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After Liv arrived back to T-M from the hopsital, she saw Jax walk across the lot in long, angry strides. The two of them haven't seen each other since before Liv left for New York; last night he had stormed off and she had gone back to sleep after the whole thing with Happy.

A smile spread across Liv's face when she saw her friend, but it soon disappeared as she saw just how angry he was. "Jax!" she called out, making him aware of her precense.

Jax swireld around and the look of anger was replaced with a look of relief and happiness. "Liv!" he exclaimed as he jogged over to her and pulled her into a hug. "It's so good to have you back, so good" Jax whispered as he rocked the two of them slightly back and forth.

"I've missed you, Jax" Liv replied with a small smile.

"We gotta' catch up later, alright?" Jax said, his voice serious.

Liv knew it was his way of saying 'you better tell me what went down in New York'. "Yeah, sounds good" Liv replied.

"Gotta go, we've got some problems at Cara Cara" Jax explained before placing a kiss on her forehead and heading towards his bike.

A look of confusion spread across Liv's face; since when was SAMCRO inolved with Cara Cara? It might be Luann calling in a favour though.

As she reached the office she saw Gemma sitting in the chair behind the desk, glasses on and everything. Knocking on the door she stepped in without waiting for a response. "Hey, Gem" she said as she sunk down in the chair by the door.

Gemma looked up from the papers in front of her and took off her glasses once she saw who it was. "Good morning, baby, you visit Chibs?" she asked.

Liv nodded. "Yeah, he was awake when I got there. We talked for quite a while" she told her.

"Good, good" Gemma said thougtfully "I'm thinking about having family dinner tonight, think all of us need it" Gemma stated.

Liv nodded in agreement. "Sounds like a good idea, Gem, do you need me to go to the store?" she asked. Liv was not an excellent cook, but she was a good shopper.

"That would be great, here let me write you a list" Gemma said and quicky scribled down what she needed for tonight. "Thanks" she said casually as she handed Liv the list of groceries.

"No problem, Gem" Liv replied with a small smile. This felt like old times.

"Oh, and Liv?" Liv was half-way through the door when she heard Liv call out. "We still need to talk about those money" Gemma reminded her, a stern tone in her voice.

Liv nodded."Sure, Gem" she said before leaving the office and heading towards Jax's truck, which she had borrowed. As she was half-way there the sound of a door opening and closing captured her attention.

Four men exited the building, but Liv's gaze was trained on one of them; Happy. It didn't take long for his dark eyes to find her blue ones, and they locked gazes for a moment before Liv looked away.

"Princess, you're back" Clay said, overjoyed as he pulled the woman into a sidehug.

"That I am" Liv confimred with a smile.

Tig's eyes travelled up and down her body, unware of the harsh glare he was receving from Happy. "You look as hot as ever, Liv" Tig commented making Liv scrunch her nose.

"Forget it, Tiggy. That's never going to happen" Liv replied dryly making Clay and Half-Sack chuckle, while Happy was still glaring.

"What are you laughing at, Prospect?" Tig barked making Half-Sack stop laughing instantly.

Liv rolled her eyes and walked over to Tig, placing a kiss on his cheek. "Don't you worry, Tiggy, you will always be my creepy uncle" she promised him with a smile before saying goodbye to the guys and heading towards the truck. As she walked away she could feel his gaze on her. Why did things have to be so complicated?

Liv sighed aggravated by the store's lack of organizing. Even though she had lived in Charming for the majority of her life, and had shopped at the same grocery store the majority of time, she still couldn't find her way through this store.

Deciding that she might as well just walk around until she found it, she started strolling around the store as she looked through some photos of her and Damien. She missed the little guy.

"Ms. Donovan, no?" the voice made her look up from her phone, and she came face to face with a mean looking man. His dark eyes were trained on Liv, as she gave him a polite smile.

"That's me" she responded, trying to figure out where she had heard his voice before. There was something familiar with it. Something that made her whole body tense up, and her mind to go into defense mode. Who was this man?

"I'm sorry, but I'm in a bit of a rush. Have a nice day" Liv said and walked towards the cash register. The entire way she could feel his eyes on her, and an uneasy feeling spread through her whole body.

Later that night Liv was sitting on the kitche counter. After bringing the groceries home to Gemma she had showered and changed and was now dressed in a new pair of jeans Gemma had gotten her and a SAMCRO t-shirt, which belonged to Jax.

