My name is Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul. I am an Andalite prince and I'm about to die.

Visser Three the abomination that I helped create. is about to kill me. And from the form he has chosen for the occasion it will not be a light death either. The children that I have trusted with the morphing capability are hiding. I can almost sense their fear. And for that I cannot blame them.

I felt a wave of despair come over me as the Visser's claws surround me.

Thwap! Thwap!

My tail blade struck. Although I knew it would do me no good. The wound in my side ached.

"Why you!"

In panic I turned one stalk eye and froze. One of the children was trying to crawl over the wall they hid behind. The other children were in a panic trying to keep him down, but he persisted. I noticed that he held a broken peace of pipe in one hand.

~NO!~ I yelled.

All the other children consoled him. He eventually relaxed but I could still sense his rage... And his fear.

Visser Three's wide mouth grew wider. And I realized with horror what he was about to do.

But just as he was about to throw me in to his jaws.


A pitch black object came hurtling out of the shadows. Eventually I was able to make out what the object was. A human auto mobile.

More formally known as the car. And it was heading towards the Visser... and me!

Visser Three turned. ~What-~


The car made a sharp turn right. Making it's hind quarters swing and snap the Vissers leg. Visser Three dropped me in favor to wrap his claws around his injured leg.

Short Third Persons POV with the Animorphs as this went on

"Yes!" The young group exclaimed.

"Did you see that?" Cassie asked astonished.

"That was amazing!" Rachel announced.

"Did you see those driving skills?" Marco said. "That guy was amazing!"

"The car's opening!" Tobias said. Pointing towards the black vehicle.

A silhouette emerged and ran over to the Andalite.

Marco blinked. "It was a girl?"


My wound ached after Visser Three dropped me. But I was alive. I watched as the drivers side of the car opened and watched as a young human female ran out towards me.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!" She said to me. "I didn't mean to make you fall that hard."

~It is fine.~

She smiled at me. She was a lovely girl. She reminded me of Loren.

Her hair was long and a golden blonde. She had large purple eyes that I then realized were much to Andalite.

she turned and shouted over her shoulder. "Hey are you going to come and help me or not?"

Another girl emerged from the passenger side of the car. Together they put an arm on my upper back just below my shoulders, and lifted one of my arms around their shoulders. Slowly and carefully they brought me to the car.

At that moment. Just as they got me to the car and in the back seat. The Visser noticed me gone.


"Uh oh!" The blonde female blinked. "This isn't good!"

She rushed to the front and started her car. "Hold on!"

Many of the Hork Bajirs and Taxxons rushed towards the car, but most of them rushed towards the crumblng brick wall. The children!




I looked over the wall. And I immediately understood the Andalites source of panic.

"They're coming!" I shouted.


Once again the girls car came to the rescue.

Hitting any Hork Bajirs or Taxxons that got in her way.

She swung a hard right and wacked a Taxxon.


Taxxon sludge covered half of the car. And then we all watched as the c-a-r began to change right before our eyes.

The car, that we soon realized wasn't a car, lengthened. A seem appeared and split the c-a-r in half, it slowly pulled apart and an expansion of glass and metal covered the gap between. But that wasn't all we watched as a tail slowly elongated from the bumper. And we were staring at a- a SPACE SHIP!

We did nothing but stare until the side split open and the girl stuck her head through.

"Hop in!"

We hesitated no more than a second.

After she made sure we were all safe and sound with the ship she ran towards the controll center.

~Computer! Flight sequence activate! All systems online!~

We all froze and looked at the girl. Did she just...?

And we all watched as she began to change as well. Her long blonde hair turned purple and shortened and grew untill it covered her whole body. Her purple eyes grew bigger. Her nose melted and became three slits. Her mouth melted into a smooth space. Her ears lengthened to a point till they almost looked an elves ear. Her clothing slowly disapeared and was covered by purple fur. She seemed to grow taller for a point and then her stomach sprouted to legs of it's own two hooves were placed at the end of each. and her other legs 'grew' hooves as well. A tail sprouted from behind her a wicked sharp blade purched at the end. And the end of the transformation- no the morph was the two stalks that popped two eyes that twisted here and there looking at the moniters. The end result was a purple centaur that had a scorpion tail and two stalk eyes on her head. The end result was another Andalite.

She(Atleast I hoped she was a she, she seemed more feminine then the other one) turned one stalk eye to look at us. ~Surprised?~

Slowly we all nodded our head in comfirmation.

She swiveled the stalk eye to the other Andalite. ~What about you Prince Elfangor what do you think?~

~After seeing your eyes I am not that surprised.~

She turned and smiled with her eyes. ~That's what everybody thinks.~

The ship was rocked suddenly.

The female Andalite was soon to retaliate. ~Hold on! We're not out of the flames yet!~


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