~Rules and Conditions~

Katarina: Hello and welcome to our Truth and Dare game! I will be taking care of 'hosting' for the time being.

Clive: You sound like a reality show host.

Katarina: Well maybe you should try it then, since you can obviously do it better.

Clive: No, you can do it.

Katarina: That's what I thought. Anyway, we only have a few conditions for the sent in dares/questions.

We can't kill anyone. We know everyone hates Bill Hawks, but we don't really want to go jail for it. Also, we don't want a certain someone to go insane and go on a psychotic rampage.

Clive: Hey!

Katarina: Continuingā€¦

We are not defying the laws of physics. Go find someone else for that stuff.

Pretty much anything works for a dare. Crossdressing, romance, Flora's cooking, reactions to things on the internet, whatever works.

And that is pretty much it for the rules. Review or PM the author with the truth/dare question, making sure to address the characters or characters it is for; it can be anybody or everybody, including me. Just don't send in ones for the obscure characters that no one remembers, okay?

Clive: You know what I find interesting? The author's pen name happens to be the same as your real nameā€¦

Katarina: No one asked you, idiot.