Margaret was buried in London. Bonnie could barely remember the funeral. She just stood there, her fingers laced with Damon's and watched the casket, unable to utter a sound. John was quiet and solemn and suddenly very old. And Will was the only one whose tears didn't seem to stop. Lucy held his hand but he probably didn't even notice her presence. Bonnie knew there were no words to help him now, nothing to comfort him with. He had lost his favorite childhood friend, his little sister whom he adored endlessly and it was so final, so unbearable.

Bonnie's lips began to tremble when she thought back to her first meeting with Margaret. Margaret was the main reason Bonnie had found the strength within her heart when she needed it most. Margaret understood her, the way Elena and Caroline never could. In short time she became a dearest friend and now she was lost.

Bonnie didn't remember their way back to the hotel. She came to her senses when she was in bed. Damon kept stroking her hair and she loved a soothing gesture. She knew his heart ached for her and he was ready to share any pain she suffered and realizing it made her grateful.

"I love you, Damon," she whispered and frowned. Her own voice was like the voice of a scared little child. He seemed to share her sentiment. He cradled her in his arms and kissed her hair.

"I know, my love," he said softly. She thought he sounded weird. "I know it hurts. But I'm here for you every second."

She closed her eyes but a sudden knock on the door startled her.

"I'll get it," Damon said.

"Okay. It's probably Lucy…"

It wasn't Bonnie's cousin, though, it was Will. When Bonnie heard his soft voice she hurried to the hallway.

"Bon," Will said with a small smile. Bonnie came to hug him. His eyes were still red and his voice trembled a little. "I came to say goodbye. I don't think I will be able to see you guys off tomorrow. Dad is very… He's not good. I better take him out of the city for some time. He has an old friend, a doctor, so…"

"Sure," Bonnie said and squeezed his hand. "If I can help you somehow…"

He nodded.

"I really want to stay in touch with you," he suddenly said. "Is it okay for you?"

Bonnie felt a lump in her throat.

"Of course, Will," she whispered. "Why do you even ask? You're my friend." She let out a sob. "God, this is so terrible…"

"I know," he said solemnly. "Being my friend sucks."

She chuckled through tears. They hugged again and Will gave her his almost usual smile. Then he stepped back and held out his hand to Damon.

"Take care, man."

"You too."

"Keep Bonnie away from troubles."

Damon smiled.

"I intend to."

"Oh, damn, I almost forgot."

Will reached for his pocket and pulled out a folded envelope.

"It was in Maggie's sketchbook. One for me, one for Dad and this one for you."

Bonnie took the letter without a word. Damon put a hand on her back, rubbing it gently.

"I haven't read mine," said Will sadly. "Just couldn't. Okay, I guess that's it. Bye, guys."

They said goodbyes and Will left the room. Bonnie looked at the envelope where her name was written and all she wanted was to close her eyes and weep.

"You can read it later," Damon suggested.

She shook her head.

"Give me a few minutes. Okay?"


She returned to bed, clutching the envelope, and without torturing herself another second opened it and pulled out the letter.

"My dear brave Bonnie,

I'm sorry I had to choose such a poor way to say goodbye. But, unfortunately, it was the only choice I had. I know you're angry with me and I don't blame you. I can only say that I saw my death so clearly, it was the brightest prophesy I had ever had and somehow I didn't even want to fight the fate this time. Somehow I felt it was only logical for me to go to my Neverland since this whole grown-up life is not for me. And I realized some people just can't be saved.

I wasn't even surprised. I'm not scared. But it's so hard to tell goodbye to you and Will and Dad, it's so hard. I love you all so much. You were like a sister to me."

At that point Bonnie realized she couldn't read any longer. Her eyes were filled with tears and she couldn't see a single line. She covered her mouth and sobbed quietly. She knew Damon heard every sound she made and could actually feel his tension, although he was on the other side of the door.

When she quieted a little and dried her eyes, she resumed her reading.

"Promise me, you won't be sad. Life is so short; don't waste your precious time worrying about things you can't change. I want you to be happy, be happy every waking moment. You will tell me everything about your merry adventures when we meet again. I hope you don't doubt for a second that we will meet again, witch sister. Believe me, I am a seer. I know it better. Your future will be wonderful, a beautiful story to tell, and that's my last promise.



Bonnie dropped her hand that was holding the letter. Her eyes were still shiny but her tears stopped. A few minutes later Damon knocked on the door and entered quietly. He took one look at her and came to wrap his arms around her.

"I love you," she whispered.

"I love you," he echoed softly.

