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Maria's POV

I turned around and looked at my friends and family one last time. The look that Loveday gave me made me think that she thought that she knew what I was going to do.

I quickly turned around so that the others couldn't catch on to what I was about to do. I jumped and the air was whipping around me, my dress billowing out like a sail from a ship.

Before I knew it I came in contact with (what seemed like) a hard surface.

I wiped the pearls off of my dress and I tried to swim to the surface but the pull of the sea was as strong as a black hole, so I was just sucked back down and pulled out to the wide open sea.

Robin's POV

She turned around and looked at us; there was sadness in her eyes like she was never going to see any of us again.

She turned back to face the sea, stood for a moment… then she jumped!

I lunged forwards but Loveday grabbed hold of me, so I shouted instead "No! No! NO!"]It was the only thing I could say before my legs gave out from under me, it was as if someone had come and dumped a ton of bricks on me. When I looked up I saw Loveday holding onto Sir Benjiman and crying. My father was just standing there but only I, who had known him my whole life, could tell that he too wanted to cry, but couldn't show any weakness. I rushed over to the edge of the cliff and looked down hoping that I would see her swimming to the shore but I only saw the ripples of the water. I watched until the sea was still.

I slowly turned around just as a massive jet black lion came walking out of the entrance, I was surprised it looked familiar to me then I realised it, it was the eyes. They were exactly the same as Wrolf's eyes. The lion roared and everyone turned around and looked at it. Then out of thin air a beautiful white unicorn appeared beside the lion. I walked to Loveday, Benjiman and my father. We were all silent and suddenly the unicorn reared, the lion roared then they both disappeared. All I heard was gasps including my own. I ran to where the two animals had been standing but sure enough they were gone just like Maria.

Suddenly anger boiled up inside of me I could feel it getting stronger and stronger, I was beginning to think that I was calming down when I started shouting at my father and Sir Benjiman "This is all your fault! If you two could have seen past your pride then Maria would still be here with us!" I stormed off to the Moon-Princesses cave where Maria and I had found the moon pearls. No one would look for me here.

Cassie's POV

Stryder was behaving really well for me today; he wasn't flinging his head up every second. I was surprised Strayer, Stryder's brother who was younger than him by a year, was also behaving extremely well and he wasn't trying to rip Sarah's arms out of their sockets like normal, not that we're complaining or anything. We were walking along the beach I silence the only sound was that if the horses breathing and their hooves on the sand. I looked out to the sea and I saw the most peculiar thing; a body lying in the sand. I said to Sarah "Look, there's something over there, I'm gonna go check it out will you be okay by youself?"

"Yeh, I'll be fine" so I pushed Stryder into a gallop. I stopped about 2 meters away from the body, dismounted and walked Stryder over to the body. Stryder was a good boy and stood still while I bent over and checked if the girl was still breathing, she was so I picked her up, she was as light as a feather, I put her in my saddle , in front of where I was going to sit, made sure that she wasn't going to fall off then I mounted up and sat behind her. She was unconscious so she leaned backwards.

I shouted to Sarah "We need to go home I found an unconscious girl that needs to be looked after and we've been out for about 3 hours."

"Okay" she replied. We galloped for part of the way back but then we brought the horses back to a walk so that their breathing would be back to normal and they would have cooled down. When we got back to the stables we gave Aidan the horses and asked him if he could please put them in their stalls for us and that we would come brush them and turn them out to their fields. But we had to get the girl inside as quick as we could. Aidan lead the horses to the stables and we rushed inside,

"Mom!" I yelled

"Yes Cassie?"

"We found this girl while we were out on our hack. She's unconscious and her clothes are soaking wet!""Oh my, well lay her on the couch and go get changed then come back down with some of your clothes" She replied."Okay Mom, see you soon" I ran up the stairs with Sarah got on my heels. I quickly got changed while Sarah got some clothes for the girl in the lounge. When I was finished we dashed back down stairs and into the lounge. I was surprised to see that the girl was awake and having a drink of hot cocoa

When we walked in she turned around and said "Hi, thank you for helping me on the beach I would still be there if it wasn't for you two!"Maria's POV

Two girls walked into the lounge and I guessed that they were the girls that had found me and brought me here "Hi, thank you for helping me on the beach. I would still be there if it wasn't for you two" I said to them gratefully."No problem. We saw you and thought that you needed some help and you were soaking wet, speaking of which we brought you some of my clothes down." The girl with auburn hair passed me some trousers and a top, it wasn't what I was used to wearing but it was better than soaking wet dress that felt like it weighed a million tons so I thanked the girls and went to the bathroom to get changed. When I put the clothes on I realised that they were way more comfortable than the dress that I had been wearing. I walked back through to the lounge where the girls and Mrs Morgan were waiting for me.

"Well you look better in my clothes than I do!" said the girl with hair that was such a dark shade of brown that it was almost black "By the way I'm Cassie and this is my best friend Sarah" gesturing to the girl with auburn hair.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you" Sarah said

"It's nice to meet you too, I'm Maria" I introduced myself

"Well, we have to go groom Stryder and Strayer cause we asked Aidan to stable them and that we would go and do the rest"

"Oh, I would be glad to help you seen as you saved my life!"

"No, it's ok. You stay and rest, we'll only be 15 minutes"

"Oh, okay," I said. I watched as they walked out of the house. They hadn't come back before I felt tired again and fell asleep.