She started her long, grueling walk back to Kagetsu. She kept looking towards the sky, hoping, wishing it wouldn't rain. Every so often a boom of thunder would taunt her evilly. Her arms are wrapped tightly around her waist, her skin chilled. She realizes that sometime during the night, she must have taken off her other boot. Without any boots, her feet were freezing cold, as was the rest of her body. Her whole body took on this pale-ish glow, and her lips took on this purplish-blue color. There were dark circle under her eyes and her hair is horrendously messed up, not to mention her clothes are torn and bloody…not as if her clothes really covered much more than was truly necessary. Her usually sparkling emerald eyes has lost most of its sparkle, and seemed dull and life-less. She barely knew where she was, but she figured, if the river dragged her down- stream a few miles, all she can do, is follow the river back upstream.

It's been about 2 hours since she awoke, and it doesn't seem as if she is getting any closer to her destination. Her body has already gone numb, most likely from the cold, but she liked this numbness, she then didn't have to feel the pain that ran throughout her body. She has long forgotten the tears that plagued her, from confusion, frustration, and loneliness. Her body is racked with shivers, from the cold, along with the rush of all of her emotions. A growl comes from a nearby tree, Tiara's gaze shifting to it quickly. She stands in a fighting pose, staring at where the sound came from. Out from behind the tree comes out a beautiful blue tiger-like creature. Tiara calms down, knowing that, even in her weaker condition, she can easily defeat a tiger, if challenged by one. Suddenly the tiger starts changing shapes into a tall, skinny, lovely woman. This woman stands about 5 foot 8, she has dark blue hair, that matched the color of the tiger's fur. Her red eyes shown brightly from her pale countenance. She had a great figure, easily able to be compared to Tiara's, and this tiger-lady was obviously acrobatic. This tiger-lady speaks to Tiara, "Lady, I have come to stop you from getting to Kagetsu. You may refer to me as Minerva." With that said, Minerva also goes into a fighting pose. Tiara's eyes obviously show fear. Tiara was losing hope quickly, and she looks down at her battered and bruised body, questioning weither or not she has the strength to fight this new enemy, this Minerva….