So, outtake in third person and you may all hate me for this, but it was in my head while writing the whole story. I feel like a bitch for doing it, but here ya go…

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"That stupid bitch!" Rosalie screams, running out through the front doors, Emmett hot on her heels.

"Rosie, baby, calm down," He pleaded. "They said she probably didn't even know. That is was too early for natural signs to appear. She had no way of knowing," He explains, trying to calm his pissed off wife.

Rosalie ignores her childish husband and continues to pace, muttering expletives under her breath. The rest of the family slowly emerges. Alice and Jasper are hanging onto each other in shock and confusion, a little anger, and some regret. Esme and Carlisle exit next. Esme crying and mumbling indecipherable words while Carlisle tries, unsuccessfully, to soothe her. Rene and Charlie are next to leave. Both of them crying, Rene more than Charlie, but he holds it together to take care of his ex-wife.

Rosalie storms up to them, ignoring the protests of the others and spits on Rene's shoes.

"I hope she burns in Hell," She sneers before she's being yanked away by Emmett, who's trying to explain her actions, but is shocked still. Renee's tears picked up force and Charlie looks frozen and wide-eyed, shocked by Rosalie's comment.

Esme's attempting to scold Rosalie, who's fighting back full force. The family dispute comes to an end when Charlie finally regains his composure. He brings his arms around his hysterical wife and clears his throat.

"ENOUGH!" He shouts, before coughing a little. His throat was thick and he had to swallow a few times before speaking again. "You're family and that is the only reason I'm not taking you in or at least putting you in the back of the car." He says shortly to Rosalie who scoffs bitterly. "Watch it, young lady," He warns. She sneers again and Emmett tugs her back, apologizing to the officer.

"Sorry, Mr. Swan. It's a sore subject…as you know." He adds hesitantly.

Charlie shakes his head. "I do know, but that is no excuse, as you know." Emmett nods, still trying to contain his wife. Charlie continues. "I'm going to the house today to settle some things. She left a 'will' on a piece of lined paper," He snorts, but his amusement quickly fades. He swallows again. "You can come if you would like, but I will deal with none of your crap," He pointedly stares at Rosalie. Many nods are shared as everyone tries to regain their composure. Everyone headed towards their vehicles as Charlie tried to wrap his head around everything the doctors said.

He could pick out certain words from his fog-filled brain, like 'cardiac arrest' caused from cardiac dysrhythym or something.

It was a big word.

He tried to block out the doctor's other news, but it kept replaying in his head.


Early stages…

She didn't even know…

So, Bella's COD would be cardiac arrest, which is a variation of cardiac dysrhythmia, which is that big word Charlie tried to remember earlier. Uh, so this is what happened; she drinks the junk, her breathing shallows, she faints, her heart stops, she dies. The end. Simple enough, yeah? Sure. Not sure if this is exactly how it happens, but for the sake of fiction, just go with it.

And…that's all, folks!

I guess.


-Bianca! (: