Chapter Two: A Lesson In Lessons

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Hermione gave a tentative knock on the door to the potions room and the only indication that the knock was heard was the soft click that told her the door had been unlocked for her to enter. When she stepped inside it was to find Snape sitting on top of his desk without his teaching robes and with one leg crossed over the other and a smirk on his face. Although he looked oddly casual for him, it was not his pose that startled Hermione, it was his looks in general.

The black hair that he was so famous for appearing greasy looked smooth and silky as it hung straight around his head with bangs that went into his eyes. His black eyes that were barely visible from under his hair were watching Hermione closely with a strange look in them. His white button up shirt was tight allowing Hermione to see his taunt muscles underneath and where it met his black dress pants there was an obvious lump even though she was sure he wasn't aroused in the slightest.

"If you are done checking me out, we have a lot to discuss Miss Granger." Snape's voice held a note of humor as he jumped down from his desk.

Oh Merlin… Hermione whined in her head as she felt herself blush. "Sorry, sir."

"While we are in these lessons you will need to call me Severus. It is more intimate and it is therefore a part of your training."

"Yes sir, I mean Severus." Hermione corrected herself before looking away from him.

"Let's go into my office." Severus said turning and trusting Hermione to follow him.

The two took the seats they had been in only hours before and just stared at each other for a moment before Hermione blushed and looked away from his steady gaze.

"We'll start simple. You obviously have to take classes other than with me so other students don't notice that anything is off about your schedule, although with the dunderheads that are in your year I don't think we really need to worry about that. And on that note, you can't go around telling everyone what you are doing. I believe telling your closest friends only would be the best option, keep it to a minimum of five people." Hermione nodded in agreement with what Severus had said.

"Now I would suggest taking transfiguration, potions, and charms as your regular core classes. All three could come in handy with being a seductress. I can let the Headmistress know of your class selection if those are the three you wish to take."

Hermione nodded once more. "That sounds find si...Severus. But, uhm, when will we have our lessons?"

"I have a free period every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday first block and then last block on Friday as well so we will meet then. We will start our actual lessons this week on Friday rather than wait until next week. We have a lot of work that we must accomplish this year." Severus replied as he added their new lesson times to the schedule that laid upon his desk.

"What will I need for our lessons?" Hermione asked after a few seconds.

"Anything you need I will get for you or I will inform you that you need it the class before you require it. Any other questions?"

Hermione blushed profusely but asked her question anyway. "What exactly will we be doing this year?"

Severus looked at the girl in front of him and for the first time noticed how truly innocent she could be. "I'm going to teach you to become something that is the definition of sex. When we are done with these lessons you are going to be able to use your body to get information from anyone, male or female. It will be nearly impossible for people to resist you sexually."

He leaned towards her across the desk and when he spoke his voice was huskier than normal. "You'll learn how to do things you've never even heard of yet as well as learning interesting twists on things you do know about. You'll be able to make someone feel hot with just your voice and the look in your eyes." Hermione knew what he meant by that last part as she felt herself get drawn into his eyes and her heart beat speed up.

"Severus." Hermione whispered breathily. "Uhm, since we have so much time left today…why don't we start right now?"

"If you wish." Severus's voice was back to normal as he smirked at her from his seat behind the desk. "Stand up and take off your robes."

"What?" Hermione stared at him like he was crazy.

"I said stand up and take off your robes." Severus stood up himself and walked around the desk towards her.

Hermione stared into his black orbs with uncertainty clear in her own chocolate brown ones, but she did as he asked and then placed her robes across the chair she had been previously sitting in.

Severus walked around her in a slow circle, looking her up and down as he moved. After a couple of minutes of him circling her, Hermione began to fidget nervously and had to resist the urge to pull her down the skirt of her uniform.

"What are you doing?" Hermione asked nervously when she couldn't take the silence anymore. Severus just kept circling her. Finally Hermione couldn't just stand there anymore so she crossed her arms across her chest and looked up at him. "What are you doing?"