A month had passed and Bonnie once again had to pack her bags so she could go and attend her father's wedding in France. After all attempts to persuade his daughter to come and live with him and his new wife Mr. Bennett finally gave up. Bonnie assured her father she would be just fine in Mystic Falls, with Damon, and, naturally, her father wanted to meet her boyfriend at once.

"I wouldn't let you go alone anyway," Damon said as he was picking suitable ties out of his impressive collection. Bonnie who had her things packed long ago looked at him curiously.

"Aren't you nervous? Don't you feel intimidated?"

"Why?" Damon shrugged. "I can compel everyone."

"No, Damon. You're not compelling my Dad."

She rose to her feet, walked over to him and took the sapphire-blue tie that she loved most because it made Damon's eyes look even more adorable.

"Use your natural charms."

He smirked and kissed her.

"As you wish, little witch."

True to his promise, he acted flawlessly and made the best impression on both Bonnie's father and his fiancée. Bonnie was so proud, she found it difficult to express her admiration in words, so she found another way to express it, the way Damon liked even more than compliments. Then there was the wedding and for the first time in many days Bonnie felt calm, happy and oddly relieved. Her father was radiant which was unusual for such composed introverted person like himself and the bride was lovely in a simple white dress. Bonnie loved the church, it was beautiful in a truly European sort of way.

They celebrated in a nice hotel. Surprisingly, a lot of people came to attend the wedding and Bonnie to her own amusement and exasperation realized she knew nobody except for her cousins.

They were at the table when Bonnie noticed Damon's good-humored look and leaned to him to whisper,

"You're not bored?"

"Are you kidding me? I love parties, I'm not broody Stefan, after all. I just added some mental notes considering our own wedding."

Bonnie choked on her salmon. Damon handed her a glass of water.

"You okay?"

"Yep," she breathed out after taking a sip. "Just surprised."

"And why is that?"

"You," she said solemnly, "never struck me as a marrying man."

"Don't be ridiculous," Damon stared at her, genuinely surprised. "I appreciate every little way I can use to mark you as mine. Of course, I'll marry you."

"Such a romantic proposal," Bonnie said as she set the glass back on the table.

Damon tilted his head back.

"But it wasn't a proposal. It's a simple fact. A promise."

"Or a threat."

"Why, Bonnie, you want me on my knees?"

"Always," she said with an impish smile.

"I want something magnificent," Damon said, picking an olive. "We deserved it. And a honeymoon in Rome. But we can also go to New York, you know, to refresh our memories."

Bonnie smirked and he rolled his eyes.

"Laugh all you want. Sooner or later you'll have to acknowledge my brilliance at planning."

"So you've been planning your wedding all these centuries long? My gorgeous, sweet ever romantic vampire. Make sure you show me your scrapbook when we're back in Mystic Falls."

His eyes darkened and he said in a sexual whisper,

"You're in trouble."

Bonnie grinned and raised her arms in defeat.

"So you want a big wedding?"

"Of course, I want a big wedding. Italian, remember?"

"You're an American! And a vampire. It just so doesn't make any sense."

"I don't care. I love you, I'll marry you and we'll have a wedding that will make all the Cullens green with envy."

"Sure, let's slight the fictional characters."

Damon smiled and Bonnie laughed as she cupped his face in her hands.

"I adore you," she whispered and kissed his lips lightly. "Love you best in the world."

"I remember when you used to tell me such things," her father's voice sounded from behind her.

Bonnie turned her beaming face to him.

"Damon, do you mind?" Her father said with a smile. "Let the old man have at least one dance with his lovely daughter."

"Sure," Damon nodded and Mr. Bennett led Bonnie away.

Damon grabbed the glass and stood up. He watched his smiling girlfriend and gave a reluctant smile himself. It was never his intention to upset her but if he wanted to be honest with himself he had to admit he wasn't a great fan of Bonnie's Dad. After all, her father's attitude was the reason she got used to loneliness. It was plain as a day, she was a rejected child. Abby Damon liked even less, although he felt guilty for what he had done to her. Mostly, because it had hurt Bonnie so terribly. His eyes narrowed at reminiscing. When he turned Bonnie's mother he couldn't even face the witch, let alone talk to her, and Elena's suggestion to simply apologize to Bonnie as if it would miraculously solve everything made him riled up beyond words. Even then, when he didn't consider the witch a close person he hoped childishly Bonnie would get over it soon. She had to realize Abby was selfish, right? But Bonnie was still Bonnie. Loyal to the core.

Well maybe, it was for the best. If Bonnie wasn't the girl she was, if she was spoilt with attention like Elena, or as self-concerned as was Caroline, he would never have had a chance with her to begin with.

"She is becoming more beautiful with every day. Such luck to be a slow bloomer."

