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No Bella won't die in the sacrifice Klaus just needs a few drops of blood...

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POV'S: Isabella, Alice.

Isabella's POV:

Right now, I was bored out of my mind. I am in a car with my hybrid brother and a witch, who i would gladly kill, and we have been driving for 4 HOURS! Ugh! Seriously why cant we stop i need a serious make over. You see my fashion sense is actually da bom but cant really wear designer clothes in a small town where you are trying to look human.

No one has spoken since Nik told me that we were going to Mystic Falls. I wonder where my phone is?! Hmm! I searched through my pockets and finally found it. (phone on profile) I opened it up, thank god it was on silent, and saw that Alice had texted me three times. I opened up the messages and read them.

Hey where are you?

Bella, Edward is going crazy!

Hey, erm, we are following in the car behind you :/!

I deleted the messages and quickly replied.

Hey Alice, as far as I know we are going to Mystic Falls and the sacrifice will be on the next full moon-which is on Saturday and OK be careful try not to get caught by Klaus. Cya later x!

I sent the text and pocketed my phone. Before looking up at Niklaus, his eyes were focused on the road and he was pulling his concentration face...Eyes squinted, tongue to the right of mouth and slightly hanging out.

I mentally laughed and if I could I would take a picture-make it last longer hahaha! His eyes darted towards mine through the mirror in front of him and he smiled. I smiled back and looked down, thinking of conversation.

"Where are we going once we get to Mystic Falls?" I asked and looked up at him. Through the mirror I could still see the brother I had when I was human. But now, he is just a faded memory.

"We will be going to my mansion were you will change into something that is actually nice." he replied and looked towards the road again.

I sighed and looked out the window at the landscape rushing by. I wish this was over so I could carry on with my life.

About an hour passed and we were pulling up in front of the biggest mansion I have ever seen. Trust Nik to buy this place.

The car stopped in the drive way and Klaus opened my door, dragging me out.

I stumbled as I got out of the car, my brothers grip tightening. I really didn't know why he did this. I am not 10 years old anymore.

Anyway, I followed him and we ended up in a large white house which could only be bought by my big brother. I stared at the house in awe as it was bigger than the Cullens; speaking of which i just heard their car pull up near the hedge outside of the driveway.

"Hurry up sister." Klaus yelled when he saw that the distance between us was becoming more spacious by the second. I snapped my head up and looked at him apologetically, whilst walking up to him. We had now reached a big staircase inside the house and Klaus started to walk up it.

As I followed my brother I could see the huge paintings on all of the walls- most probably painted by Nik. As my eyes scanned the beautiful landscapes and paintings, one framed painting caught my eye. It was a portrait of me in 1672, I was wearing a cornflower blue dress with my hair curled upwards.

I started to hurry up the stairs as I thought how Niklaus got that portrait for I had not seen him for 1000 years. He must of had spies surrounding me and my siblings. My foot finally reached the last step and Klaus was stood waiting for me.

My eyes met his and I could see a small glimmer of love in those cold eyes that held so much pain and loss. He looked st me silently and began walking, yet again, to a room that looked to be near the front of the house. We reached the door and he turned, smiling to me, and leading me into the room.

To say that it was beautiful was an understatement. It was huge with a balcony, en-suite bathroom, walk in closet and a large king-sized bed in the middle of the room. My eyes scanned the walls with landscapes of desserts, waterfalls, sunsets and many more. My eyes, once again, darted up to Nik's and he motioned me to go in the room.

As soon as my foot went through the door I flashed to my bed and jumped on it, testing how bouncy it was...

It was very bouncy!

I could hear my brother clear his throat and I immediately sat up and looked at him. Annoyance and amusement crossed his face as his eyes held more light than usual. It reminded me of when we were human; but that was long ago, in the past. And you have to let go of your past!

"Get dressed into something that you would actually wear without wanting to puke, we are going to the Grill." he said and my head snapped up, bringing me out of my thoughts. I nodded and went to my wardrobe looking at my many clothes. Thank God someone updated it for when I come here.

About twenty minutes later I had finally picked an outfit to wear. (Link on Profile)

I walked down stairs and saw that Nik and the witch were waiting for me by the front door. Her face held that of annoyance, why? Why did she not like me? What did I do to her?

I got pulled out of my inner banter when i heard the door open and Niklaus start to walk out. My feet immediately started to tread behind my brother, my heels clicking of the floor and onto the gravel. He ran to the car and within seconds it was started and ready to pull out of the giant mansion that was my new home.