"I was examining you." Severus replied as he came to a stop so he was facing her. "I've got some work to do, but what you're bringing into this is promising."

"What I'm bringing into this?" Hermione managed to splutter out after a moment of shocked silence.

"Yes Miss Granger what you're bringing into this." Severus chuckled. "Your body. You have a nice one."

This is so wrong! Hermione's conscience screamed at her but Hermione refused to say anything out loud as she stared back at her Professor with a defiant look in her eyes.

"No comment then?" Severus smirked at her. "Good. That means you're learning." He walked around to the other side of his desk and pulled out a black leather bound book. "I want you to take this book with you and read it. Front to back until you memorize its contents. Next lesson we will begin to work on your appearance."

"Severus not to be disrespectful," Hermione began in a timid voice, "But you're not exactly the most desirable person. I mean sure when you're hair is like this and your body and everything you are rather attractive, but you're still not overly 'sex on legs' if you know what I mean."

"A seductor, or a seductress in your case, has a sexual force that draws others in, the more sexually unstable the person is the more they get drawn in. It would be inappropriate, would it not for the professor of adolescent students to be sexually drawing people in all of the time?" Severus questioned in response.

"So in essence Professor Snape and Severus are two different people? I mean you as Professor Snape look older than you should, have greasy hair, a big nose, and wear clothes that are much too large." After she said it Hermione felt her face get hot. "I mean that in the most respectful way sir."

"It is a valid assessment Miss Granger." Was all Severus said in response to her comment.

"So will you ever completely reveal yourself to me then?" Hermione had a new found curiosity as to what Severus actually looked like.

"When your body is capable of handling the effects of the draw that will be present at the time, then yes I will revel myself to you. Until that point this is what you will see." Severus motioned his hands over his body. "You may go now, Miss Granger."

"Thank you," Hermione smiled at him nervously before gathering the book and her robes and leaving his office.

Later that night Hermione and Ginny were heading up to their dorm room when Ginny began to question Hermione."What happened at your meeting with Snape and McGonagall today Hermione? What suggestions did they have? Did you decide what you are going to do?"

Hermione had been oddly evasive on the topic of her meeting with the Headmistress and Potions Professor that had taken place earlier that afternoon, and she hadn't even breeched the topic of her solo meeting with Severus. Hermione sighed and flopped down onto her bed. She and Ginny were the only two in the dorm seeing as Parvati and Lavender had gone for a walk on the grounds and the other two girls originally from Ginny's year were hanging out with their Ravenclaw friends.

"You can't tell anyone Ginny!" Hermione began in a quiet voice, "Not even Harry or Ron yet."

"You know I won't tell them Mione!" Ginny stated honestly as she sat down by Hermione's feet. "Now tell me!"

"I'm going to train to be a seductress." Hermione whispered softly.

"What?" Ginny shrieked. "Are you serious? Mum told me stories about them once! Not many people become them and most people don't even know about them unless they are pureblood or something."

"Yeah," Hermione nodded nervously, "Snape is a seductor, and he is going to train me to become one."

"You're kidding right?" Ginny laughed, at the prospect of Snape being a seductress Hermione assumed.

Hermione shook her head no, "Not even kidding a little bit. He glamour's himself so he doesn't attract unwanted attention from all of us hormonal teenage girls."

"That's awesome!" Ginny smiled at her friend. "You'll be sexy as fuck!"

"GINNY!" Hermione moaned in annoyance. "Don't say it like that."

"But it's true Mione! Everyone is going to want to fuck you!"

"Go to bed Ginny!" Hermione complained as she glared at her friend.

Ginny pouted at Hermione, "I'll go to bed but not because you told me to. It's because I'm tired!"

"Sure it is Gin," Hermione laughed lightly as her friend got off her bed and walked across the room to her own.

"Night Mione!" Ginny called before shutting the curtains around her bed.

Hermione laughed at the other girl before she got up and shut the curtains around her own bed. Changing into a pair of short black shorts and one of her Dad's old t-shirts, Hermione grabbed the book that she had received from Severus and settled into her bed.

Before she began to read Hermione placed a locking and silencing charm on her curtains to make sure the other girls didn't get in and her noises of surprise that were sure to come from what she was about to read wouldn't get out.

If you are reading this, then I do say congratulations because that means you have been chosen to become something wonderful, fun, and highly sought after. You've probably heard all of that before though, so let me go back a bit and show you just what you've gotten yourself into.

What is seduction?

an act or instance of seducing, especially sexually.

the condition of being seduced.

a means of seducing; enticement; temptation.

Now that part is fairly simple seeing as you are either a mature male or female just reaching the peak of your adulthood so you understand the sexual seduction part. What you might not understand is how much being a seductor or seductress truly has to deal with ones intellect so let me explain what a seductor/seductress is.

A seductor could be seen as something similar to a courtesan to the simple minded, but the fact stands that there is much more to it than that. So what is the difference between a courtesan and a seductors? It's simple; courtesan's are simply after their own and another's pleasure while a seductor is after the information they gather during the pleasure.

A seductor is an incredibly beautiful man or woman with qualities similar to that of a veela, though a veela will never become a seductor. The seductor will engage in intimate acts with another person to gain information that they are being paid to receive. Seductors are used by many of the wealthier members of our society, as well as the Wizarding government.

The wealthier members of our society, often purebloods, use seductors to gather information regarding many things including the following: the faithfulness of a spouse, the faithfulness and image of the Heir's future spouse, the condition of another family's wealth, and the condition of their own social standing as viewed by others.

The Wizarding government may also use seductors as a source to gather information. Seductors are often used to discover the following: whereabouts of persons of interest, whereabouts of missing person, corruption of high ranking government personnel as well as other things they deem necessary.

The second two chapters just went through much of the same as chapter one and explained everything from what seduction was to what the job of a seductor was in a bit more detail. It all was fairly simple stuff, especially to someone with a mind like Hermione. Therefore the girl read through the all of the first three chapters quickly.

Chapter four though made Hermione splutter a little. Maybe it was the title, Chapter Four: Touching Yourself for the Pleasure of Others, or maybe it was the actual content. Whichever it was, Hermione was stunned.

"Oh Merlin!" She stuttered out in horror as she read down the page and felt immense heat flood her face. Hermione simply couldn't believe that she would have to do such things.

As Hermione read on into the night she realized that chapter four would be the least of her worries if Severus made her do everything this book told her she would learn.

The sun was beginning to seep through the small crack in Hermione's curtains so she knew she would either have to get up for the day or go back to sleep. Knowing she didn't have classes all day, the tired Gryffindor set the almost complete book down on her bedside table and pulled her covers up to her chin to settle in for an interesting day of rest.

I hope you guys liked this chapter! I know it's not the best chapter out there and is kind of boring but it's just the beginning and I promise that things are going to be picking up soon! I apologize for an mistakes as well! Down below are some questions that I wanted to answer in response to a few reviews that I received…

Q: Is Hermione going to be a courtesan/prostitute in this story?

A: Basically, yes. There is more to what Hermione is going to be than just having sex such as a courtesan/prostitute would do. If the fact that Hermione is going to be a courtesan/prostitute figure bothers you then I thank you for giving this story a chance and ask that you quit reading because the entire story will revolve around this fact. If you feel that you may enjoy the story then continue reading until a point where you find yourself uncomfortable with continuing but do remember that you were given fair warning and leaving rude reviews is unnecessary.

Q: Is this going to be a HG/SS relationship story?

A: There will be "side-pairings" of HG/OC as the story line progresses, but when it comes down to it the central pairing will be HG/SS. Now this does not necessarily mean that HG/SS will end up as a relationship or that it will stand throughout the end, but there will be a lot of HG/SS moments.

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