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Eighth Star

Mission: Protect the bride?

Lucy was contemplating on several ways to shut up the ranting fair head in front of her. Maybe a good punch to the face, or blow to the stomach. Lucy was not certain which to do, after all, this was a human and a human had so many weaknesses to exploit. Lisanna seemed to have sensed Lucy's thoughts and stopped in mid-rant. "Lucy...What was your dragon's name?" Or maybe not...

"And when did he disappear?"Lisanna asked randomly, a thoughtful look on her face. Although the blonde's face said nothing, her brown eyes held the surprise about the strange question, before unfiltered hatred filled in. " That information is confidential." Lucy frostily replied, giving Lisanna a cold, hard look. Lisanna deflated at this, trying her best not to start running. " But he did disappear the day I meet your group." The take over mage seemed to perk up at this, only to frown a few seconds later.

There was a moment of silence and peace, as Lisanna unwittingly glanced at the clock on the wall. A flash of panic crossed her face before she grabbed the dragon slayers wrist and dragged her out of the room. She was so caught up to notice the time and was now regretting it, luckily she had the sense to force the dress she bought for Lucy on the blonde mage.

Lucy's hair was too short to do anything with it. It wasn't in a bob like Lisanna's, but cut in a boyish style with two bang's framing her face, which was longer than the fair head's hair. Lisanna didn't understand why it was like that, but she didn't question it.

The dress that she forced on Lucy was a dark green, long sleeved dress. The cuffs fitted perfectly around her wrist, with light, baby green ruffles sticking out. The dress had a high collar with a dark green ribbon. The dress was short, above the knees but modest enough and to complement the strange look was black pumps. Well, at least Lucy liked it somewhat... Maybe...

Lisanna was wearing a similiar outfit, except for a few differences. Her's was a dark purple and short sleeved. The ruffles were a light purple and had small, unnoticable floral patterns. She was wearing purple pumps and her hair had three simple, purple hair clips in. Two on the left and one on the right. All in all, Lisanna looked just as strange...

"Oh, so you two must be the Fairy Tail dears I sent for!" Shrieked a red headed woman, her eyes a horrible shade of mud brown. Her face was caked in make up and her red dress was revealing. Jewels, like diamond necklaces and ruby pendants hung on her like a Christmas reeked of expensive, strong perfume that made Lucy scrunch up her nose in disgust. The woman was enough to make the dead come back to life and make Lucy run away, screaming for the hills. Lisanna's face controted into a horrible attempt at a smile, as she asked politely. " Yes, we are from Fairy Tail, are you Amanda Helving?"

Either the woman was stupid or she didn't take notice to Lisanna's smile, but either way it was not heeded. "No,no, I'm her mother Amy Helving! But I did request for the mages!" Chuckled the insane woman, as she dragged both mages down the hall, not even giving them the chance to object. "My daughter is right here! Please meet our guests Amanda." Shrilled Amy loudly, as she positioned both mages infront of her.

Amanda Helving clearly didn't inherit her mothers 'looks'. Her face was unbleamished and she barely had any make up on. The pale, white dress she wore complemented her figure. Her light brown hair was held up in a simple bun and her eyes were a simple, green colour. Although her face seemed kind, Amanda was anything but that.

Amanda scoffed aroggantly, as she tried to brush off her mothers attempts. Lisanna being polite, introduced herself and Lucy, who was defiantly not gonna introduce herself to this human. " My name is Lisanna Struass and this is Lucy. We are mages from Fairy Tail." Lucy was ready to snap the smug woman's neck and watch this Wedding fall into ruin. " Don't ruin my wedding, I know how you flies have a knack to destroy events!" She said before she waved them off, indicating that she had enough of them.

Chapter End!

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