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POV'S: Isabella, Damon and Klaus.

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Isabella POV:

I was sat in Edwards room, listening to him play the piano. Right now he was playing my lullaby, I loved the song because it reminded me of peace, of a time when you had no problems. I couldn't concentrate on the ballad though, thoughts of my family kept on suppressing my mind. Memories of Elijah and Finn and Kol, wrestling. Of Rebekah making daisy chains. Of the last few days that Henric was alive.

And the memories of Klaus.

I tried so hard to remember the human part of him but whenever I hear his name all I can see is the time he daggered me, then not a week later, the Patrova doppleganger pulled it out of my chest before she ran away.

The good parts of my brother was just a faded memory. He filled my eyes with terror from the day he stuck that thing in my undead heart. I wouldn't be suprised if all of my other siblings were in those tacky coffins he kept with him. That would mean that he would be coing for me next.

I was about to think about ways to get away from him but a shrilling scream snapped me out of my thoughts. I looked over to Edward, who had stopped playing. He quickly stood and oicked me up, racing down stairs to see what all the commotion was.

Edward set me down on my feet and I saw Alice swaying back and forth. She must of had a vision. I rushed to her side and rubbed her back, soothing her. Her eyes opened slowly and she jerked away form me, as if my touch was ice to her. She looked at me in confusion and just shoke her head.

I was about to talk but Carlisle beat me to it.

"Alice, what did you see?" he said and walked over to her. Now everyone was looking at her. Poor Alice, I cou;d never have everyone look at me like that.

"Erm, there was this man with curly, sandy blonde hair and he was about 20. He was stood infront of 6 coffins. One of them were closed but the other five were open. There were three boys and two girls in them and they all had daggers in their hearts and their skin was grey." Alice stopped and shuddered.

I tried to meet her gaze but she wouldn't let me, so I walked over to Edward and sat down on the white couch with him.

"Did you recognize anyone in the coffins, sweetheart?" this time Esme spoke and put clear motherly concern into her voice. Alice took a deep breath before she spoke.

"I recognized one of them."

Now everyone were leaning forward in their seats to hear who was in the coffin. Maybe everyone knew the person. To be honest I had a clue of who were in teh coffins and I just hoped that she wouldn't say my name because I wasnn't ready to tell them my secret.

"It was...Bella!"

Everyone looked at me and I gulped. Oh Shit...

Damon's POV:

I was sat at the bar in the Mystic Grill with a beer in front of me. Today was just another 'How do we save Elena?' day. To be honest I was fed up with this sacrifice and what not. Why can't we just feed Elena some of my blood and she will be a vampire by the end of the night. I had asked Stefan and Elena that but they refused.

So right now I was hoping to get wasted and then later on have a bite. I hadn't picked my victim yet but I had my eye open. I was about to order another drink when someone spoke to me.

"Damon, what are you doing?" oh great, blondie. I turned slowly and grinned at her. She crossed her arms over her chest and looked at me, waiting for an answer.

"I'm drinking away my sorrows." I replied and showed her my now nearly empty glass. Caroline looked at me and took my glass away.

"How many have you had?" she asked and I was close to laughing.

"About 10. Why?" I raised my eyebrow at her and she smirked. What the fuck is going on?

"Becuase you're coming with me." and with that she had a hold on my arm and was now dragging me outside.

"Where are we going?" I asked when she unlocked her car, gesturing for me to get in.

She started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

"To the boarding house. Elijah wants to make a deal." I huffed and thought that if I was in a car with barbie vampire...why not have some fun...

"You are really annoying sometimes." I blurted out but for some strange reason it had no affect on her.

"That is the drink talking Damon." she said and started to drive down the muddy road that led to my house.

"How do you know?" I said and smirked at her, she was pulling up to the house now and getting out.

"Because you are more of an ass then usual." with that she walked into the large house and sat down on the couch.

I walked in behind her and noticed that Stefan, Elena and Caroline were sat on one of the couches and Bonnie and Jeremy were sat on the other couch. The last person I noticed was Elijah. He was standing next to the fire place with a picture in his hand.