Liv had considered telling Gemma about what happened in the store earlier, but she figured that Gemma would overreact and tell the club, who in return would react and it would set of a chain recation that was just unnecessary, so instead she decided to keep the uneasy meeting to herself.

"It's about damn time you tell me where you got those money from" Gemma stated as she put the beef into the oven to warm up.

Liv had known this was coming sooner or later, but she preferred it to be later. There was no way she was getting out of this though, so she figured she might as well tell Gemma the whole story. "A couple of years ago I wrote this novel, and by mistake my boss read it and sent it to a publsiher, who in turn liked the novel and decided it was worth publishing" Liv explained.

At first Gemma looked slightly shocked, but as always it didn't take long for her to recover, as she raised an eyebrow at the woman sitting on the counter. "How come you have never told anyone? Why haven't we seen your names in the papers?" Gemma wondered, continuing with the cooking as she waited for a response.

"I didn't want anyone to know, so I published under psyeudo name. I guess I was nervous about what you guys might think about it" Liv revealed.

Gemma's brows furrowed. "Baby, you should never be nervous around us. We'll support you no matter what" Gemma promised, slightly disturbed by the fact that Liv had chosen not to tell them and publish in her real name because she was nervous about what they would think. "What is your psyeudo name? I would love to read your work if that's okay with you" Gemma said gently.

Liv remained silent for a moment. "Kathereine Hastings" she reveleaed, and watched as Gemma's eyes grew wide.

"Are we talking about the Katherine Hastings?" Gemma questioned with a raised eyebrow. Liv fiddles nervously with the hem of her t-shirt. "We are, aren't we?" Gemma said excitedly.

Liv's silence was taken as a yes by the older woman who took a few step forwards and pulled the woman into a hug. "Jesus Christ, Liv, you're real good. I've read all of your books" Gemma said with excitement, as a faint blush spread across Liv's pale cheeks and her gaze was fixated on the floor beneath her.

"Thanks" she said so quietly Gemma almost missed it.

"Hey!" Gemma snapped, catching the attention of Liv who looked at her. "You're talented, real talented. That is nothing for you to be ashamed of" Gemma lectured her.

"Can we just please keep it between the two of us for now?" Liv asked, silently praying that Gemma would agree to it.

"Alright, for now" Gemma said and turned back to the beef in the oven as they heard the door open and close.

A small smile spreads across Liv's face as she spots Tara walking into the kitche, but it quickly fades as she notices the sour look on the doctor's face.

The woman didn't say anything as she walked up to Gemma, she didn't even acknowledge Liv.

Gemma who had just retrieved the beef from the oven turned towards Tara. "Thought you were bringing a sallad" Gemma commented.

"I've been busy" Tara said before turning away from Gemma.

"Hey Tara" Liv said, her voice neutral as she did not want to get stuck in the middle of the fight between the Queen and the doctor, which would most likely accure very soon.

Gemma walked after her, a slight look of confusion apparent on her face. "What?" she questioned.

"This is a hostile work envirement claim filed against me and my proxy by Margareth Murphy" Tara said and held up the white paper she had walked in with.

Liv groaned mentally; what had Gemma done this time? Her work was everything to Tara; she had left everything behind to puruse her dreams of helping others heal. There was no way she was going to let anyone mess with that.

"Huh, are you kidding me?" Gemma asked as she placed her hands on her hips. Even though she was still sitting on the counter, Liv could hear every word of the conversation. "What a bunch of pussys" Gemma commented.

"You threatened her" Tara stated. Of course she had, Liv thought to herself. There was no doubt that Gemma was an intimidating woman, but from what she had seen during her stay at the hospital and Tara's stories about her, so was Margareth Murphy.

"I had a passionate conversation with her in the elevator" Gemma responded. Liv rolled her eyes as she slipped off the counter, a typical Gemma response.

"This is my livliehood, do you have any idea how hard I worked to get to where I am?" Tara said, raising her voice slightly.

Liv could genuinely understand her anger; Tara shouldn't have to suffer under the consequenes of Gemma's actions, especially not at work.

"I get it" Gemma replied. Liv walked over to the counter and began mixing the sallad as she continued to listen to the conversation.

