Twenty-eighth Chapter

Let it not be said, that life is easy. Life is never easy. There are always obstacles waiting to grab you and smash you against the wall. There are always enemies, lurking in the shadows, ready to strike you down. There are always unpredictable events that might, or might not, be a part of the whole.

Truth be told, had anyone told A that he'd end up adopting a boy that would turn out to be a replica of both a legendary Sannin and of his father, he'd have given a Lariat straight to the face of the clearly mad individual. Yet, he couldn't help but feel pride, seeing, from his position, how his son was fighting alone against an army, and several high rank level criminals. On the other hand, he was also extremely and utterly angered to the very brim of his little patience that someone could have been so damn stupid to actually go alone to face such an army.

"I have a plan," the Raikage muttered, gritting his teeth, "Trust me, Otou-san," he muttered again, just as electricity sparked all around him, "If this is his great plan, to fight them alone, then I swear I'm going to kill him myself, if he doesn't die there," he added, as next to him, Mabui stood silent, biting her lip. Should she tell the boss *what* the man had asked her to do? Or should she not? A hundred meters away from the barrier, and Naruto's *stand*, stood the Raikage, Mabui, Darui and nothing less than five-hundred Kumo shinobis, all the ones that could have actually covered the distance from the capital to that point. Now, on the other hand, they had to rest, and Naruto…Naruto *should* have been in the battle first, but helped by A and the others, letting the weakest ones to rest and then swapping places with them, before retreating, and repeating the process…instead, right there, he had ditched the others along the road, going so fast that not even the Raikage had been able to keep speed with him, and, afterwards, they had met a nice barrier preventing them from getting any closer to the fight.

"Raikage-sama…" the silver haired woman said, politely, "your son asked me to do something, should the battle turn clearly against his favor," she added.

"And that's the plan of his? What is it?" as the Raikage replied, turning around to stare hard at the woman in question, who, albeit being an experienced shinobi, was already planning to run away and avoid answering.

"He has prepared a stash of two thousands explosive notes…if he is about to lose…I am to directly send them inside the barrier," she muttered, thus explaining why she had a crate nearby, with the *danger* symbol on it.

The look on the Raikage's face was one of utter shock, and extreme and uncontrolled surprise.

"I don't know wherever I should admire him, for the balls he has as a shinobi, or snap his neck at the utter idiocy that his brain is for coming up with such suicidal contingency plans," the Raikage replied, shaking his head, while staring at the battle that was unfolding in front of him. He just hoped the other sides were holding.

"No, if the battle will be going badly, I want you to bring me in," A muttered, gritting his teeth, "my father could manage the feat, and so will I," he added, closing short any discussion or argument, "as I said before, I ain't letting my son get all the glory," he chuckled.

*Kumogakure Outskirts*

"Pops, It's a fine day, isn't it?" Yoru hissed, as he looked straight in front of him, before slightly tensing up.

"You felt the tremors in the ground too, didn't you?" the black snake hissed to Scaly-chan, who nodded, before slowly diving underground.

"Well pops, you can stop acting all that tense, you know!" Yoru hissed once more, as his father, slowly but surely, unwrapped his wings, keeping silent, however, as his blue eyes set themselves on the horizon.

"Yoru," he hissed, "You're a loudmouth, an imbecile, and an utterly idiotic son of mine," he added, "But I wouldn't change you for another son, no matter what. So…keep your position," and with that, even though the sheer size of Kuro could rival mountains, the flying snake dashed forward, leaving behind a small crater as the strength of the wind, generated by the snake's wings, carried him upwards, with such a speed that the next moment, he was already out of reach from an utterly puzzled fire snake.

"What was that about?" Yoru hissed, before narrowing his eyes, and yelling to the other snakes nearby, "Ready yourself Tail and Scale divisions! Let us show those fools who's got the strongest tails and the toughest scales!" he howled, as behind him, a veritable ocean of green and brown, mixed with some black, hissed back in reply.

The next moment, the ground shook, and an army of white Zetsu clone emerged from the ground, forced to do so, because underground they couldn't pass through the back of the giant stone-like snake that was also feeding on them, and thus they had to emerge…and they regretted it the very moment they did.

"Yoru's special: Flaming Wall!" as fire chakra from the giant snake appeared for a brief second in his mouth, like a fiery ball of pure flames, it slowly turned blue, to show the heat it actually had, and the next moment…the flames dashed forward, like a flamethrower, generating intense heat and a wall of flames that scorched and burned a considerable amount of foes.

For a second, the White Zetsu army stood still…but after that, the sheer amount of them charged through the fire, only to be met with a spectacle that would have made even the strongest of souls stop in shock. Snakes charged back just as the first of the white zetsu made it to the hill where Yoru stood, jumping forward and tearing holes through the enemy as, after being in midair, they bit their own tails, starting to roll downwards while their back, enhanced with wind chakra, guaranteed them the same sheer speed and cutting power of a thrown Chakram, actually making them both attackers and weapons.

The bodies that fell stumbled backwards, and as they began to roll the fire snakes spat out blobs of flames, that attached themselves to the falling bodies, making them literal rolling boulders of fire, since they were made out of wood, after all, or at least mostly out of it, fire was truly effective, as their cries littered the air, soon scales met nails, teeth met fangs, Kunais clashed and Ninjatos pierced, tails swiped the area and poison was spat.

The point they were charged on defending was the only possible way upwards, to reach another pass and finally be in Kumogakure. After them, as the last defense, in case some Zetsus managed to pull through, stood the Kumogakure shinobis that had been called back, meaning that, should the snake fall, since they could reverse summon in case of a defeat, they'd be the last line of defense.

The first one? The first one was obviously Naruto himself, the second was made of the shinobis close to the border, plus the Raikage, and they would either provide support to Naruto, or to them, depending on the circumstance.

Shiro-chan, flying, reached her uncle Yoru just as his giant tail smashed on the ground, sending a group of five Zetsus to meet their end by becoming a white pulp on the tip of it, and then receiving the hissed report, since hisses were fastest as a mean of communication then words, making the snake roll his eyes.

"THE IDIOT!" was the rant of black snake, "If he survives, I'm killing him myself!"

"Raikage-san is in line first, Uncle!" Shiro replied, before launching from her tail an explosive tag at an incoming wave, sending a couple to cinders and other to lose some limbs.

"Well, go and report it also backwards, let's see if there are others who'd think the same," as Yoru said that, Shiro flew as fast as she could, leaving behind her uncle to send another flame stream at more enemies.


He dodged the upcoming punch from the white Zetsu, ducked while raising his right arm, pushing his legs backwards, to dull the blow of the left punch coming from a Hiraishin'd Minato from the Zetsu's seal, as he twirled in midair, avoiding the Raiton: Gian from Kakuzu's mask, his left forearm, imbued with Wind chakra, created a twirling current that scattered the paper shuriken thrown at him by Konan, while Deidara's launched forward spiders, tried to explode, once attached to him, but fell on the ground, like if they were duds, as electricity covered the man's body.

"HEY!" Deidara yelled, "Art is an explosion! What did you do!" Not stopping to answer, Naruto jumped out of the way of Tobi's space-time distortion whirlpool, moving closer to the Madara in question, and yelling.

"If you're really Madara, come on! Change the landscape! Fight and create a valley, you weakling!" as he taunted the man, he grinned, aiming straight at a group of white Zetsu, and jumping in the middle of them, to avoid the volley of Kunais that Minato sent his way.

Kisame charged, his Samehada swiping the white Zetsus away, in the hope of taking also the boy down, but not seeing him any longer.

"I'm here you dolphin!" Naruto taunted again, from behind Konan's back, "Hey Yellow flash, are you sure your name doesn't come from night leaks!" as he disappeared once more, his right fist connected with Deidara's face, who, albeit having his eyes both out in the open, hadn't seen him, and as he was thrown down on the ground, next to his spider, he spat out a trickle of blood.

"Art is an explosion, right?" Naruto exclaimed, locking a hand on Deidara's face, "THEN KATSU!" and as the blond spiked man was gone, so did the spider Deidara had been on, and that now was beside him, brighten up, earning a shocked expression from the blond man.

"HOW CAN…" as the explosion took way, Deidara barely felt himself being pushed backward by Minato, who, Hiraishin'd close to him, to save him from the explosion.

"Doton: Domu!" Kakuzu barely held true to his words, that a kick connected with his stomach, piercing straight through his abdomen, like if the earth armor didn't mean a thing, and instead, as just worsening the situation, as the missing-nin from Taki growled in annoyance, raising his fist to punch the man, Konan launched explosive tags, just as Naruto himself disappeared once more, letting the tags explode close to where Kakuzu was, but not harming him, differently from the kick, but still making him extremely irritated, as his wounds closed up through the use of the thread he was made of.

"No use of wide-range Jutsus, or you'd kill each other," as Naruto said that, Kisame's sword dashed on the back of the swordsman, to deflect the hit of a Katana imbued in electricity, and just like that, the man was gone once more.

"Samehada's ability is just troublesome, but to an extent," the man replied, reappearing as fast as he could once more to the right side of Kakuzu, but this time, a fist was ready to meet him, and only his quick nerve's reaction allowed him to deflect it, before yelling out loud.

"Raiton: Kangekiha!" just as electricity scoured through the body of Kakuzu, a rasengan embedded itself deeply into Naruto's back, sending him against the ground, in a small crater, before disappearing once more, albeit this time, clearly wounded. However Kakuzu noted, much to his dismay, that his earth armor was crumbling, as the electricity had seemingly disrupted the technique, and had travelled straight through his Jiongu, to pierce at his earth heart, meaning his Taijutsu armor had suddenly taken a drop, and forcing him to narrow his eyes and assume a far more defensive position. Being utterly pissed right in that moment was making it extremely hard, but he had to keep his cool, the man was a tough enemy, and it seemed to know *all* the weaknesses he could exploit, surely Itachi's work.

"You can't escape from me! This time, I'll blow you to smithereens and chop your corpse to pieces!" Minato yelled, as he smirked, in wait, for the moment to attack the man once more. Using the jutsu had slowed him down long enough to be attacked, even if he was in his lightning armor, he still needed some split second of time to channel the chakra, and that would be his downfall.

