"Kala!" I yelled, running through the woods. Where was that girl...? "Kala!"

"I'm up here." It was a quiet reply, almost a whisper.

I looked up and saw her, of course she was in a tree. I smiled at first, but frowned when I saw her face streaked with tears.

Reaching up I gripped a branch and pulled myself up.

"Such strong arms." She whispered, a small smile twisted on her lips. It was a joke, one that started when we were six.

XXXX 8 years ago XXXX

~What are you doing?~ She said, all four of her eyes were focused on me.

I struggled to pull myself up. "Climbing... a... tree..."

~Climb...? Humans can climb?~

"Y-yeah!" I gasped out. "Like monkey's."

~It looks as if you are struggling to breathe.~ She said. ~ You... are having difficulty, yes?~

"N-no!" I said scowling down at her. Being the show off I was back then I flexed my arm. "Humans have strong arms!"

She studied her own thin, weak, looking arm. She had fourteen, long, delicate fingers. ~Obviously stronger than mine. But... perhaps...~

"What?" I asked, my overly large green eyes staring her down.

~Maybe when I get my human morph I'll be as strong as you.~ She said smiling up at me. ~I'll have such strong arms.~


She smiled.


"Terra? Earth to Terra."

I blinked. "Wha..."

She rolled her eyes. "And I'm the alien."

I blushed. "Sorry..."

She smiled at me. "It's fine. You have no reason to apologise."

I scowled, remembering why we were in the tree with Kala crying. "Yeah the one who should be apologsing should be that jerk Jake."

Kala frowned. "Terra-"

"You know I'm right."

"Whether or not, you shouldn't judge him." She tilted her head back. "You faced the same thing... once."

I flinched.

She looked at me out of the corner of her eyes. "Terra, you understand better than anyone what he's going through."


"Terra, what did you do this time?"


She raised an eyebrow. "Yes...?"

"I slapped him."


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