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Dumbledore had sent an urgent owl to Fudge requesting his presence at Hogwarts at noon on Monday. He trusted Fudge to arrive alone. The circumstances concerning Umbridge were imperative to resolve. She had essentially taken over Hogwarts. Dumbledore was never consulted on anything by her. This was far from acceptable. As he waited for Fudge to arrive, Dumbledore felt old. So much had happened in such a short space of time. It was inevitable that Voldemort would return. Dumbledore always knew this and he ensured those closest to him did too. He reflected on how much work had yet to be done in order to extinguish Voldemort forever. Harry of course was his primary thought. He still had so much to know. It was essential that Harry maintain as normal a life as possible. Consequently his life was never normal and it would never be until he had defeated Voldemort.

Sirius sat at his desk in his office in Zonko's. He was staring at a stock order with one hand against his temple and the other clutching a pen. He couldn't focus. His mind kept drifting back to Shari and the impending failure of his marriage. Did he want to save it? He couldn't say for sure. Yes, he still loved her but was that enough? A knock on his door disturbed his thoughts. As he turned to face his visitor, he smiled brightly.

"Harry, what brings you here?" Sirius asked as Harry sat in the seat adjacent to him.

"Sirius, you said to let you know when I have established enough people for the D.A. and Remus mentioned you were here so I thought I`d stop by." He smiled as Sirius nodded, reclining in his seat.

"It`s nice to see a happy face for once. Congrats by the way on establishing the army. Just let me know when you want to hold the official meeting."

"I appreciate that Sirius, thanks. What are doing here anyway? It`s Saturday. I thought you would be at home...with Shari."

"I enjoy my solitude here." Sirius replied flatly, averting his gaze to the stock sheet he placed on the desk.

"You mean you are avoiding her." Harry cried gaining his godfather`s attention. Sirius gazed at Harry momentarily before responding in a deadpan manner.

"Harry this is not your problem."

"Neither was yours in helping me with the D.A. so I would like to return the favour."

"There isn't much to say kid. Shari and I are going through a rough patch."

"Sirius, ye have been going through a rough patch for three months now."

"What do you want from me Harry?" Sirius asked smiling dejectedly.

"I want us to be a family Sirius. Don`t you remember how happy we all were once?"

Sirius frowned as he picked up a quill on his desk and began twirling it between his fingers. Staring at his desk he replied

"Yes, of course I do. We were one big happy family but Shari has ruined it all Harry and I just don't see a way back for us." He looked up at a hopeful Harry who sighed and said

"Sirius, you have to try. Your kids need you especially Samia and Kyrah. They don't understand why their parents aren't happy but they know something is wrong."

"Harry I love those girls more than my own life. I would die for them without a second thought. Shari and I are barely hanging on by a thread right now. Every day that thread appears more ravelled. I just don`t see her the way I used to anymore. I can`t forgive her for what she did."

"Sirius she left because she was depressed. She went away to get help. She`s better..."

"Harry please just knock it off mate. Shari left because she wanted to. I begged her to reconsider and to stay here so we could work things out together. I knew she was hurting because I was too. I lost those kids too but she never once even thought of that. When she left none of us got so much as a postcard. I put those girls to bed every night and every night I would have to listen to them asking me when their mother was coming home. Samia even went so far once as to suggest that Shari left because she didn't love them anymore. You have no idea how that felt Harry. When she came back it was all about her. She went away to get better because she was depressed after she miscarried. It was like she was on holidays for six weeks. Whatever about me but her kids never got a thing from her during that period. I`m sorry Harry but I can`t forgive her negligence and selfish attitude. I refuse to stay in a marriage for the sake of those kids. I will not have them growing up in an environment with their parents snapping at one another. We need a break from one another."

"Sirius, Shari loves you. You can`t give up on her." Harry responded pleadingly.

"I`m not giving up Harry but if we continue going the way we are, we will end up hurting one another beyond repair. At the very least I want us to be friends for the sake of our children."

"Just be careful Sirius; once you decide this there is no going back."

Back at Grimauld Place that evening Sirius walked in on Shari and Lily in the kitchen. He smiled delicately at them both.

"Hi Sirius. How was your day?" Lily enquired.

"It was fine Lil but do you mind if I speak with Shari alone?"

"Oh, no of course not. I`ll be up with Tonks in the sitting room."

"Thanks love." Sirius replied winking at her as she smiled and left. He inhaled deeply before approaching the table as they both said

"I think we need to talk." Sirius and Shari laughed lightly.

