I know it's been a long time but have found my inspiration for this story again but have realised that some of my writing isn't that great so I am rewriting this story and possibly my others but I am going to finish this one first. I have removed the old chapters. I hope you guys like it. Disclaimer (for the whole Fic) - I don't own the original characters/places

Maria's POV

I stood on the cliff edge as the Moon Pearls came flying back and attach themselves onto my dress. I turn to look at my family and friends for the last time. I could see Loveday bring her hands up to cover her face, she must know what I am going to do. I turn around and look out to the sea, I take a deep breath and I jumped. The air whipped around me, my dress billowing out like a sail from a ship. I hit the water and wiped the pearls off of my dress. I tried to swim to the surface but the pull of the sea and the weight of my dress dragged me downwards. I closed my eyes and let go.

Robin's POV

I stood next to Sir Benjamin and watched as Maria tried to return the earls back to the sea but they just came flying back at her, sticking to her dress. She took a step forward bringing the train of her dress to the side, hanging off the edge. She turned and looked at all of us, she looked determined and yet sad at the same time almost as if she was going to have to give something up forever. She turned away from us stood for a moment and then jumped.

I lunged forward, hoping I could grab her before she was out of reach. All the while shouting "No! No! NO!" I could hear the others shouting as well but I did not register what. I wasn't fast enough she was gone before I reached the edge, I fell to my hands and knees and watched helplessly as she fell and hit the water. I watched and waited, she didn't resurface.

I slowly stood and looked at the others, Loveday was clutching Sir Benjamin crying, Sir Benjamin himself had a look of disbelief on his face, Digweed and Marmaduke stood at the sides with tears glistening in their eyes and my father well he was just standing looking down at the sea but I knew that he shocked by how far Maria was willing to go to save the valley.

All of a sudden there was a blinding white light surging towards us from the horizon, I turned away shielding my eyes. I saw a massive jet black lion come walking through the entrance, I took step back but when I looked more closely the animal seemed familiar...Wrolf. He was the lion that was gifted to the first moon-princess, and he protected all that had come after her. A beautiful white unicorn appeared beside him. I looked the animals silently, wondering if they were going to do anything - perhaps bring Maria back, after all they were her protectors and they had magic. Nothing, they just stood and looked at us. Then the unicorn reared, Wrolf roared and then they both disappeared. They were gone just like Maria.

All of a sudden anger boiled up inside of me, I could feel it getting stronger and then I burst. I turned to my father and pointed "You..." then I pointed at Sir Benjamin "and you! This is your fault! If you two could have just seen passed your pride and hatred for one another then Maria would never have had to jump! She would still be alive!" I stormed off back the way me and Maria had arrived at the amphitheatre, to the Moon-princesses hollow, they wouldn't know where I was and I needed to be alone.

Cassie's POV

Sarah and I had the horses down at the beach, they love to come here for a change of scenery. I was on Stryder and he was being really well behaved which is odd as he is normally a bit of a handful, Strayer was also being well behaved and not trying to tank Sarah everywhere. We were just walking home after having had a gallop through the water, neither of us talking, just enjoying being outdoors. I looked out towards the sea and noticed the most peculiar thing; a body in the sand.

"Sarah.." I turned to look at her "It looks like there is a body over there in the sand, I'm gonna go check it out, you coming with?" She nodded so we asked our horses to gallop over towards the body, we slowed and halted about a meter away from the body, which I could now tell was a girl.

We dismounted and walked over, the horses just standing still. I bent over and checked if the girl was still breathing, she was so I shook her shoulder but got no response. I turned and to Sarah "Hey could you come and lift her up to me, we'll take her home and get her dry and give her some food. Hopefully she'll know how to get home or someone to get in touch with."

"Okay" after she passed the girl up to me she mounted Strayer and we headed home, when we got then I shouted for Aidan to come and take the horses while we took the unconscious girl inside, he looked at me strangely but took the horses and walked towards the barn.

We rushed inside "Mum!"

"Yes Cassie?"

"Sarah and I found this girl while we were out on our hack. She's unconscious and her clothes are soaking wet!"

"Oh my, well lay her on the couch and go get changed then come back down with some of your clothes"

"Okay" I ran up the stairs with Sarah hot on my heels. I quickly got changed while Sarah got some clothes for the girl in the lounge. When I was finished we dashed back downstairs. I was surprised to see that the girl was awake and having some hot cocoa

When we walked in she turned around and said "Hi, thank you for helping me on the beach I would still be there if it wasn't for you two!"

Maria's POV

I woke up in a strange room with an older woman looking at me

"Hi I'm Jane, my daughter and her friend found you unconscious at the beach so they brought you here to get warm and a change of clothes"

"H. I'm Maria"

"Would you like some hot cocoa Maria?"

"Yes please" She walked off, I suppose I don't know her since she introduced herself, I don't know where I am. She came back in and handed me a cup. I took a sip and then two girls walked in, I guessed that they were the ones that found me "Hi, thank you for helping me on the beach. I would still be there if it wasn't for you two" I said to them gratefully.

"No problem. We saw you and thought that you needed some help and you were soaking wet, speaking of which we brought you some of my clothes down." The girl with auburn hair passed me some trousers and a top, it wasn't what I was used to wearing but it was better than soaking wet dress that felt like it weighed a million tons, "Thanks, where could I changed into them?"

"Oh I'll show you the bathroom" we walked down a hallway and she pointed to a door "Will you manage to get back to the lounge by yourself?"

"I think so, thank you"

Once I put the clothes on I realised that they were way more comfortable than the dress that I had been wearing. I walked back through to the lounge where everyone was waiting for me.

"Well you look better in my clothes than I do!" said the girl with hair that was such a dark shade of brown that it was almost black "By the way I'm Cassie and this is my best friend Sarah" gesturing to the girl with auburn hair.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you" Sarah said

"It's nice to meet you too, I'm Maria."