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Chapter 8- home to new beginnings

As the weeks went on, Mia had recovered from her heart surgery and everything seemed to be okay, and after 8 long weeks in the hospital they were finally allowing her home. Carrying Mia in her car seat, Will opened the front door, JJ followed him in closing the door behind him. Walking into the living room she saw Will picking up there daughter, and laying her down onto her baby mat, Henry sitting down next to him. Sitting down on the sofa, JJ watched as Henry and Will fussed over the new addition to there family.

Sitting down in the nursery, JJ sat down in the rocking chair, breast feeding Mia, looking up she saw Will stood In the door way.


"Hey there ya self."

JJ smiled a little watching as Will walked into the room. JJ watched as Mia pulled away from her, thankful she was finally full, she had forgotten how much breast feeding can hurt for the first few weeks.

"Could you." JJ said, wiping Mia's mouth with her bib.

Will nodded, taking Mia, and placing her in her crib, turning around he saw JJ buttoning up her blouse. Walking towards the crib, JJ wrapped her arm around Will's waist, watching as there daughter fell asleep.

"What you say, to us going to get a little bit of alone time, before our little monsters wake up."

"Mmmmm" JJ said kissing him deeply on the lips.

Walking into there bedroom, Will closed the door, leaving it open slightly JJ wrapped her arms around Will's neck kissing him deeply on the lips, feeling his hands run down her body. Smiling widely, JJ laid her body down on the bed, running her fingers along Will's chest. Pulling his legs around his waist, Will pulled his body closer to JJ's deepening the kiss. Slipping her fingers under his shirt, JJ trailed her fingers along his abs, moving her lips to his neck.

Before he could make another move, they heard sounds from the baby monitor. Will pulled away from JJ, leaning on his knees. "Well so much for some down time." JJ rubbed his shoulders, climbing off the bed she walked into the nursery picking up Mia, laying her on her shoulder.

After she finally fell back asleep, JJ walked through the house seeing Will playing with Henry, collapsing on the sofa, JJ pulled her legs up to her chest, watching her boys play, knowing it was going to be a long time till her and Will would get some serious alone time.


Waking up in the middle of the night JJ turned on the light, rolling over she hit Will on the arm.

"I would, but your provide the milk." Will said in a muffled through his pillow.

JJ sighed climbing out of bed, she walked into the nursery, picking up Mia, she heard the tiny baby screams, sitting down on the rocking chair, JJ pulled down her vest, letting Mia attach herself for her feed. Singing soft lullaby's JJ watched Mia closely, she couldn't believe how tiny she still was, knowing she was going to be beautiful when she grew up with, her perfect cheekbones that already stood out. After her feed JJ laid her back down in her crib, holding onto her finger, until she fell asleep, brushing her hand over the tiny bit of hair she had, JJ smiled to herself.

Leaving the room, JJ dimmed the light, JJ walked back into the bedroom, seeing Will laid out across the bed. Climbing back in, JJ snuggled up to Will knowing she had a couple more hours before she woke for another feed.

Waking up to his alarm, Will pressed the off button, letting out a yawn, Will stretched his arm out to Feel JJ wasn't in bed, opening his eyes. He sat up a little seeing her side of the bed empty, climbing out of bed, he walked into Mia's room seeing Mia been held in JJ's arms on the sofa. Walking towards them. He saw them both sleeping peacefully, grabbing the blanket, he wrapped it over JJ's legs deciding to leave them there for a little while longer.

Heading into the bathroom, Will washed up, and took a long hot shower, before Henry woke up, drying off Will. Heard Henry wake up, rushing into the bathroom. Letting out a little laugh, he quickly got dressed heading into the kitchen, to make himself and Henry something to eat.

Waking up JJ, looked around, blinking her eyes, she carefully stood up, careful to not wake up Mia, she laid her back in her crib, heading into the kitchen JJ walked over to Will, taking the cup of coffee out of his hand, taking a long sip.


"I need this more than you right now." JJ said holding the cup in a firm grip.

Will laughed to himself, wrapping his arm around her waist, he pulled JJ towards him, kissing her deeply.

"Good monrin' to you too."


JJ rushed around the house, making sure she had everything. It was her first day back at work, since having Mia, if she admitted it too herself, she really didn't want to leave her little girl, she was too attached to her. Tying her hair up, JJ looked around trying to find her shoes, slipping them on she walked into the kitchen seeing Will helping Henry pack his lunch.

"Jay, you gotta stop stressing' "

"I just…."

"I know you don't wanna leave her or us, but they need you; where not goin' anywhere we will still be here when you get back."

"I know, I know….I just…she's never been apart from me before what if."

"Jen.!" Will said rubbing his hands down her arm, trying to clam her down.

"I got this. Now go…"

"Okay…" JJ said kissing him deeply on the lips.

"I'll call you all later."

"Yep, and be safe."

"Bye baby."

"By mamma."

Watching as JJ drove out the driveway, Will walked back into the kitchen to see Henry finish up eating.

"Okay bud, lets go get ya sister ready, and you to school."

Will couldn't help but laugh at Henry, as he ran out the room wafting his nose at the smell, as he changed Mia's dipper. Once she was cleaned up and dressed, Will made sure they had everything they needed, fastening Mia into her baby sheet, he picked Henry up, helping him into his own seat, making sure he was buckled in properly.

After dropping Henry at day care, Will went home, and decided to relax for a bit, sitting down on the sofa, he laid Mia's blanket over his shoulder, in case she decided to throw up on him. He laid his baby daughter onto his shoulder rubbing her back, as she fell asleep. He couldn't believe how small she actually was compared to him. He just wished she would stay this size forever, knowing when she gets older, she would give him a run for his money, if she's anything like her mother.


JJ closed the front door quietly behind her, she knew it was late and guessed Will would still be up, knowing she needed a big cuddle from him, after the case she had just been on, walking into the living room, she saw Will fast asleep his head leant down, and Mia, fast asleep on his chest, there heads touching, pulling out her phone JJ snapped a quick picture, to show Will later, knowing it would be a good picture for them all to have one day. Sitting down on the sofa, JJ watched as Will woke up.


"Hey." Will said adjusting to the light, moving Mia slightly on his chest.

"What time is it….?"

"Just after 11."

Will nodded laying his head back looking at JJ.

"You okay?"

"I wasn't but then I came to his and I felt a lot better." JJ said smiling showing Will the picture.

"Well I do have to say, that is one amazing picture."

JJ let out a little laugh kicking off her shoes, she laid out on the sofa, laying her head onto Will's thigh. Will wrapped his arm over her chest, keeping his other arm around Mia so she didn't fall off his chest.

"How long she been down?"

"A while now, she's starting to sleep a lot longer."

"Good, cos I could use a full nights sleep."

"You wanna talk 'bout it?" Will said stroking her hair.

"No… I just wanna enjoy this moment."

JJ closed her eyes leaning her hand onto Will's listening to Will's and Mia's heart beats. Knowing no matter how hard her job was or was going to get, she always had three amazing people to come too, who would welcome her with warmth and love, she could relay on them for everything. And they could always make her day.

Her family meant everything to her, and she hoped in the future, she would be there to see them grow up, and become something special. She would promise them that. She would promise that, and most of all promise herself that. She knew that losing people was hard, and she was going to make sure, her family never lost her. And that whenever they needed there mother, or Will needed his wife. She would be there in a heartbeat.



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