"I think I spoke enough last night Shars. Why don't you go ahead?" Shari reciprocated her husband`s soft smile as she said

"Sirius I am tired of fighting with you. I know what I did was unforgivable but I do hope you will someday find it in your heart to do just that. At the time I wasn't thinking of you. I didn't consider how the miscarriage affected you or the kids for that matter. I know I was selfish but I guess the only reason I can come to is that I was depressed. I was sick Sirius and I promise you that is not an excuse nor something to hide behind. Yes, I should have written to you and I can`t apologise enough for that. Back then I wasn't certain of anything. The only thing I knew to be true was that I loved you and if we were to have any sort of future I had to leave before I ruined everything. Right now the only thing I am certain of is that I still love you Sirius. I want us to work. I just don`t know how to do that."

Sirius sat back in the chair and listened to his wife speak. He had placed two fingers against his right temple as he considered everything she said pensively. He believed every word she uttered to be sincere. He wanted things to work out between them too. He just didn't know how it could. After another few moments of quiet reflection Sirius removed his fingers from his temple. He leaned across the table as he folded his arms and said

"Shari I think we have said everything we can on this subject. We both are aware of the other`s sentiments. It`s important that we figure out whether we still have a marriage. In my opinion the only way we can do that is by going back to basics. We need to re-establish a sense of trust in our relationship and to that we need to get to know one another again."

"Sirius what do you mean exactly?" Shari asked concernedly.

"We need to make a strong committed effort in re-establishing our relationship. So, in order to do this we need to start dating all over again."


"No, Shari you said you want us to work but you just don't know how. I want us to work but you broke my trust. I need to know if it can be repaired. Right now I feel like I don`t know you so what do you say? Are you really willing to give us this chance?"

Shari considered Sirius`s idea for a couple of moments before replying. It did sound ludicrous but if this was essential to Sirius then so be it.

"Ok, Sirius if this is what it will take."

"Good. Tonight we will dine in Hogsmeade so let`s get ready."

"Do you really believe that Sirius is going to walk away from his marriage Harry?" Hermione enquired concernedly.

"I sincerely hope not Hermione. I know the last few months have been really tough on them both but prior to that they have been really happy together. Shari has always been the one for him. That is why it`s so hard to see them hurting like this."

"How are Samia and Kyrah doing? It is going to be toughest on them if anything happens."

"You know what Hermi? I...I have no idea. They tend to live in their own world. They kind of remind me of Luna a little bit." They laughed lightly.

"Anyway enough about my crazy family, how are yours doing?" Harry asked stroking her hair. Hermione sighed as she rested her head against Harry`s shoulder and said

"They`re fine, just busy with work. I don't think either of them are very pleased at the idea of living in seclusion though." Hermione lifted her head as she looked Harry in the eyes as he replied

"Yeah, well let`s hope that won`t be for a while yet." He smiled as he moved his face closer to hers. She reciprocated saying "Let`s hope." Their lips met as they kissed lightly initially and then passionately.

"Don`t mind us." Rob exclaimed as he leapt over the back of the couch and landed beside Hermione. Harry and Hermione broke apart. Hermione pursed her lips as she smiled blandly at Ron sitting across on the arm chair. Harry rolled his eyes at Rob asking

"Have you got nowhere else to be?"

"Nope don't think so do we Ron?"

"Nah, we`re good here mate." Ron said grinning as he leaned back into the chair.

"What`s he so happy about?" Harry asked.

"Oh, well somebody just got a kiss from the lovely Luna."Rob replied smirking at a now bashful Ron.

"What?!" Hermione and Harry exclaimed in unison.

"Are you going to tell them or shall I Ron? I think I should. As we were coming out of the library, Luna was going in. She dropped some books she was carrying and Romeo over there helped her pick them up. She called him sweet for helping and kissed him on the cheek. He hasn't been the same since." Rob laughed out loud as Ron remained in a daze.

"What`s this we hear about little Ronnykins and Looney Lovegood?" Fred and George chimed approaching their brother. They both sat on either side of him.

"Don`t call her that! Luna is brilliant. So just back off and leave her alone!" Ron retorted irritably.

"Oh, Fred it seems our kid brother is love."

"Yes, it does George."

"Ron and Luna sitting in a tree..." Fred and George started making their friends chuckle.

"Oh shut up! I`m going to bed." Ron rose from his seat. He waved limply at Harry as he headed for the dormitory.

"You guys just can`t give him a break can you? I think it`s sweet that he cares about Luna. He could do a lot worse than her and so could she."

