Chromie shuddered against the harsh, cold winds. The whiplash from using that spell incorrectly had left her weak and misreable. Luckily, her bronze robes were scarcely damaged, but provided little warmth against the harsh winds. Sighing heavily, Chromie almost regretted her decision, almost.The fate of the world relied on this small change, whether it be good or bad.

Gazing up longingily at the twinkling night sky, she frowned at the lack of the bright shine from Regulus. Her bronze hair whipped dangerously fast, grazing her check with a small cute. Chromie winced but heeded no attention to it, she had a job to do and she wasn't planning on wasting the night. She had been sent here for a reason and there was no way she was going back.

Turning her attention back to the lavish mansion before her, she noticed that all the lights were off and that likely the household was asleep. Frowning at the lack of concern the humans potrayed, Chromie trudged forward quietly and nimbly. The darkness of the night had no effect on her eye sight, though it did concel her presence from prying eyes. It occured to Chromie that the humans didn't know what was going to happen.

Looking at the double, red oaken doors infront of her, not in awe but boredom. She had seen many doors like this and none were appealing enough to her, but that was her opinion. Reaching her hand out towards the richly intricate design of the door handle, she almost gave up on her resolve right there, but the world's fate was relying on her so she didn't.

Chromie winced as the door creaked heavily, hurting her sensitive ears and hoping that no one woke up to the noise. After waiting a few minutes and not identifying any sounds of alarm or panic, she proceeded forward up the stairs. It would be troublesome if someone did wake up, Chromie would have to retreat for the night and come back the next one.

The mansion itself was as grand in the inside, as the tell-tale signs on the outside showed. The red, expensive carpet completed with priceless ornaments decorating the halls with the occasional painting. The moonlight coming through the window added an even more refined sense of beauty and phatomnish feel. Chromie shrugged off the feel, it was as if fate had knew what was going to happen. The bronze haired woman scoffed, of course it knew, it sent her there.

After several twists and turns down multiple corridors, Chromie arrived at the door that lead to her entering the room, the bronze cloaked woman noticed her surroundings with strange contemplation.

It was a typical baby's room, a wooden cot in one corner of the room accompanied by a wooden rocking chair next to it. A bookshelf with several children's books and story books, a brown teddy bear sitting on the first shelf. A rocking horse off the the far side of the room, completed with a bouncy, blue ball sitting innocently next to it. The gigantic window had it's own bench postitioned infront of it. The walls were a light beige colour with a cream coloured carpet, the curtains were white and made out of fine silk. It was actually very simple room for a child of a noble.

Chromie walked towards the cot, staring at the innocently, sleeping baby girl inside, wrapped in a warm, blue blanket. " The future is in your hands...Lucy Heartifilia." She whispered warningly, before picking up the bundle and made her escape swiftly out the open window. Chromie was never seen again, nor was Lucy, until later on in her life.

No one had noticed that the Heartifilia heiress was gone until later that morning. Layla Heartifilia was distraught, she lost her daughter to a kidnapping, there wasn't even a note! Jude Heartifilia was just as worried as his wife. Layla just hoped that who ever had her child was taking care of her and not abusing her.

``~``~``~``Unknown location``~``~``~``

A baby cried, hungry and cold, which got an annoyed grumble from the nearby dragon. " Annoying human. And what is that smell!"

Chapter End.

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