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SOMEWHERE in the vast Pacific Ocean, there was a facility where scientists and doctors conducted top-secret research and expiraments. Years ago, the American government had discovered a crashed spacecraft in the Arizona desert, removing the ship to a safe location, out of public view. Within the ship was an array of advanced technology, far more superior than any human technology. Inside, there were also two different species not from Earth. All but one of the beings were dead, and the one that was alive was taken into custody on the island laboratory in the Pacific.

After a year and a half of debate, it was decided that the DNA from both alien species would be used to create a bioweapon for the American military. They transported one of the dead humanoid aliens to the lab to be used in the expirament. The live creature, a species the scientists called a "Xenomorph", would also be used for what was then known as the "Hybrid Project".

At first, they combined just the two aliens' DNA, and found that the genes of the Xenomorph readily bonded to the humanoid, called a "Predator"-named so because of the weapons the humanoid had been found with. The scientists created the hybrid, but it was unfit to be a bioweapon, because it lacked the intelligence to be trained. It escaped and killed twenty-seven doctors and scientists, as well as eighteen military officials before it was destroyed.

Once more they tried, but the result was the same, only with less casualties, because they were ready for the beast's brutality.

After the second attempt to create the new bioweapon, someone came up with a solution. She proposed using human DNA to bond the two, thereby creating a creature with strength and intelligence. Human DNA expiraments were illegal, but the government authorized it, and so the tests began.

They failed many, many times. The Chimaera Project was more difficult than anyone could have foreseen. Combining three different sets of DNA at once didn't work, and resulted in horribly mutated creatures that did not survive. After much discussion, they next tried to splice the human and Xenomorph DNA, then add the Predator genes after the two were combined. Again, they failed many times.

Finally, the scientists did the opposite, and added Xenomorph DNA to a human-Predator hybrid. The result was better than before, but the subject still died. With new hope of creating the Chimaera weapon, they kept expiramenting, getting closer and closer with each new being, when, at last, they succeeded.

The subject's name was CP-159. After failing one hundred and fifty-eight times, they had finally created the military bioweapon. Put on growth drugs, the Chimaera grew to her full size in just under three years.

After so long, it was time for the weapon to be trained. Soon enough, CP-159 would be the most feared being alive.

It was time to wake the beast.


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