"I'd like to see you try, MONSTER!" Naruto yelled, as he reappeared above the group, his hands dashing through signs, the stupid idiot was now wide open for another attack! A thing Minato took with joy since, unknown to the boy, he had already tagged a Hiraishin seal on him when he had attacked him, at the beginning of the battle. That's why, when he appeared behind him, ready to pierce him, he got a surprise in seeing the man seemingly disappear from where he was, letting a doubt creep into him, just long enough to…

"HE KNOWS THE HIRAISHIN!" he yelled out loud, just as, reappearing behind Konan, having tagged her back, the man in question muttered a single final word.

"Chidori Eiso!" the spear of lightning dashed forward, piercing straight through the woman, and, not stopping, until it hit the ground, several more sprouting from it, grabbing as many Zetsus in it as possible, before unleashing the electricity tightly compressed, generating a static field of electricity that stunned, or outright killed the majority.

Konan, on the other hand, dispersed into paper sheets, being nothing more than a paper Bunshin. Just as she did that, the papers in question revealed themselves as explosive tags while behind him Minato appeared readying another rasengan. Just as the blue orb of chakra was about to hit the man's back, a small amount of current twitched the ex-fourth Hokage's hand, making him lose the momentum, and the aim, into Naruto's back, and actually slowing him down a moment, but that moment was all the man needed to reappear behind Tobi, who had stood still and unmoving for a while.

"There's so much electricity around here," Naruto pointed out, "that you should understand how it's going to be," he added.

"You could have become a great ally, and now I have to kill you," Tobi muttered, as using an inhumanly high speed, he jumped backwards, trying to pass through Naruto, while swiftly slashing his neck.

The only result was a kick straight in the back, and the man was forced forward with a loud yell of pain, as he nearly broke his spine, by his own accord!

"Yeah, and you're an idiot," Naruto replied, jumping backwards to avoid Samehada, as Kisame sneered at the man in question.

"Stop running and fight me!" Kisame's sword turned her teeth towards the blond man, letting out sharp screeches, just as Naruto, smirking, replied while giving an eye towards Kakuzu.

"Why would I? I'd rather fight the blue-haired chick, she's clearly stronger than you lot of pathetic baboons who can't do shit without wide range attacks…look at Kakuzu! He's so WEAK!" as he laughed that out, taunting the Takigakure missing-nin, the already thin patience of the man thinned even further, as Minato hurriedly tried to exclaim:

"Kakuzu wa…"

And in that moment, the green-eyed man yelled out:

"Fūton: Atsugai! Katon: Zukokku!" the next moment, a loud *shit* was pronounced by Kisame, who swiftly puked out an enormous amount of water, while Tobi managed, just in time, to transport himself to his pocket dimension, while Minato Hiraishin'd behind Konan, who had been hiding all the time next to the ravine's wall, but still in the barrier area.

The explosion rocked the area, forcing even the water around Kisame to evaporate, and his Samehada to actually suck in some of Kakuzu's chakra and fire, something the sword truly hated.

It was at that moment, that silence reigned for a couple of minutes in the area around them.

The barrier still held, meaning Naruto was still alive.

However, out of all of them…Tobi had yet to reappear, and so too Naruto.

*Tobi and Naruto*

Tobi had barely gotten safe from the explosion, in his personal space area that a kick on the back sent him on the ground, before he swiftly got back up, staring with wide eyes at the appearance of the boy…in HIS space.

"You showed it to me once…you should have suspected as much," Naruto pointed out, his hand finally moving to his sword, "engage me, whoever you are!" as his sword descended in front of him, the man snarled, "I AM TORUNA OF THE SNAKES! Best tracker of the land of Iron and your head will roll today!" as he dashed forward, an afterimage of a covered in iron samurai briefly floated on the man's back, mimicking his movements, and, for what Tobi thought being nothing more than a trick of the mind, he swiftly pulled out his own sword, clashing with his own Ninjato against the man's katana, his speed more than able to keep on par with him, his strength and skill second to none.

"How did you manage this?" Tobi hissed, his face frowning from the effort.

"Like I always did before! I watched and I learned it! Hachimon Kaimon!" Tobi's eyes showed the shock, as a purely Taijutsu ability, the opening of gate, suddenly forced him to break the strength conflict, and jump backwards, avoiding the slash, that still came, but not alone, "Shinkuken!" as the blade of wind dashed forward, slicing everything in its path, Tobi's eyes narrowed, and he took his chance, sidestepping the blade and closing the distance once more, before letting his Ninjato fly against the men, while his right hand aimed straight at the man's Katana's guard.

It was a moment, and the Katana suddenly shifted position, as the Ninjato pierced through Naruto's shoulder, but through that, it granted him the possibility to head-butt Tobi straight in the face, sending him backwards, his eyes locking into those of the man responsible for everything.

Then Naruto closed in once more, his left hand renouncing the two-handed posture to charge itself with electricity, while the wind chakra still kept on flowing into the blade, and, as the electricity touched the ground, it moved on its own, surrounding the man in a feeble static field, that his lightning armor both fed and was fed from.

"That thing again," Tobi narrowed his eyes, "You use static electricity together with your sage enhanced sensorial abilities, to pinpoint and know strength and direction of attacks, and you are using two affinities together not because of a Kekkai, but because your sword is actually held by your hand, but chakra is supplied by the snake in your sleeve," as he muttered that, Naruto smirked.

"Aces in the sleeves, I've got more than one, let's see if you're worthy of them all," as he taunted, once more, the man, Tobi's eyes narrowed, and suddenly, the idea of playing around made no sense at all, as he launched himself forward with unparalleled speed, he was surprised to see the man in question suddenly match up with his own one, as fists connected to one another, and the Katana was foregone, suddenly, Tobi decided he was done with it, and, extracting another Ninjato, used it to pierce the man straight in the chest.

What happened next surprised Tobi, as the man didn't duck, nor actually tried to avoid the blow, but instead redirected it to his shoulder, and in that moment, the fight started once more, with Naruto head-butting Tobi straight in the face, sending him backwards, his eyes locking into those of the man responsible for everything, then Naruto closed in once more, his left hand renouncing the two-handed posture to charge itself with electricity, while the wind chakra still kept on flowing into the Katana, once more in his hand, and, as the electricity touched the ground, it moved on its own, surrounding the man in a feeble static field, that his lightning armor both fed and was fed from.

"That thing again," Tobi narrowed his eyes, "You use static electricity together with your sage enhanced sensorial abilities, to pinpoint and know strength and direction of attacks, and you are using two affinities together not because of a Kekkai, but because your sword is actually held by your hand, but chakra is supplied by the snake in your sleeve," as he muttered that, Naruto smirked.

"Aces in the sleeves, I've got more than one, let's see if you're worthy of them all," as he taunted, once more, the man, Tobi's eyes narrowed, and suddenly, the idea of playing around made no sense at all, as he launched himself forward with unparalleled speed, he was surprised to see the man in question suddenly match up with his own one, as fists connected to one another, and the Katana was foregone, suddenly, Tobi decided he was done with it, and, extracting another Ninjato, used it to pierce the man straight in the chest.

At that moment, he realized it all sounded so familiar, actually, as he found himself yet once more in the same situation as before, only this time, he couldn't manage to duck the head-butt, yet he knew it was bound to happen, and he could have avoided it, but truth be told he couldn't.

Outside of the man's mind, Naruto's right eye slowly closed, a stream of blood running down it, and, biting his lower lip, he muttered.

"Well…you underestimated me. Why do people keep underestimating me? You should have summoned your statue, you know, *that* would have worked in dashing through, if I recall her strength, now I'll leave you here, the perfect spot for you: until you realize your wrongdoings, accepting that your reasons are wrong, you'll stay in here, in your very own dimension, trapped. I won't surely come to save you…see ya," and with those words, Naruto exited the area, leaving behind a very still Tobi, who, stuck in an endless loop, couldn't move.

*Within Tobi's mind*

"No, no, it can't be!" Tobi yelled, "Not even Izanagi works! I avoided eye contact! Was it that time, when he stared at me? No, there wasn't a Genjutsu cast right then!" as he said that, he once more was head-butted, thrown backwards, and once more he saw Toruna charge at him.

"WHAT IS THIS PLACE!" Tobi roared, but no matter what, he couldn't avoid the repetition. It always came to him, he always came to him, he always managed to attack him, and he always found himself back at the previous point.

"I can't be trapped forever," the head-butt, once more, "I need to leave!" He was being charged at, again, "I have to complete the plan! I want to control the world! Why can't I do it!"

"Aces in the sleeves, I've got more than one…" as Naruto spoke once more, Tobi yelled out loud.

"STOP IT! STOP!" he threw a jab at the man, but he didn't hit him, he on the other hand, managed to head-butt him once more.

"Why is this happening! WHY!"

What did I do wrong? What happened? What's all this about? I need to find a way out, the statue! No, I sent it ahead with the White Zetsu army, but I think I might need to summon it here, I need her right now! I will control this world, and Konoha will burn, the Uchiha, the Senju, they will all burn for their betrayal and their thefts!

As he tired that, it failed, as the head-butt came once more, making the man lose his patience as he simply lashed out, only to get, once more, head-butted.

"Why, just why damn you! FINE! I'll come out of this in my own way!" as he tried to disappear into another pocket-dimension, he was, once more, head-butted.

"I can't do anything but follow the pattern, it's cycling through it!" Tobi muttered, as he saw the charge coming towards him once more.

"But why? Why damn you, why! I just have to endure this, if it's like Tsukuyomi, it will just be three days at best…but why can't I dispel it with my sharingan!"


Kuro wasn't a fool. The moment he, as the tallest snake, and thus the one with the best vision, had seen an enormous mass of wood and chakra march forward, probably at the head of the army, he had done the only thing he could do to lower the losses: he had charged up straight ahead, his head butting at a higher than sound speed against the statue, as his body wrapped itself around it, and then the battle among the two colossal beings began in earnest. At list, that was until the statue's strength actually showed off, after the brief initial moment of surprise, or distraction, or wait, whatever it was, and as Kuro found himself between the choice of being broken to splinters of snake-flesh, or unwrapping, he chose the latter, jumping away from the statue while flapping his wings to earn enough altitude to swirl around on himself repeatedly, before biting onto his own tongue, and coming crashing down, once more, like an embedded in wind-chakra Chakram, only to be actually parried by the statue, that was still pushed a couple of blocks worth away from the blast, before a tail sweep from Kuro sent it on the ground.

