Amy Cahill woke up that morning in high spirits, today she was going to be named Branch leader. In fact, everyone was moveing up. Jonah Wizard was being named Janus Branch leader, Ian Kabra was being named Lucian Branch leader, Sinead Starling and her brothers were being named Ekaterina Branch leaders, and Hamilton Holt was being named Tomas Branch leader. It was a day to celebrate.

Amy went to her closet. She picked out a T-shirt and jeans, and her grandmothers Jade necklace. She had it modified because before it only carried the Ekat Crest, now it had all the branch crests. She loved this necklace. Sha smiled at her reflection in the mirror. It had been 4 years since the clue hunt, and 4 years since the last time she had seen any other clue hunters besides her uncle Fiske, her au pair Nellie, and her annoying brother Dan. Also the Madrigals she sees every weekend for training.

She wondered how the others would look, how they would react to how she looks, she didn't seem different to her, but people always said she was always changeing more and more and that now she closely resembled her mother. They said she was beautiful. She always just smiled and thanked them, but told them that she didn't come close to her mother.

"Amy! Come on! We gotta go! Do you want breakfast, cause if you do you better get down here before Dan eats it all!" Nellie yelled up the stairway.

Amy snapped out of her trance and realized she was crying. It happened everytime she thaught about Grace or her mother.

"Comeing Nellie!" Amy yelled back.

Amy walked down the stairs, she hadn't bothered to change her hair, Nellie insisted to do it for her. Nellie is just endless surprises. After Nellie had done Amy's hair, she aplouded her self. Amy's hair was it's beautiful shade of natural red, but now it had small braids throughout it. It was beutiful as always. Amy ate her breakfast then she headed out for her car. Nellie was going to take fiske in her car and Amy would take Dan in hers.

"Theres my pretty Branch leader! Are you ready for mr to pass the stick to you?" Fiske greeted.

"Yes uncle Fiske." Amy said.

"So Amy. Since your gonna be the Branch leader and all do you think you can lower the age limit for the expert fighting classes?" Dan asked.

"Fine, I'll lower it to 16 if your good." Amy said.

"Great! That means I can start right away! And when do you think I can drive somewhere?" Dan asked.

"Dan you just got your licence, you need to practice in like an empty parking lot first. Your only 16!" Amy said.

"I know that, but I was a way better driver than you in the clue hunt, so I should be a great driver!" Dan complained.

"Seat belt Dan, I'm starting the car." Amy said. Dan smiled and showed he had his on already.

"See, I'm responsible!" Dan said.

"Fine, you can drive the way back, with Fiske in the car with you, I'll drive with Nellie." Amy said, turning the key in the ignition.

"Yes!" Dan said.

The Cahills arrived at the celebration half an hour early, so Dan could have some snacks and everyone can get ready. Amy went towards the incomeing Branch leader room. She was told that she was the last Branch leader to arrive. She stood at the door, wishing she could die! She hated croeds, but the room she was about to enter had the youth of the clue hunt. She was ready for anything but she wasn't really sure how to prepare for this. She held her breath, bit her lip and entered the room. She quickly saw everyone looking at her.

"H-Hi guys." Amy stammered.

"Amy?" Hamilton said.

"Yes Ham?" Amy asked.

"WOW. You look, I mean your just, WOW." Jonah said.

"Well. If it isn't Amy Cahill." Ian said from behind her.

She realed around and hit him. Hard.

"OUCH!" He yelped. "Amy it's me!"

"Oops. I'm so sorry, Ian, reflexes. Are you OK." Amy asked, helping him up. Had she really hit him that hard?

"Ah, I'm, er, fine, thank you. Next time, try to ease up a little." Ian said.

"Acctualy, I did ease up, alot." Amy said.

"WOW, Amy, you hit him with only a fraction of what you could do? And on accident?" Sinead said.

"Well, I could have stopped myself but he deserved it for sneaking up on me." Amy said sheepishly.

Ian frowned. He knew it wasn't all for sneaking up on her. He had hurt her with a powerful strike, to her heart. He would never forgive himself for what he did in Korea, it had haunted his dreams forever, and probably hers too. Hoe could he have done that to her. He broke her heart. He didn't blame her for hateing him now. He wouldn't blame her for never forgiving him. What he did was wrong even for Satan, or worse, his mother Isabel.

"I'm sorry." He said in such a hushed voice he hadn't noticed he said it out loud.

"Uh, It's OK. Just don't do it again." Amy said.

Ian snapped from his trance. Oops, he said it out loud. He blushed a bit but quickly hid it.

"Oh, uh, yeah." Ian said.

"OK. Come on guys, time for Branch leadership to be yours." Nellie said walking in from the stage.

The group headed up to the stage. Fiske stood there for Amy, Eisenhower stood there for Hamilton, Alistair stood there for the triplets, but only a stand was there with the Lucian award. Ian's father refused to come, and Ian sighned a paper saying that Isabel was not allowed a minute from prison to come. Ian was OK with it though. he would be awarded his last, only by takeing the awards from the stand, and walking out.