"Do you? This could cost me my goddamn job" Tara argued back, but Liv's attention was no longer on the fight, instead her focus had been re-directed towards the kids and blonde who just walked through the door.

A smile spread across her face as she saw Ellie and Kenny. Liv couldn't help but notice how sad they looked though, and it really pained her. "Ellie, Kenny" she said as she walked over to them and pulled them into a hug, ignoring the fight behind the three of them.

"Hey" Lyla said as she walked through the door, Liv looked up and gave her a kind smile as the blonde looked confused about the whole fight going down in front of her.

"Perfect, serving handjobs for desert?" Tara asked bitterly.

"That's real nice in front of the kids" Lyla stated before placing the platter she had brought down on the table and storming out of the room.

"Was that really necessary, Tara?" Liv questioned her, calmy but irritated. She understood that Tara had a shitty day, but all of them have, and there is no reason to be rude to Lyla because of it.

"Honestly, Liv, I don't care" Tara replied before walking out of the backdoor and into the backyard.

"Auntie Livie" Kenny said as he pulled on the hem of her shirt.

"Yeah buddy, what is it?" Liv asked the young boy.

"What are handjobs?" he asked, innocent like only a child could be. The shocked look on his aunt's face made the boy continue his question. "Tara said we were having them for deserts, are they any good?" he asked her.

Liv didn't really know how to respond to that. "Well, Kenny, we are not having them today. We're having mudcake" she said, hoping that the mentioning of the real desert would distract him from his first question.

"Really?" he asked hopefully, and Liv nodded.

"Oh yeah, and it's real good" she promised him.

The two kids smiled at the thought of the desert. Liv could hear the roar of bikes approaching. "You go play in the living room kids, I'll be there in a minute or so" she told them and pushed them towards the door opening.

It didn't take long until Jax and Bobby walked through the front door. "Hey boys, where's Ope?" Liv questioned as she leaned towards the wall in the entry hall.

"Talking with Lyla, something went down between her and Tara?" Jax asked.

"Well, Tara was fighting with your mom when Lyla walked in and Tara asked if we were serving hands jobs for desert" Liv told the two.

Bobby looked shocked at first and then burst into laughter, while Jax sighed. "Jesus" he said as he pulled a hand through his blonde hair.

"It gets better, Kenny and Ellie were in the room at th time. After Lyla stormed off Kenny asked me what handjobs are and if they were any good" Liv continued, this time both Jax and Bobby was fullout laughing.

"Guessing you didn't tell him the truth?" Bobby asked.

Liv shook her head with a small smile. "Nah, distracted him by talking about mudcake. That boy is a sucker for chocolate" she said with a smile. "Just like Donna was" she added softly.

Before the two Sons could respond, Opie walked through the door holding hands with Lyla. "Come on, we better get in there" Liv said, giving Lyla an encouraging smile. "Just keep your head up, it'll get better" she promised the blonde who nodded, and Opie sent his friend a thankful smile. At the very least he could always rely on Liv to be friendly and open-minded.

As everyone spread out to talk, Liv called on Ellie and Kenny as they were about to eat. As the three of them entered the kitchen Gemma called for everyone to sit down. "C'mon kids, let's get the best seats in the house" Liv joked and hurried fowards, Ellie and Kenny following closely behind.

The sound of the door opening made Liv look up and Clay walked through the door. "Where the hell were you?" Clay questioned, and Liv spotted Happy walking in behind him.

"What you talking about?" Jax questioned.

"I've got two guys lying in hospitals bed and the rest of you decide not to pick up your goddamn phones" Clay questioned, and the look on the older man's face told Liv something bad had gone down.

"We were neck deep in our own pile of shit" Bobby responded.

Tig turned towards the shorter, older man. "We almost got killed trying to take back our guns, man" Tig replied.

Happy stood back and studied the situation playing out before him, at the same time as he kept an eye on Liv. She had a look of worry on her face as she watched the Sons arguing, an arm around each of the kids shoulders.

"Club business, not here asshole" Bobby responded.

Tig pushed him back making Bobby lunge forward to push the Sergeant-at-Arms as well. Happy stepped forward to break this shit up. This shit wasn't good for the club.

"Hey, they were helping me Clay" Opie said as he stepped up.

