The next morning found Mary Jane sleeping soundly in her bed. Her brightly lit room was full of typical teenage items including posters of the current heartthrob, boy bands, and stuffed animals. It was still early in the day and her alarm had yet to go off for her to get ready for school. She slept peacefully as her mother continued getting ready for work downstairs; completely unaware someone was upstairs with her daughter.

Slowly, the window above the teenage girl's bed opened. Despite a barely audible creek, the room remained silent. The one responsible for it quietly crawled inside and was extremely careful not to disturb her as he clung to the ceiling. A cool wind blew in, brushing the few strands of hair on her face gently as she took a deep breath and shifted slightly. With a grin, the intruder lowered himself down on thin, gossamer strands of webbing until the tip of his nose touched hers.

"Wake up, beautiful," Peter said. It was enough to rouse her from her slumber and let out a loud scream when she opened her eyes. This sudden outburst caused the young man above her to jump and fall on top of her.

"Whoa, whoa, easy. It's me, MJ," he quickly told her.

"Peter, what are you…"

"Mary?" her mom called from the hallway with her footsteps approaching rather quickly. "Mary, what's wrong?"

The door to Mary Jane's room was flung open hard as Mrs. Watson ran in to check on her daughter. A few items on her dresser shook from the force exerted in opening the door. "Mary, what's wrong. What happened?"

"Oh, um, it was a bug," Mary Jane said with wide open eyes as she sat up in her bed. "A spider."

"A spider? You screamed about a spider?"

"Well, it was pretty big. And it was hanging over my face."

"Oh dear God. I thought you were in trouble or hurt."

"No, it was just a really, really big spider. It's gone now though."

"Well don't sleep with the window open." As she turned to leave, Mrs. Watson saw one of the items from her daughter's dresser she knocked over. It was a picture of Mary Jane with Peter from one of their dates a week before that fateful night.

"I'm sorry, hon." She gently put it back in its place after making sure the frame wasn't broken in any way.

"It's okay, mom." Mary Jane put on a look of longing when she looked at the picture while hoping Peter didn't sneeze or make any other sound from his hiding place at that moment.

"All this time, to think Peter Parker was a superhero. I owe him everything for keeping you alive. If only I could have told him myself."

Mary Jane swallowed hard as she stared at her mother while Peter waited for her to leave. He knew Mary's mother liked him but to have a regret of not saying such a thing to him made him a little disappointed she never knew his secret before rest of the world found out. The possibility of not wanting Mary Jane to be with him was always at the forefront of his mind if she should have ever found out. Losing Mary Jane was the worst case scenario at the time, but maybe things would be different if she knew he was still alive.

Looking at her watch, Mrs. Watson grabbed the door handle and took a step into the hallway. "Well, since you're okay, you might as well get ready for school. I'm going to work now, so I'll be home around six."

"Okay, mom. Love you."

"I love you too, sweetie." She shut the door and headed back downstairs much to the relief of her daughter and her boyfriend.

Mary Jane stayed in her bed and waited to hear the front door close downstairs. Afterward, she looked outside and saw her mother enter her car and take off down the street before telling Peter to come out from under her bed.

"You know, for someone without powers," Peter said as he stood up from the floor. "Your mom's extremely quick."

"Yeah. She's almost overprotective." She looked over at Peter who was wiping off the dust that clung to him from under the bed. "Do you think…maybe we could tell my mom you're alive?" She scooted over and made room in her bed as he took his shoes and jacket off then climbed in with her.

"Maybe." He wrapped his arms around her and the two cuddled with her back to him under the blankets. "I just don't know what I'm going to do yet. I would like to go back to school. To be me again. But I just don't know how to do it. Maybe we should tell your mom. Have her and Aunt May in the same room when we show her I'm alive."

"I would like that. I don't like hiding you from anybody."

Peter held her a little tighter and planted a kiss on her neck. "Thanks for being there when I got back last night. I really needed you."

"I had to. I'm Spider Girlfriend remember? Did Johnny and Bobby take off yet?"

"Yeah. They left a few minutes ago with Kitty."

"So it's just us and Gwen again?"

"Yeah. She already left for school. I should let you go to."

Mary Jane moved to face him and propped herself up on an arm. "I think I can afford to skip a day. My mom's gone till six. And you did save the day, hero."

A grin etched on Peter's face as he looked into her gorgeous green eyes of hers. "Hero's thanks?"

"Hero's thanks, Tiger."

The two kissed deeply and moved under the covers as they shed their clothing. Mary Jane tossed Peter's shirt across her room before working on his belt and jeans while he pulled her nightgown over her head. As they focused on each other, they didn't notice a car parking in the driveway a few minutes later and they especially didn't notice Mary Jane's mom was back until she knocked on the door to her room and turned the handle.

"Mary, I forgot to leave you much money."

The two teenage lovers moved the blanket from their heads and a panicked look struck their faces as the door opened.

Underground at the Triskelion, Carol Danvers marched through a long corridor with three Shield personnel close behind her. They passed numerous rooms identical to each other marked for only the uppermost agents to access before arriving at the end of the hallway and stood in front of a room marked B.E.-S1.

"Our experiment worked," Carol told the agents. "Parker lost control at the end and I don't even think Chameleon knew what face he morphed into after Osborn's. Good job on the goblin face."

"It worked like a charm, Mrs. Danvers. The Nano bots in Chameleon changed exactly when and to what you wanted," an agent said.

"And Parker gave into his darker side." Taking out a card, Carol swiped it in a scanner and typed a password into it, which made the door slide open with a metallic hum. "So are our projects ready?"

"As ready as they'll ever be. Ms. Danvers," another agent said. "Like you ordered, they are ready for use when you see fit. Although we used all our Nano technology on Chameleon to influence him the way you wanted, the suit was extremely responsive to what the scientists did to it."

"Perfect," Carol said as she looked at four, six foot tall, tubes before her. All had humanoid shapes in them that were covered in a black tar-like substance except for one, which had a young blond man inside. "As long as I'm in control, gentlemen, the suits, agents, and especially our dear Mr. Brock will show Parker he has no choice but to play by my rules. Every last super powered individual will fall in line or be locked away for the rest of their lives."


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