Okay, so I read something that when it came to Casting JJ's mother they said her father had died. So I thought id write about how that happened, and JJ's reaction too it. So I hope you enjoy :D

It never gets easier saying goodbye to the people you love.

As she heard the news down the phone from her mother, JJ felt her whole world crash once again, falling into the wall she pulled the phone away from her ear, starting to cry. Will rushed into the room catching JJ, before she fell, Taking the phone off her he placed it too his ear.

"Sandy…We'll call you back."

"Okay Will….just….just look after her" Sandy said in tears.

"I will" Will hung up the phone, placing it down, pulling JJ into his hold.


JJ cried into Will's chest, her breathing started to speed up, as she tried to catch her breath., lifting up her head she looked at Will seeing the fear in his eyes.

"He's…..he's gone…my dad…." JJ cried harder, gripping her fist together as it started to shake.

Will closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, placing a gentle kiss onto his girlfriends head, he knew how close she was with both her parents. And how heart breaking it was for her, to lose another family member.

Henry came into the room, looking up at his parents, he hated seeing them sad, not knowing what was wrong.


JJ gulped down a breath, not moving her head out of Will's chest.

"Buddy, you think you can go wash up for dinner for me?"

Henry nodded, looking at his father with sad eyes. Will watched as Henry went into the bathroom to wash his hands, he placed two hands onto JJ's head lifting it up.


"Go…make sure he eats, I'm gonna go lay down and call my mom back."



Will nodded, walking into the kitchen, to plate up Henry's dinner. He really didn't want to leave JJ alone, but he knew he needed to settle Henry down, and put him to bed so he could talk to JJ. And figure out a way to tell Henry his only grandpa was gone.


JJ sat down on the edge of the bed, wiping away her tears, feeling her eyes stink from all the mascara that was now all down her face, running her hands through her hair. She took a deep breath picking up the phone and dialing her mothers number.



"I'm sorry…."

"Me too, sweetheart."

"Did…did he go, peacefully?" JJ bit down onto her lip trying not to let more tears fall.

"No….no he didn't sweetie, he passed in his sleep. "

JJ closed her eyes, letting a bit of relief fly over her body, the last thing she wanted was her father to die in pain. Taking a shaky breath she spoke once again.

"Are you okay mom?"

"I will be sweetheart, as soon as you're here, all of you."

"We'll come out as soon as we tell Henry."

"I love you, Jennifer."

"I love you too mom, go get some rest okay."

"Okay, bye sweetie."

"Bye" JJ hung up the phone, laying down on the bed, she closed her eyes, trying to stay clam.

After making sure Henry was fast asleep, Will went into the kitchen to finish making his and JJ's dinner, knowing she wouldn't be up to eating a full meal, he made her a sandwich, walking into there bedroom, he saw her curled up in a ball, staring into space.


JJ looked up seeing Will, come into the room, carrying a plate and drink.

"You didn't, need to make that."

"I did, you haven't eaten all day, you'll be sick if you don't eat."

JJ nodded, sitting up, watching as Will climb onto the bed placing the plate in front of her.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome, you talk to your mom?"

JJ nodded, taking a bite of the sandwich.

"She's as upset as I am..she needs us out there."

"Well, when you wanna go?"

"I was thinking tomorrow…." JJ looked up at Will.

"Okay, we tell Henry in the monrin' then we fly that afternoon, I'll go book our flights online."

JJ gave him a soft smile, taking hold of his hand.

"I love you."

"I love you too JJ."


As the next morning came around, JJ and Will walked into Henry's room to see him playing with his toys.

"Henry can we talk to you, for a minute."

Henry nodded putting down his toys, following his parents round to his bed, Will picked him up sitting him down in between him and JJ.

"I do something bad"? Henry asked looking down at the floor.

JJ looked at Will, biting down on her lip.

"No, buddy, it's nothing like that."

Henry looked up at, his mother, see her red puffy eyes.

"thi…s bout why you cry?"

JJ nodded, running her hand through her sons hair.

"Yeah it is baby, mommy was crying because, you remember my daddy."


"Yeah, buddy."

Henry nodded.

"Well, he went away last night."

"Went away where?"

"With my daddy." Will said taking hold of JJ's hand.

"They look after us?"

"Yeah they are buddy, and always will." JJ started to feel, her throat swell up, and tears form in his eyes.

"Don't be sad mamma, he be back soon."

JJ smiled a little hugging her son, knowing he would always make her smile. Even if it was in a bad situation.

After packing all there things, the family sat on the plane, JJ was grateful Henry had fallen asleep, next to her. Turning her head she looked at Will giving him a soft smile.

"You okay?"

"No, I just wish this would stop happening."

Will took hold of her hand, placing a soft kiss onto her forehead.


It was the day after the funeral, Will looked out of the window, Seeing JJ sat on the bench into the bottom of the garden wrapped in a blanket, watching the rain. she had been there all morning, looking down he saw Henry pulling on his leg.

"What's up little man" Will said, bending down to his son's level.

"I hungry" Henry said, pointing to his stomach

Will let out a little laugh, seeing JJ's mother walking towards them carrying a cup of coffee.

"Well I can fix that, there's a big sandwich waiting for you."

"Yay" Henry said running into the kitchen.

Will rose back to his feet, watching as Sandy handed him the cup.

"Thought she might need this" she raised her eyebrow.

Will put on his jacket, walking down the garden, he sat down on the bench next to JJ.

"That for me?"

"Yeah, we didn't want ya getting cold of on us"

JJ let out a little smile, taking the cup of coffee, holding it in both hands. After taking a few sips, she changed her precision on the bench, so she was leaning onto Will's side, her feet up with the blanket still covering her. Will wrapped his arm over the front of her neck, placing it onto her stomach.

"You should tell her."

"No, I don't wanna…"

"Jay, she's gonna find out sometime, and its good news."

"I know it is. But if I tell her then…its just another reason to be sad knowing my dad's not gonna be around to see our second child grow."

JJ closed his eyes kissing his girlfriends forehead.

"Okay, but promise me before we leave you will tell her?"

"I promise." JJ placed her hand on top of Will's.

"So, you gonna tell me what you've been thinking about out here?"

JJ let out a little smile. Nodding her head.

"When we were little, no matter what my dad said about the rain, and how you would catch a cold, if you went out in it….we didn't listen, so we would always put on a jacket and our boots and run around the garden, dancing around in the rain for hours."

"Sounds like a lot of fun…." Will said stroking her arm.

"It was…."

Will smiled to himself, lifting JJ up from him, standing up he pulled her too her feet, walking onto the grass, he pulled JJ close to him, moving her hair behind her ear. JJ smiled a little, looking up at the sky, she watched as the rain got heavier soaking the both of them. Will lifted his finger up to her cheek, watching as she looked back at him.

"I love you, all three of you"

"We love you too, for everything you do." JJ said wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him deeply.

She was going to be okay, her whole family was going to be okay. She still had her mother who she was the closest too, she had Will, Henry and her unborn baby. She would miss her dad very much but knew he would always look over her along with her sister, and protect her and her family.


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