June 10, 2012

"I'm going to kill him."

"At least let the man sleep in peace, Danny."

"Nope, I'm just going to kill him right now."


"Don't pull that on me, Chin!"

Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett heard voices, voices that sounded as if they belonged to his team members of the Five-0 task force. The man knew that he was lying on a bed somewhere, most likely in a hospital. He could recognize one of the voices to be his partner Danny William's irritated, worried tone that only came out when McGarrett had done something stupid or was physically harmed on a case.

Which happened a lot…. like today.

The other voice was from HPD Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly. The man's voice seemed calm yet shaky, which confused Steve. He had concluded that he was in a hospital for minor injuries, something that wouldn't have Chin shaken up. Curious and nervous, the ex-SEAL peeked an eye open to see where he was.

"Oh, morning sunshine!" Danny called out to Steve. The blonde detective was standing at the edge of the bed with Chin. The SEAL was right- he was lying on his back in a white, bright hospital. Steve's left leg was elevated and bandaged and he could feel bandages around his head as well. His teammates weren't in any better condition- both men were bandaged up, the detective in worst condition. The cast around Danny's wrist and the large gash on the man's forehead made Steve realize that something very bad had happened.

"Danno….what happened?" Steve whispered. The pain in his voice had no effect on the pissed off detective.

"Don't Danno me! I'd ask you what the hell is the matter with you, but you never answer that question when I do!" Danny yelled. Steve winced at the noise, which prompted Chin to tug on Danny's arm.

"Too loud, brah," Chin whispered to Danny. The detective threw his hands up in the air in annoyance.

"Really, I'm too loud?" Danny exclaimed, "After what this moron did, you're coming after me for being too loud? How am I supposed to act, oh wise one?"

"What…did I do?" Steve asked groggily. Kono's absence and Danny's comments were making him more and more worried.

Danny started pacing next to Steve's bed. "You, my moron of a friend have just beaten every record of destruction that you have already created on this island. I'm sorry- scratch that. You have broken every record on the planet for creating a hell of a lot of destruction in just a little bit of time. Do you do this on purpose?"

"I'm sorry?" Steve closed his eyes to wrack his brain of the day's events. His mind came up completely blank. "I'm sorry, Danny, I can't remember any of what happened. Enlighten me."

"Enlighten me?" Danny repeated angrily. Chin put a hand in front of Danny, who was about three seconds from lunging at his partner. Steve pulled himself up into a sitting position on the bed as the detective calmed down.

"Let's have this wait until morning," Chin told Danny, "Why don't you go back to the hotel and get some rest?"

Both men turned their backs on Steve. "I don't need rest," Danny snapped in a lower voice, "I need to strangle Super SEAL for a few minutes to get my anger out. He could have killed us!"

"Well, that's why the Governor gave me…the thing that you need to tell McGarrett about."

"Why me? Wait… I could use it as payback-"

"What's going on?" Steve asked from the bed. As Danny took a breath to calm himself, Chin walked over to the injured man's side.

"You seriously don't remember what happened?" Chin asked.

Steve blinked and nodded his head no. After a quick glance to Danny, Chin said quietly, "This past case….you made some questionable decisions during this case, which could have killed everyone on this team."

Steve froze his mouth agape. Although he was known for bending the rules, Steve was also known for protecting his team with his life. "Tell me everything that happened," Steve said.

"We got a tip about an arms deal in Kahaluu that was supposed to go down this morning. We basically tried to do what we do best-"

From the corner of the room, Danny snapped, "Which in your case, Steven, looking for trouble."

"Danny!" Chin shoed the man before turning back to Steve. "Well, let's just say that you forgot that the rest of us aren't SEALs."

Chin pulled out a HPD case file from his duffel bag that was sitting at the foot of the bed. He laid two photos side by side on the bed sheets near Steve. Both photos showed the remains of a two story home. In one of the photos was Danny's totaled Camaro.

"What the hell…." Steve gasped.

"You also somehow indirectly broke my arm and Kono's and we weren't even in the same car!" Danny exclaimed from his spot.

"Danny, let him breathe!" Chin repeated, now with a hint of anger in his voice. "One thing that we know about this case was that your friend Joe had an inkling about one of the dealers and you wanted to check it out off the books-"

"Like a moron!" Danny added. "Oh by the way, if you say Joe White's name within fifty miles of me, I will kill you with my bare hands."

"Danny, Joe is a good guy-" Steve said before he was cut off.

Danny angrily placed two hands on the bed rail. "What the hell did I just tell you about saying his name?"

"Ok." Chin pulled Danny towards the door. "Get some sleep, Steve. We can talk about this more in a few hours."

"Wait…guys. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry," Steve repeated, "Just tell me what happened."

Danny pushed past Chin and gave Steve a murderous glare. He said, "You went off on your own and like the good teammates that we are," Danny pointed to himself and Chin, "we tried to get you the hell out of danger. But you being a bloody modern day Captain America was too stubborn to come with us. Basically, we couldn't get out of one of the arms dealer's house in time, the other arms dealers brought their many friends with guns, and we all got stuck in a firefight."

Steve closed his eyes and winced. It was the one thing that he hoped to never do- endanger his ohana. It took a minute to realize that someone was opening the door. The door creaked open and a battered Kono slipped into the room. With her good arm, she gave Steve a quick wave and asked Danny, "Does he know yet?"

Steve sat up, completely alert. Taking the lead, Chin placed a comforting hand on Steve's shoulder. "I'm sorry, brah. The Governor is beyond pissed at your actions and demoted you. You no longer run Five-0….I do."

Steve stammered. "How- why would- does the Governor-"

Danny and Chin exchanged looks. The HPD Lieutenant stated, "Yes, the Governor knows. It was a lovely phone call in trying to explain why his entire task force was in the hospital. He thinks you're out of control-"

"You do too?"

"Yes. Here's the deal, Steve. We all think that you've gotten really irrational and out of control as of late. We all had to lie when the Governor asked us for our opinions on you so that you could keep your job. So for us to all to still work as an ohana, you have to let this Shelburne and Joe White thing go for a while."

Steve protested, "I can't just-"

"We all can't run into your crazier than usual stunts anymore. Danny's got Grace, I have Malia, and Kono has Adam. Regular crazy we can take," Chin ignored Danny's raised eyebrow, "but this is to a whole new level. So drop this hunt, get back on your feet, come back to your family, and then you can start looking again."


Chin sat down on the edge of the bed. "The FBI, CIA, and DoD will handle the case while you get yourself together. We also want you to get away from Joe for a while. The man has heart and good intentions, but he's leading you down a rabbit hole that I'm not sure that you can come back from. Basically, Steve, it's your ohana or this hunt for a ghost. What's it going to be?"