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Title: Vita, Amore, Destino

Written for: lvtwilight09 aka Stephanie Lvt McNutty

Written By: hottygurl7 aka Missy Fanfic

Rating: NC-17, MA for Lemons, slash, and some violence.

Summary:Vampires are unchanging and instinctual creatures. Humans are flighty and amendable. What happens when the two meet and develop a deep infatuation with each other? Maybe it's true how they say the road to Hell was paved with good intentions.

Prompt(s) used: A college professor falls in love with their student. Photo prompt. Pairing request.

Disclaimer: SM owns Twilight. I own a jammed pinky and a bum leg. You win this round, Mrs. Meyer.

Looking at my new professor, I'm certain of the three following things.

One: The rest of my family and I are vampires.

Two: I'm considered extremely rare and gifted as far as our kind are concerned, and I am somewhat coveted because of my gifts of shielding and seduction.

Three: I seriously need to get laid, and my new English professor, Mr. Cullen, looks good enough to eat.

Chapter One

-Bella POV-

Looking out the window of Alice's Thunderbird, I can't help but feel nostalgic.

I miss our previous home near Fairbanks, Alaska. I miss the beautiful landscapes and the Northern Lights in the sky at night. I miss the crispy snow and ice against my bare feet as I ran through the forest at twilight.

Carlisle, my father—for all intents and purposes—once told me that the safest time of day for our kind was twilight. And like the child that I am, I scoffed at the idea. Why would we need a dedicated time of day to feel safe? We're immortal. The highest of the highest on the food chain. The only thing we need to fear are others like us and fire.

Carlisle prefers to live in a familial lifestyle, and I had been living in a similar situation when he found me in Italy in 1796.

Maybe I should start at the beginning.

I was born in Marblehead, MA, in 1672 to Charles and Renee Swan. My mother died giving birth to me, and my father passed away on my thirteenth birthday of a severe case of measles. I had never really been close with my father. I thought maybe he resented me for my mother's death, and I always felt like maybe he held me at arm's length. He provided for me, but he was too afraid of getting too close to me.

After he died, I was shipped off to an orphanage near Salem, MA, not far from my childhood home. You would think that growing up in an orphanage would have been miserable and confining—being bossed around by nuns with whipping sticks, or rulers—welting our hands and whipping our behinds, but it wasn't that way for me. Growing up practically alone had taught me how to be a fairly decent actress. I knew when to lay my "innocence" on thick, and I also knew when to stand up for myself and be the brave, bullheaded girl that I truly was.

From what I remember of my past life, my human life, is that I wasn't like the other girls I grew up around. I didn't pray for someone to come and adopt me. I never dreamed of a family to call my own and then someday for a husband to provide for me while I was pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen.

No, thank you.

While the other girls dreamed of pampered lifestyles, I dreamed of freedom and expression. I dreamed of a world without war and plagues, where we could all coexist and live among one another without some great divide.

Some called me a dreamer, some called me peculiar, it never bothered me though, because I liked being different.

As I grew up, I began to discover that I had—what now would be called—daddy issues. I'd missed the guidance growing up that would've provided me with a sense of morals and the scruples to distinguish between right and wrong. It wasn't that I didn't understand…I just simply did not care what others thought of me, and I did what I wanted to do.

I didn't live up to societies expectations, and I was a very opinionated woman. I often spoke without filter, and I wasn't afraid to get into a heated debate with the opposite sex on a matter that I cared deeply about.

In other words, I was an anomaly. I stood out like a sore thumb…marched to the beat of my own drum…you get the picture.

Unfortunately, my status, or role in society, also cast me as a bit of an outsider. I didn't really mind being an outsider, but I never thought the ramifications of my actions would lead to my death. Or maybe I should say, the end of my human life.

Ever since I was in my early teens, I noticed that boys and men from all ages seemed to be drawn to me. I dealt with it the best way I could, sometimes using it to my advantage, while still being kind and courteous to people who were polite to me.