"I am Kuro, the slithering darkness of the night, the biter of the apocalypse: I am Kuro the wind snake!" as he roared that, his mouth unhinged, to yell out loud:

"Fūton: Renkūdan!" as massive wind balls clashed against the statue, it never the less stood back up, and, once the dust settled, it roared back at the snake, before unleashing strange chakra chains, that tried to wrap themselves against the black snake, who, however, pushed his wings downwards, flying out of reach.

"Those who have wings and fight on the ground are fools," Kuro hissed, as he slowly began a spiraling motion to condense the clouds around him, "a pity I don't have Naruto with me…well, beggars can't be choosers," as he muttered that, the statue's chains actually started moving upwards, and, as they moved through the really dark cloud that still *was* a condensed amount of electricity, thanks to being insulate from the rest, the result was a thunderbolt worth of shock straight down the chakra chain, towards the statue, who, however, fell down on her knees just to stand up a couple of seconds later, roaring.

"Damn that thing is annoying!" Kuro hissed, "I can't let her get to the village, damn her!"

It was at that moment, however, that the statue stopped.

"Huh?" Kuro stood very still, floating in wait, but the statue actually stopped moving. It was strange, but, as he slowly peeked with his head, he realized the statue had actually opened his mouth.

"Okay…that black sphere thingy isn't good at all," Kuro hissed slowly, as, his eyes bulging in shock, he flew straight out of the way of damn condensed Bijudama worthy of being called *the mother of all Bijudama* the result of the union of the Bijuus chakra of all the already captured demons. The cloud that the statue had hit, but even worst, the clouds all around the sky at the moment of the sphere's explosion, plus Kuro himself, were pushed aside by such a tremendous force that the sheer air pressure crumbled the trees on the ground, emptied the skies of clouds, and threw the giant snake to actually shatter a mountain's top, breaking in the process many of the snake's bones.

"GAH!" Kuro hissed, in pain, "That fucking hurt you damn fucking wooden splint of a fucking damn bastard of…" as a set of very loud swears echoed through the battlefield, Yoru actually sweat-dropped for a second, before spitting some more fire in the general direction of the Zetsu's, that didn't seem to dwindle at all.

"Father didn't de-summon…I think he might need some help, Tabako!" he hissed to the smoking rattlesnake, that was puffing smoke into a cloud, and then setting fire to said cloud with the tip of his cigar.

"Yeah!" he hissed back.

"I'm going to assist Pops! You take point!" as Yoru hissed that, the giant black snake slithered with the speed he could muster, hoping he'd manage to reach his father soon.

I kind of hope Naruto is doing well…I'm going to kill him myself when he comes back! OH YES!

It took but a couple of minutes, for Yoru to realize what his father had been doing, further away: keeping a giant statue out of the way. The battered form of his father stood on the nearby mountain, hissing and breathing, but raggedly, since after all, from what he could see, he had been beaten pretty badly, to the point of having been thrown straight against a mountain.

"I am Yoru," The black snake with red eyes hissed, "I am the trail blazer of the plains, the burner of Armageddon, Yoru, the fire snake! And nobody trashes my Pops and get away with it!" as the snake pounced forward, the statue raised her hands in defense, just as the snake in question actually took cue of his feint being a success, and swiftly moved to the side, where his mouth opened, as he roared.

"Hi no Maki!" as fire spat out of Yoru's mouth, Kuro stared at the sight with a small smile, one of pride, as the fiery flames of Yoru were a bright blue shade, the color of the hottest of flames possible, and as the veritable column of fire came to crash against the statue, the statue herself stopped on her tracks, trying desperately to turn the flames off.

"Can't let the youngster do all the work," Kuro hissed to himself, gritting his fangs at the pain his all body was in, as he slowly opened his wings, realizing, through a jolt of pain, that his right one had been neatly broken in more than one piece.

"Well…I'll slither over there," Kuro hissed to himself, as he slowly made his way down, wincing for all the wounds he had suffered.

As Yoru kept on spewing forward more and more flames, he suddenly felt a looming presence behind him, and, with a smirk, he managed to hiss.


"The Combine Yoru…let's try it out…" Kuro hissed slowly, as his blue eyes nodded with a small sparkle of amusement to those, red, of Yoru, who grinned back, before the snake, as big as Manda had been, but not even as big as his father, stopped his attack to slither all the way up Kuro's neck, and have his head positioned right underneath that of his father.

The statue took the brief moment of respite to roar once more, but just as it was about to prepare another Bijudama, the two struck together.

"KuroYoru combine: Twin headed firestorm!" the flame, blue, nearly became a pale white, as enhanced by the wind chakra it became a thing of unbearable heat, that for the first time, sent the statue back, to crash and roll on the ground under the sheer amount of pressure the technique generated, cracking the wooden structure of the statue, as it roared the incomplete Bijudama, that exploded literally on the statue's face, sending it even deeper into a crater generate by the air pressure, but also forcing both Kuro and Yoru to stop their technique, as the air movement nearly made them move backwards from the backslash.

The two snakes stared with their eyes narrowed at the crater, before slowly opening their eyes in shock, as the statue itself cracked once more, and then, finally exploded in a deafening roar as spheres of condensed chakra dashed through the air, dispersing in the night sky.

"Did you count six of them?" Yoru hissed slowly.

"That I did…you think we actually free the captured Bijuus in the world?" Kuro whimpered back, thinking just about how to break the news, when everything was over.

"Well…when they're going to be reincarnated, we will know," Yoru replied with a nod.

"Yeah, we just freed all the tails from that thing, you know, one tail, three tails, four tails, five tails, six tails, seven tails…that makes what, twenty-six tails of power out?" Kuro replied, as Yoru, whistling slowly slithered down his father's neck.

"Well Pops, sometime one has to do what one has to do," as he replied that, one of those energy globes fell down straight in front of them.

At that, both winced.

"Oh shit."

"I AM FREE!" Shukaku yelled with glee, "FREE! Free! Let me say I'm free to kill, free to maim, free to…" he then narrowed his eyes, staring at the two snakes in front of him, one his size, another smaller than him.

"My first kills!"

Just as the Ichibi gleefully yelled that, a giant frog, well, toad, jumped straight on top of his back, wielding a sword that however clashed futilely against the Ichibi's sand shield, and forcing the toad, called Gamabunta, to take a more defensive position, while, on top of him, stood both the Toad Sage, Jiraiya, and a red-haired woman in a Jounin-sensei battle armor.

At the sight of the red-haired woman, the Ichibi's eyes widened in shock, before the beast began recoiling, screaming like a whimpering child.

"NO CHAINS NO NO BAD CHAINS NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! NOOOOOOOO!" As Kuro and Yoru, sweat-dropped, the Ichibi actually placed both his paws above his head, and trembled while staying as low as possible, even sobbing.

Kushina, on top of Gamabunta, chuckled nervously, scratching the back of her head, while staring at the two snakes and waving at them, just as Gamabunta still kept his sword tightly in his hand, his eyes narrowing. He wasn't going to trust snakes just yet…even though they *did* send him over Manda's skin, as a sign of peace.

He had a good snake-skin wallet now, and he wasn't going to bitch about two snakes being the summons of one who could have been the perfect Toad sage…at least lest perverted then the current one.

As Jiraiya, on top of Gamabunta's head, sneezed, he waved too at Yoru and Kuro, before yelling out loud.

"We headed here as soon as we could! Thanks for contacting Katsumi-chan!"

"We didn't," Kuro replied, perplexed, turning to stare at Yoru, "Did you…" but as his son shook his head too, both snakes raised puzzled eyelids.

"Well…if you didn't, then who did?" Jiraiya queried, perplexed.


Saki was biting onto a leather piece, gnawing it to avoid biting at her nails, or hands, from the stress. Her uncle was out there, fighting, everyone else was out there, fighting, and she was in the village, being protected, while also Yugito-Auntie was doing the same as her, at least, she gnawed leather while tearing apart cushions, instead B-Uncle was simply rapping at the Karaoke machine.

She, on the other hand, tried once more to go to the bathroom, and then, carefully tried to slid open the window in it, but before she could even make a single step outside, a cough from above made her wince, and pout, as C-san stood there, his eyes narrowing, and, with a quick hand gesture, hushed her back inside.

"No fun!" she whined, going back to the living room, "Why can't we go help uncle?" she added.

"The bro's got it tough,

Protecting us is rough,

I'll keep an eye out for trouble,

And then I'll have him pay double," B rapped, thus earning himself a not-so-high score in the Karaoke's song.

"Stupid Otouto, really stupid Otouto," Yugito muttered, gritting her teeth, "Otou-san they're after the Jinchuuriki, protect them by keeping them in the village, while I go off with you towards a really suicidal mission to stop Uchiha Madara himself," she said, mimicking the man's voice, "I'll probably do a really cool stand-off and die like a martyr, but hey, everything is going to be fine, right!"

"Uncle is really strong…and who is Uchiha Madara?" Saki queried, perplexed.

"Oh, only the strongest of Shinobis ever existed, second only to the first Hokage, who, by the way, isn't around to help my Otouto survive his wrath and that of more than one dangerous S-rank enemy shinobi," Yugito replied, only to realize what she had just said to a mentally three years old girl.

"This doesn't mean he…" but she was interrupted by Saki actually widening her eyes in shock, and yelling:

"UNCLE NEEDS HELP!" before dashing out through the door with inhuman speed, in her already one-tail cloaked state, or at least, trying to, but one of the Hachibi's tentacle stopped her, by, however, trashing the kitchen up.

"Saki-chan! Stop it!" Yugito yelled, grabbing the wailing purple-haired woman by the ear, as the woman reverted back to her normal form.

"But…But…Uncle is fighting someone really strong! He needs help!"