Again, I was in the back while the caramel toned witch was in the front. Seriously, what was her problem? As i got lost in my thoughts I remembered that The Cullens were following us. I could faintly smell them. They probably went to buy a house here or get rooms in a hotel. Why they were trying to save me I do not know! No one could defeat Klaus once this curse was broken.

No one!

My eyes suddenly drifted to the outside of the car and I realized that the car was just parking in the parking lot of Bar/Restaurant.

This must be the Grill, I thought to myself as I got out the car and followed the witch and Klaus into the building. From the inside the place looked pretty nice. It was filled with highs school students though. High school students who wouldn't stop acting as though they owned the world.

I know I shouldn't say that but it's true, I could rip their hearts out before they could even blink. But I shouldn't be thinking about that, I am with my brotehr and the sacrfice is on Saturday. I need to get ready for that. I need to support my brother.

I walked behind Nik, over to the bar were a man with sandy, blonde hair was sitting, marking what looked like tests, must be a teacher. The man looked over at Klaus, politely nodded, and went back to grading the tests. I inwardly chuckled to myself, if he knew who Klaus was, he wouldn't be so polite or clueless. Klaus sat down at the bar and ordered himself a whiskey whilst getting the witch a white wine.

Classy aren't we!

He looked towards me and silently asked what I wanted.

"Bourbon on the Rocks." I said and a smirk immediately put itself upon his face.

"Brave girl." he replied, handing me the drink. I took it from him and downed half of it in one gulp before answering him.

"Shut up, I'm your sister, I could rip your head off before you even blink." I looked at him to see him turning around and trying to ignore my comment. You see i died and finished the transition before Nik, and my mother gave me extra...everything.

Which means I am faster, stronger, have better hearing sight etc and, get this, i can compel other Originals. Which has it's perks sometimes.

I sat down next to him and just drank my drink, slowly, savoring the taste, not even bothering to listen to Klaus and the witch talk about the sacrifice. I sighed in their direction but neither looked up. Well that failed!

I looked around the bar to find that the teacher now had a teenage boy with him. He had brown hair and the most gorgeous green eyes. He was a vampire, just over a century and a half by the smell. They were talking very quickly and I know that I could of listened, but I just couldn't be bothered. My eyes slowly drifted above them to the wall were a lovely painting of a waterfall was.

It was truly beautiful. I looked at it for a couple of seconds then I felt eyes on me. I looked down to see the vamp and teacher looking at me.


I looked into their eyes and it looked like they had saw me before...but I have never seen them before. I mentally shook my head and winked at them, downing the rest of my drink and turned my head to see Klaus looking at me. I smiled and out my glass on the counter and he got up with Greta following.

I guess we are leaving. I forced a sigh from my lips and pushed myself off the counter and walked out. All the while feeling their eyes on me.

Alice Pov:

OMG, that guy just dragged Bella out and I can't move. None of us could. I looked over at Edward and saw the hurt in his eyes. He was gonna get her back...we all were. I could hear a car pull out of the drive-way and slowly fade as it drove away. I tried to runt o the door and found that I could finally move and so could the rest of my family. We immediately ran to the cars and drove after Bella.

I was in the volvo with Edward, Carlisle and Jasper, and everyone else were in the jeep behind us. I couldn't believe what just happened. I mean who was that guy and why couldn't we move and why did he just take her?

Loads of questions were swimming round my head and it was starting to give me a headache.

Crazy, I know because vampires can't get headaches. I looked over at Edward and saw his hands slightly start to tighten on the steering wheel as we could faintly smell Bella now.

I quickly took out my phone and decided to take a risk of texting Bella.

Hey where are you?

I text her and looked up ate Edward waiting for a reply I could see Edward was trying to keep his anger under control, which must be really hard right now. I checked my phone again and I had no texts back from Bella, so I tried again.

Bella, Edward is going crazy!

I sent it and waited again, looking out my window as I did. My hand was locked with Jasper's and Edward was glaring at the car in front What the-

I smelt the air and soon found that Bella's scent was in the car in front. Well that was fun.

Suddenly my phone started buzzing, alerting me that I had a message. I quickly grabbed my phone from my pocket and opened the text that Bella had sent.

Hey Alice, as far as I know we are going to Mystic Falls and the sacrifice will be on the next full moon-which is on Saturday and OK be careful try not to get caught by Klaus. Cya later x!