Eventually, I began dating a boy in our town named Michael, but he went by the nickname Mike. Mike and I were close in age, and after I was released from the orphanage on my eighteenth birthday, we had planned to get married and live together.

We had always kept our relationship a secret, as per his idea. He said it was to protect me and my reputation, because we were intimate with each other, and that was a sin out of wedlock.

I realized much later that he was only keeping it a secret because he was engaged to another woman. When I heard the news of his engagement I was enraged. Furious at him for lying to me, for using me, and I was blind with hatred over the fact that he had chosen another over me.

Instead of outing him to the town and his new fiancé, I decided to retaliate by sleeping with his best friend and cousin, Jacob. I didn't think Jacob would tell the entire town, but he did.

That's when the whispers started, everyone talked about me behind my back and people stopped looking me in the eyes. Men got handsy when I would go to the market, and I could never travel alone for fear somebody would take it too far and hurt me. I avoided alleys at all costs, and I rarely went out at night, but in the end—it wasn't enough to save me.

After I left the orphanage, I used the small remnants of my inheritance to purchase a tiny shack on the outskirts of town. It wasn't much, but it was shelter over my head and a warm place to sleep, and eventually, I called it home.

One night as I slept, I was brutally attacked and bludgeoned. Left for dead, bleeding and battered in my bed, I practically drowned in a pool of my own blood. Luckily, or unluckily for me—depending on how you see it—a vampire by the name of Lucy happened to be strolling through town. She smelt my blood and arrived just as my attacker was fleeing.

Lucy told me once that when she first came upon me, her intent was to bleed me dry and leave me for someone else to find and bury me. But when she saw how young I was, she couldn't do it and she felt compelled to change me, to make me like her.

Three agonizingly burning days passed, and when I awoke it was with a new body and intensified senses. Lucy helped me to understand what I had become, and how the change would alter my life forever, however long that may be. She also helped me to discover that it was Mike's fiancé Claire, who had attacked me that night.

Initially, I wanted to kill her. An eye for an eye and all that, but I decided against any more bloodshed. Instead, I paid her a little visit—with Lucy in tow to make sure I didn't kill her—and I scared the ever-loving daylights out of her.

Eventually, she went insane and had to be committed to an asylum. She wouldn't stop screaming about "red eyed demon women".

I moved away right after Claire was committed, just before the Salem Witch Trials, and I followed Lucy to the South where she joined another coven. This coven was extremely power hungry, they were always trying to find ways to build a powerful army, and they wanted to basically take over the world. It really wasn't my cup of tea, so I separated from Lucy, and I fled from America shortly after.

Not long afterwards, I found myself in Europe. For decades, I lived with Katherine Fiore and her small coven. We were a coven of all women vampires, and if I'm being honest—it was quite exhausting trying to live in a tiny cottage with three other females.

Katherine was a bit of a control freak, and her need for power and dominance had begun to drive our coven apart.

One day I had finally had enough of her, and I fled to find the Volturi coven—rulers of our kind—to see if they could offer me some type of reprieve from Katherine's domineering ways. Much to my chagrin, I found out shortly after arriving in Volterra that Katherine had followed me, intending to intercept me along my way and silence me once and for all.

Big mistake on her part.

I arrived in Volterra sooner than she anticipated, and after hearing my case, the Volturi decided in my favor and ordered Katherine to stay away from me. She lashed out, insulting them as if they were below her, and they killed her.

I wanted to thank them for taking care of my light work.

At that time, the members of the large and powerful clan were at a bit of an impasse because their fourth member Eleazer, was leaving to be with his mate, Carmen. Initially they wanted to replace him, inviting their long time friend and essentially "castle-mate" Carlisle Cullen to join them.

Carlisle politely declined, stating that he wasn't sure how long he planned to stay in Italy, and that he had hope, like Eleazer, that he would someday find his mate. All having mates themselves, the Volturi could hardly fault him for his choice.

After getting to know Carlisle, I learned that he was often ridiculed for his choice of diet and his human-like lifestyle. I envied him. He was compassionate and he cared about others in a way I had never witnessed. He always inspired me to be my best, and to always be kind.