"The Raikage is with him, as are more than a hundred shinobi and…"

"Shiro-chan, coming through with news!" the white flying snake flew in the kitchen, while saying out loud, without looking at her surroundings, "Naruto-san went to fight the Akatsuki alone, closing himself and them in a barrier! The Raikage is pretty pissed, and asks that none of you do anything like going to the battlefield, it's an…" soon, the kitchen was empty.

Shiro-chan blinked, for a moment, then slowly sneaked to the fridge, ignoring the cries of *Stop! That's going against orders!* and *Please Nii-san calm down!* or *Somebody call a medic!* while getting herself some milk and some cookies.

She had done such a great job everyone was surely going to be proud of her!

By the time the three Jinchuuriki reached the gates, however, they stopped on their tracks. Standing there, right next to the Toad Sage, was the red-haired whore, at least, for Yugito, who narrowed her eyes suspiciously. Slightly letting her nails elongate at the scene of her speaking politely with C, who was actually frowning, before nodding and turning around to point at the three. Probably he had sensed them, obviously, and had moved to intercept them there.

"What is she doing here!" Yugito was the first to snap, pointing at the red-haired woman, with a truly angry face.

"Seems she and Jiraiya-san were called here by Katsumi's relying them a message of a need for assistance from Kumogakure," C replied, "But I have no way to verify it, so I don't honestly know what to do," he added.

"Well, where's the kid? He's the one who could have sent the message, but both Kuro and Yoru said nothing on that," Jiraiya replied, "And I can't have Gamabunta wait, he's getting edgy," as he pointed that out, the giant Toad outside the gates was actually enjoying the view of the place…but wasn't too keen on saying anything about it, he was playing shogi after all with Kuro, who was being bandaged by an overly fussy blue-scaled snake that was so extremely tiny, compared to him, that it was even funny to watch, especially how it fussed and cried at every wound, making Kuro roll his eyes more than once.

"Well, the brat has decided to be an idiot!" Yugito snapped, "He's gone martyr, I tell you! We have to hurry to his side and…"

"Where's Saki-chan?" B queried, looking for a brief moment around, and not seeing the woman in question.

"Wait…she can't have," as C increased his sensor area, he groaned, "She did. She's out of range already, how'd you get here so fast?" the medic-nin queried Jiraiya, who grinned.

"Gamabunta can jump really high and far…somebody needs a lift?"


Minato was tense, as he awaited the spiral that would mark the return of Tobi, maybe with an unconscious Naruto. What he didn't expect was Naruto himself emerging, both of his eyes open, but one of them was now missing a black line on the bottom of the slit.

"Missed me?" was all the blond man could taunt, as Minato reappeared on the man's back, letting his Kunai fall forward in an attempt to slash his back. The only result was Naruto dispersing into smoke, before the fourth Hokage felt a punch connect to his jaw, sending him nearly against the barrier wall, and forcing him to plant his hands on the ground to avoid getting badly wounded by the shield's defenses.

There was no longer a *pass* around them, but a squared area of at least a good mile, the limits of the barrier, and, as Minato gritted his teeth, narrowing his cold blue eyes, Kakuzu charged forward, aiming to pummel the brat to the ground.

While the Takigakure Ninja tried that, Konan's paper shurikens darted once more, this time fizzling, as they had been made out of explosive tags, exploding in mid-air and thus obscuring Kakuzu's charge, just as Kisame, moving from the back, flung Samehada towards him.

The first second, all three of them thought with glee just how the shocked and soon to be dead Naruto was going to be hurt by this combined three-way attack. The next moment, Samehada's attack was deflected by a chakra chain, while Kakuzu's fist was blocked by a wall of chains that simply enclosed in a dome both Naruto and Kisame.

"As Samehada sucks chakra, tell me, do you have any Sage training?" Naruto queried, as the chain that was wrapped around the sword in question dispersed, resulting in the two enclosed within the dome of chains, while Naruto's hand assumed a defensive position, Kisame's eyes narrowed.

"Don't fuck with me. I can feel the chakra coming out of my body. Too bad for you, because I'm known as the tailless Bijuu, for all the chakra I possess, you're barely dipping me! And now…you're going to DROWN! Suiton: Dai Bakusui Shōha!" as water emerged from the man's mouth, filling in the dome of chains, Kisame grinned, before trying to merge with Samehada. Trying to, because he suddenly felt the deep need *not* to, as the sword refused the contact, feeling…Sick?

"What did you do!" Kisame's eyes blazed with fury, Samehada could eat any amount of chakra, without any problem!

The man stood still, using the chains sprouting from his back to remain calmly with his feet on the ground, albeit the water, all around him, was violently gushing around.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, he *did* give much of a hint, didn't he? His Lightning release armor was still holding on, sending shocks all around the water, but strangely, or maybe obviously, since it was coated in chakra, it wasn't spreading around as fast as he wanted to. He could drop it, but he was sure that, in doing so, he'd warrant a quick and painful death the moment he'd defeat Kisame, as it would send Minato at his back too fast for him to dodge.

Outside, Deidara was preparing a giant plaster, muttering curses about art stealers, and about how his art was the real true one, while Konan was keeping her gaze fixed on the dome, waiting for the outcome of the match, as, she realized, the chakra chains were slowly obscuring the inner visual with some sort of…fog?

Being in the center of the dome, surrounded by the water, Kisame's eyes were all fixed on Naruto, he had to get near the man, while keeping careful attention for any loose chains and tricks the man had.

"Suiton: Goshokuzame!" Let's see how he fares against my long range attacks, then! As five chakra sharks emerged from the hand of Kisame, darting forward towards Naruto, the man didn't as much as flinch, instead letting the chains wrap around his body too, in a sort of Cocoon like phase, as the attack simply hit and dispersed, without seemingly doing damage.

Truth be told, Naruto's muscle were imploring mercy, but the man wasn't going to show any weakness, right then, it would prove fatal.

He just had to wait, making sure that Kisame would keep being cautious, just a bit more…just a few more minutes.

"What is he playing at?" Kisame muttered, staring at how the man didn't seem to move at all. He turned his gaze around, and, at that moment, the chains actually pursued to attack the individual in question.

"You've got no gills, yet you plan to ensnare me in the water? Are you finally cracking under the pressure?" as Naruto simply smiled, he waved with his hand in the water towards Kisame, who, puzzled, realized by dodging that he felt his back growing…warmer? He turned around, to be met with utterly caustic vapors that sapped through the water like they were feeding on it, not only drying it, but passing through the man's fins and entering his lungs, effectively making it far worse than it was meant to be. The great swordsman of the mist, Kisame, felt like a fish out of the water…while being IN the water.

His hands reached his own throat, in gasps of lack of air, or maybe, excess of scorching air, and, finally, as his eyes began rolling backwards, Samehada cried at the sight of the chains piercing through the man's chest, turning the water crimson with blood.

On the outside, the fog that had been on the surrounding of the dome turned reddish in color, before the chains actually dispersed, releasing a wave of seemingly hot air and water around, followed by the dead and filled with gaping holes body of Kisame, who was, strangely, being covered by a weeping Samehada.

Naruto stood in the middle of it, his mouth closed tightly, as his eyes narrowed long enough to realize that he had been surrounded by clay, explosive clay, coming straight from Deidara.

"THIS IS REAL ART! KATSU!" the explosion soared throughout the area, effectively at point blank destroying even more than before, and, as the dust settled in, the Akatsuki remaining members peeked from behind of Konan's paper barrier, seeing the battlefield completely devoid even of rocks, and only the pale purple hue of the barrier remaining.

It was at that moment, that the swirling movement of a rasengan, coupled with the sheer cries of a chidori, embedded itself deeply into Deidara's back, making him yell in pain, as the electricity of the chidori and the spinning motion of the rasengan literally tore his spine from his back, breaking him in a gory mess of blood and spilled organs, as he flew to impact harshly against one side of the barrier, dissolving into purplish flames.

The attack had come from behind Konan and Minato, who, turning around, realized that a slightly sweating Toruna stood there, his eyes narrowed while staring at the two, perplexed as Kakuzu seemed nowhere near.

It was only a moment, as when Kakuzu's arms emerged from Konan's paper barrier, they swiftly tried, where tried being the key term, to snap Naruto's neck, only to fail when the man swiftly avoided the blow, returning a counterstrike that pierced straight through Kakuzu's Fire mask, before letting the electricity in his palm increase tenfold.

"Naruto style: Chidori Execution!" as the hand released spear-like electricity all around the man's body, it smashed through the internal organs, tearing apart the very insides of the Takigakure ninja, and, as he fell on the ground, Konan's entire body transformed into paper, taking advantage of Naruto's brief moment of standing still to enwrap herself around him, letting the fizzles of the explosive notes she had permeated herself with start to fly.

"We will see each other in HELL!" The woman yelled, as more than ten thousand's worth of explosive notes exploded, giving just enough time for Minato to Hiraishin far from the center of it, closer to the corpse of a white Zetsu that still held his symbol on.

The explosion went off without a hitch.

Outside the barrier, the dwindling barrier that suddenly shut off, Mabui had taken too much time in deciding wherever to obey Naruto's orders or the Raikage's, resulting in the explosion going off, the Raikage promising murder, and the silver-haired Kumo ninja to stare in shock at the sight of the charred body of the man falling on the ground, tough enough not to be pulverized, but not tough enough to survive that. It was but a brief instant, an instant of hope that was soon destroyed, as the barrier, finally, stopped its work.

Naruto was dead.

That was what the barrier symbolized, that, or the man had decided to stop channeling chakra into it, which would have meant pretty much the same thing. The Raikage had already charged forward, with surprising speed, followed by the ninjas behind him, as the battle had lasted far more than a couple of hours, as the sun was slightly on the way of setting. However, they were met with a veritable mass of white Zetsu, a real living wall of white flesh that impeded their movement, giving the Ex-Fourth Hokage time, to think and to plan.

Minato grinned, his speed had saved him till the very end, and with no-one from the Akatsuki around at the moment, except Zetsu, who was weak, he was going to get out of there, grab Kushina and Katsumi, and have them come to term with him being right, and that, that thing over there, dead and charred, being a monster.