"Oh, well of course you think it`s sweet Hermione." Fred interjected.

"Yeah, after all you are all loved up with the dragon slayer." George retorted making Fred and Rob laugh. Harry smiled as he shook his head.

"Yeah, well on that note I am going to bed. Are you coming babe?"

"Yes." Hermione answered promptly taking his hand as they walked to their dormitories.

"So how was dinner last night?" Lily asked Shari in the kitchen the next morning.

"It was good. I think it went really well Lily. I know we have a long road ahead of us but for the first time in months I can see a future for us."

"That`s great Shars! You and Sirius deserve another chance." Shari reciprocated her friend`s smile.

"So how did last night go Sirius?" James asks his friend in the garden the next morning.

"Oh, it was ok I guess Prongs." Sirius replies dejectedly.

"Is that all?" James asked concernedly.

"Yeah, I don't know mate. I really thought that it would be better. I honestly didn't feel the way I thought I would."

"How does Shari feel?"

"Oh, she loves me apparently. I know she thinks it went better than I do."

"Well don`t you think you ought to tell her how you feel? This is supposed to be a fresh start. You don`t want to begin it on lies mate."

"Yeah, I know but I just don't want to hurt her especially when I`m not sure how I feel. How did you and Lily get through it?"

"We had different circumstances Padfoot. I was completely stressed out from work. You guys went through a huge emotional ordeal. If you want this to work out with Shari you need to be honest with her Sirius even if it hurts her."

"I know James I know."

"Ok, what was the problem exactly? Was she talking too much? Did she not talk enough? Did ye have nothing to talk about? Did she look like a hag?" Sirius started at the last remark.

"James, Shari is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. We did talk about everything except certain circumstances."

"Well maybe that`s the problem. If ye are going to avoid resolving that issue indefinitely, ye have no future Sirius."

"I am all talked out. We both know the other`s sentiments on that issue. She knows she hurt me and I know she is sorry."

"Yes, that may be true but you haven't truly forgiven her Sirius."

"I don't know if I can James."

"Well that`s the problem right there. If you can`t forgive her then there is no marriage to save. You have two choices Padfoot. The first is to forgive her and to do that you need to really forgive her. If you choose that then you need to give your marriage 110%. You do whatever it takes to save it. The second choice is to carry on the way you are. From what I can see you are not happy. There is no sense being in a relationship unhappy Sirius especially when there are kids involved. I did whatever it took to save my marriage. You saw how hard it was especially with Harry. I gave it everything because Lily is my life. I don't make sense without her. Can you honestly say that about Shari? Do you love her more than life itself? If you do then problem solved. If you don't...we have a problem."

"I love her James but something has changed. I don't see her the way I used to. My heart doesn't race the way it did when I see her. I don't know what to do mate."

"Sirius at the end of the day Shari is the mother of your children. If it was just you and her alone I would say do what feels right. As your friend I am telling you to give it one more shot for their sake. There is an amazing marriage counsellor in St. Mungos. I seriously suggest you go to her. If in a few weeks nothing has changed well then, you need to talk to Shari."

Sirius went back inside to speak to Shari. He found her humming at the kitchen sink. As he closed the back door behind him, she turned and smiled brightly at him.

"Oh, Sirius it`s you. I was just going to come out and see if steak was all right for dinner tonight. Lily suggested so I..."

"Shari...steak is fine. I need to speak to you about something."

"Oh, this sounds ominous."

"Please, let`s sit down." Shari eyed Sirius perplexed as she pulled out the chair beside him and sat down.

"Shari, I haven`t been entirely honest with you about last night. I know it was my idea for us to start over and I do believe that it's the best thing to do. I stupidly thought that we going out last night would give me the answers I needed but it didn't. We need help. If our marriage is ever going to work again then we need to think outside the box. I have been speaking to James and he has recommended a marriage counsellor in St. Mungos. He swears she is the best."

"You want us to go for therapy? You expect me to relate personal marriage details to a complete stranger? Sirius..."

"Shars, I don`t see any other way out of this. I know that if we keep going the way we are then soon there won't be a marriage to be concerned with. I know that I haven't completely worked through my issues with you leaving."

"So why don`t you go alone?"

"Sweetheart this concerns us both. What happened was a huge emotional ordeal and on top of your behaviour..."

"So you are still blaming me for this." Shari responded aggrieved as she sat back in the chair.

"Shari, love please I don't want us to fight. I`m tired of having the same argument. If you want our marriage to work then you will at least consider my suggestion."

