A/N: Okay so I was watching ZOOM this morning (6-12-12) and I felt like writing a cute Dylan/Summer fluff romance one shot. I will still update my other stories but this is spur of the moment, possible writers block breaker. Anyway here you go, it takes place at the end with the cheerleading practice and what happens after they get called again. And since the other cheerleaders names were never mentioned I'm making up the names.

Summer Jones also known as Wonder just finished up with the Zenith program at Area 52 and got herself a

boyfriend Dylan West also known as Houdini. "Hey Freak" the cheer captain Lavinia Abbot. "What do you want

Lavinia" Summer said getting her uniform on. "What happened at the freak house" Lavinia sneered. "Oh let's

see. I learned I'm telekinetic and have empathic senses. Also I got a boyfriend." Summer counted off. "Yeah

right"she snorted. The practice started and they built a pyramid. Summer was on the bottom holding up the

other girls easily with help from her powers. All of a sudden a rose with a note started floating towards them.

All the others looked in shock, except for Summer, as with a sudden rippling a guy appeared. He had long

shoulder length dark hair. Dylan gave the rose to Summer who ,keeping the others up with her power, pulled

him in and kissed him. How did a freak like her get a cute guy like him Lavinia thought as their beepers went off.

With a suddeness the pyramid fell as the two ran off.

It was that weekend when Summer and Dylan had a little date out at the park. It was going all well until a

certain person showed up. "Dylan why'd you choose to date a freak like her when you could have me" Lavinia

said flipping her hair seductively. "Summer's not a freak" Dylan said defensively. "Yeah she is. She can control

things and move them. Tell me that's not freaky." Lavinia said snottily. "It's not. I can turn invisible. I know an

older guy about 55 who can run faster then any human, his older brother who is now younger due to a freak

accident can shoot sonic booms, a twelve year-old can enlarge any part of his body, and a six year old who

has super strength , plus a woman who has the power of super breath that can knock down grown men.

We're not freaks we're super heroes." Dylan said proudly. "What ever" Lavinia sneered storming off. "FREAKS"

she shouted before she left. "Dylan Lavinia's right. Why do you want a freak like me instead of a pretty normal

girl like her" Summer said. "Because you are pretty and normal is so over rated." Dylan replied pulling her into

him. "Thanks" She said leaning up to kiss him.

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