He chuckled to himself, as he was ready to leave, but then, a thought came into his mind.

What if he's still alive?

He could come back later, and then kill him, right?

His growth is exponential. He handled nearly all of us, and those caught in the barrier, I need to stop him from getting stronger.

The white Zetsus on the other side of the pass had already dashed forward, keen on terminating their work, while one simply commented, moving closer to Minato.

"Where is Madara?" Minato shrugged, at the question.

"That monster over there did something to him, when he disappeared in his pocket dimension of sorts," the blond man replied, his blue gaze setting on the charred corpse.

"And you couldn't ask him what it was about?" The Zetsu replied.

"Did you see the shit he pulled at us? He was a damn monster, that's what he was! He took us by our weak points, he knew our weaknesses, and Kami be damned I had trouble keeping up with his speed! You think he'd just talk about what he did!" Minato snapped back, as he charged an Odama Rasengan in his right hand, "And now, I'll be sure to blow him to smithereens," as the blond man moved forward, rasengan ready, he stopped, for a brief moment, before yelling out loud.

"Today the monster dies! Watch as he…" and the next second, a veritable bullet of white chakra pounced at Minato Namikaze, sending him to fly and crash against the ground, repeatedly bouncing and breaking bones, while smashing his internal organs to a bloody pulp.

There, standing right next to Naruto, panting just so slightly stood a white flaming Saki, with strange black lines around her body, her seal clearly visible in contrast with everything else she had on that had the same fiery hue. It was just a few seconds, and then it dispersed, leaving the purple haired woman to sweat heavily, as her legs wobbled from the stress, but she didn't get down, instead grabbing a Kunai tightly with both her hands, she assumed a defensive posture near Naruto.

"Uncle… Open your eyes uncle," Saki whispered, "I know you are alive, uncle," she added, in a murmur.

"I seriously doubt that," some Zetsus near them replied, as the one with the black half emerged, "I'll have to deal with you in person, to…"

"Chidori Eisō!" this time, however, it wasn't from Naruto that came the Ninjutsu so fabled for being an assassination technique, no, the attack had been brought down by a raven haired boy, whose tomoes spin wildly at the sight of the black and white Zetsu being destroyed.

"Good, with him dead there should soon be no more," Sasuke muttered, as he had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, in the middle of a group of white Zetsus, blasting them to cinders with his Katana, enhanced with lightning release.

"Hey! Help me with uncle please!" Saki exclaimed, getting on her knees near Naruto, to try and search for…what was it the first-aid lesson? Heartbeat? It wasn't beating the heart! What was it that she had to do? Why wasn't uncle breathing?

"Why would I?" Sasuke replied with a smirk, as his Chidori plainly and simply carved its way in Saki's side, throwing the woman to the ground, screaming with pain from the blood coming out.

"I think I took your spleen, seeing all that blood," Sasuke grinned madly, "but once I take the Kyuubi, Konoha will burn, and nobody will be able to stop me, not now that *this*," kicking at Toruna's body, "is dead."

Saki's eyes widened in shock, and fear, as she held her side, the Kyuubi's chakra slowly closing it, but still the pain was a lot higher than normal, and she couldn't quite feel her side, and, mostly, she was scared. She was scared because her uncle wasn't moving.

She knew what it meant when someone wasn't moving.

Uncle had told her about her parents, she had known what it meant to be dead then.

She had cried, and uncle had consoled her.

Uncle had told her how he could bring her parents back, and that he just needed some time, and he had promised that.

He had promised that, and now he was no longer there.

He couldn't keep his promise after all…

"Liar…" Saki muttered, tears running down her cheeks, "Uncle! Wake up! You Liar! You promised me! UNCLE, WAKE UP!"

"He's dead! And you will soon join him while *I* take the Kyuubi, and then, not even Itachi will stop me from my revenge!" as Sasuke's katana charged itself with electricity, and the boy's speed increased as he dashed towards the purple haired woman, his sword aiming to pierce the girl's arms, since, after all, she could go without and be easier to transport, his Katana met an obstacle: Chakra chains, to be more precise.

Saki muttered meekly, before fainting from the lack of blood, a small smile on her lips.


Truth be told, it wasn't Naruto, but a red-haired woman, who had barely arrived on the battlefield and had shown enough speed to actively manage to block the sword with her chains, while holding them tightly even with her hands, as mere mind control wasn't sufficing.

Kushina Uzumaki jumped down from Gamabunta's back, just as Jiraiya entered the battle fray to aid the Raikage, who was weeping *sweat* from his eyes, while battling some of the remaining forces.

Kushina's chains pushed the Uchiha backwards, but not enough to prevent him from aiming another Chidori Lance, straight at the red-haired woman. The lance passed through Kushina's shoulder, but as the wound closed up, the woman smirked before entrapping the Uchiha in her chains, forcefully sucking out the chakra from him.

"Nice try, but you fail," Sasuke muttered, having put Kushina herself under a Genjutsu, to aim a slash at her back. Only to be surprised when the chains actually did sprout from the woman's back, to force him to parry the blow or get pierced by them.

"I've got far more experience than you, Sasuke-kun," Kushina muttered back, "Don't think I'm called the red hot habanero because I'm weak," as she finished speaking, a Tanto appeared from her right sleeve, just as the chains swiped the area where Sasuke had been forced to dodge.

"But it's impossible! My sharingan's Genjutsu should…"

"I sparred friends with your mother, Sasuke-kun…you don't think I never sparred once with other Uchihas?" at that rhetoric question, brought with a smirk, Kushina's chains erupted from the ground that Sasuke had leapt on, resulting in him being wounded on the feet, and forcing him on the knees where he was completely wrapped up by the chakra chains.

"Now you'll have to stop this nonsense, and explain *why* you tried to kill Saki-chan," as the red-haired woman moved closer to the boy, wrapped in chains since she was removing his chakra, Saki ran, holding her side that had just then stopped bleeding, towards where Naruto's body was, as she sniffed, twice, she began to pounce on the man's chest, repeatedly, earning herself a sorrowful look from Kushina, who just then took the moment to let some emotion display on her face.

Maybe it was because she no longer held the Yin chakra of the Kyuubi within her, but she just then realized how the sorrow was something bearable, now. To her, both when sane and when mad, he had died so many times it was no longer a surprise, or a worry, it was more likely…expected.

What she saw, however, made her eyes bulge in shock, as Minato, holding his usual three pronged Kunai, had dashed forward, where minutes before he had been a mumbled mess of broken bones, and was now holding at Kunai-point Saki.

The so familiar pattern of the Yin release seal on him was something strange, maybe even a bit crude, but it did seem to work.

"I have to thank Kabuto, for this," Minato muttered, "to think he'd go this far just for a chance at revenge, well, I delivered, didn't I?" the man chuckled, "Now, Kyuubi-chan, why don't you step away from the monster here, and convince my wife to come with me, or you die?" as he said that in a mocking tone, Kushina's eyes narrowed with ill-contained anger, and sorrow.

"Minato…think about Katsumi, think about what you're doing…" The battle with the white zetsus was about to be finished, all she had to do was take some time, it wouldn't take much more: without the Original one the others were slowly deteriorating into simple mindless berserkers, "think about what you can't tell me you're justifying everything!"

Minato's eyes narrowed, before he held Saki with his left hand in a chokehold, his right hand with the kunai directly next to the woman's skull.

"I don't care about Bijuus anymore, so why don't you come with me, take Katsumi-chan, and then we'll solve everything, together, like a happy family…step away from the monster NOW!" as Minato pulled Saki's throat once more, pulling her away, as the woman was crying, sobbing *Uncle* between her cries, something fell behind the man's back.

Spinning around, the ex-fourth Hokage saw the placed upon a pike head of Kabuto, a trickle of blood coming down from his mouth, as, in that precise moment, his head was severed from his shoulders.

The combat knife, the very first combat knife ever gifted to him, charged with wind chakra, slashed through the monster's neck, severing the muscles, cutting neatly the bones, and decapitating the man in one fell swoop. Kushina stood silent with her mouth barely gaping at the sight of the back of the man in question: black and white was the mantle, as his hair, dirt-blond with red stains, was none other than that of Naruto. He had just killed his father in cold blood, appearing behind him with a flash of speed, and taking the moment of distraction from Kabuto's head on a pike to tear through the man's neck. Kushina didn't know wherever to be sad, or not. The memories of everything that the man had done, had ordered, had forced, the tales that had been spun…was she such a bad woman, not to be shedding tears for the death of the person she had vowed to love in sickness and in health, on the altar? Maybe she was, maybe she wasn't, but right then, she just felt…relief, in seeing her son alive.

Then the body, without a head, fell on the ground, while holding the bloodied combat knife stood none other than Naruto himself, panting and extremely pale, and with a grin on his face.

"Anyone missed me?" at the question, Saki simply dried her tears off, and queried, facing her uncle.

"Are you alright uncle?" as the man nodded, Saki simply moved really close to him, and then, with a simply, yet extremely strong movement, slapped him on the cheek, her eyes still red and her cheeks puffed up in a pout.

"Ouch," was all that Naruto said, as the purple-haired woman simply hugged him afterwards, in silence. Real ninjas don't cry after all.

"Where were you?" Kushina queried, as she noticed the man slightly tense, before replying, in a hushed breath.

"Taking care of the second problem, before it became bigger...Kabuto tried finding out where Orochimaru had ended up going, and as he knew of Ryuchi cave, that's where he went. We then ambushed him and interrogated him, that's why I was sure I could pull this off…I knew that he had used some of his own brewed snakes to contact Katsumi, and have her send you a fake message from me. His real purpose was to have you easily captured by Minato, together with Katsumi, by using some cursed-seal persons," as he pointed that out, he affectionately ruffled Saki's hair, breaking off the hug as he turned to stare at the bundle of chains, while Kushina's eyes bulged in fear over her daughter's fate.