I sighed in relief that she was okay but then my eyes sprung back to the text.

Sacrifice? What sacrifice?

I decided not to text her and just focus on rescuing her. Everything will be alright, I kept repeating that in my head until I believed it.

An Hour Later...

It has been an hour and we were driving up to this big house in a small town called Mystic Falls. Bella's car had just pulled up and they were getting out now. I decided to speak, knowing everyone behind us would hear.

"So, what do we do now?" I asked looking around the car and then out the back window to see the rest of my family.

"I say we march in there and get our Bella back!" Emmett said and I could hear Jasper chuckle lightly. I smiled, he must be under a lot of pressure right now. I can't even imagine how much emotions he is getting off everyone.

"No!" Carlisle's voice broke me from my trance and my head snapped up to his, I looked at him, like everyone else, waiting for him to continue. "We need to get to a hotel, get some rest and tomorrow we will figure the rest out." he said and with that Edward drove to the nearest hotel.

At The Hotel...

We arrived at the hotel and booked rooms for everyone, once that was done we all went to our rooms to discuss what to do next.

"I thought we were gonna rest." Emmett wined and Rosalie playfully whacked him on the arm causing me and Jasper to snicker at his smirking face.

"Alright, everyone, I think we should discuss how we are going to get Bella back, but first I want someone to go round town and ask around for Bella." Carlisle said and me and Rosalie immediately piped up at that.

"We'll go!" Rose said and I continued.

"Yeah, we could ask around in the town square and places like that." I finished and me and Rose looked at each other smiling.

"Alright." Carlisle said and we quickly went to our rooms before telling them that we were going to get changed first.

(Outfits on Profile)

They were ready in a matter of minutes and out the door, speeding to the red Ferrari. I looked over to Rosalie and smiled before speeding out of the drive-way and heading in the direction of the Grill.

The drive was quiet yet it didn't last long. Before I knew it, the car was parking in the car park of the Grill.

"So, what are we doing?" Rosalie asked me before walking towards the entrance of the bar.

"We are going to ask around to see if anyone has seen Bella, and get a couple of drinks." I replied and walked over to the bar, whilst Rosalie followed suit and from the corner of my eye I could see her sit next to me.

"What can I get you lovely ladies tonight?" the guy behind asked us and I smiled at him. He was definitely cute with his short blonde hair and blue eyes. From what I could see he had a fairly good package of abs and a friendly smile on his face. I looked over at Rose and motioned for her to go first. She nodded and began talking.

"I'll have a vodka and coke and my sister will have the same thanks." she said and smiled at the boy. I looked over at his name tag and it read 'Matt'. Nice name, I thought. Matt walked away to get our drinks and I took that as the opportunity to look around the bar. It was filled with High School students and as I looked around, I saw a said High School student talking to a middle-aged looking man. My eyes stayed on them and I sniffed the air a little. I quickly picked up Bella's scent and it was near the two men. I turned around to tell Rosalie, when Matt came back with our drinks.

I smiled up at him and gave him the right amount of money for our drinks and nudged Rosalie, her head turned to me, confusion in her eyes.

"Whats wrong?" she asked and took a gulp of her drink.

"I found someone who might of seen Bella." I replied and her smirk quickly played itself on her beautiful, flawless face.

"Well then, what are we waiting for?!" she replied and motioned for me to show her where the people were. I got up out of my seat, drink in hand and walked over to the two men, Rosalie right behind me.

They looked up once Rosalie reached me and smiled. The younger one decided to talk first.

"Hi. Can we help you with anything?" he asked and I smiled in return to the friendly, but wary, tone in his voice. I reached into my pocket to get a picture of Bella, whilst Rosalie answered.

"Yes, you can..." she said and I finished her sentence.

"Have you seen this girl before?" I asked and held the photo out to them, I immediately saw recognition in their eyes.

"Erm, no w-we haven't" the younger one stuttered and Rosalie laughed dryly. But the older one looked unfazed by the fact that we were searching for Bella, he just looked curious.

"Are you working for Klaus?" he asked and that, I did not expect. I shook my head frantically and Rosalie made a disgusted face. He took that as a signal to continue. "Yeah, we saw her, she left about 20 minutes ago, why?" he asked. Happiness sprung to my feature in a millie-second and i started bouncing on the spot slightly. Rosalie just shook her head and said thank you before dragging me out the bar.

"Let's go tell Carlisle." my sister exclaimed and we raced to the car, heading home.

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