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Round 18

"Swiggity swound, guess who's up for another round?" Clockwork ticked, pleased with herself. "Our very first letter of this round is from Pandasxforever!"

Kyaaa this is gonna be fun First off...SLENDERMAN I SUMMON THEE! Do whatever you want to Bill Hawks

Clive:Spend the night at my house *wink*

Luke:Marry Belle

Kat:You HAVE to listen to Justin Bieber and One Direction for 5 hours without a pause

Don Paolo:I dare you to dress up as Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica :D

Professor Layton and Clive:I dare you to read the whole Koisuru Boukun manga :D You must tell us your reactions :3

Flora:I dare you to play Amnesia until the end..alone in the middle of the MUST do this.

Everyone:dance to Professor Layton DANJO :D

":)" Slenderman appeared in the room, putting one of his tentacles on the Prime Minister's shoulder.

Clive shrugged, grabbing his already packed overnight bag. "See you guys later. I'll try to bring some nail polish home from the sleepover."

"Not quite yet." Kat handed him and the professor the laptop. "You have some yaoi to read before you go."

Clive and the professor read through, frowning. However, the professor was more interested on how exactly the anatomy was supposed to work and Clive was hopelessly confused.

"You mean the one from that anime with all the sad lesbian magical girls?" Don Paolo tilted his head, curling the tips of his mustaches. "I guess I can do that."

Katarina huffed as she miserably put on the headset as her five hours of torture began. What joy. She reached to unplug the headphones from the laptop, but Flora did it anyway as she took the laptop to the kitchen to play Amnesia. Success.

"Have fun dancing, guys." She smiled as Luke got married for what- the 50th time?

"Unimportant." Clockwork chimed. "Next one is from GlaceonGirl."

I just thought this one up while watching Gravity Falls. This dare is for luke.

Luke, u must put on a lamb costume and sing the lamby lamby song, and u must also do the dance

Kat, tape this! ( and post it on YouTube and show arianna)

If you want to know what the song and dance look like, type in dippers lamby lamb dance on YouTube

Peace!- GG

P.S. Kat the skitty apologized for hitting u all(except bill hawks.)

"I'm glad you guys like the fact I can hold a camera." Katarina rolled her eyes, turning the camera on and putting it on Luke and his lamb costume.

"Who wants a lamby lamby? I do, I do!" He sang happily.

"No time for dawdling." Clockwork clanged. "Next one is from Dancing Shadows Alchemist."

Holy crap. My dad doesn't give a flying hoot about most of the boy bands. If I asked for band posters it'd be stuff like Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, Metallica, Skillet, and a bunch more along those lines. I have some new dares. DARES: Clive-Have a drinking competition with Russia, Layton-watch two girls one cup( I haven't actually ever seen that so...yeah)

"A drinking competition?" Clive frowned, glancing at the tall man in a scarf that seemed to magically appear in the room. "I don't think that's such a good idea…"

"Don't be silly." The man smiled. "It will be fun."

Layton's eyes widened as Clockwork showed him the video. "How do we not have a virus on this laptop yet?"

"I have no idea. Last one is from GeorgieSusoWasSuarez."

My first review!

Katarina: Which guy would you most want to date in the room?

Clive: If you could pick one person in the room to be your slave, who would it be and what would you make them do? Not rude stuff please, we must protect my innocence! Well, whatever's left of it.

Now a dare!

Layton: Push a penny around the toilet sleep with your tongue!

Now just one more thing!

*Eats Bill Hawks and barfs him up in the loo and then makes Clive marry her dogs*


Katarina glanced at Clive who was drunk off his ass and close to passing out. "Clive is the only one around my age and although he isn't the most attractive at the moment, it would probably be him."

The young man in question mumbled in a slurred tone. "The cat will be my slave because she's very… catty. She could sing cat songs to me. Now I'm gonna marry some DOGS."

"We don't even have a cat, but okay." Katarina rolled her eyes.

Layton cringed as he went into the bathroom where there was the Bill Hawks barf.

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