"Elijah, what do we owe the pleasure?" I said and sat down next to Bonnie on the couch. Elijah walked forward and pulled a jar with some yellow liquid in out of his pocket and set it on the table. He set the picture next to it.

From what I could see, the picture was of a young girl with brown hair and had features similar to Elijah's. Who was she?

"Here is something that will make sure you live after the sacrifice." he siad and Elena picked it up, examining it.

"How do you know it will work?" Stefan asked looking at the jar with Elena.

"It was spelled by a witch to make sure it works." he said. Well that was reasuring. I looked at the picture and confusion crossed my face.

"What do you want in return?" I asked and Elijah just smiled at me and pointed to the picture.

"I want Bonnie to use her magic and tell me where this girl is, preferably tonight." Everyone were looking at Bonnie and she nodded, but Jeremy deicded to speak. Oh Joy!

"Who is she?" he asked and looked at Elijah. He sighed and answered with a grave voice.

"She is the only one of my family who is not in a coffin." he said and Jeremy nodded.

I pondered on the idea of Elijah and this girl standing together. Wow, they would look a like.

"I need something that belonged to her." Bonnie said and she sat on teh floor whilst Jeremy was placing six candles around her. When did they get set up.

Elijah reached into his pocket again and held out a bracelet that had red and blue stones dangling fom it. It was beautiful. Bonnie reached up and took the bracelet, placing it on top of the photo. She started to chant in, Latin, I think. Her eyes were closed and the bracelet started to hover. After a couple of minutes the candles went out and the piece of jewelry fell to the floor.

"She is in Forks, Washington DC and she will be at a big, white house next to a waterfall and large baseball feild." Bonnie said while her eyes opened and she stood up. Elijah nodded and walked put the door, leaving the rest of us to just think about what was going on...

Klaus' POV:

I was sat on my newest victims couch in her house. She lived in a very tacky cottage just outside of California. To be honest I didn't know why I was still here part from the fact that I was meeting Greta here. She was always the willing type but I never expected her to work for me willingly.

I heard that Elijah were helping her father and brother to try and get her back. The thing funny about that was that she wasn't going to go back until she felt like it. Of course if she tried to go back before the sacrifice she would probably end up severly hurt or even dead... depends what my mood would be at the time.

Suddenly my phone started to vibrate on the coffee table, so I picked it up and pressed the answer button. It was Greta.

"Hello, Love, I thought that you would be here by now to discuss the sacrifice." I said, my British accent rolling off my tongue. She chuckled lightly. She sounded nervouse... Why?

"Erm, I have some news for you and you will either like it or hate it." she replied and I could jut feel the antisipation rise up in me. I couldn't think of any news that would make her sound so nervouse. She was normally so confident and strong.

"Well what is it?"

"I found her. Isabella. I know where she is." Greta said and I could feel the anger boil up in me. That girl was a waste but I needed her for the sacrifice. Without her I couldn't make my hybrids.

I daggered her in the 16th century and then a week later the doppleganger lifted it out of her heart and ran. They both ran, never to be seen again. That was the only time someone got away from me.

Ever since she got away i vowed to never let anyone else get away. Since then no one has ever escaped.

I didn't realize how long I was thinking when Greta cleared her throat. I snapped back into reality and took a deep breath.

"Where is she?" I asked and waited for Greta to respond.

"Forks, Washington DC. I know where she will be at the time so I can follow her every move."


"Klaus, we need her fro the sacrifice. If you want to get her before then, we have to leave now." she said and I just looked at her. What was I so afraid of? I mean I'm older then her and all I need is a few drops of blood, that's it.

I never knew why she refused to help me. Her excuse was always, 'Since when have you ever helped me?'. Whenever she said that I used to get so angry I needed to kill someone or punch a wall. Which I always did.

I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and looked at the phone, taking a deep breath.

"We will leave as soon as you are ready." I said and sat further into the couch, pressing the phone closer to my ear.

"I will be over in 10 minutes and then we can leave straight away." the line went dead and I placed the phone back on the coffee table. 10 minutes and then we would be going to get the girl who was an essential part to the sacrifice.

10 minutes and we would be going to get my sister...

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