Hello all! This is pretty much my first time writing an AU, I even made a new account for the AU's I write, and the closest I've gotten to reading a vampire book is reading three of the Twilight books, so please bear with me. I had seen how popular the Vampire!Magnus AU was on tumblr a while back and it seemed interesting so now that I've seen Wallander I decided I might as well give it a shot. No particular setting, perhaps after The Man Who Smiled, since I haven't seen the last episode and don't know what happens in it yet. Also I'm from the US so I don't know much about Sweden and I didn't put much effort into things like using a U in colour. So sorry if this sounds Americanized, I tried not to make it sound like that. Also I switch between first names and last names a lot. Thank you for clicking, sorry if the start is a little slow, please R& R!

Kurt let out a breath as he slammed the door of his blue car behind him. In a moment he was being intercepted by Hoglund. He raised his eyebrows at her. "Is it really as strange as you said?"

She gave him a look. "Walk with me." She turned, not checking that he was following, reading off of her small black notebook. "Bruises and fingerprints on both of the wrists. Two small puncture wounds to the neck, along with teeth marks near them," Anne-Britt said as she walked a tired Kurt Wallander towards the crime scene.

"Teeth marks?" He echoed.

"Yes. It's like she was bitten by someone then stabbed near two teeth," She stopped, and Kurt could see the body sprawled out downhill from where they were.

He narrowed his eyes at where the body was being lifted into a bag. "Why?" He asked.

"Don't know," She answered. "Mental patient maybe, or member of a cult. Or just some kink gone wrong."

Kurt turned towards her. "Was she raped?"

"Doesn't seem so. But somehow, she was drained of all of the blood in her body, and apparently without much of a struggle." Kurt looked over at her. "The marks at the wrist make it appear like someone was pulling at her, not like she was pulling away. But both seem to come from hands of different sizes." Anne-Britt started down the hill, and Kurt followed.

"So, what, two people we're struggling at her?" There was no answer, so he drew his attention to the bite marks. "Maybe it was done with a needle? Two needles put near the persons teeth marks, is that possible?"

"Too big for that. And it would have been incredibly painful," He caught a glimpse of her face, which was wincing. "She would have struggled more."

"Was she drugged?" He stopped in front of the table with the bag. He pulled on a glove, rolling the pale head, his heart twisting a little bit when he saw the scars.

"We won't know until the results get back from the lab." He took a step out of the way of a crime scene photographer.

"So strange," He mumbled, pulling off the glove. His eyes stayed trained on the scars as the bag was zipped up.

"Tell me about it." She looked up at him. "Something incredibly painful happens to a woman, and she barely struggles while her arms are yanked at a good deal. Barely any blood on the ground, no signs of the victim being moved from the spot, and a piercing wound to big for a needle and not the size or shape for a knife." She took a step backwards. "I think we should get back to start sorting it out."

Kurt paused, then nodded. "Agreed."

The two of them started up the hill and back to their cars for the long ride home.

Back at the station Kurt and Anne-Britt made their way over to Lisa and Magnus. Lisa looked up at them expectantly while Magnus' tired eyes scanned a computer screen.

"Anything?" Wallander asked. The detective had called the cadet during his car ride and told him to research blood draining techniques that could fit into the equation.

"Absolutely nothing," He sounded truly frustrated. "Anything close is fictional or straight out of Dracula." He looked up at Wallander, who rolled his eyes.

"Well it has to be something that exists, since it clearly happened!"

"Look, I'm sorry Kurt," Magnus put up his hands in surrender. "But I can't just find something that doesn't exist! Look at this," He passed the case file to the detective with more force than necessary. "Her entire body drained of blood, and barely a drop on the ground? And barely a struggle? None of it makes sense."

Kurt put the open case file down on the table. "Well, maybe she was bitten by some animal, then a killer drained her blood using the bite as a cover-up?" Anne-Britt theorized.

"The bite looks far too human," Lisa cut in. "Someone bit her, then perhaps her blood was drained afterward.?"

"Remember the two hand marks on her wrist." Anne-Britt said.

"Marks?" Magnus cut in.

"Yeah," the file was pushed back to his edge of the table. "Probably multiple fingerprints, it won't take forensics long to determine whose they are."

"Finger... prints..." For a moment Magus looked pale, like he might lose his lunch. The six eyes were on him as he looked over the file, his expression unreadable.

"Magnus?" Anne-Britt said.

Martinsson's eyes shot up. "Oh, sorry," He slapped the case file shut. "I just... hadn't looked at the bite picture before. Nasty business." He shoved the file back to Wallander.

"I had you researching this for an hour while I drove and you didn't look at the picture?" Wallander didn't sound happy with him.

"I told him what to look for," Lisa defended the young policeman. "Even if he didn't look, he still knew what to search for. He did what he could."

For a moment no one spoke. Wallander looked from Lisa to Martinsson, then sank into a chair in defeat. Martinsson was staring at his screen, and Anne-Britt took sudden interest in the table. Lisa let out a breath.

"So what do we tell the press?"

Wallander rubbed his face with his hands. "Call in if you see any vampires running amok." The comment got a snicker out of Anne-Britt, but the mood quickly silenced her. "God, I don't know. We're looking for two people, one of which bit the woman, and somehow her entire body was drained of blood while barely shedding a bit of it. She didn't struggle, she may have been drugged. How are we supposed to tell the press that?"

Anne-Britt looked at him. "Should we just 'no comment' the entire interview?"

"We should give them the basics," Lisa said. "Middle-aged woman, drained of blood, method is yet unknown."

"Right, do that," Wallander said half-heartedly. They could all tell he was tired, he always seemed to be. No wonder they were so late to the crime scene today.

Lisa rolled her eyes and left.

"How long until we know if she was drugged?"

"Maybe a day," Anne-Britt said. "About when we find out who those fingerprints belong to."

"Alright," Wallander picked up the case file. "I'm going to go work on some paperwork." He started away from the table.

He heard footsteps approaching, and Magnus appeared next to him. "What is it?" He said, still frustrated at the young policeman.

"I need tomorrow off."

Wallander stopped. "What?"

"I'm going up to my parents' house for the day, to visit," Magnus' eyes trained on his.

"We're in the middle of a murder investigation," Wallander spat, quickly becoming angry. "And you want to go visit your mum?"

The cadet brought a hand through his blonde curls. Few people normally had the courage to challenge Wallander, and even the few who did didn't enjoy it. "Yes."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

For a moment Martinsson's mouth just hung open. "I... She only texted me today that she's free tomorrow."

"Look, I'm sorry Magnus," He didn't sound like he meant it. "No."


"We need you here. When this is under control you can visit your Mother as much as you like, but not until then." He turned to continue walking, but Magnus followed like a lost puppy.

"What if I work part-time tomorrow?"

"Magnus..." Magnus gave him a sad look, and Kurt rolled his eyes. He crossed his arms and fixed his eyes back on him. "Come in tomorrow morning. If I think we're getting anywhere I will consider letting you go."

The cadet's eyes weren't happy, just appreciative. "Thank you."

"Get back to work," Kurt muttered, and headed towards his office, this time without being followed.