Author's Note: Ok, so I haven't been writing all that much lately, but I got the most amazing idea. What if Sky (from The Sarah Jane Adventures) ended up on Amy and Rory's doorstep instead of Sarah Jane's? This'll probably follow much of the same storyline, but since the first chapter isn't really crossover-ish, I'm going to post it on both of the categories: Doctor Who and Doctor Who / Sarah Jane AdventuresCrossovers. Enough of me talking, let's get on with the story! (Sorry if it's short…)

One year after the events of The Wedding of River Song


Amy Pond groans and rolls over, mumbling something that one would translate as, "Five more minutes Rory".

There is a pause, then:

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Amy groans once again, when suddenly:


"Fine, fine, I'm coming..."

Almost as if whatever was knocking heard her, it stops. She pauses at the kitchen door and glances at the clock, which blinks 4:23 mockingly back at her. She sighs and opens the door-

No one's there.

She sighs and begins to close it again when she looks down.

And jumps back at the sight of a small basket, containing a small, fragile-looking, baby.

She stares at it, opening and closing her mouth several times, before deciding that yes, there is a baby in a basket on her doorstep currently staring up at her through small, grayish-blue eyes. She then carefully picks the baby up out of the basket, searching for any sort of note, which isn't there. Nudging the basket in with her foot, Amy calls out for her husband.

"What is it what's going on?" He says, half yawning and stumbling sleepily down the hall. He snaps wide-awake, of course, when he sees Amy holding an object that looks a LOT like a baby. He stares for a few seconds then says:

"Is that a baby?"

Amy rolls her eyes, "Course it is, stupid. Either that or we're having some weird dream. I found it on the doorstep, didn't you hear the knocking?"

Rory frowns, "No, I didn't hear any knocking. I really don't want to wake up if I'm dreaming though." He looks down at the baby, who simply continues to look up at them. "Do we have anything to feed it with?" He asks. Almost as if on cue the baby starts to cry. Simultaniously, all the lights in the house go out with loud popping sounds and a spray of sparks.

"I should've known it wouldn't be a normal baby..."

A QUESTION FOR THE READERS!: Should Sky keep her name? I have one idea for a name, but I want your opinions first.