"Kids, go into another room" Liv ordered the kids sitting beside her. "Now" she ordered sharply when they didn't movie. Both of them stood up and walked out of the room as Liv turned her focus towards the fight once again.

"We had some payback to deliever at Cara Cara" Jax stated.

"Well, hopefully it went a little better than the Tramble task" Tig replied shortly.

Out of the corner of her eye Liv saw a figure in the doorway. Turning her eyes towards the door she saw Hale standing there.

"Oh, blow me shithead" Opie replied.

Liv didn't tear her eyes away from the door, which Happy noticed making him look over his shoulder and he saw the Deputy Chief of Charming P.D standing there. "Excuse me" the man said as he walked into the house. "Sorry to interrupt, I figured I should tell you this in person" Hale stated making everyone quiet down.

Liv had a bad feeling about this. The club didn't need another throw back right now, they were struggling as it was. "We just found Luann Delaney off County 18, beaten to death" Hale told them all.

Liv sucked in a sharp breath. Jax had said something about Cara Cara earlier. What had they done? Was it connected to the death of Luann? Who would tell Otto? A million thoughts flooded through Liv's head as she thought about the blonde porn producer.

"There are no other details right now" Hale stated. "I'm sorry" he said before walking out the door.

Everyone seemed to be in a state of shock. Happy turned his gaze towards Liv, and all he wanted was to go over there and hold her. She looked so lost, so fragile.

Clay turned towards Jax. "Did you cause this?" he asked calmly.

"What are you talking about?" Jax responded.

"Payback at Cara Cara" Clay furthered his question.

"This is on me, Clay" Opie stated.

"And me too" Bobby agreed, and the emotion in his voice was clear.

"What did you idiots do?" Tig questioned.

"I'm not talking to you, asshole" Bobby replied.

Once again Tig lunged at the older man.

Liv burrowed her face in her hands, but she could still hear their shouting.

"I am not the one murdering women" Jax yelled at Clay.

Liv instantly looked up at what he said. What did Jax mean by that?

Suddenly the sound of a platter shattering made everyone stop the fighting as Gemma stood by the table, breathing heavily.

Liv sunk down in the couch, leaning her head back as she felt a pounding headache coming.

Growing up she had been told that the club was family. J.T had told her that once a man patched into the Sons, everything else took a step back; biological family, hometown, friends, well pretty much everything except the bond one shared with his brothers and the club.

Liv had loved the thought of the club, loved what J.T had believed in. Even though things had changed after the death of J.T, the sense of family within the club had remained.

These days though, it felt like all the love was fading, being replaced with anger and hatred. It hurt to see it play out right in front of her.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw two heads appear in the doorway, carefully looking at the woman on the couch. "Come here" Liv commanded softly. Ellie and Kenny hurried over to their Godmother and sat beside her as Liv placed her arms around their shoulders and pulled them towards her side.

The three of them sat in silence for a moment before Ellie broke the silence. "Auntie Livie, are you sad?" Kenny questioned as his big blue eyes studied her carefully.

"I'm just a little tired Kenny" Liv replied softly. These kids had gone through so much in their short lives, and didn't need her sorrow on top of that. "How is Lyla, do you guys like her?" Liv asked as she looked at both of the kids.

Ellie nodded slowly. "She is nice, and she cooks good food" the young girl said in the porn star's favour.

"Yeah, and Piper is really funny" Kenny reasoned.

"But, she's not mom" Ellie added sadly.

Liv nodded slowly. "You're right Ellie, she isn't. Donna, your mom, she was special" Liv said softly as she glanced down at the kids who looked incredibly sad and lost. "I miss her too, it's alright too miss her. Just remember this; your mom loved you above everything, she didn't want to leave you. Sometimes bad things happen to good people" Liv said as she stroked their hair.

The soft crying of the children pained her to hear. They were too young to be crying about the death of their mother. A death caused by the club.

"We still have you, right Auntie Livie?" Kenny asked after a while, his voice filled with emotion.

"Of course you do. You will always have me, your dad, your grandpa and Uncle Jax. And your mom is watching over you, she's your guardian angel now" Liv told them with a small smile.

"I love you, Auntie Liv" Ellie whispered as she hugged the woman on the couch.

Kenny followed his sister's move. "I love you" he whispered as he burrowed his face in her stomach.

"I love you too, I love you too" Liv said, her own voice breaking towards the end.