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Dennis POV

I'm sitting at the table with my wife, Leigh and our two kids Nicole and Alex. Nicole is 10 and Alex is 8. He always complained about being younger, but hey, that can't be controlled.

We ate breakfast together and then the bus came to pick up the kids. Once they were gone, Leigh faced me. "Dennis, we need to talk."

I began to grow worried. Talk about what? Was she pregnant? No...she can't be. We haven't had sex for about three months now and she'd be showing by now if she were. Besides, after Alex, we started using protection.

"What is it Leigh?" I asked. She sighed and sat on the couch. I sat with her and took her hand. "Tell me." I ordered. She looked up at me, her blonde hair falling in her face. I brushed it back behind her ear. She usually loved that, but this time she didn't smile.

"Dennis...it's been almost 20 years." She says. I freeze. She's right. It has been almost 20 years. In fact, now that I recall, the 20th anniversary is a week from Friday. Today is Monday.

Now, I'm not talking about our wedding anniversary. I'm only 37. Leigh will turn 37 next month. We got married when I was 25 and she was 24. So no, it's not that.

But it's been 20 years since...since Christine.

Christine was a car. A '58 Plymouth (A?N: Sorry if I got the type wrong), but she wasn't just any car. No, no she wasn't. Christine was evil.

She came to life. She killed people. Heck, she almost killed Leigh. She killed my best friend Arnie.

She killed lots of people. Lots of innocent (and some not so innocent) people.

Arnie bought her from this weird guy. And he died. After he died, strange things started happening. Christine came to life...she killed. And she could talk.

We tried to destroy her. But she killed Arnie. He was my best friend. She killed him.

Now, we managed to destroy her too. But there's always a feeling. A feeling like...like she's lurking in the shadows. Just waiting to come back out, come back into our lives and start again. Start the killing, start the hurt again.

We've never felt fully safe.

"We need to see Arnie." I tell her. She nods. We moved far away from that horrible town where it all took place, but every year, we go and visit Arnie's grave, along with his parents graves. We also visit mine and Leigh's family for a week. That's the only time we ever go back there though.

The kids come with us of course. They know about Arnie, but not how or why he died. I've told them that he was a friend of mine when we were younger and that he and his parents died in a horrible car accident when he was just 17. Which I guess is true. But not in the way that they think.

I sigh. "Well, it's only for a week right?" She nods again. And then I say, "And what can go wrong? Christine is dead and gone, there's nothing to worry about."

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