"In the woods? Are you telling me that they ran out into the middle of the woods in this weather?" Danny exclaimed. Steve flashed his light on the shattered window on the passenger side of the police car. He quickly glanced between the window and the woods for a moment before saying, "If someone attacked them or their backup, both Kono and Chin would try to find somewhere to hide, in this case- the woods. It's the smartest thing to do if your enemy is about….. a couple hundred meters away and up high- a second story building by my guess."

"Ok, Super Sniper," Danny stepped around Steve and took a step into the woods. He sunk a few feet in the wet mud before the detective spotted the faint footprint of a woman's boot. "Kono was wearing boots, which works work your running into the woods theory. Here's my second question- I'm assuming both HPD officers are dead so where are the bodies? And where are we going to even start to look for Kono and Chin?"

Steve looked up towards the sky where the rain was still coming down hard. Even with flashlights and guns, it would be stupid to try and walk into the woods during a storm like this. However, Kono and Chin were in there and doing stupid things was McGarett's middle name.

"Only one way to know for sure," Steve said. The SEAL limped over to his truck and pulled out a small black bag from underneath the driver's seat. He walked backed over to where Danny was standing while eyeing the SEAL suspiciously before sitting down on the ground. Steve opened the bag and pulled out a wad of old shirts, duct tape, and a shoe insole.

"Do I want to know?" Danny asked exhaustedly. Steve taped the insole to the bottom of his cast. He looked up to Danny and smiled, "I don't think you do."

Danny quickly glanced over the supplies before pretending to shake off a bad chill. He walked to the truck and called back to Steve, " I'll go get some search and rescue supplies, Rambo."

The detective disappeared into the back of the truck. Not even a minute later, Danny yelled at the top of his lungs, "McGarrett!"

Steve didn't get a chance to blink before Danny reappeared at his side with two ponchos and two umbrellas.

" Really? You had umbrellas and rain panchos the entire time?"

"Forgot about it in the spur of the moment," Steve answered. He wrapped his last shirt around his cast and ran a piece of tape around his foot. His cast looked silly, but it felt comfortable enough for him to move around on it without crutches. Danny's reaction to Steve's 'creation' was as expected.

"He-he-he, you're going as Robo-Foot?" Danny laughed. Steve rolled his eyes and explained , "I gave my cast a little more support so I can move a whole lot faster. Think of it as a makeshift boot."

Danny smirked before slipping on the poncho. He knew that it wouldn't make a difference since he was already soaked to the bone. He helped his partner onto his feet before facing the woods.

"You know the woods better than anyone so you lead," Danny stated. Steve inhaled deeply while ducking a large tree branch. With his partner manning the flashlight and the gun, both men slowly made their way into the forest.

Twenty minutes later, Steve and Danny still hadn't found Kono and Chin. The rain was settling down and yet it made no difference. The mud and darkness were slowing the two men down.

"How far do you think they got?" Danny asked. He stopped in his tracks and looked around. " We should have seen them by now."

"I don't know, Danny. I really don't-" Steve quieted at the sound of crunching coming from the trees. He played it off to be from some sort of animal, but quickly changed his mind when the sound came again, this time much louder.


Steve put a finger to his lips at the sound now only a few meters in front of them. Danny aimed his gun in that direction and called out, "Five 0! Reveal yourself!"

A long pause passed before both men saw two figures appear from behind a tree.

"Kono? Chin?" Steve yelled out. The youngest member held up a hand and briskly walked over to them. Chin followed her from behind, using his hand to wipe the rain from his face.

Danny exclaimed at the sight of the two, "What the hell are you two doing out here?"

"A couple of shooters attacked us on the road. The officers didn't make it," Kono replied while shivering. Steve saw that there was blooding dripping from her sleeve. He put a hand over a rip near her shoulder and asked, " But still- why are you two out here?"

"A very long story that's best told in drier conditions ," Chin said. The man opened his mouth to say more, but only raised an eyebrow at the sight of Steve's cast.

"Steve," Kono gasped, "What did you do?"

"Don't ask," Danny snorted. "Let's get the hell out of this rain before this gets any worse."

Ma Wiki La Inn- Kaneohe

"Is there are particular reason we're staying at this hotel of all places?" Kono asked aloud as she stepped into the double room that connected with another. It had taken them an hour to get back to the main road where they had met up with Kaneohe Police. Thirty minutes of explanations later, the team had been put up at the very nice Ma Wiki La Inn for the night because of the still on- going storms.

"Kaneohe PD offered it to us and how could we say no?" Danny exclaimed. He jumped onto one of the double beds and admired the 45" flat screen TV. "Do you think they have digital?"

Steve irritably sighed at Danny's comment. "Ah- no, Danny. Do you not remember Wo Fat and his plan to bring all types of hell on us?"

The detective scowled and slowly got off the bed. "All I wanted was five minutes of no chaos where I could sit and scan a few channels, McGarrett."

Steve crossed his arms. " That's what you do to relax? Scan the channels? Although, I am talking to the man who can't sleep without TV…."

"Again, I didn't go to Sleeping in Absolute Zero Silence 101, McSEAL-"

Chin looked between the two before cutting them off, "Since you two are back to the usual arguing, I can assume that you two all are better now?"

" Yes and if I get driving custody of my Camaro again, our partnership will be solid again," Danny replied with a smirk.

"Alright, let's focus," Steve said. " Kono, Chin, what happened out there? We thought you two were dead for a minute."

Kono sat down on the edge of the bed and put her hair in a ponytail. She looked over to Chin, who was leaning against the hotel door.

"Well, we were driving," the youngest member began, " and then heard two shots- sniper shots, actually, hit the driver's window of the cop car. The car swerved and hit us in the rear before stopping. Another two shots rang out and Chin and I jumped out and hid behind my car. Chin told me to run into the woods to hide. Damn, we didn't even get a chance to check if the officers were even alive."

"We found your phones on the side of the road damaged. Did you two hear anyone come after you guys?"

" Probably. We kept running until the thunder stopped. We had left our phones because when we left the car, Chin's was plugged in to be the GPS and mine was charging," Kono finished, "What do you guys think?"

"I'd say that' it's one of Haluu's associates ordering a hit on us," Danny said. The man stood up and started pacing between the window and where Kono was sitting. "I would suggest busting down the door of anyone who knows Haluu and demanding an answer, but do we know even where to start?"

Kono smiled. "No, but I think I know who might."