"Thank you all for comeing to the Brach passing cerimony, it's very short, with the award from each and a speech from them as well." Fiske said. "I am Fiske Cahill, former leader of the Madrigal Branch. Shall we get started?"

There was a round of applause.

"Amy Hope Cahill, will you please step forward?" Fiske said.

Amy took a breath and walked out to her uncle.

"Amy Hope Cahill, here is your Madrigal simbol. It is something I thaught long and hard about. This is what I believe is the best simbol for you. Everything else you will need I will give to you in a week, when you take your place as Branch leader, congradulations and good luck." Fiske said as he handed her a ring with an "m" on it with his left hand and shook the other with the right, then a picture was taken and Amy went up for her speech.

"I, Amy Hope Cahill, will lead the Madrigal Branch with pride. I know it wasn't untill 4 years ago that the four original Branches found out about the Madrigals, and Madeline Cahills promise for peace. It wasn't untill a month later that you accepted us as Cahills. I will do my best to lead the Madrigals as any other branch, we have finished our quest for peace, but there are still a few edgey spots, like the Vespers. But we will all prevail. We will not fight them as Branches alone but as Cahills togather. We will defeat our common enemy as a family, for this I am certain. On Madelines name, on Graces name, on my parents name, we will be victorious. Thank you, and I promise to protect this family like any other Branch leader would. Thank you." She said.

Ian was impressed. Not a single studder. Cora Wizard walked to the podium next.

"Hello my fellow Cahills, I would also thank you all for comeing here on this gloriace day. Jonah Neil Wizard, will you please step out here." Cora said.

Jonah walked to her.

"Jonah, I would like to give you this, truly I thaught a while before I found just the right Branck simbol for you. The rest of anything you will need I will relinquish to you in a week aswell. Congradulations. The Janus, will thank you." Cora said as she handed him a green guitar pick that had a wolf on it. Jonah thanked his mother and walked up to the podium for his speech.

"Hey folks, I am Jonah Wizard, plainly. Most of you might think of me as just another famous face, but I promise that my career will be the second thing on my mind, the first is gonna this Branch. I will lead with honor and respect." Jonah said and he walked off stage.

Somehow Ian thaught that maybe Amy's was going to be the only long winded one.

Next Eisenhower Holt went up.

"I dont like talkin much so I'm gonna cut to the chase. Hamilton Pierre Holt please come forward." Eisenhower said as he eyed the crowd, dareing anyone to laugh at his son's middle name with his eyes. No one dared.

"Ham, I am really proud of you son, so I found something for you real quick. I know say, you are the Tomas Branch leader." Eisenhower stated as he handed his son something no one ever thaught a Holt knew exsisted. He handed Hamilton a computer technitions book. Hamilton smiled and walked up for his speech.

"So, most of yall I saw were pretty surprised that my idea of perfect is a computuer tachnitions book. Most of yall probably doubted I even knew what a book was. For so long people have thaught of the Tomas and strong idiots, well, sure we arent noted for our brains, but we have them. My main goal of being Branch leader is simple. I will raise the standards everyone has for us. I will definately show that we could acctually be just sa smart as the Lucians of Ekaterinas. I want to make it where, you arent afraid to laugh at my middle name, cause it's a stupid middle name, I get that, I'm the one with the name. So, by the time I pass this on to one of my kids, I want people to think of us as smart and strong." Hamilton said.

OK. So Ian thaught wrong. His was even longer than Amy's, but it was touching.

Alistair Oh walked to the stand next. He didn't greet the people but got to the point.

"Will the Darling Starling triplets please step forward." He said.

When they did he smiled. "I didn't have to even think at all about yours, I've had it in mind for quite some time now. You are now Ekaterina Branch leaders. Congradulations." Alsiatair said as he handed each of them a necklace that read "triple treat" on it.

"Thank you all, and how fitting of a necklace, Alistair! We'll keep this short, we will keep out creative minds at work and we will lead this Branch with pride. Thank you!" The triplets said like a choras.

Amy stepped forward to the podium. What was this?

"Hello again everyone, the Lucian leader refused to be here for his son, so I visited him and I have everything, and I was also given the duty to find a fitting simbol. So could Ian Vicktram Kabra please come to the podium?" Amy said.

Wait! Amy's giving me the Branch leadership! Ian thaught. He stepped out to the podium.

Amy smiled gracefully. She seemed really excited.

"Ian Kabra. I thaught for the past month of what to get you. And then I found the perfect thing. You unlike the others you will have to take your leadership imidiately, your father doesn't want to lead another day. So, please. Here is my gift to you." Amy said. She leaned over and wispered something in his ear, then handed him a stainless steel hershey kiss. Ian's face lit up like a Christmas tree. Everyone in the crowd seemed confused, along with Dan and Nellie. Ian stepped up to the podium. His speech was nothin but 3 words.

"She forgave me!" He said and then he walked off stage. Amy smiled and sent Alistair and Dan a wink. She had just forgiven him for Korea. She had wispered in his ear "Ian Vicktram Kabra, I forgive you for South Korea."