Damon turned around. The woman in a red dress stood behind him. Her raven black hair was pulled back in an elegant knot. In the torrent of bright sunlight a ruby pedant was gleaming on her chest, the only jewelry she was wearing.

"Nice necklace, Sophie," Damon said in a cold voice. "I suppose a lack of faith doesn't bother you any longer."

She smiled.

"Yes, a witch had it charmed for me. I take back my words, they do actually exist. I do believe in magic, I do, I do."

She looked into his eyes and hesitated for a second. Then she shrugged and said,

"This is my reward from Klaus."

"And why am I not surprised," Damon snarled. "I suppose every woman who crosses my path with one exception only is a selfish traitorous backstabbing bitch in one way or another."

Her cool dignified demeanor was gone.

"Per l'amor di Cielo, do you actually think I had a choice?" she snapped.

She scoffed in indignation and grabbed a glass of vine from a passing waiter.

"I'm your maker."

"He's the Original!" Sophie hissed. "And I really didn't want to betray your trust, Damon. After you left, when I was putting the books back on the shelves I found what you've been looking for. That very book Bonnie had been reading, only she didn't realize the meaning. It was in Latin, I guess, that was the reason. Or maybe she was distracted by your dazzling presence."


"I was about to call you when Klaus and his merry men arrived. They have been watching you the whole time, did you know it? I had no choice, I told him everything. I think he had his suspicions already, for some reason, he wasn't either surprised or impressed."

"You have no idea what you've done. Because of you he was after Bonnie, and you've endangered my —" Damon stopped his angry outburst. Sophie looked at him closely.

"Your son?" she finished. He stared at her. "Yes, Klaus knows about him. Derrick Salvatore, am I correct? That's why I'm here. Klaus wanted me to deliver a message."

"Go ahead," Damon seethed.

"He promised to stay out of Mystic Falls. He's ready to admit it's your son's domain permanently. And if there's time either you or Bonnie need his help he would provide you with it. You and Bonnie only, though. The others of your gang don't seem to interest him anymore."

"And what does he want in return?"

"Immunity. He wants you to promise him you will leave his family alone. Forever."

"He got it," Damon said. "I can't care less for them."

Sophie nodded.

"Enjoy walking in the sunlight," Damon said derisively.

"Tell her the truth," said Sophie gravely. "Your son had brought storm into our world and before even he's born he would be hunted by powerful creatures. Because he's supposed to become one of the most powerful warlocks himself. Bonnie has the right to know. She will prepare him good."

"Yes, she will."

Sophie turned around.

"Thank you for everything, Damon. If you ever need me you'll find me in New Orleans."

"Please, tell me it's Rebekah, not Klaus," Damon groaned.

She smiled ruefully.

"It's their library."

He watched her go. When she disappeared he finally felt relief. The Originals were out of picture. Finally. He turned to find Bonnie and saw her approaching him. A soft smile touched his lips and he walked over to take her in his arms.

"My turn to dance with you."

They were leaving France in two days and Damon went romantic on his girlfriend. He rented a beautiful house and they had a lovely supper in front of the brick fireplace. Damon showed Bonnie the right way to roast chestnuts and marshmallows. She glowed with happiness as she listened to him telling her stories in a soft voice. She felt completely safe. Once Margaret was gone Bonnie was sure the nightmares would haunt her again but they never came back. Soon she started to think they wouldn't return after all, as long as Damon was with her.

It was past midnight, and despite it was late autumn time already, the fire gave out enough warmth. Bonnie lay on her back, feeling the softness of the rug beneath her, and Damon leaned above her, a suave smile on his face, with his fingers idly stroking her hair. He looked perfectly dashing.

Damon watched her face with longing. He had to tell her. But it wasn't that simple, after all. He slowly pressed his hand to her stomach and kept it there. Derrick. Already he loved his son, loved him completely. He wanted to watch every step Derrick was going to take to become the man he was. He couldn't believe it himself but he was ready to be a father.

He looked at Bonnie's face again and thought back to the point where they began. This time his understanding of old mistakes didn't make him shudder. He thought of many times they were so close to losing each other or never have each other at all, but he had no fear. He wasn't scared of some karmic payback. For once he was grateful. He could thank his fate for every hard lesson that had taught him to truly treasure the woman he loved.

Bonnie shifted and rose to sit up. He lifted his face. In her eyes there was love, unconditional and doubtless, and just a hint of confusion. She, of course, noticed his odd mood, she saw he was building up his courage but, ready as always to meet him half-way, she didn't push him and asked no questions. Damon smiled.

"Bonnie, my love," he said softly. "There's something I need to tell you."


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