A new girl?

Mello pov

Life at wammy's house is good. The children here, though geniuses, are still kids, and the laughter contradicted the serious studies. But one thing which was no laughing matter was The Board. It was our god (second to me, but most kids here are Atheist). It told us of who was top. Obviously it was Near. NEAR. He was just too arrogant, and hid that he cared. Or he really didn't care. Either way, he beat me. Matt was always third, without even trying. He could be top. First, but he didn't want to hurt me. Besides, he lacked motivation, just played games whenever he could. I bet even Near knows this. On his entrance test he scored 308%. That's 22% more than Near. He completed it in less than 1 and half hours. That's at least 10 minutes more than Near. A lot by our standards. But it didn't bother me. The cherry wood was homey, the windows let in light, me and Matt getting yelled at by roger. It was home. So you can imagine my ecstasy at the new board results.

"MELLO! GET TO THE BOARD! NOW!" Linda's shrill voice pierced the silence and matt lounging on my chest gave me puzzled look. I shrugged and got up, pulling him up to.

"Better go see what she's yelling at"

So we both set of down to The Board. This is what we saw.

O – Alice

M – Mello

N – Near

M – Matt


I looked at it, stunned. Then jumped in the air shouting, I never thought I would beat near! It felt amazing! "YES! YES YES YES YES! I BEAT NEAR! HAHAHA! WOO!"

Then a whisper. "Who's 'O'?" "Alice? Is she new?" "I heard she draws; it's her 'obsession'" "Where is she?"

"Here" Deadpan. We all looked at the girl (12 years old maybe?) She was wearing brown clumpy boots, light blue and black striped tights, dark blue shorts and a sort of frilly light blue top, which also frilled at her wrists. She also had a light blue … hat which pulled all her jet black her back, except a few strand at the sides and her fringe. It brought out her startling acid green eyes.

She held her sketch pad loosely at her side, and she had a light blue bag with her too. I guess she liked blue. She walked over to The Board, boots clumping against the wood, echoed by the silence, and scanned it.


"Yes, he's usually always first" My mouth moved of its own accord.

"So I guess he's the … albino kid? Wears white pyjamas?" I nodded to what she was saying.

"He's crying" After that she walked of. We stayed silent until her footsteps faded.

"Wow." Someone remarked. Then the whispers started.

"I'm going to beat her."

O/ Alice pov.

I clenched my hands, fighted the stares, and acted like I didn't care. As soon as I was out of sight, I started to draw the front of wammy's. It was easy, I would remember it anywhere. I arrived at my room, and walked over to the window. Looking at the sunset, thinking on how my new life was. I was lucky. But I was always last; last to be thought about, last in anything that wasn't to do with school. There I was always first. Top marks, but my parents never cared. They were to bust getting high, drunk or beating me up. Abuse. That's what my life was like, before I nearly died. A blessing in disguise. Seeing the board, was exiting as always was finding out exam results, but I was drawing attention to myself. No, I was safe here. But this is better for me. While other kids my age learnt how to write, I learnt how to do fractions. They learnt the colours, and shapes, I learnt French. They learnt how to read, I wrote novels. That was how it was. I just accepted it. I was just purely bored. And first in a school of geniuses. Wow. When dinner rolled round, I grabbed my side bag, filled it with pencils and my current sketch book, and walked slowly, boots clumping against the wood always. The already familiar walls (photographic memory) and the darker wood door, said I was at the dinner hall. I pushed open both doors, and the chatter died out. Silence. It scared me, but I walked on, hating being the centre of attention. Eyes followed me as I walked.

"Alice, sit with me please" L's voice rang out, a subtle command. I sat next to him. Many people looked envious, for some reason. I knew he was important, but how much?

His black hair fell in his eyes, black as well. They were like obsidian orbs. I noticed he was crouched like in the hospital and the journey here. I had noticed his sweet tooth as well. He usually chewed his thumb nail? And with him, was the first intelligent conversation I'd had in all my life.

"Please resume eating" L again. Everyone just started talking again, slowly, but the chatter returned.

"Are you settling in Alice? I heard on your first exam you scored particularly well."

"I'm doing fine. And the exam was hard. It was the first challenge I've had in years."

"I'm glad to hear. Ah… Wammy?" he looked over at the man who had brought me here.

"Yes L?" His voice was very British, and posh.

"Could you bring me some cake please?" Cake? Before eating your dinner?

"Of course" I looked at him curiously, but began eating my jacket potato. I've never tried many foods, as I was usually starved until I was sick. It was nice, especially with a bit of cheese and butter. My pudding was fruit. I choose it over the ice cream everyone else had. I'd loved the pineapple I would get from when I went to school, it was addicting, just like custard. I had eaten that once, and if I could live on it I would. L now had blueberry pancakes, with whipped cream. I soon got fed up, and left the hall, with a goodbye to him. I went outside, climbed up a tree and drew the setting sun.

_. - ~- { * * * *} -~ - ._

L's pov

I remembered when she was found, the way she was in hospital. Nearly all of here was bruised, cut or both. Her hair was matted with blood, her arm and both legs where broken, along with a few ribs and her shoulder. You could see the bones that weren't broken; she was so thin, starved. She was barely alive. Doctors had given her a blood transfusion, she was the rarest type apparently, AB+. When she came round, she didn't talk to anyone, but after a while asked for a few books. A sketch book, and language book. Japanese. I had asked hospital staff about her, when a doctor asked someone before Wammy, to help her, for obvious reasons. She was smarter than them. When I arrived with Wammy, she was asleep, so I asked doctors about her, what she was like, what she did. It was the same answer as the first doctor really, she was quiet overly polite and flinched whenever a nurse came to examine her. And smart. They said she drew quiet a lot, things a 12 year old shouldn't be able to draw, things she could draw from memory. So I arranged a meeting time, and went in with a nurse.

"Lumina, this is L, and he would like to speak with you alone, if possible." Her green eyes gauged the situation she was in. She nodded as consent. The nurse then left. I slouched to the chair next to her bed, and crouched on it, like usual. I don't know why I do it, but I can think better that that way.

"Lumina? How are you?"

"If you mean physically, then no. I hurt a lot. If you meant mentally…" Her whispered response trailed off. I nodded.

"I know, but I came here to discuss you immediate future. I would like to offer you a place in Whammy's house, for gifted children. Children like you, who are smart, and willing to learn complex things. I attended there, and as you may or may not know, I am the best detective in the world. I want you to come, and either follow in my footsteps or just be there to learn. You can be anything you want. The other children there are nice, would help you with anything, and were in situations like yours. They will know your pain, help sooth it." I stopped talking then, as she looked a little less interested. Then she smiled.

"I will go then; your little speech has piqued my interest. And it with you, that I have had my first intelligent conversation with, since I was three?" Her voice sounded a bit better, not a whisper, but not a clear voice either.

"Well, if it's decided, we will give you an alias, I'm sure you know what one is. I think Alice may be suited."

"Alice. I like it"

"Also you will get a letter, if you don't want people calling you Alice. It will be 'O'."

"I like that too. But I will have to recover fully first wont I?"

"Yes, you will. I will have someone named Wammy arrange it. When we pick you up though, you are to call me Ryuzaki, and Wammy, Watari. I will also visit you every week to see how you are doing."

I got up, and her green eyes follow me to the door.

"Goodbye, Lumina"

"Goodbye L"

I looked at her battered, bruised, hollow face. I smiled and left, thinking how sick people could be.

She came to Wammy's house 2 months later.