When he decided to leave Italy and go to America I went with him.

. . . . . . .

Carlisle and I moved all over the United States. Over the years, we ended up saving a few people who trickled into our lives and touched us in ways we didn't understand.

He saved Esme, when we lived in Wisconsin for a short period of time. When she awoke from her transformation he realized she was his mate, and they now share a bond more powerful than any love I've ever witnessed.

I saved Rosalie from a fate similar, yet different, from my own when we lived in New York. She had been attacked by her fiancé and a couple of his buddies on her way home from a friend's house one night. After she changed and adapted to her bloodlust, I went back to New York with her and helped her kill and torment each of her attackers one by one.

After leaving New York, we moved around the South for a while. A few years later, Rosalie stumbled upon Emmett, who lay broken and bleeding after a deadly encounter with a grizzly bear. They ended up mating, and I found myself alone in a cluster of couples. I debated going off on my own, but I couldn't do it. I loved my new family too much.

Eventually, Alice found us. She was definitely my saving grace.

Admittedly, I was very lonely before Alice came along. As I mentioned before, it was hard living among mated couples. Their love was strong and true, and I felt left out of a very important piece of the puzzle. I had to pretend to be happy in the company of my family, and I often opted to go off on long hunting trips, tracking the largest game I could find and keeping myself busy in nature.

When Alice joined our coven I felt like I had finally found a counterpart. She was a bit wilder than I was, often seducing poor young human boys into her bed for sport and slipping out before they could wake, leaving them broken hearted. Alice was a firecracker and for the lack of a better term, a bad influence.

Alice may not seem like a force to be reckoned with, but she is. That may even be an understatement. Alice is 5'1", and 115 pounds of sex kitten. Her sexy black spiky hair and warm golden eyes accentuate her pale marbled skin, and she has curves in all the right places.

In reality, all of the women in our coven are amazingly beautiful.

Esme is the MILF that all the teenage boys dream about, with caramel colored hair and a beautiful warm smile.

Rosalie is a statuesque blonde with beautiful curves and a bone structure that would put a Greek Goddess to shame.

That leaves me, Bella, the girl with long, mahogany hair, almond shaped golden eyes with long thick lashes, and full, pouty lips. I'm slightly less curvy than Rosalie, and about five or six inches taller than Alice.

Esme and Rosalie are astonished that Alice and I haven't paired off yet and found mates of our own, but we're selective. Alice has spent the last few decades searching for her urban cowboy. She had a vision once of meeting this guy in a diner with a strong country drawl, but she says the vision is hazy and she can't seem to get any type of time frame or location picked out from it.

I for one am a bit skeptical. I mean, what the hell would she be doing in a diner? Plus, if this cowboy means so much to her, why the hell is she still whoring it up with me? Okay, that sounds bad—we don't really whore it up, but she does tend to use my, ah hell what does she call it…allure to attract some fine sexual specimens.

Then sometimes, when we're really lonely, Alice and I find pleasure in each other. Don't take that the wrong way, Alice and I aren't really romantically involved with one another—it's basically pleasure, that's it. Sometimes we'll have an "itch" no human can scratch, whether it be wanting something a little rougher—or just having someone who doesn't need to be provided a map and instructions to find our g-spots, and we use one another. It's really too bad that Alice and I aren't each other's mates, because we sure do complement each other beautifully.

At first we weren't sure vampires could mate within their own sex, but back in the 60's we came across a lesbian mated couple, named Siobhan and Maggie, who were very much in love. I guess that just isn't in the cards for Alice and me.

Unlike Alice, I'm not holding on to that fairytale hope of finding my prince charming. I must have carried that attitude over from my human life. I'm not a romantic; I don't think that love solves all of the world's problems.

However, I do believe in love—I'd have to be blind not to. I've seen Carlisle and Esme, and Rose and Emmett. I know true love exists, I just don't believe it exists for everybody. Especially for myself. I'd like to think if I had a mate out there, I would have found him already.

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