After dinner Sirius sat outside on the patio. As he reclined in the chair he took a drag from a freshly lit cigarette. James joined him with two bottles of cold beer. Sirius smiled limply at him as he took one of the bottles. As James sat down and opened his bottle he asked

"So have you and Shari reached a decision about marriage counselling yet?"

"You`re asking the wrong person mate. I explained my sentiments on that issue. It`s up to Shari now." Sirius extinguished his cigarette as he opened the bottle of beer and drank.

"You do seem awfully calm about this Sirius which might I add is uncommon for you."

"What do you want me to say James? Our marriage is in tatters. This could be our only chance of fixing it."

"I thought earlier you weren't all that interested in fixing it."

"I don't know mate. I know I still love her somewhat and I can`t walk away until I know I have done everything. If the worst comes to the worst; she will always be the mother of my children. That will have to be enough for both our sakes. Maybe after the war things will be different. All I know to be true right now is that bringing down Voldemort is my ultimate concern and going around in circles with Shari is not helping anybody."

"Sirius...oh I`m sorry James. I didn't realise you were out here." Shari remarked apologetically.

"Oh, no Shars it`s fine. I`ll give you both some space." James smiled softly as he went back inside the house. Sirius lit up another cigarette as Shari took a seat beside him. She focused her attention on the sky as she softly said

"It`s a nice night so tranquil and mild." Sirius exhaled some smoke as he nodded his head.

"I feel as though I could sit here all night." Sirius turned to look at Shari at this point. As she glanced back at him he said

"Did you come out here to make small talk or do you actually have a point?" Shari turned sideways in the seat to face him directly. Sirius continued to glare at her as she began to speak.

"Sirius, I want us to work. I do. I don`t want us to fight anymore. It`s wearisome and quite frankly it`s getting monotonous. If counselling is what it will take for us to repair our marriage and most importantly for you to trust me again, then I`ll do it." Sirius put his cigarette in the ashtray. He smiled softly at Shari as he stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. "Thank you Shari. I`ll sort it out tomorrow." She smiled as she took his hand and kissed his palm. Sirius winked at her. She rose from the seat as she said

"I promised the girls I`d read them a story. I`ll see you in the morning Sirius." Sirius picked up his cigarette. He faced her and replied "Yes, you will sweetheart."

"Oh, and Lily said that Karina and Isabelle are arriving tomorrow. Apparently Dumbledore requested more troops."

"Well Voldemort won`t know what hit him when he sees Karina all fired up." Shari laughed lightly at a smiling Sirius.

"Goodnight Sirius." Shari offered sweetly.

"Goodnight Shari." Sirius replied sincerely.

A few moments after Shari left James arrived back outside. Sirius laughed when he saw him.

"I thought that you were gone in for quality family time Prongs."

"No. Lily is already in bed. Do I suppose right in assuming your talk with Shari went well?"

"Yes, you do James. I have no idea what it was exactly but something happened in the last few moments to make me realise that my world doesn't make sense without Shari. I am still as stoned out of my mind about her as I always was. I can`t believe I ever doubted my feelings for her."

"Yeah, well both of you have been through a lot recently. Those types of circumstances can take their toll on a relationship Sirius. I had a feeling you would come to your senses soon enough." Sirius smirked at his friend.

"I swear I would fall apart without her Prongs. If anything were to happen to her..."

"Oh, come on now Sirius, where is all this coming from?" James asked anxiously.

"It`s just this pending war...we had some casualties last time and some fatalities. If Shari...if anything happens to her..." Sirius fervently extinguishes his cigarette in the ashtray. James snaps his fingers to get his attention. Sirius looks up.

"I need you to pull it together mate. We all know the risk any war costs. I know it`s likely that we will lose some good people along the way. We can`t dwell on that Sirius. Shari is a smart witch. She knows her stuff. All we can do to keep everyone protected including ourselves is to train and try our best to be alert. If anything like that were to happen, you wouldn't be alone. Remus and I would be there for you like always and vice versa if it was Remus or I."

"Yeah, I know James. I just worry about keeping everyone safe."

"That isn`t possible Sirius. Once we are out there fighting, it is every man or woman for themselves. Obviously we would take extra care to keep our loved ones safe but that isn`t always possible." Sirius leaned his head back momentarily and sighed. As he brought it forward he said softly.

"I so badly want us to go back home James. I mean our real home where the kids are all young, where we are all happy and the only thing we have to worry about is the wrath of Lily or Shari." James laughed a little.

