"We're just going to let him go?" Kono exclaimed once Steve had disappeared down the hallway. Danny didn't say a word and only stared curiously down the hallway.

"Danny?" Kono called out. The detective looked towards the window where the rain was still coming down, but not as bad as earlier. For a split second, he thought that Steve could be slowed down by having a broken right foot, but he soon remembered that his partner was Super SEAL Steven J -A-Broken-Foot-Means-Nothing McGarrett. Danny cursed under his breath and walked over to the dresser where his gun, wallet, and keys lay.

"Danny?" Kono repeated, more cautiously. Danny holstered his weapon and replied, "To answer your question, Kono, no- I'm not going to let my dumbass partner drive out there by himself."

Chin narrowed his eyes at Danny's statement. "What do you plan on doing then?" he asked.

Danny slipped on his vest. "I'm going to try and stop him from leaving. And if he's already left, I'm going to hunt that stubborn little SEAL down to his house and kick his ass. And knowing him, I have a feeling that there'll be gunfire waiting there for him and also the rest of us."

Kono sighed before grabbing her bag from behind the bed. She pulled out her vest and holstered her weapon. Chin nodded his head in disbelief before saying, "We're coming with and when we do catch up with Steve and you've finished kicking his ass, I'm next in line."

Danny smirked and replied, "Done deal. Let's go."

McGarrett Home

Danny sprinted up onto the porch with his gun in his right hand and his left over his eyes to block the rain. Chin covering the back of the house while Kono was checking the beach for any sign of an intruder or Steve. The team had missed stopping Steve from leaving the hotel by ten minutes, which had forced them to slowly drive back to Steve's home.

Danny counted to three before kicking down the front door and stepping into the dark house. There was an eerie silence that echoed throughout the house, adding to Danny's nerves.

The detective pulled out a flashlight and shined a light through the living room. Nothing seemed out of place, from the quilt that had always been laid across the couch to the navy blue model jet from Catherine Rollins that was placed on the television. One thing that caught Danny's attention was a trail a muddy footprints that went from the couch up to the stairs.

This might be them, Danny thought as he slowly crept towards the stairs. He took one step on the first stair and cringed at the stair's loud creak. Danny cursed under his breath and started to quickly follow the footprints up the stairs. Once on the second level, Danny looked both ways down the hallway before stepping into the guest bedroom. He continued over to the closet, which was lit.

"Five-0!" Danny called out. He raised his gun and aimed at the closet door, ready for anything or anyone to step out of the closet. The door slowly creaked open and a soaking wet Steve stepped out. It nearly gave Danny a heart attack.

"Crap! Ah-jeez, Super SEAL, are you trying to give me a heart attack?" Danny exclaimed while putting a hand over his rapidly beating heart.

"Danny, you came," Steve said with relief, "Are Chin and Kono-"

"You didn't answer my question," Danny growled while holstering his weapon, "Why didn't you identify yourself when I called out Five-0?"

"I didn't hear -"

"Of course not! You know what- I don't want to know. Just don't say anything to me, Steve. Do you know how hard it was for the three of us to A. drive out in the middle of a storm and B. not lose our minds from thinking that an arms dealer and Wo-Fat may have already killed you?"


Danny held up a hand and repeated, "Don't say a word to me. Just don't." Danny walked out of the bedroom and into the hallway where he could see Chin and Kono looking up at him from the living room.

"I found him," Danny called down. Kono smiled and laughed, "We heard you yell and kind of figured it out on our own. Where is he?"

"I'm here," Steve answered as he emerged from the bedroom. He gave a small wave to Chin and Kono and as expected, didn't receive any response from the cousins. Danny leaned against the railing and snuck a glance over to where Steve's bedroom and the bathroom were located. Where a small canvas of a Chinese proverb was hanging, Danny could see a slight tear to the wallpaper.

"Steve, you scratch up your wall?" Danny asked. Steve paused and replied, "Am I allowed to talk now?"

"Don't be a smart ass. We had to drive in the middle of a storm because of you. Now answer the question- did you make that scratch in the wall?"

Steve limped over to the canvas and placed his finger next to the tear. "I didn't do it. Hell, I didn't even know that was there."

Steve lifted the canvas off of the wall and stepped back to see that the tear wasn't as small as they had thought. The tear was a part of a large hole cut in the wallpaper. The team could see an empty box in the hole, filled with empty envelopes and a small black case.

Chin, who had quickly come up the stairs with Kono, shined his flashlight into the large box. He quickly glanced between the box and Steve and asked the question on everyone's mind, "Are you absolutely sure that you have everything that your father had on Wo-Fat?"