I do not Own Diablo 3. This chapter is in the male Demon Hunter's Point Of View.

Paths Constantly Crossing
By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I fired my arrows while walking towards a person and said person is completely surrounded by the risen dead. There were no cries of 'Help Me' or anything. I was almost there, but then I was pushed back by an unknown force and so were the risen dead. What just happened?

"Hah as if you could kill me." The person said in a smug voice and one of the risen dead was sneaking behind him. I raise-up my weapon, fired at it, and the person looked surprised.

"Don't get too cocky." I commented calmly. "By the way what is your gender?"

"….Are you mocking me?" The person asked me, eyebrows raised, and arms crossed in annoyance.

"No. I have heard women with low voices and I have heard men with high pitch voices. I have seen many types of people. It is easier this way…Sorcerer." I informed him.

"I'm a Wizard and my name is Aqua. I happen to be one hundred percent male." He said to me.

"Do all Wizards allow themselves to be surrounded by enemies before attacking? It is suicidal."

"I enjoy the rush." Aqua stated calmly and after a moment he sighed. "Being so close to death, but yet amazingly surviving against the odds. I love the very real sense of danger."

The risen dead are heading towards us. I use a few traps, fired arrows, and that silly Wizard is just standing there allowing himself to be surrounded. His health is slowly going down and suddenly there was a wave of powerful magic knocking the risen dead backwards.

"Now rest in pieces!" Aqua yelled out, the enemies are frozen, and he swiftly killed them. I used my traps and arrows. It did not take long to wipe out the risen dead.

"By the way Demon Hunter…What is your name?"

"Rain." I replied simply and he tilted his head to the side.

"No last name? Just Rain?"

"I have one, but I do not believe it would be smart to tell someone with magical powers my full name."

"Ever seen a Witch Doctor?"


"I must be going for there are Health Potions to buy and I'm in need of them. If we meet again I might tell you about the first time I met a Witch Doctor." Aqua told me before walking away. Our paths may or may not cross, but it doesn't matter for I'm out for vengeance. I wonder what the Wizard was doing here, but oh well maybe if our paths cross again I might ask him.

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