Korra winced as she shifted on her leg, which she injured that morning. She was currently atop the giant statue of Aang that watched over Republic City. She felt a sense of awkwardness about the statue, like she always did when she thought about it. She knew that Aang had thought the statue to be too much, and her past life resonated that feeling in her.

But she wanted to look over the city that she was supposed to protect, and Aang's statue was one of the best places. The lights from the city splashing into the harbor almost made the city seem peaceful. The peace was an illusion. This was a fearful silence. Benders feared encountering a chi blocker, and non-benders feared backlash the likes of the late Tarrlok. Everyone stayed hidden when possible.

This city needed her protection and guidance, and she was abandoning it.

"Damn you, Mako," she whispered into the air.

She felt her abdomen, not finding the usually flat hard abdominal muscles she had, but rather, feeling the soft curve that was beginning to be too large to hide.

"Damn you, Korra," she whispered to herself.

She had told Tenzin she was leaving that morning. She told him that she felt that she needed to get out of the city to meditate.

"I just know that I can't be the Avatar that I need to be without air bending, Tenzin, and I can't focus on that when the city is falling around me," she told him calmly that morning.

Tenzin had frowned, suspicious and confused. "Meditation should be achieved regardless of surroundings."

"I just can't block it out." She motioned around her.

"This isn't like you, Korra. Are you okay?" He asked, moving to feel her forehead for fever.

She had jerked away. "I'm fine. I've been more in touch with Avatar Aang, and I think this is what he is trying to tell me," she lied.

Tenzin had backed off, as she knew he would. She felt guilty for lying about the will of Tenzin's father. But she couldn't defend the city while she was pregnant. And she couldn't be the image of the city as an unwed mother. No one would respect her. She had to defend that image, and she had to believe that Aang would agree with that.

She took one final look at the city before she began climbing down the statue. Naga waited at Air Temple Island. She would be in the South Pole by morning.