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"Sure, I love kids." Leo laughed as he took sleeping H.J. into his arms. We had asked Leo to meet us at Steven and Jackie's apartment. I had swung by the Foreman's and packed some clothes claiming to be going to my brother's to watch H.J. for the rest of the weekend. Jackie was packing while Steven and I instructed Leo. He was going to watch them until Brooke was supposed to come the next day to watch the kids until we came back on Monday.

"Ok, Leo, I love you man just I have to lay some ground rules!" Steven said after lightly kissing H.J. goodbye. "One, don't give H.J. any stuff. Two, no hookers. Three, don't get baked while they are here."

"I have been a father before man!" He patted Hyde on the back. "I'll take good care of little Hannah Janet!"

"It's Helen Jenifer!" He said with a shocked face. His eyebrow raised above his sunglasses. "Helen Jenifer. Don't forget it. She is my baby girl." He pointed his finger. "If anything happens to my baby girl. I'm going to get angry. Like the kind of angry that would happen if Kelso kissed me on the mouth."

"I won't let anything happen man!" He smiled and went over and sat in the rocking chair. Reggie was asleep in the back room where Laurie had left him. It seemed like everything was ready to go. "I promise." He said smiling at H.J.

I went over and patted Leo on the back nicely. "Just call her H.J.. You won't mess that up! See you man!" I side hugged Leo.

"See you Jena." He laughed.

Jackie and Steven instructed him on how to take care of the kids while I took Jackie's bags out to their car. I climbed into the back of the car with Kelso. I wasn't exactly happy about having to share with Kelso. Although, I could probably glue his hand to his face.

I rolled my eyes at Kelso as he smiled with a wide stupid smile. "You ready for a road trip?" He asked looking like an idiot.

"Oh yeah." I smiled and put on my sunglasses.

When Jackie and Steven came down, we decided we would take turns driving. We drove for a few hours into the late afternoon and evening. After we stopped for dinner, I fell asleep in the front seat when Kelso was driving. Kelso woke me up at four am.

"Jena." He shook me a little after he pulled over. "Your turn to drive."

"Ok, really?" I looked at the clock. "Sure." I got out of the car and switched. I looked into the back seat. My brother was asleep with Jackie leaned against his shoulder. "They are so cute when they sleep!"

"Yeah, well not as cute as Betsy!" He said as I started driving."Betsy looks like a little princess."

"That's sweet." I smiled.

"You know what else she does that's sweet?" He asked acting like a three year old with a new puppy. "She gets ice cream all over her face when she tries to eat it. Then, I gave her pop rocks and all she could do was laugh."

I laughed. "Has she learned how to burn people yet?"

He smiled. "She's just like her dad." He stopped smiling, looked back at my brother and Jackie again and got his upset face on. Which was like his stupid face, but pathetic. "Am I doomed to be alone all my life?"

"What the hell man?" I asked raising my eyebrow and turning onto the inner state. "You are never alone. You are doing a different girl every week!"

"Yeah, but maybe it's time I slowed down and got a steady girl. Just for me. Cus, once I sleep with some of those girls, they go off and sleep with other guys! I think I want just one special girl. Hang up my man whore status."

"If Laurie can do it, you can." I laughed. "Well, whoever you decide to settle down with, may I suggest it be the woman who is carrying your second child?"

"Yeah, but where am I going to find someone like that?" He asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Brooke!"

"Oh yeah!"

"Dumb ass." I said, realizing I sounded just like Red.

We reached Las Vegas at around ten am Sunday morning. We were all tired, but we wanted to get the two hitched.

We drove around looking at all the lights. Kelso looked like a dog when he stuck his head out the window, his hair flapping in the wind. We went to a hotel and with the little money we had all saved, we got two rooms.

One large one for us, and one tiny one for Eric and Donna. We all really didn't want to be in the room on their wedding night. The hotel had it's own little wedding chapel in it. So that's where we decided to use. The guys were going to reserve a time.

Jackie walked over to me and looked at me up and down. "Now, I hope you aren't planning on wearing this."

I looked down at my outfit. I was in shorts, my Jamming Jena tee shirt tucked inside them, and black suspenders. Not to forget my black chucks. "Do you really think I'm that stupid?"

"Ok, well, while the guys get the chapel together, we ladies are going to get fashion together." Jackie said clapping her hands.

I didn't like Jackie's style when it came to formal stuff...aka, I didn't want another monkey dress. "Do I have to be a part of this?"

"Yes! As Best Man Of Honor, you are required to look nice. I am just saying we all wear a nice dress. Donna you brought a dress right

?" Jackie asked out loud.

"Yeah, just like you reminded me to at least fourteen times." Donna sarcastically smiled. "And don't worry, it's off white."

Laurie laughed. "I brought a little red hot number." She pulled it out of her suitcase. It was very Laurie.

I bit my lip. "I brought a dress, it's dark blue." I shrugged, it was the same dress I wore for my album cover. I pulled it out of my bag.

"That's cute." Donna said sweetly. "You should look like a best man too."

"I could always wear a top hat they had some in the gift shop," I said rolling my eyes "and keep my chucks on."

"She can not wear chucks in a sacred place!" Jackie screeched.

"'The Chapel of Hot and Sexy Love' is a sacred place?" I asked.

About an hour later I was dressed up, more to my liking. I sort of liked top hats. The guys had come back and said the chapel was reserved for about an hour from then. Eric was forced to stay away. If the other wedding proved anything, he should not be in the room with Donna till they were married.

When we finally got down to the chapel. I had went with the guys, as to avoid the horrible fashionista. The preacher was a little old, and had a long drawn out speaking voice. "Is everyone ready? I have three more weddings and a divorce to finish today!"

"You do divorces too?" Kelso asked. "Cus if I get married sometime soon, I want to make sure I have a quick way of getting out of it."

"No, I'm getting a divorce you idiot!" He practically hit Kelso. "Weddings, insane. I will never forgive myself for getting married."

"That's really encouraging." Eric said looking nervous. "But I think we are ready. Jen, can you go get the ladies in here?"

I gave a small salute and ran off and got the ladies. They took their seats and Donna and I did the isle walk down thing. I held Donna's fifty cent bouquet when she was down the isle. Eric was smiling like a bigger dumb ass than normal.

"Now is there anyone here who can tell us why these two should not be bound in holy matrimony?" The preacher said boringly.

"I can!" Jason burst in the room, looking very tired.

"Oh really?" The preacher said looking upset. "Who is he?"

"Jason?" I asked in surprise walking down to him. "What are you doing here?"

"I called you at your brother's."

Jason Story Start:

"Hello, can I speak to Jenifer please?" I asked, I was calling to see if you had plans on Monday.

"They are not here. They all went down to Vegas to get married." Leo laughed.

"Oh my gawd!" I said frantically. "I have to go down there!"

Jason story end:

"Who are you marrying other than me?" He asked looking rather surprised, he then looked up to Donna and Eric. "Wait, you aren't getting married?"

"Why would you think it was me getting married?"

"I don't know, I wasn't thinking, I just didn't want you getting married to anyone but me!" He said looking shocked.

"You drove all night to make sure I wasn't getting married?" I asked putting my hand on my heart. "I'm touched."

"Actually, I rode on a plane." He smiled. "They do really fast air fare anymore."

"Well, no worries, it's not me. It's Donna and Eric, I'm Best Man Of Honor." I smiled showing off my hat.

"Oh, ok." He took my arm. "Sorry!"

I laughed. "Go sit down. Carry on!" I said to the preacher. Donna was trying not to laugh. I noticed Fez scooting a little to give him some room.

"Once again, Is there anyone here who believes these two should not be bound in holy matrimony?" The preacher smiled. It was quiet for a moment. Then there was a commotion outside the door and the band and Victory strode in.

"Yeah, they didn't invite us!" Skip yelled.

"Why in hell would they invite you? You don't even know them!" Hyde yelled out. "Jena, please straighten things out with your crazy friends."

I looked at the preacher who rolled his eyes. "Just a minute." I smiled awkwardly. I went down to everyone, Jason following me.

"Guys! What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I like totally called you up yesterday to see if you could pencil me in for the 17th of December. I am dancing in the Nutcracker as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Very major by the way, but some strange dude answered." She said.

Tinker belle's story:

"Hyde! Hyde! Hyde!" I yelled into the phone.

"Hyde went down to Vegas to get married." Leo said with a baby in his arms.

"Like oh my gawd. You have to be gagging me with a spoon!" I replied. "Does Jason know?"

"Yeah, her boyfriend said he was going too."

Tinker belle's story end.

"So I told Skip, who told me he wasn't surprised cus you two are engaged and all!" Victory said really loudly.

"Engaged!" Everyone in the room screamed.

"Oh gawd!" I moaned to myself.