"I was on the lookout, however, that's why I'm thankful she kept the snake-nin armor on, so I transported myself there when she was under attack, and it also came right in time with the…surprise of the woman. That was luck, I tell you," saying that, he then added, "she's fine, in Konoha, and safe," earning a sigh of relief from the red-haired woman, "but I didn't expect someone to betray his word, nor to try this little stunt here and now," as his voice turned icy cold, he stared at something behind Kushina's back, where a chakra-depleted Sasuke had barely enough strength to try, try being the word, to stand up.

"I gave you a deal, and you broke it," Naruto muttered, moving closer, as Kushina herself stood up, in between the two.

"Naruto, please…he's a Konoha missing Nin, he should be…" her words died in her mouth, as the man's gaze wasn't a pleasant one at all.

The next moment, she realized that nothing she was going to say would work, he didn't have anything good on her, and she had nothing to grab in her plead.

Mikoto I'm sorry, but I can't help him…he did something wrong…and now I'm afraid he's going to pay the price.

As she slowly moved to the side, Naruto's already bloodied combat knife came down, straight between Sasuke's eyes, splitting his skull in one fell swoop, and letting electricity, this time, carry itself all over the boy's body, making it convulse as, having deliberately avoided a lethal point, aiming at the nasal sect, the Uchiha suffered horribly in his remaining moments, until his own teeth bit off his tongue from the spasms, and blood gushed forward together with foam from his mouth.

The brutal method of death was soon over, moments later, and Naruto stood back up, swiping off the dirt and the blood from his knife.

"Good thing Itachi's headed towards Konoha, with proof of his innocence…and a plead to spare this bastard's life…well…this is over, I suppose," with a loud heartfelt sigh, Naruto finally fell backwards, letting the chakra exhaustion claim him once more, bundled together with a pair of shredded muscles from the first gate's opening, as Saki swiftly sustained her Uncle with her strength, holding him by draping one of his arms around her shoulders, to hold him upwards.


"I've been a good boy mom," another head-butt, "why are you hitting on me?" another clash, "what did I do wrong!" once more, repeat.

The face of the man in question was no longer that of Uchiha Madara, what use was there in keeping it up, when there was no-one but that man with him?

"I want to get out of here, Kaa-san," he added, as another head-butt took him, "I don't want this. I want Mito-chan and I to go on a picnic," he muttered, plunging once more the Ninjato in the man's shoulder.

"But that Senju bastard is there, and Mito-chan is laughing with him," he replied, "he's going to become the first Hokage, the Uchiha and the Senju are going to be friends, so father says I shouldn't meddle with Mito-chan anymore," as he gritted his teeth, he once more felt the head-butt.

"Why shouldn't I? I'm going to become stronger than him! You'll see!" he added, but once more, the clash, why wasn't he winning? Why wasn't it all over? How many days had it been? Or was it hours?

"I'm going to make everyone understand I'm the best, Otou-san! I'm going to make everyone believe in me!" he exclaimed, feeling the head-butt, once more, coming against his forehead.

"I'll master the sharingan, I'll be the strongest, I'll kill that bastard who stole my Mito-chan away!" he snarled.

"No Otou-san, it's not treason if it's for love, you told me…" he pleaded, as once more, the clash came.

"Come on Hashirama! Is this the best you can do! Being wounded in battle should mean nothing for you, shouldn't it! Give your title to who you fucking want, I want my Mito-chan!" again, the Ninjato in the shoulder.

"Mito-chan, he's dead, the man who put the Kyuubi in you is dead, and…why are you crying Mito-chan?" he worriedly said, as another head-butt came his way.

"No, no, you didn't love him, you loved me, you loved ME!" he screeched.

"He brainwashed you, yes, but I'll be back! I'll take the Kyuubi away, it's messing with you Mito-chan, I know he his, she? It's a she? She's messing with you! I'll be back, I'll find a way and I'll save you!" he had a hopeful tone, too.

"What is this, Mito-chan? An ambush? For me? But I'm stronger than them, why are you doing this to me? It's the Kyuubi, isn't it? Traitor of Konoha? But I'm not for the village, I just want you…no, it hurts, stop saying those things!" he snarled, the clash, once more.

"Why won't you understand? Why can't the world understand me? Why are my words not carrying through? To who am I a disgrace, Otou-san! TO WHO!" he yelled, no longer caring if the clash was going to take a piece of his body, he could withstand the pain.

"I know what I have to do…I know the power of the Juubi can make you all understand, I need ten tails to defeat nine, you don't know who the Juubi is? Pity for you, my eyes can see: my eyes can see everything! I'll take yours too!" as he cackled, madly, once more did the Head-butt come around.

"I've got it all down, the plan is complete, now destroy Konoha, the source of my hate, destroy the Uchiha, my family of betrayers, destroy the Kyuubi, destroy everything and awaken the Juubi, bring forth the eye moon plan, and everyone will follow my words!"

It came, once more, the Head-butt, once more, the clash, once more, the attack.

"It's not going to stop…isn't it?" Obito muttered, "Who am I kidding…it's obvious it won't…it's not Tsukuyomi, it's something else. What is it? Izanagi? No, it can't be…it's more lasting than that…what could it be?"

Again, the clash came, swords met with thunder that met with fists.

"I'm tired of this…let my end come…I'll kill Hashirama in the afterlife, and that will do me fine."

As he no longer defended, Izanami's course came to an end, when the man's head rolled out, leaving behind a beheaded Tobi.


Stay very still and nobody is going to fling you against a mountain.

That was the best advice his third or fourth personality had told him, and he was very, very, keen on taking it for granted. Especially when the red-haired woman he was so much afraid of had told him that, had he even moved the tail, or a single sand grain, she'd come and fling him against the mountain's side.

The Ichibi was clearly not an idiot. He clearly valued his own life, and reincarnation or not, he didn't want to meet the woman *ever* again on bad terms. So when his nineteenth personality had suggested the optimal course, of obeying the woman's orders until he'd gotten into a Jinchuuriki once more, he had obviously followed that counsel too.

So now he waited, as he saw people passing in front of him, staring at him a bit scared, but he didn't move a single grain of sand, he was a good raccoon after all, a good bloodthirsty raccoon which would rather not be flung against a mountain.

That's when he saw a man with blond-spiked hair and red-stains of blood, that reeked of snakes and blood, and was being repeatedly in the process of being brought back to live by some medic-nin, just to be smacked unconscious by someone of the entourage. Once it was a violet-haired woman, then it was a burly blond and tanned man, then it actually was also a silver-haired woman with green eyes, who just did it because she had been ordered to. Then he saw the red-haired woman with chains waving at him softly, and he stood very, very still, as she moved closer, and said with a nice and gentle smile, while on the back of Gamabunta, together with the toad sage, who was staring at the scene with a kind of amused grin.

"Ichibi-kun, be a good boy and wait here, will you?" as the Ichibi nodded, Kushina smiled and Gamabunta, with a jump, was already out of there, dashing towards Kumogakure to deliver the good news.

Firstly, the battle was over.

Secondly, the Akatsuki was over.

Thirdly, the idiot Naruto, albeit being completely exhausted and without chakra, was alive.

Fourth…the white and red hat was going to swap places quite soon.

At least…that was the intention of a burly tanned man who dreaded the amount of paperwork to justify everything that had happened in that day.


The Nibi was growling, as the chakra suppressing seals, courtesy of a certain Toad sannin, had blocked her and B from using their powers, and had forced the both of them to stay in the apartment while, supposedly, that whore and that white-spikey urchin of a man, together with the giant frog, went to grab Saki.

Then, she hoped, they'd deliver her Otouto back, instead of kidnapping him, or feigning his death, because Kami help them if they did, she wasn't going to sit back any longer like some sort of…cat, playing with threads.

So, when the door opened, she flung up only to be tightly hugged by Saki, who seemed to be sort of really scared.

"What happened, Saki?" Yugito queried, worriedly, "Is Naruto…"

"Uncle is being kidnapped by the big breasted lady!" She wailed, "And the Raikage is fine with it too!"

"WHAT!" it couldn't be that the Raikage had gone mad, and had delivered Naruto directly into the hands of the Konoha's whore? Yugito dashed out of the door, not caring that Saki had continued her sentence, by adding.

"They're moving to the church…Yugito-Auntie? Auntie?"

"Why the church, little niece?" B rapped, raising a puzzled eyebrow.

"Well, they're marrying B-Uncle! She says that since he's still Toruna…"

"Wait…you talking about the Iron Land Lady that's been preparing marriage since the past couple of days?" B queried once more, to be sure about it.

"Yeah uncle! She kidnapped him! He was unconscious and she took him to church, with great-uncle A laughing evilly and clasping his hands!" as she said that, with an utterly worried tone, B sighed, scratching the back of his head, before heading out humming a nice funeral march.

For his bro: which among the two, he actually had yet to decide, but it was all depending on who the Cat's wrath was going to come for first.

*Kumogakure – Next day*

Naruto groaned, opening his eyes, and staring blankly at the sight in front of him. Shizuka was sleeping, snoring in a cute way too, if such a thing was possible, while holding tightly onto his chest, and obviously, both were naked. Strange, since the last thing he recalled was him falling on the ground after back-attacking Minato.

Just what had happened? He was in Kumogakure, that much the window's view gave out to him, but then again, why was he in bed, with Shizuka, and why was he feeling so spent?

Did she just…no, she wouldn't actually *abuse* him? Would it actually be bad, considering who it would have been in doing the *abuse*? He shook those thoughts off, first, he needed to understand what was going on, so, as he slowly let a hand reach his temple, to groan because of his headache, feeling a couple of bumps on his head that he didn't know *how* he had suffered, he realized there was something shiny, and golden, around one of his fingers.

He groaned harder, this time, however, he was in the middle of deciding just *how* they had managed to coerce him, in his knocked out state, to say *yes*…because they *did* ask him the question, didn't they? And who did the marriage with a knocked out groom? Who was such a bastard? And why, for the love of Kami, was there a Kage's vest on the chair next to him?

Just *what* had happened the day before?

A muffled sound of someone waking up distracted him, as he slowly stared into the eyes of Shizuka, who made a sort of grin, before biting gently into his chin, snuggling against it with her nose.

"It's not going to work," Naruto muttered, shaking his head, "I want a detailed list of things that happened while I was out, and please, do tell me you haven't *used* me while I was out cold."

