As Thor left, Loki shed his many layers of manly warrior's armor, and turned one of his clones into a pole. As a disco ball slowly fell from the ceiling of the throne room, the lights dimmed and a sudden burst of fire from candles sitting by. Africa, by Toto, began to play in the background as Loki started to spin around the pole. Clint's bottom jaw dropped as Loki proceeded to strip from his armour. God he was sexy. And so fucking manly. And preformed a poledancing routine. "Natasha!" Clint whispered, sounding similar to that of a starving baby bluejay. How was he going to explain this turn of events to his girlfriend? Loki continued to spin as candles lit and Africa by Toto began to play in the background. One of his clones, in skimpy tight leather, then forced Clint onto the golden chair as Loki gave the man a lap dance of glory. "AH LOKI I'M FLATTERED BUT REALLY," Clint screeched in his high-pitched hawk cry, "I'M IN LOVE WITH NATASHAAAAAAA!" "Not anymore," Loki and his clones whispered at the same time into his ear. Just as Clone One licked his face, Loki rubbed his thighs, and Clone Two pole danced. The whole situation was overwhelming for the virgin. Three different masculine as fuck men in skin-tight leather. There was no way Clint was getting out of this alive. A cold sweat broke out across Clint's forehead. Wait, do birds sweat? Well, this one does, either way. "For the love of God Loki, you've gone MAD WITH POWER!"
He pinned Clint down harder, and the three of them began to laugh insanely. "Guess what? I ordered everyone away from Asgard to give me some alone time today. No one will hear your-" he zeroed in closer and licked the inside of his ear. "-screams of pain." Clint shuddered at the touch of Loki's dog-like tongue running along the inside of his ear. His breathing increased, almost sounding like a cat in heat. Clone Two pouted, "Give into it, Clint," It whispered. Loki then began to fondle with Clint's pants buttons. Yes.
'Ohgod, he's touching me /there/. This is crazy, I can't do this!' Clint thought to himself, starting to panic slightly. "LOKI I'M A VIRGIN!" Tears filled the bottoms of Clint's eyes. Loki began to pant and moan, rubbing Clint's thighs harder. Clint slid down a little ways on the thrown and wrapped his legs around Loki's waste. He looked slowly up toward Clint, a smile creeping across his face. Yes. He slid Clint's pants down, and-Yes! Oh god yes! He let out a long awaited gasp, "Big boy, eh?" He choked. "Please, be gentle with me, I've not... you know... 'done the deed' yet," Clint said, trembling as Loki removed his pants. God this was actually happening. THIS was ACTUALLY happening. He licked his dry lips and placed IT inside his mouth, his body erupting in a vast explosion of ecstasy toward the man. Too bad he was...a Midgardian. That could be fixed, easily. Clint groaned like a goat in heat as Loki put the end of his sex inside of his mouth. "Oh Loki," He said, gasping and swallowing at the same time. He couldn't believe how amazing this all felt. They went at it for hours, changing positions and areas until they both were...exhausted. Loki felt amazing, for he had not done anything so exotic since forcing Thor into oral a month back. They lay in Loki's chambers, the god of mischief lost in his own perverted thoughts. Clint felt sore in the back. Back there . He felt strange. Clint lay in Loki's incredibly manly arms as they both panted heavily, like a miner after a hard day's work.