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Mello's pov

Where was matt? He was used to matt being wherever he was, naturally, with his games. Opening the fridge, and feeling the cold rush over him, he shivered. Reaching into the fridge for a cold bar of chocolate (that was a new thing to him; he found the bar lasted longer), he grabbed it and set out for matt, the cold foil chilling his fingers. He had a bad feeling but for what reason?

Matt's pov

Matt got distracted from his game, noticing Mello's absence. Absence? What the hell? I DO NOT say fancy words like that! "Talking to myself. Huh." He saved his game (obviously), shut the lid, and pocketed it. Getting up for the door, he looked over at his and Mello's desk. "Better write a note or he'll be lookin' round for me like a lost puppy"


I've gone outside to our lake, if you need me I'll be there, or in the common room

Love Matt x

"That should do it!" He put the note on his bed frame, as it was in front of the door, and left. Walking outside he slipped, on his goggles, and felt the cool summer breeze. He sat on the edge of his and mello's lake (found on their many adventures), and dipped his now bare feet in the sparkling water, relieving in the coolness. He liked listening to the water, but something put him on edge as if someone was watching him. He pulled his feet out of the water, slipped his shoes and boots back on before running back to wammy's. When he got back to his and mello's room, he found the door open and the note gone. He turned around to go to the common room, but the door slammed.

"Kyahahahahahah! Mail, remember me?" A voice sounded out from the shadows.

Matt had no idea what this person was on about.

"Where is mello?" As the person talked, matt smelt strawberry jam. And…blood?

"W-who are you? What do you want?" I stuttered, but couldn't help it.

"Just say, little Mattie, that… mello would know. You will be mine, matt, you were always there."

And with that he was gone. Matt couldn't even get a glimpse of his face.

"M-m-m-m-m… MELLO!"

His shout was heard through all of wammy's house, and within seconds mello was there, comforting matt in his arms.

"Shhhh, shhh tell me what happened" Mello was unusually calm.

"I noticed you were gone, and I went out to our lake, left you a note, came back, and a voice was in the shadows, and said you would know who he was, and I smelt strawberry jam, and mello I'm scared!"

Mello was like a statue

"B-B-beyond. Birthday" he gasped. That was unusual too, matt thought.

"Beyond Birthday, is a psychotic killer, who looks like L. He was meant to be L's successor but I think the pressure got to him and that's why he is how he is. He also has an addiction to jam. He looks so much like L, except he has shinigami eyes. His eyes are red! That's the only difference really. Heck he's his look-a-like! Matt if he has targeted you, you can't get away! We are going to… grrr…tell…. Roger!"

"Mello!" H was scared but, Mello. Talking. To. Roger. WOW.

The two boys ran all the way to Roger's office, but when mello kicked the door of its hinges, he did a double take.

"Beyond!, L how could you!" Matt peered around mello's shaking body, to see two identical Ls' but looking again, one man looked a bit more round and had red eyes. Matt smelt strawberry jam and was sure this was the person in his room. He hid behind Mello, clutching at the blonde's shirt in sheer terror.

"Matt! What a pleasant surprise! Oh and mello too! How lovely it is to see you!"

Well, this is complicated… Matt thought to himself.

"Matt, beyond here was just passing by-"

"DON'T GIVE EXCUSSES L! HE IS HERE BECAUSE OF ME!" However much didn't want to, he could remember all those times he saw the curious red eyed man. I saw him, on Hallowe'en night with that young girl, Quarter Queen, was it? She never came back out of his house, the damp smell; even from the pathway was slowly eating at him, piece by piece. I can remember how the overpowering smell of strawberries drew him close to wherever the red eyed man was, and this time crouching in an odd style, with a jar of sickly jam, which was making me gag, blood all over this man's shirt, and when he smiled me I saw red in the man's teeth, strawberry seeds scattered in his mouth, mixed with… BLOOD! I am scared of him but the red eyed man was smiling at me. Smiling. I was repulsed by this man, but I was smiling back at him. I couldn't help myself. I felt sorry for him as he was just plain odd.

"Because of me…" and without another word, matt ran off, fighting the tears filling up his goggles.

Hunting, Hunter, Hunted

Mello's pov

"Matt? Matt are you here? Please matt…" mello's voice got softer as he called out to matt. He was actually scared for matt, seeing him in tears like that was scary. It was not matt. At all.

He leant against a wall, and let himself slide down it. He sighed. Chasing matt was tiring, so he unwrapped a chocolate bar and began to lick it, though after a while he got bored and discarded it on the floor. He leapt up and looked out of the window. It was getting dark. How long had he been sat on the floor? He listened to the faint trickle of the stream across from wammy's house. He remembered that on matt's second day at wammy's, they had gone 'exploring' and had found a wonderful lake, its surface glittering in the sun.

"THE LAKE!" How had he not thought of it before?

Racing through wammy's he checked for roger (as roger had 'disapproved' of his and matts adventures) and jumped down the steps and ran to the woods. Past the boulder they always jumped over, across the tree bridge and through the nettles. He hardly felt their sting as he heard the red-heads sobs loud and clear. The sound broke his heart.

"matt! matt matt matt!" he wrapped his arms round him, crying himself.

"mel-lo.. cant breath.." he heard matt mumble against his arm.

"sorry! I just- I mean, I- Matt!" cold tears stung his face, but he didn't care. It was matt he was worried about.

"look mattie. Our lake." The setting sun had made the water gold, the sparkles sent shivers down his spine. He held matt's hand.

"let's enjoy it, matt just us. Together"

"yes. Mello I'm scared. My heads a mess! That man, he knows me! But I don't know him. How can that be? I just needed to escape!"

"I know mattie, I know. Just enjoy the moment, we'll deal with it later" Matt lent his head on mello's shoulder. Both boys looked out to the lake.

"Love you mello"

"Love you too mattie"

"Don't call me mattie"

"But I know you like it mattie"

Matt sighed, so mello knew he had won.

Until matt had mello by the mouth. 'Enjoy the moment' mello had said. He certainly was.

Matt's pov

"Mello?" my voice was scratchy, like I hadn't talked in ages.

"Yes?" It was spoken softly, caringly.

"Can I … sleep with you tonight?" It was cold walking back to wammy's and I was still scared.

"Off course you can matt" He held off with the 'mattie', he knew I was scared. The hallways were dark and seemed to go on forever but we reached our room, and got changed for bed.

We slept in mello's bed, his warm arms surrounding me protectively. I practically melted into him. Locking my lips to his I floated away, happy to be with him and no-one else.

"We'll sort this ya know?" It was meant reassuringly but made me jump at the thought of seeing the bloodied man. But things had to be done. And I had mello with me. I could get through this.

"Yeah I know mel. Love you" I really did.

"Love you too mattie" he replied his voice was chocolaty, and so was he. Locking lips again, the more sensible part of me piped up. Mail. Get a grip. You shouldn't be doing this. You're only NINE!

I told it to shut up.

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