Shizuka sighed, rolling to the side of the bed, and then, with a sort of mused out thought, simply spoke in a slow, and deliberately prone to sleep way.

"Well…first off, I was preparing the church, and everything else, like you told me to, then you arrived knocked out cold, and before they could say no, I grabbed you from the stretcher you were on, and since it also seemed you had suffered a lot of injuries, I thought you immediately needed the loving care of a wife, as a betrothed wasn't going to cut it," she mused, as Naruto's stare was one of *really? They actually bought that bullshit?*, "the Raikage, or ex-Raikage, was actually willing, so much that he actually slipped together with the marriage contract, that he helped you sign, the Raikage's succession list, and thus you are also the new Raikage of Kumogakure, as Naruto though, the marriage is with Toruna, so…I'm actually having an affair with my husband! Oh my!" she giggled, before continuing, cutting short any type of protest from the man, "for the marriage, I actually told Kuro how much you would have liked to have him as the godfather for your clearly soon to be born younglings, and he…"

"…he actually had a talking snake stay in my sleeve and say the *Yes* in my place?" Naruto's eyebrow twitched, he knew that Kuro, upon hearing words like *Younglings* or *Babies* or *Godfather* was already long gone into his own fantasy land, but he had kind of hoped the snake as tall as a mountain would have seen through it, wouldn't he?

"You know him well," Shizuka replied, "then I simply used you as a shield against a really angry Sister-in-law, and that's why you probably have some bruises, still, and…well…then she went on to attack the ex-Raikage, and stormed out of the church pursuing the man, by the way, I got us photos and video-recordings of the event! So even if you got knocked out, and said only a tiny *hissing* yes in the middle, it was all worth it!"

"…you know what, if this is a joke, it's a really bad one, but I'm afraid it isn't, so I'll just live with the fact I did promise to marry you, as Toruna of the snakes, when I got back, but please, next time you grab a guy and want to marry him, do that when he's awake."

"Oh but you know…there's this sort of…*law* in the Iron Lands…" a twitch on Naruto's eyebrow, who had actually memorized all the laws pertaining the most neutral of lands, "if a married woman is caught having an affair with someone who isn't her husband, like for example, the Raikage Naruto, the two Samurai challenge each other to a duel of honor, and the winner gets the prize…"

"You actually *did* stuff with me? Knocked out and all?" now Naruto didn't know wherever to marry the cunning woman actually, or be very afraid of ever making her pissed...did she plan all that in two days?

"Oh no, but you know, what we were doing under the bed sheets might be misinterpreted," as she made a perfect smile to the man, Naruto groaned.

"So, why did you actually do that? We had a deal you wouldn't try to…oh wait…you want some insurance I won't rat this out to Mifune, right?"

"Good man! You're really a smart one too!" as she chuckled onto that, the snake sage got out of the bed, realizing he actually had his boxer still on, and as he slowly donned the Kage's robes, no use trying to give them back to A, if he knew half of what his father had planned on doing, he'd probably already be taking a vacation somewhere, maybe with Samui.

"Still…you do remember I don't take kindly to having deals broken, do you?" Naruto hissed, eying the woman with a cold stare.

"Don't worry…though…what if I actually *do* manage to get you to love me?" at that question, the man stopped for a moment, mulling over the thought.

"You can try, but first I need to do something, it will take some time…but then, everything should be settled…at least, I hope," and with those words, the new Godaime Raikage walked out of his apartment, he had a job to do…and he was just about to add a good chunk of land to Kumogakure too.


His eyes, blue and clear, without tomoes, without slits, stared at those of the Kyuubi, who was now outside, in the middle of Oto's land.

The giant beast of chakra stood there, not moving even a single of its paws, as far more than she could count, there were chains wrapped around the entirety of her body, constricting her movements after having granted her freedom, albeit fleeting, and she now knew there was no way out of it, well, who was she to keep it up? The Kyuubi, that was who she was, and even if her tails could clash down mountains, and her claws could tear apart forests, she was being pinned down by chakra chains, Mokuton, the blasted first Hokage's technique, and even the Rinnegan. Heck, all that missed right there and then was the damn Sharingan from someone of the Uchiha clan, that she couldn't thus take, just like she had taken the eyes given to Naruto, hoping to turn him blind and kill him on the spot, instead, the man had known that from the very beginning, actually popping them out of his sockets by himself, and replacing them with two other one on the run.

On the damn run the man had done to himself a delicate operation and had come out fine enough, even better, he had actually popped into his empty sockets the Rinnegan. Yet, there was a feeling of having already been in that scene, but he couldn't, for the love of himself, understand why. Was it the man's Rinnegan? Was it the man's energy that seemed to be filled with the aura of some of the Bijuus before her? Was it the fact that he bore no village symbol, but the Kanji for snake on his forehead? Was it the fact that his white mantle, flapping on his back, recalled to her that of someone else?

His blond spiked hair stood tall, as, with a final movement, the seals on the man's chest shone brightly, and then, the Kyuubi was no more.

The One tail, Shukaku, welcomed the new guest into *Naruto's seal for more than one Bijuu*.

"Well, Kyuubi-chan! You actually got caught! He's a nice host, you know? Remembers me of our father, the sage of the…"

"SO THAT'S WHAT IT WAS!" the Kyuubi snarled, face-palming, "I did feel him to be a familiar sensation…but really, a descendant of the sage of the six paths? And…is he on the destruction side, please, I recall he was destruction side clearly, last time."

"Well…a little bit of both," Son spoke, hanging from a tree, "you should see how he put Kumogakure and Hebigakure as the first hidden villages, even outsourcing Konoha."

"Good, I hated that village…Hebigakure?" the Kyuubi spoke, perplexed.

"Yeah, he placed a snake-Kage on it, and actually it's the second strongest village out there, it's more of a colony of sort of Kumogakure, but it's clearly there," the lucky Seven spoke, flying down to meet the Kyuubi, who was puzzled, as she groaned.

"Damn, that boy's touching the seal of the girl made me miss a lot of things! Kami be damned!"


Naruto sighed, turning his Rinnegan gaze to the sight of the battlefield he had been in.

He had taken care of bringing the Kyuubi out in an area of relatively flat land, yet the small scuffle had managed to damage enough of the land to scar it for a while. He had gone there alone, and alone he had fought. He had been hailed as the strongest Ninja ever alive, as the reincarnation of the sage of the six paths, as the Jinchuuriki of the tailed beasts.

Iwagakure had bowed to his might, and stopped fighting to regain their bijuus, while Suna and Konoha had kept tightly into their alliances with Kumogakure and Hebigakure, the village he had founded, thanks to the help from Sai in killing off many of the still loyal to Orochimaru puppets. Amegakure had accepted the truth that war was no longer going to happen, as long as they accepted the fact that there was going to be an alliance.

Peace came, at last, among the big and the small villages. There, in that now even more desolated flatland, Naruto turned his gaze to the sun setting, not holding back a grin, as the clone that had just then dispersed told him of Saki's full-out recovery, though Yugao and Hayate were going to have a chat with him about *having their daughter risk a really dangerous operation only for a stupid whim of a promise*.

They'd certainly be surprised at his eyes, the result of him taking them from Nagato, or at his right hand, that had the slightest semblance of wooden aspect on it, since the rinnegan had been socketed, he had realized that the face, the face of the first Hokage had been slowly receding inside of him.

Slowly, he couldn't help but smirk.

Nothing could stop him now.

Nothing could defeat him now.

Nothing could take him by surprise now.

Everything followed his whims and his desires.

Everything moved towards the path he had wished for it to be.

His enemies lay dead at his feet.

His strength was unrivalled: he was truly worthy of being called a God.

The crying kid of the beginning had evolved, battered by the events, forged by the battles, the blood, the fights, mercy and justice, revenge and power, neither black or white, as the only thing that mattered to him, in that precise moment, was that he had done all he had to, and that he could now head back home, to his home, and finally start looking forward.

"He wasn't optimistic, however. He knew battles would be waged still, dissidents would rise, anarchists would attempt at his life, he knew peace would be but the name for absence of war, but the revolution was coming, brought forth by the ever growing lines of his men, his soldiers, his friends, his family, as Naruto turned to leave, he muttered something that was carried on by the wind, since after all, who wouldn't want to end a story by having the words about how *He wanted Ramen* be etched forever in the mind of the reader, right?"

"Otou-san! That's not how you should end a story!" the girl pouted, having taken the cute pout from her mother.

"And how should I have ended it, huh?" the man replied.

"Duh! With an epic battle and be done with it! That's how epic stories end! Final clashes, destruction, raining apocalypse! Things like those! Not *I want Ramen!*" the girl said as a matter of fact, as the man simply tucked her under the bed sheets.

"Yeah, yeah, now off to bed you go, tomorrow you've got a hard day ahead of you, first day at shinobi school heh? You grow up so fast…I'm proud of you," as the man said that with a smile, he ruffled the girl's dark raven hair.

"Otou-san, if you ruffle my hair it's going to be a mess tomorrow!" the girl pouted, her green eyes staring at her father's ring-shaped ones, who simply shrugged it off, while moving to close the girl's night light, before closing the door behind him with a chuckle.

"You told her that story again?" the woman that spoke softly, behind him, was in a light purple nightgown, shaking her head with a sigh, "You know she's going to wake up in the middle of the night, claiming she saw the woman under the bed, right?"

"Oh well…better the woman than the scary old samurai that nearly beheaded her father for having faked his death, absorbed more than one rampaging Bijuu, and that was then forced to avoid an ultra-dangerous conflict to actually remarry her mother," as the man grinned, Shizuka pouted.

"I was half-way through Tanzaku town's casinos, when they came to get me, you *could* have hidden better, you know!" she snapped playfully, giving him a slight punch on the shoulder.

"I didn't think Mifune would actually come to meet the new Raikage-me without announcing his presence, he caught me eating ramen at Ichiraku's stall, you know?"

"Yeah, holding him at bay with wind-enhanced chopsticks became a widespread legend, that did help you with the rogue swordsmen of the mist though," Shizuka replied, letting her head rest on her husband's shoulder.

