Disclaimer: I do not own Jane Austen's Persusasion nor E.T. This is just a lame attempt to bring my overactive imagination to paper.

A/N: This drabble came about while writing a PM to NoOneWouldListen... so thank you!

In which Mr. Elliot has a nightmare.

"Ellllliiiiiioooottttt… OUCH."

"Wha..wha..what? Where am I? Who are you?" Mr. Elliot recoils in in disgust whilst looking upon a rather reptilian creature. "WHAT are you?"

The creature looks forlornly upon Mr. Elliot's form, pointing at him with what one would suppose a glowing index finger. "Ellllliiiooootttt… phone home! Phone home!"

"Upon my word, I am in all astonishment. What is this creature!" Mr. Elliot quickly sits up and tries to run away, only to turn around and find himself facing the creature.

"Elliiioooo…. Ooooucccch…. E.T. phone home! Home!"

Mr. Elliot wakes up screaming.