Triskelion holding cells:

For the past hour and a half a solitary figure waited patiently in a room lit by a single overhead light. The table before him sat empty with a heavy duty metal door just beyond. A large mirror, obviously a two-way, was on his left. He couldn't help but literally stare blankly into it the entire time he set alone and loathe whoever was behind it. What broke his concentration from the mirror was the buzzing of the door as it unlocked and admitted someone he didn't care for in the least. She sat down across the table from him and opened a file marked top secret, taking her time in going over it.

"Wish Briggs would have told me he was skipping out early," she said with a sigh before looking up at him. "Now as the acting director of Shield, you may address me as Agent Danvers." The blonde suit wearing agent flipped through a few more pages before shutting the file and crossing her arms. "Now, which one are you?"

The man sitting across from her blankly stared back at her.

"You do know it was by my orders you're alive. Originally you're supposed to be left as a giant ice cube but given your unique abilities, I thought…"

"What you thought was that I would play nice and work with you, right? I've heard it all before," the man said. How he accomplished such a task given his features, she didn't know.

"Good. Now that were on the same page, do you mind telling me which one you are?"

"Why do you want to know which one I am? Shouldn't you secret agents know everything about me?"

"Like I said, special abilities. Your DNA makes it impossible to determine your gender. And as for your sex, we were actually surprised when you didn't have one."

"I know," the man said flatly. "It takes the fun out of being human. As for your question, I'm both."


"Yeah. That was my sister and brother he killed. That punk, Spider-Man. Him and his little friends."

Agent Danvers placed the file on the table than stood from her seat. "What would you say to an early parole?"


"Parole. You do something for me, I'll do something for you." She walked over to the window and stood at full attention. "I've been the acting head of Shield for a while now. Ever since Fury was jailed in another reality. Since then, I've been charged with keeping all super powered humans and check. This Spider-Man…"

"You mean Parker?" the man interrupted.

"Yes, Parker. Close to a year ago, he was presumed dead but I saved him on a contingency order from Fury and now he's gone rogue."

"Then why not go get him?"

"He's still considered a minor but you, you I can use. Work for me, for Shield, and I'll see to it your past crimes are stricken from the record. All you need to do is bring me Parker, alive, so I can lock him behind bars for the rest of his wall crawling life."

The man shifted in his seat. His shackles clanked with his every movement. "Just so we're clear, you want me to go after a kid and bring him back to you alive, despite the fact that I want him dead for what he's done, and you'll make me a free man?"

"Well, freeish," Danvers told him. "You'll have to work for Shield of course."

"Interesting. Or is it that you don't want to get your hands dirty?"

"It comes with my position. I don't have to do the dirty work." She turned around to face him and was greeted with a site she herself hadn't planned on.

"Well unlike you," the man said as he stood where his chair once was. He pulled out a dead Shield agent he hid under his chair and part of the table where his shackles rested. "I like to get my hands dirty."

Before Carol could grab her gun or alert anyone for help, the man struck her alongside the Temple with the end of one of his restraints. She fell to the floor unconscious as the man moved the dead agent onto his belly. He knew he wouldn't have but a moment or two before the agents on the other side of the mirror came in and hurried in taking off the man's clothes. By the time he had stripped his prison jumpsuit off, the two agents from the next room came crashing in the door but were shot dead as the man ran out with an arm full of clothes and Carol's gun.

"Crap, forgot to grab the passes." He hurried into a shadowed area and hastily dressed himself.

The first squad of Shield agents arrived at the interrogation room a few moments later after the alarm went off. It was chaos after the shots were fired and the Shield personnel questioned if there were any deaths to their ranks. As the squad of agents rounded the corner into the interrogation hallway, Agent Carol Danvers appeared in front of them.

"Agent Danvers…" another one of the agents said before being stopped by his superior.

"Quiet and follow me. The prisoner escaped to sector twelve. He's heading to the nearest exit."

"Agent Danvers, we heard Gunshots," the other agent said. "Were you hit?"

"No, but he injured my leg and took my passes. You'll have to unlock the doors for me."

The three Agents and Danvers took off to sector twelve. It had the only exit from the Triskelion to an outside parking area for Shield vehicles. The four agents ran at top speed to the door that would lead to the criminal's freedom.

Back the way they came, a second squad of agents arrived at the interrogation room. They checked on the two agents lying on the floor, but it was too late to save them. Looking around, one of them found another body within the room.

"Damn," one of the agents put a pair of fingers to the body's neck and was relieved when he felt the pulse. "I need a medic in interrogation room nine. Danvers is down. Repeat, Danvers is down, but breathing."

Outside in a Shield parking lot, Carol Danvers entered one of the vehicles marked for public transit. Despite the rush of Shield soldiers spreading throughout the base and parking area, she got to the exit fairly quickly.

"Agent Danvers," the security agent said once she drove up. "The base is under lockdown. I can't let anyone in our out."

Looking at the security guard, she gave an evil grin before pulling out a pistol. After dispatching of the guard, she entered the busy streets of New York. The vehicle would have to be ditched as it would of course have a tracking device on it. But for the time being, she relaxed and turned on the radio. As music blasted from the speakers, she reflected on the agents she killed to get out of the Triskelion as well as think of what to do next as her face shifted. She now had no face to speak of whatsoever.

To be continued.