"What did I know they wanted to take up the challenge of defeating me? That did help with Kiri though: to get the swords back they accepted an alliance without batting an eyelid and their Kage was even a bit…expansive?"

"If that whore had touched you any longer I'd have beheaded her…for political reasons, obviously," Shizuka replied, as she slowly kissed goodbye to her husband, who was headed for his nightly *routine*, namely, the enormous stack of paperwork that came with having to take care of one village, openly, and another one, in secret.

Yoru enjoyed being a Kage, for Kami's sake, but he was more prone to accepting invitations to go on Sake drinking contests with Gamabunta and Kuro, than actually doing any paperwork.

He chuckled, thinking about how Karin was faring, or Tayuya, for what it mattered. The two ex-Otogakure shinobis had given up on being ninjas, after seeing how there was no way they'd make a living out of it any longer, not being hired since they had horrible pasts, he'd extended a hand, but only once, and had made it clear it wouldn't have happened ever again.

Karin was sort of related, being an Uzumaki, and Tayuya simply was lucky enough the position required two people, and there *was* a lack of Genjutsu users in Hebigakure. They had become the gate guardians of Hebigakure, highly important spot, something that really made them proud to serve…at least, it was the obvious result. Karin was a sensor and Tayuya could easily break Genjutsu, nobody had been able to slip through unnoticed since then.

Since Kumo had helped in rebuilding Konoha helped by Suna, and in actually building Hebigakure, they had been on the protector and helper role for a good while, and tales had spread far and wide of the man who was the Godaime Raikage, the Sage of the six paths reborn, the bringer of peace.

All good publicity, until you found out that some people strived in chaos and warfare.

Mercenary units, brigands, armies of evildoers and even satanic cultists had risen from the depths of the underworld, sometimes literally, providing more than enough missions for the ninjas, that even in peace, there was work to do.

As he finally reached his office, staring at the paperwork in front of him, he couldn't help but stare at the *box* that had once been the pride and joy of A, and that now was his: the container of all children drawings ever done, and all awards, tests, prizes, anything. As it had been with him, so it was now with his daughter, it was actually a subtle mental trick to convince a Kage to actually *do* the paperwork, instead of running for one's own dear life...and it worked.

"Mito's going to be a looker like her mother when she grows up," Naruto muttered, "I'll have to fend her suitors off, I suppose," and with that, he turned to his work: the day was too busy spent fawning over his daughter and his wife, so he only had the night to take care of it, not that it bothered him, clones did a pretty good job in lessening it, albeit every now and then some did try to increase the amount of *Torture sets* bought for Anko-Oneechan's T&I department, or for Yugito-Oneechan's *Cat-Nin* division…when she had brought that up, Naruto wasn't even sure she was serious, until Tora, fully decked with a Kumo headband, had actually the guts to try and scratch him, hissing furiously...well, Kuro had been fine with giving a chance to his kindred spirit…so everything was fine on that regard…

Speaking of which, he had yet to reply to the letter from Yakumo-chan, who had been his *pen-friend* for a while, claiming how she was so close to getting Lee to marry her, while Sakura, on the other hand, had found a keen interest in becoming the next female Hokage, as soon as Tsunade actually left the spot.

Jiraiya was still alive, and, if indications of peeping tom's reports were any warning, he was going to come around pretty soon, probably to see Mito's first day at school…probably. Five minutes later, and the paperwork was done thanks to clone power. He'd let Mabui grab it in the morning, while he went for his usual late night snack, being pretty sure that he'd find the stall, now once more a restaurant, and even better, one of many of the Ichiraku's chain of Ramen stalls, restaurant, and products, but he had his reserved seat, after all, and nobody was going to take it from him, so, as he sat there, slurping down his usual pork ramen, served from a still bright awake Ayame, who was hitting things off with one of his Kumogakure shinobis, but he'd be damned if he could find out which one…just wanted to make a brotherly talk with him, but he was either hiding very well, or he knew when he wasn't looking out for him to make his appearance. C took his nightly leave from the stall, he had, after all, the night shift, and thus he was forced to stay late in the hospital, after saluting Naruto, and as he headed away, the Raikage could feel something slipping out from his grasp…if only he could understand *what*.

"Hey, Raikage-sama," Ayame teased the man, knowing full well he'd grumble something about *not being formal*, "You know Darui-san? Amaru is already pregnant again, and it's going to be a boy this time," Naruto chuckled at the thought, maybe the white-haired shinobi would get a swordsman this time, instead of a future medic-nin to be.

"Didn't know that, Ayame-baachan," as he said that, to tease back at the formal tone used prior, the woman's forehead bulged a tick mark, before shaking her head, and pouting back.

"Then no more ramen for you," as Naruto tried once more his puppy eyes, only for them to fail miserably, being him now far past his prime age, Ayame sighed.

"B's got, once more, first Enka-Rap prize. Just why did you have to go and institute that stuff…I can't stand the girls coming around to talk about it: makes me mad hearing that noise! You should be considered the most evil person in the world, you know?"

"Hey, I clean my hands off the deal: I wasn't the one who signed that paperwork!" Naruto replied, raising his hands in a sort of *I surrender* sign, "It was Epsilon, and he did chuckle something about it being *A good instrument of torture for the unworthy masses of enemies*, or something along those lines."

"How's Katsumi-chan, by the way?" Ayame queried, as Naruto sighed, rolling his eyes.

"They actually made her a Toad Sage, what the guy was smoking, I don't know…now I've got Hakuja whining every five minutes that my, and I quote *Genealogical tree of Toad Humpers would need at least nine hundred generations of snake sages to clean that black stain off* which is basically his way of saying he'd be fine with teaching Mito how to become a snake sage, when the time comes," Naruto chuckled, the giant white snake would never, ever, admit it, but he had a soft spot for green eyes staring at him with a cute pout.

"Is…well, Kushina-san alright?" Ayame queried, still unsure wherever it was an okay argument, or not yet.

"I suppose she is, next time there's a Kage's meeting, Katsumi said she was going to come as the Hokage's bodyguard together with her, they even planned a nice family dinner," making Naruto shudder, "I just can't fathom the chaos Mito will do this time."

"Aw, she's just a lively child," Ayame replied with a chuckle.

"So lively that food usually ends in the entire restaurant rather than in her mouth, or so lively that a squirrel on caffeine seems a tortoise?" Naruto rhetorically questioned, before shrugging.

"Hatake-san and Rin-san came over a couple of weeks above, they were sight-seeing around the elemental countries, together with their boy," as another pork ramen bowl disappeared within Naruto's fangs, there was no way somebody would keep him from that, and the Hokage hat actually guaranteed he could get away with force, if need to be, Naruto nodded back.

"Yeah, I had to sign the entirety of the Hiss, Hisses and Hissing Collections of his wife, my hand still hurt afterwards," at that, Ayame sported a nervous tick.

"And yet you can't seem to find the time to do the same with my collections, huh?"

"On my defense, I'm usually having too much of a cramped hand," the man replied, nodding to himself.

"But you hold the chopsticks just fine…fine, never mind…let me guess what you want now…"

"I want more Ramen, obviously," Naruto replied with a grin.

The End.

Author's notes

And this is the end!

The reason it ended was because I was pretty sure the exponential growth would soon bore out the life of my readers, and I was never one for God-like Narutos, (though in this fic, it pretty much happened towards the end, heck, just making Naruto *smart* makes him strong…maybe that's why Kishimoto portrays him like a baboon on caffeine for most of his air-time), and also because all that had to be said and done was done.

Fun facts:

Yes, Naruto didn't learn Izanagi, but Izanami, directly from Itachi, and Sasuke should have been Naruto's support if the battle at the pass failed, but instead, we all know what he did and how it ended.

Itachi never knew the truth, instead poor Minato took all the blame, thus everyone lived happily ever after, and since Itachi *was* the last Uchiha, he found himself annoyed with a fan club of girlish women, until Hana Inuzuka came his way, and that got him hooked and sunk.

Minato died obviously believing he was the good guy.

The Fourth Raikage is still on a long term vacation with his assistant, now probably wife, last sighting have him on a tropical island, where every now and then a space-time jutsu shows pictures of two green clad in spandex men looking towards the Horizon. One time he was sure even his son was there, clad in a green spandex Hokage Robe, doing the same thing.

There was no Edo Tensei, because with Orochimaru's death and his remains destroyed, Kabuto went to Ryuchi cave and was ambushed before being able to do anything about it.

Anko-chan obviously had her curse mark removed.

Gaara and Matsuri hit it off, especially when the latter promised to plant swords to the side of anyone using chains or having red-hair.

Kankuro revealed his transvestite nature on…*He did not, he claims to be completely straight, and the fact he's menacing me with a puppet means nothing to make the claim forced*.

Temari found herself a … *Nice caring boyfriend that certainly is not being forced by her pushy nature, the author has not been menaced by a fan to carry out this statement*.

All the unaccounted Bijuus ended up inside of Naruto, who obviously silenced them from speaking in his mind…too much noise, otherwise.

I did say you would see Tora eventually, didn't I?

Kyuubi did try to backstab Naruto once more…a pity he was more than prepared: truly frightening, a successful Orochimaru.

Haku and Zabuza were lost in the mists of the Hidden Mists…when they did came out, they actually were three, but since nobody wanted to pick a bone with one of the reinstated Swordsman of the mist, nobody said anything.

These are the Author's notes, thus if you actually don't like a pairing that was barely told about *here* then don't worry, it's your choice, author's notes are purely subjective and suggestive, and this being the final ones for this story, I thought about giving you something to laugh upon the sad news that it was the last chapter.

I thank once more everyone that has read, reviewed, favorited, sent me a pm, or in any way took a moment of his time to read/write about/pm about this story. Thanks guys, I appreciated it.

Now I'm sure the following lines are going to make you foam from your mouth, but as you know, *dread is the fear of the unknown*…so…*runs for his life*.

*Somewhere else entirely*

"Di..Did I… Hear…Mi…Mito-chan?" The neck that had sprouted roots, and the head that had been cold for so long, slowly touched one was a slow process...but something was bound to happen, eventually... When, that was the question…

*The Real End?*