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Little in tell this is when there older like sammy is 25 and casey is 26.

"No you I'm not ding-dong ditching Casey's house!"

"But Sammy Pleasssseeeeee"


"Shhhh he'll hear you if you don't be quit then you'll blush an run away."

"Yahh Marissa Sammy's right why don't you go ding-dong ditch DANNY'S HOUSE!"

"Dot are you CRAZY?"


"Hey guys what's up?" Casey asked sneaking up behind them.

"Ahhhhhh…. Casey what the hell do you want me to die. Why are scaring us anyway?"

"No Sammy I would never want you to die your to pretty to be but in the ground! And well there is three girls screaming outside my house so I thought that I would scare the other two away as I did. And take the pretty one captive"

Sammy turned around just in time to see Marissa and Dot run around the corner.


WAIT did Casey just call me pretty?

All of a sudden I been yanked into a awaiting Casey.

Casey scooped me up like I was a bride.

"Casey but me down put me down!"

I squealed. It was no use soon we were in side Casey house. Finally he but me down.

" Casey what are you doing?"

"Sammy I should have done this a long time ago." He said kneeling down on one knee taking a box out of his pocket!

" Sammy Joe Keyes will you marry me?" Casey ask her ask he anxiously.

"OMG Casey were not even together we haven't been together for 10 years an you want to marry me?"

"Well ya that's the point of me kneeling down proposing to you" he said standing up now feeling mad sad like he wanted to die. He did this cause he loves the girl standing in front of him. He thought she loved him to. " I thought you loved me Sammy so I did this I bought you a ring got Marissa and Dot to help me and you just say NO" He screamed. Tears burning his eyes now.

" WOOOOWWWW Casey you never let me finish what I was going to say" whipping his tears away making him sit down on the couch so she can sit with him. " Don't cry Casey and don't scream at me cause I never answered any of those questions! I never said no and I never will cause I love more than anything and I just thought you stop loving me so we were only friends for so long." Casey looked at her astonished how could he yell at he and cry he loved her. He thought it over is she saying yes? "Sammy does that mean you'll marry me?"

"Yes Casey Acosta this means I will marry you and be yours forever" I said while blushing like a idiot

He took my finger and placed a giant diamond on it! And I mean huge as big as my eye! So I'm going to be !

"I love you Casey"

I love you to Sammy"

He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom were we had a long nice kiss and so on.

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