, he confessed everything, and even dismantled Root for real this time, just to prove his point. He even handed over the scrolls with the missions on looking for Naruto that he had signed his Root-nins, but none were successful." Minato's voice was trembling.

"I…I sent my son to die, didn't I, Jiraiya-sensei?"

"Now Minato, you don't know how much I'd like to have you pass through a couple of my Rasengans, just to bring the point across that YOU HAVE BEEN AN IDIOT! You made the life of one of your children the happiest, and condemned the other to misery and the path of a weapon! I'll try and look for him, Minato. I'll try. I won't stop until I'll bring you back a corpse or him. However, have you already told Kushina?"

Jiraiya felt the uneasiness in Minato, who whispered.

"I told her over five years ago, when she came back from an Anbu mission and spoke of how there was a blond kid that looked just like Katsumi, and how he had been mistreated and abused and she actually wanted to adopt him..."

"So you gave him to DANZO!" Jiraiya yelled, furious.

"No…it's just that Naruto didn't come to Ichiraku's like Kushina had thought, and when she went to the Uchiha compound, which at the time had been purged while she was on her mission…she found his jumpsuit covered in blood and no signs of the boy. So she gave him for dead, killed in the crossfire and actually cried for the un-named boy."

"You could have told her he was still alive." Jiraiya hissed.

"I didn't know at the time! Danzo only told me later that he had a *prodigal* weapon to show me, to face off the enemies of Konoha. Then he started taking time. That's when you came in, but by the time you told me it was Naruto's, Danzo kept lying, telling he was emotionless and would simply work on a kill or be killed basis. By the time you uncovered the truth, that Danzo no longer had him, it was too late to change the news to Kushina…" Minato was on the verge of crumbling down; at least, his words carried that much emotion in them.

"I'll go look for the boy, Minato, what is going to happen to the bastard though?" at that question, Minato smirked.

"Nothing, the council decided he was acting on the benefit of Konoha, so…"

"I'M killing that damn council! One day, just you wait! Is there anything else?" the bout of rage came and went swiftly, as the Toad hermit queried.

"No." As Minato shook his head, Jiraiya nodded.

"Good, then I'll be off…but you will have to tell Kushina."

"But…" Minato tried to refuse.

"NO BUTS. She's crying for two persons, when in truth they are only one! She had the right to know, and you will tell her or I will!"


With that, Minato disengaged the privacy seals, and just as Jiraiya was about to exit, the door swung open, to actually reveal Kushina coming in with Katsumi on her tails. Her long red hair tied into two ponytails, her blond cerulean eyes and a happy smile, while wearing an orange jumpsuit that made her look like a tomboy.

"Ero-sennin!" she exclaimed, waving at Jiraiya who shook his head and left in silence.

"What was wrong with him?" Kushina queried, perplexed as to why the Sannin hadn't replied with his usual *I'm not a pervert, but a super pervert!* cameo.

Even Katsumi was surprised by that, and she too looked worriedly to Minato, who gulped down nervously.

"Honey…I need to speak with you alone…please don't hate me."


"Ramen! Ramen! RAMEN!" Yugito muttered in her half asleep state on the couch where B had placed her: in the apartment the Jinchuurikis shared there were five rooms, plus a living room that doubled as a kitchen and a relax area, which held the couch that now had the Nibi Jinchuuriki on. There was even a karaoke machine by the side, attached to the television.

"She was the one against it, wanting fish, sushi, and the like, and then, when she wasn't stopping, we had to pry her off the table." C muttered dark in his face, as he spoke to Karui who had passed by to see how the lunch had gone, and seeing Yugito in a delirium she naturally had queried on her friend's situation.

"Yeah, by the way, the Raikage wants to see you lot..." Naruto shook his head, as he gave the *cue* to Killer B.

"Yo-ho-ho! A meeting we're having"

"No time for partying!" Naruto replied.

"Brother is waiting!"

"Let's keep the heat shaking!" afterwards they bro-fisted each other, giving a set of shivers down everyone, especially Yugito, who just felt good enough to go puke by herself.

"I'm…leaving." Karui replied, dashing out.

"I forgot to buy dinner!" C muttered, running out behind Karui.

"Sorry for them! C, I'm coming with you!" Darui yelled, dashing behind C.

When Yugito actually came out of the bathroom, she stared at a horrible scene. Naruto, wearing the Kumo headband protector, with a pair of shades similar to that of B, plus he was wearing a matching outfit with that of B, purple and white.

"No." Was all that Yugito said, before dragging Naruto to his own room, and make him emerge minutes later with a normal and somber ninja outfit, which had a dark brown and dark yellow tint, with black stitching and a pair of long cargo pants, the kunai pouch and a bandolier going from the left shoulder to the right side of his body.

"There, now off to see the chief." With that, the trio of Jinchuurikis headed off to the Raikage's office, the large blue tower in the middle of Kumo.

"I've got to ask, why weren't there the team assignments?" Naruto queried.

"Kumo's got a large number of military personnel, only Konoh…" B bit his tongue, hard, as Naruto stopped walking and started shivering.

"NARUTO!" Yugito slapped the boy to the side, making him turn around and stare at the elder Jinchuuriki with his puppy eyes, "it's over, that life of yours is over. Come on, you're a Genin of Kumo now, you graduated one year earlier, show your balls!"

"A-hi." Naruto meekly replied nodding, as B got a murderous glare from Yugito.

"Anyway, we're second best, but the team's composition and assignments are given by the Raikage himself after careful consideration and…" as B continued, he was cut short by Yugito.

"Basically, it's a free-for-all. One mission you can end up with me as a Jounin commander, another one with Darui, and even your team-mates may vary. This helps strengthen us by forming friends and by knowing the strengths and weakness of our fellow ninjas." As Yugito finished explaining the various degrees of missions available and how no, no Genin would ever be sent on an assassination of a high-priority target, they finally got into the Raikage's office, without knocking.

A's fists shot forward, grabbing B in his famous *Iron Claw* punishment method.

"GAH! Bro! What is this for!" B protested.

"You taught the kiddo another destruction jutsu! You damn idiot! Teach him something useful once in a while!" as A finished his rant on the stupidity of teaching a young boy high-level destruction techniques, Naruto simply jumped and grabbed a hold of the Raikage's neck.


Somewhere, in Konoha, a really beaten up blond haired man shivered deeply. Very, very deeply.

Author's notes.

Damn cliffhanger!

Now, pinky swear, once I finish Demilich in Tristain, this story plus *Making of a Kage* will be kept going.