Hello everyone! First things first, to all of you who have previously read this story welcome back! And to those of you who are new, well hopefully you enjoy the things that are about to unfold! A few months back, it was quite a while ago, I posted that I was going on a hiatus of sorts because of writers block and blah blah blah. Well…I'm coming back. Recently several things have happened in my life that have inspired me to resume writing and this is the first story I'm going to rework and continue. Now this does mean that the story is getting a total makeover. The plot is being changed slightly but will remain very similar to the original story line. Details and small things are going to be changed around and played with. Some stuff will remain the same but I'm hoping to revamp the whole idea and make it all around better. Hopefully you all enjoy the changes I'm going to be making! I cannot promise you weekly updates but I will try my best to update this story at least once a month. I know, I know…a month wait is a long time but remember ladies (and gents I suppose…maybe?) I'm a high school student who also has a job. This little blurb has gone on long enough I believe. Be sure to check out the newly edited chapter 1 which was been posted and keep on the lookout for the new chapter 2! Also, I have decided that I will be doing a "song inspiration" for each chapter which will basically be a song that contributed to the chapter title or content or something that is said or done by a character rather than a full song track list that is normally completely random because I just put iTunes on shuffle and go. I was also wondering if you guys had any questions for me. Maybe every ten chapters or so I could answer questions, just five or so not a ton, about anything that is related to my life or the story or in general…I know sometimes learning more about the author outside of a story can help you see the way they write and everything better. It's just an idea. Let me know if you're interested.

Hope all of you are well and thanks for reading,

Christina xX