"We will have that again Sirius. We will. In time it will happen."

"Yeah, but the question is how much time and at what cost?"


"No James don't mind me mate. I`m just being a moaning old sod tonight. If the worst happens we`ll deal with it but until then..." he lifted up his bottle of beer and said "Carpe Diem." James lifted his bottle and clashed it off Sirius`s as he repeated his friends sentiments.

Harry sat with Hermione, Ron and Rob in the court yard discussing the previous week`s events.

"What do you think Dumbledore meant when he said that he had people outside of Hogwarts who could help?" Rob asked but received blank expressions.

"I don`t know Rob but clearly he has been speaking to someone about what has been happening here. I mean let`s face it; he has been fairly careless lately..."

"Oh, come on Hermione..."

"No Harry I am serious. The Dumbledore that I know, that we all know would never have left Umbridge have free reign at Hogwarts. I know that things are different now and they will become a lot more sinister but...it`s not right."

"He may have been talking about Horace Slughorn." Ron interjected.

"Who?" Harry, Hermione and Rob asked in unison.

"Horace Slughorn! He taught potions here before Snape did. He was at the Yule ball last year. Come on Harry you must remember him. You met him."

Oh, yeah I remember him now. Why do you suppose Dumbledore would be requesting his help though?"

"I don't know but my dad did say that he and Dumbledore were fairly tight."

"I suppose if he taught potions here before then maybe Dumbledore is considering replacing Snape for some reason." Hermione suggested making Rob and Ron smile.

"That would be a relief. Oh, sorry Harry I didn't mean to insult your best friend."

"He`s not my best friend Rob but he has been treating me fairly lately. We need to set up our first meeting for the D.A. though. As soon as Sirius comes down from Dumbledore`s office I`ll ask if we can have his office this Saturday."

"Well assuming he`ll agree then we need to find a way of letting everyone know."

"We could just do it the old fashioned way. You know word – of – mouth?"

"I suppose that would be the most discreet...Luna!" Ron exclaimed as he jumped off the seat.

"Oh hello Ron. I didn't expect to find anybody around."

"We are waiting for my dad and Sirius. Where have you been?"

"Oh, I was just spending some time with the thestrals. They really are fascinating creatures. It`s a pity more people can't appreciate them."

"What do you mean Luna?" Rob asked perplexed.

"Thestrals can only be seen by people who have experienced death."

"I guess that makes me eligible then. I lost my parents when I was a kid."

"Oh, I am so sorry Rob. I had no idea. I can appreciate how that must make you feel because I lost my mother when I was nine years old."

"I`m sorry to hear that Luna. You must miss her terribly."

"Yes, I do Rob. She was my best friend and the best witch I ever knew but sadly one day an experiment went badly wrong. What happened to your parents?"

"Oh, it was a muggle shooting. They tried to apparate but they weren't quick enough." Luna placed a hand on Robs shoulder as she compassionately replied

"I can feel your pain Rob. Although we cannot replace them, we will cherish their memories forever. I suppose I was fortunate to still have my father and you Rob were embraced into a lovely family." She smiled softly at Harry as he reciprocated.

"Ron, Harry and Hermione are lucky that they haven't experienced death. Although it is a pity you cannot appreciate the thestrals. Anyway, I need to go inside. I`m sure I will see you all soon." She smiled and left them with their thoughts.

"She may be weird but she has a good heart." Hermione remarked.

"Yes, she does. I never met anyone quite like her." Ron replied looking back in the direction Luna left. Harry and Hermione smiled at one another before Harry suggested

"Why don`t you ask her out Ron. It`s obvious that you like her."

"Oh, I...I don`t know Harry I mean...I`m no good at that sort of stuff."

"Nobody is Ron but we just learn I guess. The worst she can say is no." Ron considered Harry`s idea and inadvertently promised himself to ask Luna out the next time he saw her.

Sirius and James sat in Dumbledore`s office with Fudge and Umbridge. The marauders were naturally enraged by her behaviour. Fudge however claimed to have no idea what had been going on and Umbridge completely supported what she was doing, claiming it was for the right cause.

"You need help, love." Sirius remarked to which an indignant Umbridge retorted

"Do not "love" me Mr. Black. What I did may not have been what anybody expected but you can be sure that it left an effect on those ill mannered children."

"How dare you call my son ill mannered Umbridge. Fudge, you better start stepping up here mate because I will not tolerate my son been abused by her or anybody." James exclaimed rising from his seat and facing the minister.

