ShatteredNebula: Hello, and welcome to my first Charlie and The Chocolate Fanfic Story. I hope you enjoy it.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- The Loneliest Abyss

Chapter 1- Sea Side Introductions

I was leaning against the railing of the ship I was on. I was headed, for the first time in my life, to visit my uncle, my aunt, and my little cousin, Charlie Bucket. They lived in a small shack near a chocolate factory. I knew this from the letters Charlie sent to me. For you see I lived in England and nowhere near them so we had to communicate by letters. And even though I was never able to visit them, they were my favorite bunch of the huge family I had.

And now, I was on a ship sailing to go visit them. I had recently graduated from school and had more time than before to do whatever it is I pleased. So I figured, why not go visit my favorite family members for once in my life? I had the money and the time, so here I am.

I smiled as I looked out at the ocean around the ship. I loved sailing the ocean, all the creatures under the sea, and the mysteries about it all as well. That's why I studied for oceanography, to learn more about my favorite topic. And now I knew about most of it. But, I still had more to learn. Much more…

"I sometimes wish I could live in the ocean." I thought. It was a ludicrous thought, I know. Who wishes to live in the ocean? There are sharks, squids, and the occasional octopus. It's a dangerous world but I love it to bits.

"Miss Baker, lunch is ready." I heard one of the attendants tell me. I nodded and felt it as my stomach rumbled. I didn't realize how hungry I was. I guess looking at your favorite thing distracts you from that.

"Alright, lead the way." I told the attendant before following them to the dining area. Perhaps one of these days I'll invite Charlie and his family to join me in an ocean adventure. It seems like it'll be fun. I know he'll want to go because he's always asking about some of the small adventures I go on. But I'm not too sure about his folks…I know that they all can't come. But, I still would like to show them about everything.

"I guess I'll ask them about it once I arrive." I thought before grabbing my plate. Now I definitely couldn't wait to visit them.

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