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"So we meet again." I commented calmly to the demon hunter. To be blunt I had hoped not to meet him again, but oh well it must be fate or destiny.

"It looks like it." He said to me, a slight smirk on his lips, and I was very tempted to roll my eyes at him. I will simply change the subject.

"The first witch doctor I met was Nightshade." I informed him.

"Who would name their child, Nightshade?"

"A witch doctor. The next witch doctor I met was Thyme."


"Yes. Nightshade and Thyme are twins. Nearly the same, but they one is female while the other is male. Take a guess which is female and which is male, Rain." I said carelessly, a small smirk on my lips, and everyone I have asked this question to has answered incorrectly.

"Can you tell me more about them?" He asked me and I stretched my arms up for a moment.

"They both can hear spirits. Thyme is more passive than Nightshade." I replied causally.

"Nightshade is male while Thyme is female." Rain sounded so sure of himself and I really do enjoy this part.

"Incorrect, Rain. Thyme is male while Nightshade is female." I informed him. At times it feels marvelous to correct others while other times it is very annoying.

For example it is annoying when a drunk man decides to flirt with me because he mistakenly believes out of everyone in the Bar that I would be the easiest to get into his bed and needless to say I thoroughly corrected his mistaken belief with my more destructive magic after his comment of "All Wizards are easy in bed". Of course I had to defend my honor along with the honor of all other wizards as if I would let him slide after that comment of all Wizards being easy in bed. Needless to say that man learned his lesson about making comments about Wizards. Any Wizard male or female would do the same.

"How did you meet them?"

"It is a long story."

"Tell me the short story, Aqua." He said to me.

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