Fudge was dishevelled. He had never believed that his secretary could be so cruel. Yes, he wanted her to keep an eye on Hogwarts but not like this. If a student had disrespected her then it was Dumbledore's job to punish them, not Umbridge. He faced James, nodded his head and rose from his own seat. Umbridge smiled delicately at her superior as he eyed her sternly saying

"Dolores Umbridge I hereby suspend you from your duties as Madam Undersecretary effective immediately, pending your psychological assessment which will be organised for you today. Your assistance at Hogwarts is consequently terminated. As your superior I order you to wait outside the door for me now." Umbridge stared at Fudge, her mouth wide. She glanced at the other three men in turn briefly before following Fudge`s command.

"Albus, I am so sorry. I had no idea what was happening here and I assure you that I never authorised her to behave in such a manner."

"I understand Cornelius. I believe we both took our eye off the ball on this one. I hope this means the ministry will be on our side now." Dumbledore`s eyes bore through Fudge`s. He eyed Sirius and James meekly as he replied

"I cannot guarantee that Dumbledore but I can assure you that I am on your side. I wish to speak with Harry tomorrow if I may. I feel we have issues to discuss. I am sorry James, Sirius for what your son`s endured." They both smiled lightly at him as James placed a firm hand on Fudge`s shoulder saying

"You didn`t know. I am just pleased that you now understand and are prepared to help."

"Thank you James." Fudge replied smiling back. "I will see you tomorrow."

Once he was gone Dumbledore called the marauders to attention. They resumed their seats as they listened to what Dumbledore had to say.

"I know that it will take time for the ministry to completely understand our motives. I am aware that this may never happen. If this is the case then we cannot let it divert us from the cause. James, Harry is the greatest asset we have. You know that he and only he can vanquish Voldemort forever. I need you to please trust me more than you ever have before. I will be needing things from Harry that I never have asked for before. Do you trust me James to do right by your son and for the order of the phoenix?"

"Yes, Albus of course I do. You know that I always have."

"Yes, and I am grateful to you for that James but I am now asking a lot from Harry. I need you to understand why."

"Define asking a lot Dumbledore." Sirius retorted making James and Albus break eye contact.

"I may need his assistance in pursuit of horcruxes amongst other things..."

"Horcruxes!" James exclaimed anxiously.

"Other things?" Sirius questioned.

"I believe that Voldemort has hidden parts of his soul in particular objects over the years. I don't know what they look like or where they are. I do however know that they exist. When Harry brought me back Tom Riddle`s diary 3 years ago from the chamber, it certified what I had always speculated. There are more. Voldemort would not have only killed one person."

"So, you want Harry to go with you in search of horcruxes even know though you have no idea where they are or what they look like?" Sirius remarked surly.

"I realise it isn't much to go on." Dumbledore answered smiling lightly.

"No actually Albus that is nothing to go on." Sirius replied drily.

"I am not going to do anything without James and Lily`s approval. James, this isn`t something I need you to answer immediately. All I ask is that you trust in what I do even it involves your son. His assistance may be beneficial to me but please don`t agree to anything until you have spoken to Lily. I will not do anything unless I have both of your approvals."

"What about Harry? Surely he has a right to know..."Dumbledore raised a hand to stop James from speaking.

"I will not be speaking to Harry about this until you and Lily agree. You have my word."

"Thank you Albus. I will let you know as soon as I can."

"Sirius, have you been able to accommodate Harry for the D.A. meetings?"

"Yes, my office will be available to him this Saturday if he wants it."

Harry and his friends jumped off the bench upon seeing James and Sirius approach them.

"Well? How did it go?" Harry asked urgently. James and Sirius exchanged bemused glances before turning back and smiling at them.

"Fudge suspended Umbridge from her duties at Hogwarts and the ministry pending a psychological assessment which begins today apparently." James explained chirpily. Harry`s friends exclaimed their joy as Harry gazed at James and Sirius in shock.

"Are you for real? That is so much better than I expected! Who knew that Fudge would actually take control properly for once?"

"Yeah, it`s awesome Prongslet. High five kid!" Sirius exclaimed holding up his palm. Harry grinned as he smacked Sirius`s hand.

"Anyway we have to get going so we`ll catch ye later. Get to class by the way." James said as he began to leave with Sirius. Sirius clicked his fingers as he turned around and called out for Harry.

"If you want to hold the D.A. meeting this Saturday, my office will be available."

"Oh, wow thanks Sirius. That is awesome!" Sirius winked as he replied

"You`re welcome kid." He smiled once at Harry and Rob before leaving with James.